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Gay residents are still most definitely a presence in Santa Monica , but with nowhere near the presence they have in West Hollywood, Silver Lake , and some other parts of Los Angeles. This is still a quite welcoming, liberal community, though, and with a longstanding feminist scene, too.

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And with the influx in recent years of stellar restaurants and design-driven hotels, Santa Monica has steadily become a favorite gay getaway for couples, beachgoers, and those wanting a more relaxed Los Angeles vacation. The Santa Monica Pier and the small stretch of Broadway a few blocks east are lined with arcades, gift shops, and colorful—if touristy—diversions. Despite the crowds and occasionally schlocky amusements, Santa Monica's pier and oceanfront make for a good stroll. There's an aquarium, carousel, arcade, and the Pacific Park Amusement Park, too. A fun bit of trivia: Historic Route 66 officially ends its 2,mile meander from Chicago right by the pier, at Lincoln and Olympic boulevards.

Near the beach, downtown Santa Monica abounds with lively dining and retail. The 3rd Street Promenade , a busy pedestrian mall south of Wilshire Boulevard, is worth checking out. It's home to the wonderful Santa Monica Farmers Market on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, as well as the swanky new Santa Monica Place shopping and retail center anchored by Nordstrom and Bloomingdales. And along Montana Avenue, from about 7th to 20th streets, you'll find great, mostly reasonably priced boutiques, cafes, and coffeehouses.

Head south to near the Venice border, and you'll reach one of L. A's best neighborhoods for walking, Ocean Park. Along Main Street, from about Pico Boulevard south to Marine Street at the Venice border , you'll find a quirky and inviting assortment of galleries, shops, restaurants, and coffeehouses. One highlight is architect Frank Gehry's Edgemar Center for the Arts , a stark geometric complex of cafes, shops, galleries, and courtyards. Interior Santa Monica is mostly a bedroom suburb, worth investigating if only to visit the excellent Santa Monica Museum of Art , which presents rotating contemporary exhibits; and to check out Highways Performance Space , long associated with the outrageous Tim Miller, is one of the country's top venues for against-the-grain dance, theater, performance art, and comedy, much of it queer-produced.

Hipsters, in-line skaters, surfers, artists, performers, and slackers mill about the boardwalk and intermittently gentrified and patchy streets of Venice Beach. This what many consider to be L. Secondhand clothing and music stores, piercing and tattoo parlors, health-food stores, and outdoor markets still line some of the streets near the beach, as do a few art galleries and theaters. The famed 1. At the Washington Boulevard end of the beach, a 1,foot fishing pier juts into the sea. The structure was nearly razed after falling into disrepair in the '80s, but it was fully restored and reopened in The community actually a neighborhood within the city of Los Angeles is less polished than its northern neighbor, the incorporated city of Santa Monica, but life here is fairly stress-free, and the trend factor—especially along the inland commercial thoroughfare of Abbot Kinney Boulevard—has increased markedly over the past decade.

Venice also has a handful of noteworthy restaurants and hotels. Be aware that Venice is less conducive to car traffic than most communities in metro Los Angeles. The streets are narrow and the traffic is heavy on weekends and even sunny weekdays; it's best to park by the beach and see the community on foot.

Venice had an unfortunate reputation for crime and transients right through the mid-nineties, but it has cleaned up considerably in recent years, especially the neighborhoods near the beach. That being said, don't leave valuables in your car, and stick to well-lit thoroughfares. For a vague sense of Venice circa , when the eccentric cigarette magnate Abbot Kinney developed the city as a California version of Italy's Venice—complete with a mile-long canal system—walk along Dell Avenue from Washington Street to Venice Boulevard.

You'll cross over four of the canals the Kinney had constructed, each of them crossed by gently arching bridges. Many of the homes here have little boats along the canals, which were restored about 20 years ago.

The neighborhood now comprises the Venice Canal Historic District. Miles of beautiful and relatively undeveloped beaches lie north of Santa Monica, mostly fringing the exclusive communities of Pacific Palisades and Malibu. A festive atmosphere prevails on most sunny days, especially around the gay section, known affectionately as "Ginger Rogers Beach.

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It's a zoo on weekends when the volleyball courts are packed with gorgeous creatures. Passing through this stretch is a mile biking, jogging, and inline skating path. You can rent bikes at the Santa Monica Pier. The rugged coastline now occupied by Malibu wasn't developed until the late '20s. It remained a bit of a backwater until moneyed movie-industry types began trading their inland estates for seaside palaces, constructing some of the most expansive and expensive homes on the West Coast.

The area, which is occasionally plagued by floods, wildlife fires, and mudslides, is home to the Getty Villa section of the Getty Center art museum , a re-creation of the 1st-century Roman Villa of the Papyri, which had been preserved for 1, years under the lava crust of Mount Vesuvius.

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Anyway, moving on. Just size it up and down and make a sound judgment. Like these sweet briefs from Nudie Jeans. Embrace it. Serious thrift shopping gets tiring. Especially because there might be a local thrift store on one side of town and a Goodwill nine towns over.

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And maybe that local thrift store only has teapots and fur-coats so for variety you have to go to that other OTHER thrift store. Bring a snack, a friend, and a realistic time frame.

Pansexuality and Being Pansexual: Everything You Need to Know

These are basically like garage sales, only the stock of items will be continually replenished, and they will often provide little make-shift dressing rooms to try on the clothes, if you want. Beware: the puzzles you get at thrift stores may have pieces missing.

These are generally way bigger, brighter, and less musty smelling than your local thrift store. You can get basically anything here. Sweet saddle shoes, a super bowl clock, whatever. But really, I recommend you go spend your money at Goodwill instead. Far from musty smelling, these clothes are name brand, hardly used, and saturated in colorful happiness; though they often lean a little teen with lots of Hollister and Abercrombie. It kinda has been back in style, but it will be in full force soon.

More on this in a few months when warmer weather is on the horizon. This shirt is from Billie Goat Vintage. Basically these people made thrift store shopping their job and created an online store where they put on these clothes and pout.

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Share the love. Get out there and explore your options! Happy hunting!! I'm Becky. I write about style because I think anybody can look great and I think everybody usually does. I'm into self-expression. I'm into being expressive. When I'm not writing about style for Autostraddle I'm usually trying to make a film.

I'm also a dancer, so I will Gahu with you anytime, anywhere. You need to login in order to like this post: click here. I love love vintage shopping. Also great bottles for booze. You know what town has great vintage shops too… Austin, TX I bought this great skinny tie that has galaga space ships on it. I dunno if this helps any, but i hope it does! Try markets, there are good ones in Glebe. Otherwise there are lots of upmarket vintage stores, where they select the best stuff for you, but charge you five times the price. Flirting and new clothes.

They may find it difficult to date when potential partners don't understand or are intimidated by who they are attracted to. The lack of understanding of what pansexuality is leads to more damaging misconceptions. Kat tells me that there is also the misunderstanding that pansexuals are turned on by all things sexual, including fetishes, animals, and non-consensual acts. Some people even confuse pansexuality with a person not identifying with any gender, despite many pansexuals identifying as strictly male or female as well as non-gender normative. If you identify as pansexual, you can be attracted to any gender identity, even if you yourself identify as a woman.

She identifies strongest with her femininity, and uses female pronouns. Finally, HB identifies as agender, or not identifying as male or female. If you are more curious about pansexuality, take a look here and here. Keywords sexuality pansexual bisexual. Read More. By Sawyer Stephenson. By Kim Kelly.

What LGBTQ Life Was Like Before Stonewall

By Elly Belle.