Literally Disturbed #1: Tales to Keep You Up at Night

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The Girl Who Sailed the Stars. Matilda Woods.

Tales to Keep You Up at Night by Ben H. Winters

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Read it Forward Read it first. Pass it on! Stay in Touch Sign up. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later. Ah, a poem about something potentially lurking in the deep of the water.

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Oh yes, I always love those stories, and this poem was also very well written. It was creepy, spooky, and the ending stanza was great. Poem A Prediction: 4.

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  • Literally Disturbed #1: Tales to Keep You Up at Night.
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It took me a bit I am so tired to figure out what this poem was about, but then I was delighted. It was a spooky poem, and I can imagine that the mummy may want to do that. After centuries of being locked up. Ah, pets seeing something that their owners cannot. It always creeps me out in horror series and movies. At times we the viewer can see it to, but sometimes we just see the pets acting all weird and funny. I would definitely get out of the house though. I am not sure what they got in their home, I am guessing that big bird from the illustration that accompanies it, I am not sure why they got that in their home.

But I guess it had a good sadness act going on for it. Hopefully the family is fine and get the creature out. Poem Old Tree: 1 star. My least favourite story. Ohhh, a scary old tree. Nope, not feeling it. Though the illustration certainly brought fear, dang that is one creepy tree. I guess I will just give one star for that illustration that tells a better story than the poem did. Haha, I could relate to the kid in this story. Poem Ouija Board: 5 stars. Ohhhhhh, I love Ouija board stories! I never get why people would play with it, but it is always fun to see them realise that for themselves.

I loved how at first this all seemed cutesy and sweet but turned dark oh so fast. Poem Zombies: 5 stars. I guess it was expected that this one would feature zombies as well. We have had vampires, ghouls, witches, werewolves, and I was already wondering if these shuffling undead would also get a place. This was a fast-paced poem with tons of creepy moments, and that ending. A little girl accepts a dare and disappears, it was really well written though I had hoped for a better ending.

Maybe someone who sees her haunting that hill she had to walk to? Poem Headless Horseman: 1 star. I normally love HH stories, but this one was a bit too short and plain. I had higher expectations when I saw the title. Poem Shadows: 4. Kid, I know the feeling. I had the same when I was a kid, and even tried to jump only in the lighter parts if there were any when I had to go out in the dark.

I know, like the girl, I also had times I was just wishing for the light to come. It was quite a good start, but then it went downhill. I thought we had some real witches here… but I guess not. Poem The Bite: 4. Someone is bitten. Someone wakes up with two little bite marks.

I am glad that instead of staying frozen or giving up this person is all up to finding a cure. Finding a way to reverse what is coming. To battle the darkness. Poem Hiking: 5 stars. I just love stories about people hiking to scary forests and woods. In this one the dad tries to convince his kid it is all right, but is it all right? The last stanza was pretty dang fabulous.

Poem The Vampire Sleeps: 1 star. The illustration was creepier than the poem was. Not truly creepy, I had expected some kind of twist near the end, but it never came. And with that we have reached the end of the poems. I have to say that for something that is called Literally Disturbed I had expected more spookiness, more creepiness.

Quite a few of these poems are tame and soft. The only thing that was always creepy was the illustrations. The style was just perfect and it make even the tamest stories creepy. I was looking forward to ending each poem and then flipping to the next page and see the illustration. What would be on there. What kind of horrors were waiting for me? Even though things were a bit boring at times, it was still a good bundle, and I have found several poems I love!

I would recommend it.

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And I am going to quickly read the next book in this series. Jul 16, Susie rated it really liked it. Teaching at a school where kids are constantly asking for the "scary book section", this will make a great addition.

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  6. One of the things I like about it is that while the poems are not written at that high of a level, my older reluctant readers will not feel stigmatized by checking it out. The poems would also be great for reading aloud. I was surprised in a way that they are rhyming poems.

    Many of them have clever twist endings, and others don't seem to quite have an ending.. I Teaching at a school where kids are constantly asking for the "scary book section", this will make a great addition. Feb 02, Nicole rated it really liked it. Winters, illustrated by Adam F. Watkins Price Stern Sloan, Poetry 64 pages Recommended for grades I am perhaps disturbed for loving this genre, but there's no denying it, I love a good creep out.

    As a kid I would have enjoyed this right alongside my Scary Stories books! While I wouldn't give this to just any 4th grader, some are much more sensitive to this genre than others, I will say that the poems are not all meant to scare. Some of the poems within this text are quite humorous, and once you add those creepy drawings you've got a nice little book to read in the dark of night. Oct 09, MW rated it it was ok. The artwork was really lovely, and the tales were alright for the most part. I didn't find a single one that really spook me or anything alike that. Frankly, I found myself enjoying the artwork more than the tales.

    Oct 09, Chris Webber rated it really liked it. Mostly ABAB rhythm scheme that is reminiscent familiar for any poem but especially a childrens poem. Clever writing, interesting illustration, melodic in its style. The book both relaxed and entertained me. Oct 21, Pat Gurski rated it really liked it. Wonderful poems to read out loud with your grandchildren!

    Sep 26, Stefanny Natalia rated it it was amazing. This is the coolest creepy poetry I have ever read wkkwkwkkw. Sep 18, Melanie rated it liked it. First book I've managed to finish since my fiance passed away. Cute "spooky" poems with awesome illustrations. Almost a younger kids version of Scary Stories books. Sep 11, Robert Hudder rated it really liked it. Fun romp of horrors in verse for the younger set but I enjoyed them as well.

    Is this nothing more than doggerel or verses for children? Dude, have you watched a horror film? Goofy, cheesy and campy are hallmarks of the humour that allows the dark to show through. If you have a munchkin who is in the macabre what-if stage or just want to spend half an hour sitting in your adolescence again, then this is a fine book to do so. Mar 22, Selenia rated it liked it Shelves: scary-stories , jf. I enjoyed this book and it reminded me of Alvin Schwartz's Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series, especially in the illustrations in particular the illustration for the poem "It's Not Just a Cold.

    The Ship: reminded me so much of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and is probably my favorite because of the implied fate of the ship's passengers. The Statue: reminded me so mu I enjoyed this book and it reminded me of Alvin Schwartz's Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series, especially in the illustrations in particular the illustration for the poem "It's Not Just a Cold. A Prediction: I really agree with this. We don't put other humans on display like we do mummies, why is it okay to put them on display?

    What's Wrong with the Dog?

    Kina - get you the moon (ft. Snow)

    Headless Horseman: I just love this tale in general, so I loved there was a poem about a headless horseman. I love legends and folk tales, and I think this one should definitely go up there with the Scary Stories series. Nov 20, CKE rated it liked it Shelves: children-s-literature , horror-suspense. Really liked the detailed illustrations by Adam F. A Monster Confesses - humorous Shadows - the expression on child's face in the illustration is perfect!

    Bats - loved the illustration What's Wrong with the Dog - pet senses something, starts acting frantic - like never before - "what d "Tales to Keep You Up at Night. Bats - loved the illustration What's Wrong with the Dog - pet senses something, starts acting frantic - like never before - "what do you see that the rest of us don't" Vampire Sleeps - great illustration How I Check for Monsters Before I Go to Sleep - sure most kids had ritual like this! Hiking - noises in the woods Headless Horseman - wish it was longerr Old Tree - there's always one tree in the yard that looks like it has a face and with the right amount of shadows it looks like it's looking back at you - Eek!

    Jan 03, Dolly rated it liked it Recommends it for: older children and parents reading with them. Shelves: , childrens , short-stories-essays , rhyming. The black and white illustrations are fantastically eerie and really complement the narrative. Some of the tales are more fun than scary, but some could be a bit much for a sensitive child.

    Literally Disturbed No. 1 : Tales to Keep You up at Night by Ben H. Winters (2013, Hardcover)

    Our girls love these kinds of stories and have read all of the scary short story books especially the ones by Alvin Schwartz they can find at our local library, and this one fit right in. Apr 10, Shelli rated it really liked it Shelves: poetry-art. O how I wish I had this book with me when I was on a camping trip with my daughters school a couple weeks ago. One night everyone was passing around the flashlight sharing not so scary stories, and my mind drew a complete blank.

    This would have been perfect!! A must have for your child's next slumber party, that is if you don't mind a long night with scared sleepless kiddos. Nov 05, Tanja rated it liked it Shelves: chn-poetry. A collection of thirty creepy, spine-tingling poems well, at times more tickling the reader's funny bone , accompanied by eerie illustrations. Maybe when read in broad daylight, there isn't much effect - but reading them late at night, when all is dark and quiet as I did I am not going to pick it up a second time on my own Jun 30, Rocio Macias rated it really liked it Shelves: poetry.

    Tales to Keep you Up at Night.

    More by Ben H. Winters

    A collection of short and creepy poems that will keep you reading until the end. The Illustrations are just beautiful. Sep 22, Virginia rated it liked it Shelves: horror , poetry. It has spooky themes, but didn't make me shake in my socks and some of it was quite humorous. I would recommend the book more to older kids, tweens and teens, mainly because of the pictures.

    There are a couple instances of mild swearing as well. Dec 29, Riegs rated it really liked it Shelves: holiday-fall , halloween , supernatural , poetry-childrens. Jun 21, Scott rated it really liked it Shelves: clau-poetry Each poem is a pretty cohesive and streamline story, with an accompanying illustrations reminicent of 'Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark'. admin