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Hi Cousin! I'm Laurie Jones a very distant relative. Benjamin was my 8th great grand uncle. I am traveling to Andover for my birthday in November. I am going to try an go to the Abbot Homestead in Andover and get some pictures. I would love to share with you. My email is laurieajones outlook. I was doing some family research when I ran across your blog. This was a really fun read. Thank you! That is my house. For lo these many centuries, it seems that every male in the family has died a mysterious death and every widow has resorted to plummeting to her death as a result of losing their husband either to the sea or to a mysterious death.

New England Historical Society

The cliffs that are near the manor are the favorite spot for the widows to leap to their deaths in an effort to join their beloved husbands in the hereafter, but most died in their sleep broken-hearted. One such example is a woman named Georgiana Collins Ravenlake, whose husband Capt. William Ravenlake was a sea captain as were most of the men in his family. Other than Georgiana herself, there were other widows of sea captains that lost their lives to the sea which resulted in heartache for the widows. All they could do was to leap to their deaths in order to join their husbands in heaven and be with them forever.

Ever since these dark times, it has been considered in the present centuries to be one of the greatest mysteries for the many descendants of the Ravenlake family to figure out. The manor house, aptly named Ravenswood Manor, was rebuilt by my husband, the Rev. Josiah Ravenlake Jr. Although my husband was himself a shipping magnate over in England, he and I came over with our nine children with the coffins of our two dead children, Alice and Obadiah, with us to begin a new life here in illustrious Salem Town, Massachusetts.

In these days, the infant mortality rate was very high as children were susceptible to childhood diseases. However, our remaining nine children, five sons and four daughters, survived and prospered under our loving care; the ages our children spanned from twenty-nine to twelve. Our eldest was William and was very instrumental in getting the pieces of the manor, which also included all of our household furniture, onto the fleet of twenty-one ships ready to be shipped to the plot of land bought by my husband and three of our sons: Josiah, III, James, and Frederick.

However, in the end, it will be worth it after all is done and we are finally there. In three horse-drawn carriages, our family was brought to witness the building of our grand manor; I was in one carriage with four of our daughters and youngest son Jacob; he was only eleven years old and not able to help his father load everything onto the clipper ships in deference to his age.

The Candlemas Massacre and the Salem Witch Trials

However, on getting there, I was given the singular honor to name it Ravenlake Manor whilst standing beside my husband and having our children around them. Our sons had rooms in one wing of the house, while our daughters had a wing of their own for their lodging. Our names and of our children, with their ages, are as follows: Rev. Their children: William Ravenlake, age 28 b. These dates were the saddest that Josiah and I ever experienced; we loved these two children just as much as we loved the others and felt the loss of them both intensely. The thing is that a mother feels the death of children more than a father.

It is a feeling that I hope to never feel again as it put me in a melancholy mood until the birth of my youngest son Jacob. We dug up the coffins of these two children and brought them with us to our new home where we reinterred them in the mausoleum our manservant built on the property.

She will be missed by us as well as his siblings. He will be missed by us as well as his siblings. However, Anne and her husband had a house built for them on the property as did her sister Elizabeth and her husband. With me in the carriage was my elder daughter-in-law, Madeleine Stuart Ravenlake, who was the wife of my eldest son William and mother of his three children. In a third carriage were the maids of the house that would be preparing the bedrooms for their occupants, but at the same time would be cleaning the manor. This day would be a very busy day for myself, my husband, and children, but as I said, it would all be worth it in the end.

However, Elizabeth and Anne would not be doing much as the sisters were pregnant with my grandchildren; Elizabeth was six months pregnant, while her sister Anne was seven months pregnant.

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When these children are born, it would make me and Josiah very happy. After all, Anne was already a mother to her two sons: Josiah Collins, who was to be named for her father, and Jeremiah Collins, who was named for her husband's father. The family tree is as follows: Josiah Ravenlake Jr. William Ravenlake present Josiah Ravenlake present Madeleine Ravenlake present Ophelia Ravenlake present A2. Anne Ravenlake present Josiah Collins present Jeremiah Collins present A3. Elizabeth Ravenlake present Charles Jenkinson present Georgiana Jenkinson present Charlotte Jenkinson present A4.

Josiah Ravenlake, III present Zechariah Ravenlake present Uzziah Ravenlake present A5. James Ravenlake present Frederick Ravenlake persent Ophelia Ravenlake present A8.

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Georgiana Ravenlake present A9. Also like her sister-in-law, Elizabeth Ravenlake Jenkinson, Madeleine was also eight months pregnant with her husband's fourth child. So, thus, she and her sisters-in-law would be sitting it out from arranging the wardrobes of the various members of the family to their rooms. Seeing all of our children and grandchildren together made me nostalgic for when I was a young bride myself in when I married my beloved Josiah.

The maids then went up to the rooms in order to get my wardrobes set up in my armoire, while the menservants set up the armoires of the men in the family. For the servants, it was arduous work, but well worth it so that we can rest in comfort, especially their mistresses who were pregnant. This party was a tradition going way back as Josiah and I the grand host and hostess of Ravenswood Manor always threw elegant costume balls. Her husband and children celebrated her birthday with Josiah and I at the manor.

My husband deserves this celebration not just as the pastor of Salem Town, but as my beloved husband. We celebrated her birthday with great pomp. She is a young woman now and will be preparing to get married some day. My husband, children, and grandchildren gave me a gala party to celebrate my 53 years of life. Our 30 wedding anniversary is in 5 days in which my husband and I will reaffirm our vows with our children and grandchildren present to witness it. My husband and I celebrated it by reaffirming our vows in the Second Parish Church here in Salem Town with our children and grandchildren present.

I was a young woman of 23 years when my parents gave him his blessing to court me. In all the years that we have been married, both of us have been faithful to each other as well as loving. No woman could ever feel as loved as I do by my husband, but I feel love also from my children and grandchildren. Again we celebrated his birthday with great pomp, while he celebrated with his wife and children at his home afterwards.

Like her younger sister Georgiana, she is a young woman now and will be preparing to get married some day. I am a proud grandmother as my husband is a proud grandfather especially as it is the eleventh grandchild, but the first born on the American side of the ocean; the other ten were born in merry old England. My new grandson was the most beautiful child I have ever seen. Again, it made me nostalgic for when my own children were infants and it made me love them all the more even as they got older and married.

Nothing does a mother more proud as when her own children began to have children of their own. Granted, I love all my children with all my heart, but it makes a mother such as I feel more useful when my children need me more in helping them raise their children. The dates that every grandchild of ours is born are memorable to me until the day I die. The same day that my grandson was born is also the same day I was born 53 years ago.

Take a tour-Salem Witch house. 1600's era house of Jonathan Corwin.

I can only imagine the joy my parents must have felt at my birth. My parents, Jonathan and Lydia Averill Craven, were blessed with thirteen children, but my parents sad days were when two of my sisters died. Ophelia Craven present ….. Lydia Craven present ….. Deborah Craven A4. Sarah Craven present ….. Joanna Craven present ….. Edward Bramston present , A6. Jonathan Craven Jr. Job Craven present ……………….. Rebecca Craven present ……………….. Brendan Craven present ………… B4. Annabelle Craven present ………………..

Nathan Craven present ….. John Craven present ….. William Craven present ………… B2. Charles Craven present ………… B3. Liam Craven present ………… B4. Brendan Craven present A9. Elizabeth Craven A Annabelle Craven present ….. William Craven present ….. Madeleine Craven present ….. Averill Craven present ….. However, that day will sadly never come to pass. Josiah is also the father of twin sons, Zechariah and Uzziah, as they were born on 12 April here in Salem Town, Massachusetts.

Jacob got a lot of presents from Josiah and I as did our other children and our eleven grandchildren. As my husband was the attending minister, I and our other seven children as well as our grandchildren were also in attendance. In attendance to Sarah Jenkinson were her sister-in-law, Elizabeth, as her matron of honor; her two younger sisters, Charlotte Jenkinson and Georgiana Jenkinson, as her bridesmaids, as well as her two younger future sisters-in-law, Ophelia and Georgiana Ravenlake James' sisters.

In attendance to James was my eldest son William as his best man as well as my son Josiah and their brothers-in-law, Jedediah Collins and Eliakim Jenkinson the bride's brother as ushers. Attending both brothers as ring bearer was their little brother Jacob and to the brides were their nieces Madeleine Jenkinson daughter to Sarah's brother Joseph and Elizabeth Farnsworth daughter to Abigail's brother Joel. Joel Farnsworth present Elizabeth Farnsworth present A2.

Malcolm Farnsworth Jr. Cecilia Farnsworth present ….. Catherine Farnsworth present ….. Charles Farnsworth present ….. Edward Farnsworth present ….. Abigail Farnsworth present Jacob Farnsworth present ….. Octavian Farnsworth present ….. Corinne Farnsworth present A Eliakim Jenkinson present Charlotte Jenkinson present A2. George Jenkinson present ….. Joseph Jenkinson present Madeleine Jenkinson present Antoine Jenkinson present Joseph Jenkinson Jr.

Richard Jenkinson present A4. Millard Jenkinson present Richard Jenkinson present Alexander Jenkinson present Sarah Jenkinson present Charlotte Jenkinson present A9. My husband and I will conscript masons and carpenters to build the manors for them. We miss the children that have moved away to make lives for themselves, but yet they are still here. We especially miss our two deceased children, Alice and Obadiah, who are dear to our hearts as our living children are to us. Spencer Jocelyn Hon. Frederick Bruce Victor Biddulph Hon. Adolphus Chichester ? Arthur Lyttleton Hon. Francis Hay George Byng Hon.

Lettice Knollys ? Mary Knollys ? Henry Knollys ? Elizabeth Knollys ? William Knollys ? Edward Knollys 7. Sir Robert Knollys 8. Richard Knollys 9.

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    Salem Witch a Profile of Captain John Floyd

    Thomas Lee???? Montagu Venables-Bertie???? Robert Spencer , 4th Earl 2.

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    Anne Spencer , Viscountess Bateman 3. Charles Spencer , 3rd Duke of Marlborough 4. John Spencer 5. James Berkeley ? Augustus Berkeley , 4th Earl 2. Elizabeth Berkeley ???? Albans nee, Lady Diana de Vere,???? Charles Beauclerk , 1st Duke of St. Albans, Children: 1. Charles Beauclerk , 2nd Duke 2. As I understand it they had a family reunion approximately 25 years ago in or near Bridgewater, according to my late father Robert Edson. It is always nice to read more information regarding your family and nice to have contact with another family member previously unknown.

    Best wishes, Ellen Edson. Hi Cousin Ellen. I wish I had some information about the Edson Society but other than their website I know nothing much about them. And I'm always happy to make contact with new cousins through my blog! She also has notable relationships in England which I will post below. I am a specialist in gentry and aristocratic ancestry in England and the Edson patriarchs Thomas Edson and Juliana Bustard of Adderbury, Oxfordshire, connect us with interesting families. While the Bustards were not of aristocratic or royal descent, they were considered prominent country gentry and there are some monuments to them in the church at Adderbury.

    I found Elizabeth Fox's father, William Fox's will proved in and he mentions his family in the will. I had to have it translated from Tudor-era English and the writing deciphered, but the will was explicit in it's intent. William Fox was buried in the church at Barford, Oxfordshire. The Bustard family also appear in the Visitations of Oxford for year The Wilmots produced the English Earls of Rochester who later would become ancestors of Princess Diana and quite a few other modern day aristocratic families in Great Britain.

    The original records are deposited at the county record office in Warwick. Whitacre is also where Margaret Bickley sister of Susannah? If anyone should have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at sriggan hotmail. I hope this information is of interest to other Edson descendants.

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    Thanks Steve Riggan. It appears we are all related! I think Susannah Bickley and Orcutt are the same person, I saw evidence showing the same birthday. Thank you for this, cousin. I'm seeing a lot of research regarding Susanna proper maiden name. It has stated there never was a Susanna Orcutt and her surname was most likely Bickley, though that too is questionable. I am related through his son and grandson Samuel.

    Is there still a mill build on the original site of Samuel's mill? I am visiting the area next week and I would love to see the locations related to his life. Thank you, Kent. Hi Cousin! Unfortunately, the mill is long gone. You can visit the site and see the mill stone though.