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Fired Fired …said that his grandma loved a BBQ. She had a couple tricks he paid attention to. Started with a savory, marinade ragoo. A charcoal queen of the west. And bobcat with a rosemary braise. My favorite was her coyote glaze. The recipe is still unclear, but her chameleon cakes were revered. You can bet that they disappeared. I love my jack rabbit juice in the morning. I love my scorpion mousse in the afternoon. Rattlesnake Bake, cactus stew. We fill our lives with goals and dreams and make our friends and float the streams That lead us to the ocean of our world.

How we soared above we spread our wings to find the love And gathered all the riches on the way. We feel the gently breeze that comes with living life at ease By trusting all the choices we have made. Just look around at what you see and cherish the variety of Selection in your life you would not trade. And when you choose to join a soul and bring your love to life The sun will shine much brighter on that day. And he will come into this world with a fire in his eyes Taken from the same flame that made you fly.

I need to get away. This place is way to quiet. Gonna find some lights, going out tonight. How long have I been sitting in my favorite chair? You fancy meeting someone soon. Will anybody even dare to come my way? Shine me up and tease my hair and push me towards the county fair. Gonna meet some folks gonna tell a couple jokes. I need a good cajole, cause I fell into a hole. The leaves are turning on the trees. It seems like only yesterday so many things we had to say. We walked the canyon up and down, slipped in secrets of our town.

The words the danced upon the air everyday we walked up there.

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So many things inside our heads but come to realize instead That we should spend some time alone. At first we even tried the phone. We only laughed at what might be. A year has passed.

It cannot be. Through all my hems and haws and trials every day you seemed to smile. You believe that more is less. La da da di… I love you dear for all these things. Your loving voice the way it sings. You inspire me. I cannot lie. You lift my spirits up so high they touch the sky. That in the end when I look down, my feet they barely touch the ground. A year has passed it cannot be. It seems that only yesterday we had so many things to say. Jones It started out so simply. Two lonely glances met. Desire and confession. Connection satisfied. But her bitter sweet beginner to his unworldly sinner Was just not justified.

She tried to prove that her love would work. She knew it was all she had to give.

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So what had she ever done to deserve This life she lived? Witholding love, his petty games, a jealous heart, his desperate claims. His threats to go, his selfish stands, his beatings without force of hand. His loaded compliments, no bloody confidence, She took what no one would. She had vowed to love in sickness And loving freely she would learn That she would only see his best When it was on his terms.

Without force of hand.

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The girl broke down and cried Witholding love, his petty games, a jealous heart, his desperate claims. The girl broke down and cried. His threats to go his selfish stands his beating without for of hand. Yes, I believe that you understand. Be the inspiration for the things you achieve. Serve it up and pass it around. The more you do the stronger grows your will to succeed When everything is coming down. You gotta mix it up and put your heart on the line. Take it from someone who knew. You better make it interesting along the way Cause before you know it time just blew.

Shake it all up, a shot between the eyes Spin a new perspective on this magic maze. X Monkey see what monkey do That monkey on your back has got a hold on you. Take a first hand look at your yard sale mind There might be something there that you could leave behind. Why the worry? Ask the questions. Make no exceptions. So worth the cost to cut you free. Stimulate, make a tasty plate of all the Fascinating fortune for you to find. Initiate communication, feverish acceleration, finishing opinionation, offering a celebration, the energy to entertain a new day.

What we have, what we have right here… Now let me get this straight What we have…yeah I hate to say it.

Four Songs on Poems by Elizabeth Bishop

No sleep for a broad like me. She was the par-ty girl who kept us entertained.

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She had a mouth to make a sailor blush. Pull out the party favors, stock up the drinks. Chicky had look like she was mad as hell as she had Bil l pinned above the cigarette machine. Bill just laughed without a clue As everybody looked away so he could get his due. With a tight fist chicky made a piercing roar And like a little girl, Bill went screaming out the door. We choose our path and how we will take part. But you have been my charm in that regard. You gave me all the tools I needed to love you even more. The window of your heart has opened every other door. I wake each day fulfilled in knowing I have no regrets As I turn to see you breathing soft and low.

I knew when I first saw you how lucky I would be. If you chose me. And I can see forever in your gaze. My heart is resting comfortably wrapped up inside of yours. And there it will live on for endless days. You set my spirit free, my dear, when you simply call my name.

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I thank God every single day when I hear you say In your own special way that you chose me. And I chose you. All I want to see if you right next to me, cause baby, I love you. You inspire me to climb even higher. You have taught me loving is the only way to make things better. And just when all my hope is completely gone. You love me just like there was no tomorrow. What ties these four contrasting songs together is the relationship of the keys.

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The first two songs, I Am in Need of Music and Insomnia are both set in C major and are associated with the parallel supertonic D major. By suspending the supertonic in these remaining two lines, the answer then appears in the form of an instrumental line, in the tonic of C major. The third song, The Unbeliever , begins in C major before transforming into pervasive chromaticism, while the strophic writing of the last poem, Anaphora , is set in the key of D major, the supertonic of the first two songs. This creates a sense of overall tension and cohesion both within and between the songs in this work.

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The film is part of the Orpheus project,. The spatial, disembodied, satellite voice coming from the constellation Lyra, where the lyre was placed after his death. The main characters in the narrative are Hermes, in his capacity as psychopomp and transporter of dead souls; Eurydice, recounting her own experience, in the form of shade and dryad, as well as memory; and Orpheus with his lyre, which is seen as a fourth character, a creature alive with its own vital energy.

Bill Manhire and Suzie Hanna have created a bold and powerful memorial to the voiceless, and a reminder that WW1 was a conflict that shook the entire world, and that our lives have grown ever more interconnected since. Interrupted Nap is a recording from the collection, Ear Rational. It sounds as if the narrator is having difficulty telling the story. In Interrupted Nap , either the listener has receptive aphasia, or the narrator has expressive aphasia.

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The source text is a series of visual panels that appear to have been reproduced from pages on which someone has used a magic marker to write. The marker has bled through each page to the subsequent pages onto which new material has then been written. Check it out. Erdrich, translated to Ojibwe language by Margaret Noodin. This poem began when Heid was reading the Nichols and Nylhom Ojibwe language dictionary and practicing her pronunciation, which is always a challenge.