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Of course the physical size, cable hook up and terminal type must be a consideration. You may want to consider a gel cell or an absorbed glass mat AGM rather than a wet cell if the application is in a harsher environment, or the battery is not going to receive regular maintenance and charging.

Be sure to purchase the correct type of battery for the job it must do. Remember that engine starting batteries and deep cycle batteries are different. Freshness of a new battery is very important. The longer a battery sits and not recharged the more damaging sulfation build up there may be on the plates. Most batteries have a date of manufacture code on them. The month is indicated by a letter with "A" being January and a number "4" corresponding with the year C4 would tell us the battery was manufactured in March Remember the fresher the better.

The letter "I" is not used because it can be confused with the number 1. Battery Warranties are figured in the favor of battery manufacturers. Let's say you buy a month warranty battery, and it lives 41 months. The warranty is pro-rated, so when taking the months used against the full retail price of the battery you end up paying about the same money as if you purchased the battery at the sale price.

This makes the manufacturer happy. What makes me happy is to exceed the warranty. Let me assure you it can be done. Battery Life and Performance: Average battery life has become shorter as energy requirements have increased. Two phrases I hear most often are "my battery won't take a charge," and "my battery won't hold a charge. This build-up occurs when the sulfur molecules in the electrolyte battery acid become so deeply discharged that they begin to coat the battery's lead plates. Before long the plates become so coated that the battery dies.

The causes of sulfation are numerous:. There are ways to greatly increase battery life and performance. All the products we sell are targeted to improve performance and battery life. You most likely don't use these toys days a year as you do your car. Many of these toys are seasonal, so they are stored.

What happens to the batteries? Most batteries that supply energy to power our toys only last 2 seasons. You must keep these batteries from sulfating or buy new ones. We sell products to prevent and reverse sulfation. The PulseTech products are patented electronic devices that reverse and prevent sulfation. Also Battery Equaliser , a chemical battery additive, has proven itself very effective in improving battery life and performance. Other devices such as solar trickle chargers are a great option for battery maintenance. Parasitic drain Most vehicles have clocks, engine management computers, alarm systems, etc.

In the case of a boat, you may have an automatic bilge pump, radio, GPS, etc. These devices may all be operating without the engine running. You may have parasitic loads caused by a short in the electrical system. If you are always having dead battery problems, most likely the parasitic drain is excessive. The constant low or dead battery caused by excessive parasitic energy drain will dramatically shorten battery life.

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If this is a problem you are having, check out PriorityStart! This special computer switch will turn off your engine start battery before all the starting energy is drained. This technology will prevent you from deep cycling your starting battery. Battery Charging: Remember, you must put back the energy you use immediately. If you don't, the battery sulfates, which will affect performance and longevity. The alternator is a battery charger.

It works well if the battery is not deeply discharged. The alternator tends to overcharge batteries that are very low and the overcharge can damage batteries. In fact, an engine-starting battery on average has only about 10 deep cycles available when recharged by an alternator. Batteries like to be charged in a certain way, especially when they have been deeply discharged.

This type of charging is called 3-step regulated charging. Please note that only special smart battery chargers using computer technology can perform 3-step charging techniques. You don't find these types of chargers in parts stores or big box stores. While that was a detailed look at battery types and how to maintain them, there's always more to learn. Check out this additional battery tutorial , and find out more battery basics. Choose Your Battery.

Full Name Should contain only letters, numbers, and ' -. Email Address - will not be published Email address should be formatted user domain. Subscribe to comments with RSS. JaimeOxync Good post! I read your blog often and you always post excellent content. I posted this article on Facebook and my followers like it.

Thanks for writing this! Jerry Hello, I have a Ford Transit with a single battery system. I also have a Watt inverter that I use to keep my phone and laptop charged. I have drained the battery to the point it will not start the Transit so I am trying to add additional power to keep from drawing the battery down for a longer period of time. After reading your article, it sounds like I should avoid drawing the vehicle battery down too low. Would you recommend dual batteries, a deep cycle battery, or…? I would greatly appreciate any ideas.

Thank you! If you plan to have the vehicles alternator to charge the battery your best bet is to go with an AGM. You would need to isolate the vehicle battery from auxiliary battery using a Battery Isolator. Be aware that if you plan to go this route the chemistry of the vehicle battery, and the auxiliary battery need to be the same, otherwise the isolator may overcharge one battery.

Nate What is your advice on the best battery for a backup sump pump application? From 0 to 2 times per year our AC power goes out when it is raining. Perhaps once every 5 years it goes out when Niagara Falls is flowing into our sump pit. When this occurs is it profoundly essential the backup system work. Does this seem like the best choice? Also, the systems are sold with controllers that charge the batteries occasionally. I assume this is important to obtain maximum battery life. Any advice here on ways to ensure periodic charging is occurring?

Finally, any other overall advice? BatteryStuff Tech I find most people with sump pumps have at least a AH battery, but it is best to go with whatever the manufacturer recommendation at a bare minimum. The higher the capacity the longer your pump can run if AC power goes out. Mohamed Omer This article is very helpful for me. But i have one more qn to ask. I bought a new 12v Ah battery. I poured distilled water and made to charge.

BatteryStuff Tech Really hard to say what happened, as someone could have already contaminated the battery before you. Kwaku How can one determine the number of plates in a battery by the batteries amp-hr? Is there a formulae to calculate the number of plates in a battery?

BatteryStuff Tech There is no correlation between the to for such a calculation. Capacity generally follows the amount of lead in the battery, so the more lead the higher capacity. Dilawar Sir i have a sunlight dry battry of 2volt amp, it is dead how can i recharg again. BatteryStuff Tech Generally those batteries are recharged in a battery pack of at least 12v, so you would need more than one battery in order to recharge in most situations. Jason M. Excellent resource.

Great writeup. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the world. Kevin I am installing a 36 volt trolling motor and it calls for 6 gage wire. The boat had a smaller trolling motor installed on it previously and it had 2 , 10 gage wires together for the positive and 2 , 10 gage wires together for the negative. I know out of experience that our 10 gauge custom cable that is 8ft long only handle up to 30 amps.

Given your distance and the amperage the motor pulls you could very well need the 6 gauge cable. If you are looking to substitute with a different gauge i would suggest talking with the manufacturer. Derek Hi I have a ah agm battery in my caravan which has buckled and wont hold a charge. I am about to buy a new agm battery but hope you can advise me on the following. When I head off on a trip I have the battery fully charged.

I have an Anderson plug charging the battery whise we are driving, the question is, can a fully charged agm battery be damaged by overcharging by the charge it receives from the car while I am driving. The key thing you need to know with isolators is that you need to match the chemistry so that it knows how to charge the battery correctly. It is best to just match chemistry in my opinion. Dave Brennan I built a paddlewheel for my pontoon boat using motors from a power wheelchair. I used the original batteries from the chair. Big respects. Mike Coshan Fantastic article though I admit even the laymans terms seems to go over my head.

Though I often wait about 5 hours to put the chair on charge. I do this and then leave it. Should I put the chair on charge straight away the leave it alone even If I need it? I have my manual wheelchair to get about in inside my house. Any help to prolong the battery life is greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact our Tech Department for assistance. BatteryStuff Tech The rating reflects how many amps you can pull from that battery over a specific period of time.

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In general the ratings goes down the quicker you pull a load out of a battery, so a AH 10 Hr rated battery will have a higher capacity than a AH 20 Hr rated battery. Kanzi I am in the process of upgrading my solar electricity in my house and need information regarding what electrical appliances 8 AGM batteries will be able to power.

I already have a solar panel array in place that is powering a solar water pump very effectively. I suppose I need to tell you the amount of watts the panel produces but do not have that info. Is it likely that I can replace my propane frig. Please be aware that we are not home solar experts, and it might be best to contact a local home solar expert. DaveT Great article. Your suggestions of using grease is great and I will do that on my next cleaning session. Now, I have installed a new Warn winch and I winch my cart on and off my truck.

What type of batteries would you suggest would work the best in my situation? If you have further questions I would suggest contacting our Tech Department. Earthrealm lease, am a little confused. Stella Thank you so much for writing this. I am certainly going to give to my husband to read and for reference. I just purchased a yamaha 36v golf cart that needs new batteries. There are 6 each, 6 volts batteries, which would you suggest? Any of the batteries listed in our Golf Cart Section would be recommended.

Darren Hi, I have been getting a headache with all the conflicting advice on my current and planned dual battery setup. I have a Landcruiser with 4. They are parallel connected through a RedArc amp isolator. I also have a RedArc W portable solar setup to assist with powering for extended camping etc. Firstly, is this current setup likely to damage Optima through lack of charging output. Would this make my current setup sufficient? We would require more information about your situation. Please contact one of our techs at tech batterystuff.

Suz Wow…thankyou for existing. We are beginning to get a solar set up organised for free camping and I have a plethora of questions that hopefully you can answer for me. We intend to run a 12v52 litre fridge and strips of led lights. What do I need to know about these applicances when planning the battery set up.

Would one battery be enough or should we look at two — the fridge needs to run most of the time but the led lights would be just at night. If we did get two what is the difference between wiring in series and in parallel …. And I need reminding … In paralel is it positive to posiive and neg to neg.. Thank you so much for your time and expertise……cheers Suz from Oz. This will help you gather the proper information to determine if your panel and battery setup would be sufficient.

Kyla Great article, easy to understand and informative. I have a few questions about my RV battery cables. I was about to replace the 2 12v marine batteries on my RV with 2 6v deep cycles, when I realized the cable situation seems strange and possibly scary. Should I be concerned about that? The 2 cables that were used to connect the 12v batteries in parallel are also of this taped-up homemade variety. I was going to use one of them to connect the 6v in series, but now am unsure whether I should use ANY of these cables at all.

If you plan on rewiring the the connections to replace the existing cables we recommend staying with the same gauge wire that originally came with your RV. Obviously the last foot or so you said is homemade, so you would want to look further up to see what size the original cable is. If your changing charger, converter, or inverter or an all in one then we recommend you look to that manufacturer for recommendation. Of the 2 that came with the boat, 1 is a reg. Is that bad? BatteryStuff Tech Good Question! The selector switch is designed to get the boat out of a bad situation, say for instance you were unable to start the boat.

This enables you to bank the other battery together in such situation to get the boat going again. You do want to avoid tying them toghether unless your are in a problematic situation. BatteryStuff Tech They really only need a specific charger if they are being maintained long term with a constant charger. The exception is specialty AGM s such as Odyssey batteries or aircraft batteries. T-Man Thank you for some great info.

We have a travel trailer that we have parked at a camp area on the back the farm. We charge the battery with a Honda generator. After many years of frustration using a flood cell deep cycle battery we just installed a AGM battery. I believe we brought the charge down on the batteries too far, too often. Anyway we just bought the AGM battery because we understand it will charge much quicker than a flood cell. My question is using this type generator on a trailer, will that work for a AGM or should we do anything different for charging?

Thanks again. The connection for the battery has corroded down inside. Is there a safe way to clean it out? It is a very tight area. Admin Baking soda and water, but not in the battery! I check Battery Water Level ok. What is just happening Can you tell me please. Please give me the repply. Thanks Saiful Haque Khan Bangladesh saiful gmail. GarthJ I have a boat with a normal marine 12v lead acid battery I would also like to add a second battery to provide for lets say a 12v access port for accessories.

Unfortunately I have limited space for a second full sized battery. Could I use a smaller lets say ATV type twelve volt battery connected through a dual battery charger relay isolator so that both would charge when the motor is running but both would not drain when the motor is not running. ArieS I have a few questions on battery reconditioning, based on reading of various How To and DIY sites, and hope that you are able to help: 1 — The powder that everyone seems to suggest is Epsom salts, is that correct? Thanks a lot!

Tracy I have installed a few advanced GPS devices on a fleet of vehicles. The manufactures paperwork says they should be wired into an output capable of at least 13 volts. BatteryStuff Tech It should work fine, but always check with the manufacturer for a hard answer. Zareef I had solar system, Know I want to add new set of batteries with old one for charging purpose, both pared as 24V sets. Once charge new and than Old.

In house for electric city,Should i combine both sets, or I use old to discharge than switch to new for use. BatteryStuff Tech I would recommend charging separately. Mixing old and new batteries is asking for trouble. Also towed by 2 ford 1 tons which have dual batteries in them. It takes seconds to fully dump the trailer. The batteries don't seem to last too long to these guys. The charge from the tow vehicle may be to low as the voltage drop in the 12 or 14 ga. I was thinking about wiring in 4 ga. Also what is the best battery to use as the trucks have different batteries in each of them??

Good site for info I must add. The comments for articles are not always reviewed by Techs, so the best way to get an expedient answer to a question, is to contact the correct department directly. Jeremy We only recommend connecting batteries of same type, size, and age together in a system. Sam With a BS in Chemical Technology and eperience with batteries, I congratulate you for this article where expertise and general public understanding are mixed in a state of the art level.

The status of battery has to be checked every weak, while you check the cold inflation pressure of the tire. To have a optimal inflated tire, means an optimal tire foot print i. If not using a vehicle use a battery tender that start charging at Not hapy with comercial battery tenders, I made my own using a NE timer as precission comparator an more component. I can adjust ON at Increasing the battery voltage above The weak cealls continue to charge and the strong start boiling. I do this proces at mA untill battery saturated, and after turns OFf to let battery to relax.

I never buy a maintenance free battery, because I must check the electrolyte, level, top with H2O, and if necessary check the density. Marie Sir Good day! Jeremy Sounds like you should talk to the manufacturer. The 7AH will last longer than the older 4. If so, does it make any difference what side it lies on battery posts toward the top vs toward the bottom. Jeremy Dave, you can use an AGM in any position, except directly upside down. Anders D Best written, most through article I have read regarding batteries, thank you! I purchased a CTEK multi us 4. I attempted to charge 3 days after installation, but became concerned as the charger was hot to the touch after 2 hours and still in the bulk charging state.

Should I be concerned by the heat? There was no indication of anything awry other than the charger itself being hot. Interestingly, the old battery never remained in the bulk charging state this long and I never experienced the charger ever being warm. Jeremy I would not be concerned if it is hot after 2 hours, but if it has not entered into maintenance mode after 12 hours, I would check the battery to ensure it is good.

Athar During periodic check when I observe that water level is low, I add distilled water to cells of lead acid battery. After a short time the fluid starts oozing out from the caps. It continues for about 12 hours. What is the cause of this problem and how it can be rectified? Harold Thanks for a very informative article. I own an older Honda Goldwing with lots of electrical gizmos. I have replaced the battery twice in last year. My dealer replaced the last under warranty about three months ago. The new battery worked fine when I was driving the bike frequently. But after letting the bike set for about two weeks I now have another dead battery.

I hooked up my trickle charger, it only has a light that tells me it is charging, I left in on for about a week it did not recharge. I then hooked up my battery charger, it tells me it the battery is fully charged at 6 volts. Does this mean I have three bad cells? This is the second time this has happened, the first new battery lasted about six months this one about three. Do you think I got bad batteries.

One I think maybe, but two in a row. We brought it home and put it in the basement workshop, but I discovered tonight that it was down to 10 volts. The article says AGM batteries are the safest type, so would it be safe to charge it in the cold room? John Brilliant article. Has really explained the internal working of various makes of batteries, better than anything I have come across here in the U. Pulkit Hi.

I just want extra backup. Please reply me anyone ASAP. Robin Brokaw Here is an article that explains the answer to your question. Should you have any further questions please feel free to email our tech guys at tech batterystuff. Sandie I am battery deficient. I am charging a battery on trickle charge, I know that much, but how do I know what the red and black bits on the charger mean?

And how long til it charges? My hubby used to do all this but alas he is no longer here. Thanks for input. If you want to send me a photograph of the charger in question, my email is tech batterystuff. Donna I need a battery for a lighting setup for artfair booth outdoors. My battery shows In the motorcycle it shows This happens when a weld point begins to come loose in the battery and it is unable to pass any significant current along the now thin connecting point.

John I have a 12v amp hour wet cell battery at work. It was taken out in the fall and put on a smart charger. Now I was going to reinstall it back into our equipment. I noticed that the end with the negative post is swollen. With a load test it passes at 9. Could the one cell have pressured up and not vented? Jeremy Fear It could have had some gassing at some point without actually damaging the cell, as may be indicated by the continued performance. Sean Question, i have access to some lead acid batteries with much more life left in them…..

I want to put some in extremely long storage 5to10 yrs Can i remove the electrolyte, flush then store? I read somewhere after flush to refill with ph neutral water and storing worked well. Another that after flushing used inert gas argon and sealed battery vents. Not concerned with losing a little capacity as these are very robust batterys. I would charge these fully then remove electrlolyte and store it properly until redeployment.

Tim Great Article. If I have a 80 Amp Hour battery and use a winch that is drawing Amps under load with a 90 Amp alternator on the vehicle, how many minutes can I winch before I fully drain the battery or cause the vehicle to turn off? What formula are you using? Donny Do you recommend a 2 battery solution for a boat? Or would a dual purpose battery be sufficient? The engine is a 90 hp outboard. BatteryStuff Tech We recommend using a dual battery setup versus the dual purpose batteries. You get better performance for your needs this way starting the engine and running your electrical system.

Jerry Anderson I have a Yamaha golf cart I purchased 4 yrs ago. By spring the batteries were so discharged thatmy cart charger would not work. I used a car battery charger to charge the 4 12V batteries separately. I limped through last summer having to charge to cart every 18 holes.

I haave recently read about de sulfating the batteris. I was thinking about trying this before I spring for new batteries. Can you recommend a product to do this and if I can use the cart charger when doing this or would I have to charge the batteries individually. Thanks for the great article.

Reg Rayner Sir, Thanks for the article. These are constantly charged by both solar panel and wind generator through a regulator and also charged when the motor is running by alternator. My question;- Can I replace these wet cells with AGM batteries without changing any charging facilities? I have a manual idiot switch, for selecting each battery bank or both. My motor is a Ford Lees 85 HP deisel.

Thanks in advance.

Why Lithium-ion?

I recommend using deep cycle and starting batteries for their respective purpose. Could we have damaged the battery by using it in a different machine? The bikes take different size batteries with different amps but both 12 volts. BatteryStuff Tech There should be no issue using a smaller 12 volt starting battery for the motorcycle. If the battery is truly fully charged, can you provide a resting voltage reading bike off? Mizanur Rahaman Sir, I want to know a matter. When a 12V, 7. Please ans. BatteryStuff Tech Whether or not current is going into the battery after being fully charges is entirely dependant on the model charger you use and therefore I cannot answer your question.

However, if you want to know what resting voltage off charger on the battery itself is considered full charge, please refer to this article for the answer. Silas Sir I will be very thankful if you guide me to build a charger of a 4 volt Li ion battery which I have dismantled from my old laptop battery ……Thank You. BatteryStuff Tech We are unable to provide you the information you need.

We are a reseller. We do not build or manufacture any chargers.

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One guy called a battery looking like a 6-pack of soda cans a gel battery, where as the guy he called in for more info called it AGM , which it probably actually is. Thanks for a great website!!!!!!!! Mike Smith Very Informative! I assume 1 to be the highest rating. It has a single alternator and a separate voltage regulator. With the engine running, one battery reads I assume this means the alternator is trying to charge this battery more?

At that time, one battery was reading I discovered I had bought the wrong regulator, so I bought a second one. It read 16v and 17v. Would my assumption be correct, and should I replace the battery with the higher voltage reading or both? What started this was when I bought the rv, before driving home I turned on the headlights and one went out immediately. I left it for him to fix. He replaced both headlights. The first time I used them the new ones went out together. BatteryStuff Tech They do make 16 volt batteries and alternators.

They are commonly found in race cars. You could be overcharging your batteries. Garry Mcdonald RE; Can anyone please help? Scooter battery problem, will not take a charge. It appears that there may not be anything wrong with my batteries. I was told that the batteries must be charged every month or two or sulfation would set in. But the batteries not excepting a charge after 4 months was concerning. With no answers I decided to drain the batteries of two scooters by running the motors with the throttle on full and turning the lights on.

However after 5 hours of constant running the scooters meters were still showing full and the volts where at After 5 hour only dropped 2 volts while protection shutoff is 42 volt. The next day I charged the batteries and yes they took a good charge, 7 hours and still taking a charge when I left for the day I have them on a 12 hour timer. These Chaowei deep cycle gel batteries must be very good with little self discharge to not except a charge for 4 months.

Batteries that are fully charged for a 48v system should give you Louw Penni Ng Hi, Very informative article, thank you. When ignition is off, the fridge stop drawing current. However, the truck batteries constantly run flat during driving, all well while I drive diesel truck , but next morning the truck batteries are almost flat. Currently the 12 volt fridge element draws amps from the second 12 volt truck battery, this implies that the fridge uses the power from the battery, not directly from the alternator. Is it possible that the power outflow from the battery is more than the charge inflow into the battery?.

How many Amps can a battery continuously take while charging?. I now think I must tap the 24 volt directly from the alternator, then put it through a rectifier to get 12 volt, and then onwards to the fridge. This will leave the truck batteries free to charge at will without being drained by the fridge.

If the truck batteries can only charge at say 6 amps, while the fridge draws 10 amps, the current set up will always discharge and leave me with flat batteries. Am I correct in my reasoning?. Please advise asap, Many thanks, Louw. BatteryStuff Tech There is no limit to what a battery can or cannot accept. For a 50 AH battery, that would be a max of It sounds to me like you have a 24 volt battery system, but a 12 volt alternator.

It seems like the fridge only takes 12 volts to run. What part of your system actually draws from 24 volts? Ed i have 3 sb s 12 volt 10 amp batteries for my bike which were stolen how do i wire the new ones? Ed i have 4 batteries ps fs 12 volt 7. Mike I use 4 — 12 volt dcm interstate batteries hooked up to 48 volt configuration to power my pedicab.

I have 2 sets-8 batteries total. I use 2 noco gen 4 chargers.

What is a Battery? -

Mostly in the 10 amp mode…. Weather conditions from 35 — F. How can I determine how much life is left? Besides the obvious based on how long they run before being drained. BatteryStuff Tech There is no magical formula to predict the length of life remaining in a battery. Andy I purchased a used boat in , it has 2 identical West Marine starter batteries CCA with a Perko 3 way switch, 1, 2 both or off. The engine is a HP Suzuki, with a 44 amp alternator. Should I go with 2 starter type batteries or 1 starter and 1 house? While boat is running is the alt charging both battery at the same time or does it follow the path of the Perko switch?

Thanks, great site. BatteryStuff Tech Since the batteries will be connected together via switch, I recommend using two of the same battery types and sizes. Therefore, if the batteries are used to start the engine I recommend two starting batteries. I recommend a deep cycle battery if you need 12v power while the engine is off.

BatteryStuff Tech No. If you are charging a battery and then you use it at the same time, the charger will attempt to supply the load. Depending what the load amount is, and if the charger can supply it, the battery may be charged at a lower rate or not at all and start discharging instead. Here in India we use V Ac for our appliances. Murugan i bought a 12Volt battery 22months back with inverter for my desktop computer only. The dealer told me that i can use it for 10 and half hours for to power my computer only. I always carefully kept the water level full by regularly checking the level indicators.

On an average i use the battery up to 7 to 9 hrs these days because of big power cuts here and see it charged fully immediately when power comes. My questions is will it affect my battery life by leaving it to be charged in alternate hours?. The truth is, the battery is going to build sulfation when its in a discharged state. Re-charging it will reverse this. Less is fine, but no more for safe re-charging. Any Help. BatteryStuff Tech What is the amount of draw load on the battery when its in use? And with the same load it gave me a Backup time of almost 2 to three hours. Sounds like the battery has sulfate crystal buildup on the plates.

Sulfation causes batteries to age quickly. Refer to our other technical articles about how to remove sulfation. The standard rating is an Amp rating taken for 20 Hours. David Cuneo Thank you for your article, I have a question. I repaired the plastic casing,it could now hold liquid safely. Could i add electrolite from an old battery or would that have too many sulfites , it would be better to get a motorcycles worth at autozone? I am going to turn in my old battery anyway as it is a core charge… What do you think?

BatteryStuff Tech The moment oxygen hits activated plates in a cell, sulfation will form rapidly. My opinion is that it's not worth the effort or the risk. I recommend buying a new battery. Even if you were able to restore this one a bit, I doubt it will last very long and it would not be safe as the internal resistance when charging will be greater than a healthy battery, which you will risk the battery overheating as a result. Wilfred Kube I have a Toyota Coaster bus which is fitted out as a motor-home. The vehicle was manufactured with a 24 volt electrical system, which uses two batteries in series, of 12 volts each.

I have outlined a description of the auxiliary electrical system below, but my basic question is, how can I know how depleted my auxiliary batteries are at the end of a day in which the refrigerator has been working for a long time? The refrigerator is the major user of battery power, because it is a compressor fridge which uses the equivalent of 12 volts 8amps i. The auxiliary batteries are charged by two solar panels of 80 watts each, and receive additional charging from the vehicle alternator when the engine is running. There is a battery isolator which automatically disconnects the auxiliary batteries from the vehicle electrical system when the engine is not running.

The voltage regulator for the solar panel charging system provides a constant display for the auxiliary system, including the auxiliary battery voltage. I have been in the habit of checking the voltage last thing at night, and first thing in the morning, to find how much power the fridge has taken from the batteries. If the night time voltage is below The problem is that if we have not done much driving on a particular day, and the solar panels have not done much charging because of cloudy weather, the night-time voltage may only be If the battery is at And so my question remains, what is the lowest acceptable voltage for my auxiliary battery system, so that the batteries are not damaged by being discharged too much.

A Few Basics

Thank you for reading through a long and detailed letter, but I wanted to provide sufficient background information. BatteryStuff Tech Resting voltage of When you reach this point, stop using the batteries until you can recharge them again. Wilfred Kube Thank you very much for your helpful site,and for your prompt reply to my query. Unfortunately, on a trip last week I lost power faster then ever and ended up having to only use the refrigerator while driving, forgetting about the water pump or the coffee maker; I tried to recharge the batteries since then but the charger wont go over 10 volts and goes down to 8 and 7 after 10 hours My question: since these trojan batteries are very expensive where I live Peru should I invest in a charger, what kind, and should I charge the batteries everyday from my house?

The car is in the street and I cant go check every 2 hours what the voltage is, so is there a charging process that is safe, guaranteed on the long term for these batteries? Once again this is the full description of my configuration: bus sprinter with alternator of Amp starter battery of Amp 2 trojan deep cycle amp each output 12V one tripp lite inverter V 2, Watts Thank you so much for your answer which should interest many people like me who just want to understand how to run a simple 3 or 4 devices in their camper.

BatteryStuff Tech It sounds to me like your current charger is probably fine but the batteries may be defective or had their life significantly reduced when they were overly discharged those 2 weeks ago. Peter Thank you for your great work! I have learned a lot. I have two questions relative to this:. Are dangerous gases given off while the battery is plugged in and receiving a trickle charge? My battery is plugged in in the basement workshop in a fairly large house.

There is probably a good amount of sulfate crystals on the plates in the cells, which would cause the charger to work harder to maintain the float mode. Sulfation robs the battery of power, but can be reserved with de-sulfation units and chargers. Gassing should not be an issue if the battery is healthy. Only significant over-charging should cause an AGM to vent excessively. Matt Great article. Is that what you would recommend? Again, this battery will be used year round.

Freezing cold when it sits for days at a time without being used, then it will be used on the weekends when I go fishing. Then during the summer it will be used in the heat. I do have a generator that i plan to use to recharge the battery when necessary, but am wondering if it would make sense to leave a solar charger hooked up to the battery constantly. Then even when in use, the battery would be charging, right? BatteryStuff Tech For extreme temperatures, the Gel batteries are the best.

They also have the slowest discharge rate. Having a solar panel is a great idea, and perfectly safe even if a generator is on or you are using the batteries, if you are also using a solar controller which regulate safe charge voltage levels, and prevents back feed into the panel. But yes, if a solar panel is receiving sunlight, the battery will also be charging as well. Never saw a gel battery with that type of operating temperatures. I have one in in my truck. Never a minutes worth of problem. BatteryStuff Tech Pure lead vs recycled lead does make a difference in performance.

NorthStar batteries sounds like good batteries. Adam Johnson Thank you for your opinion…. I would like to use an electric golf cart for in-town transportation in a small town in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, year around. I am a teacher and typically only drive it back and forth once or twice a day, about one mile each way. I have a 36 volt charger that came with the cart.

The cart is perhaps 20 years old. The batteries it came with were all exhausted, I took them to a recycler. I was thinking of spending the BatteryStuff Tech For the greatest range of operating temperature, the gel batteries would work the best. For a solar panel, you would either need a single 36 volt panel, or 3 12 volt panels in series. No core needed. Ameya Pawar I want to increase the voltage of 2 batteries from 24V to V. Is it possible? BatteryStuff Tech There are some step up converters to increase voltages, but we do not sell them.

Additionally, I think it may be hard to find one that will step up to volts. Current setup: 1 Two UPS s. Both are independent systems. Each capacity: Watt, Volt AC. Objective: a Design a battery bank in such a way that even if one battery fails, the bank would still be operational and keep the UPS running until the failed battery is replaced. Proposed setup: 1 Instead of two identical but separate battery banks as configured now, reconfigure the 40 batteries in one battery bank.

Attached Diagram: Both the current setup as well as the proposed setup are illustrated.

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  8. Advantages: 1 When any one battery fails, the entire bank would still be operational. Hence, the UPS s will not fail. Question: 1 Would the battery charging circuits in each UPS somehow interfere with each other? When electrical power is On, would the battery charging systems in each UPS interfere with each other when charging the single battery bank? In other words, currently just as one UPS charges its own battery bank, would the two UPS s charge the single common battery bank without issues?

    We would be very thankful to you if you can please give us your valuable feedback on our proposed battery bank set up. BatteryStuff Tech What did you find that more helpful? Lease share it with us. Bo Hi James, thank you for the information and excellent explanations! The battery is a sealed maintenance free battery. Hopefully you can help me out. Thanks in advance! Both are different types of lead acid batteries, the sealed ones as apposed to the conventional flooded type.

    Gel batteries are completely sealed. Bo Thank you very much for your answer. Which type should I select? BatteryStuff Tech Gel is the safest, because it uses the lowest charging voltage of the three. If you are not sure, the gel setting is always a safe option. Charles Wehland I have an electric 2-wheel scooter that my wife uses. It has 3-batteries linked together. How do I hook-up the cables on my battery charger to charge this bank of 3-batteries?

    BatteryStuff Tech It depends entirely if the batteries are suppose to be in series or parallel. The answer to this question depends if the scooter runs off 12 volts, or 36 volts. Bob When using a deep cycle battery in a Solar system, using DC 12 volt lights. Is there a way to automatically shut off the lights before it discharges the battery too far? BatteryStuff Tech Yes, you would need a battery disconnect or a power switch.

    Priority Start and Battery Guard are two brands that will do this automatically. We sell these in our battery accessories category. John Fetter This is a philosophical comment. Lead-acid batteries suffer from self discharge. This is known as an electrochemical reaction. Italian physicist Count Alessandro Volta first discovered this process in when he created a simple battery from metal plates and brine-soaked cardboard or paper. Since then, scientists have greatly improved upon Volta's original design to create batteries made from a variety of materials that come in a multitude of sizes.

    Today, batteries are all around us. They power our wristwatches for months at a time.

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    They keep our alarm clocks and telephones working, even if the electricity goes out. They run our smoke detectors , electric razors, power drills, mp3 players , thermostats -- and the list goes on. If you're reading this article on your laptop or smartphone , you may even be using batteries right now! However, because these portable power packs are so prevalent, it's very easy to take them for granted. This article will give you a greater appreciation for batteries by exploring their history, as well as the basic parts, reactions and processes that make them work.

    So cut that cord and click through our informative guide to charge up your knowledge of batteries.

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