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Available as an ebook Buy or find out more. What's physics all about? What's science all about? What's happening to me? Why shouldn't I eat junk food? Why should I bother about the planet?

The Friendly Enemy Children's Workbook

Why should I bother to keep fit? A horse for the summer Available as an ebook Buy or find out more. The Black Cauldron Available as an ebook Buy or find out more. Runaway pony Available as an ebook Buy or find out more. Drama at Silver Spires Available as an ebook Buy or find out more. Rivalry at Silver Spires Available as an ebook Buy or find out more. The Castle of Llyr Available as an ebook Buy or find out more. Strangers at the stables Available as an ebook Buy or find out more.

This book pulls from actual events as the author loosely recounts what it was like when he was bullied in sixth grade. It incorporates both sides of bullying and addresses this ongoing issue in the lives of middle-schoolers. Palacio Grades: This uplifting novel follows August Pullman to fifth grade, which is his first time entering a mainstream school. By Jay Asher Grades: 7 and up. This powerful novel addresses bullying that leads to suicide.

The main character, Clay, sees everything differently at the end of the novel when he realizes why Hannah Baker, his classmate, committed suicide, and why she wanted Clay to understand what happened to her. By Dawn Metcalf Grades: 8 and up. This book is a must-read for teens. The book also includes resources and suggestions for further reading. By Amanda Maciel Grades: 9 and up. This story is about a teenage girl who faces criminal charges for bullying after a classmate commits suicide.

By Julie Murphy Grades: 9 and up. To her surprise, she goes into remission and has to face the consequences of all she has said and done.

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A story about how hard it is to find your real friends in life, but how the journey is worth it. A very helpful book for teaching children about empathy, feelings, kindness, compassion, tolerance and recognizing bullying behaviors. The fight back offers everything you would expect from this author and this series, nail-biting scenes and confrontations, and the triumph of teamwork and good over evil. Evacuees Bill and his sister have returned to London from the countryside, much to his anger, arriving home just as the Blitz begins.

Nights are spent cowering in the shelter, before they emerge into a frightening world of rubble and destruction. Chris Priestley knows just how to tell horror stories and this super-readable novella will have readers checking nervously over their shoulder in the dark. It opens with a scene in which a young rook is attacked by a larger bird. Nicky and his younger brother Kenny save it. For all his nerve Nicky is vulnerable, and things could easily go wrong for him, instead they start to look up.

Bit like us, eh? For readers inspired to seek out the original, Barrington Stoke are publishing it in a dyslexia-friendly format this summer. Pisa, In the male-dominated world of Renaissance Italy, Netta is an ambitious young woman and the last in the line of a great family of sculptors and stone-carvers. Determined to throw off the shackles of marriage, Netta sets out to take up her family's legacy and work on fixing the city's leaning tower.

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Who was he? Why did he leave his family? What would he think of his son? River the born storyteller is an irresistible narrator and readers will be completely caught up in his story from first page to last. There are twists, shocks and surprises throughout and a truly explosive ending, all told with a tough economy that makes it accessible to all readers. Inspired by real-life cases of women deceived into relationships with undercover policemen and the resulting families, Keren has created an incredibly vivid narrator, a cracking plot and a great sense of unease as the action builds to an explosive denouement.

But fighting the three local bullies whose cruelty towards it seems to know no bounds is an incredible challenge. With his father drifting into depression and his younger brother needing constant supervision, Nicky has enough on his hands already but he knows the real value of nature and knows he cannot stand by and see such wilful destruction. A powerful story about the importance of protecting wildlife. Expert review for Pike by Andrea Reece:Not a word is wasted in this fine novel.

On one level it is a thriller: fishing on Bacon Pond Nicky spots a glint of gold in its murky depths, and recognises the Rolex owned by a local gangster. It seems to be still attached to his wrist. Nicky feels that the gangster owes him and his family, and sets out to retrieve the Rolex with the help of his brother Kenny. An outstanding novel. Expert review for Rook by Andrea Reece:This finely written story speaks directly to readers in language that is frill free but shines with original, precise imagery.

Older brother Nicky narrates the story of the day he and his younger brother Kenny set out on a simple day out on the moors. Proposed by their father as a way of filling time while they wait nervously for their mum to return from her new life in Canada, it is meant to a fun day out tinged with a bit of nostalgia as they are retracing a walk that he used to enjoy. But the simple walk which begins in a light hearted way soon becomes a deadly dangerous adventure as the weather conditions close in, the boys get completely lost and Kenny has to show exceptional courage and intelligence to make sure he can get Kenny home safely.

Anthony McGowan maintains the intensity of the story throughout while also keeping the writing simple. May Book of the Month Interest Age Teen Reading Age 8 When a billionaire phone-tech entrepreneur challenges the Year Eleven pupils in her former school to switch off their phones for six weeks, Esther is determined to rise to the occasion. Thought-provoking and topical, this pacey read is especially suitable for reluctant and dyslexic teen readers. She takes his gun to hunt for food to keep her family alive.

June Book of the Month June Book of the Month In a nutshell: themes of fatherhood, memory and guilt explored in haunting YA novella Mal Peet, who died in , wrote with extraordinary sensitivity and insight and this novella, freshly published by Barrington Stoke, is testimony to his talent. Benjamin finds himself by accident outside his old home and revisits memories of the garden and treehouse that 20 years ago were such a key part of his childhood.

His father built the treehouse for him but it quickly changed from being a place of shared stories to something less happy — a hideaway from his mother, a hiding place for his father as he turned away from the outside world. The story is a painful one, years on Ben is still torn by conflicting loyalties, still angry with his father, still guilty for abandoning him. His return brings some new perspectives, but no happy resolution.

There is so much depth and reality to the relationship between his characters; I hope to illustrate something of those spacious places he has created in between the lines. The huge, ancient beech tree at the centre of this story is a real treat for an illustrator. A sharp, well-observed teenage drama that is bang up to date. Life for teenagers these days can seem like an endless popularity contest, everything played out in the spotlight of social media. Just-dumped Rob hits a nerve when he tells Jade that everyone fancies her best friend more anyway; comparing herself to Becky, Jade is horribly conscious of coming second in everything.

Archie is devastated at the news his parents are splitting up. He and his dad are very close and when he realises that his father is leaving for another man — something his two sisters have already worked out — the shock has a physical impact. Archie has already been the victim of bullying and, perhaps to avoid a repeat, has become friends with the bullies at his new school; he is terrified of their reaction to the news. Annabel Pitcher portrays Archie with real insight and readers will understand completely the agony he feels. She chooses to end the story in a supermarket where the aisles, through their very prosaic normality, open up a world of hope and new beginnings.

Published by dyslexia specialists Barrington Stoke, this will be accessible to all readers and is worth recommending to all readers. Inspired by a passion to articulate the complex realities of life for teenagers — especially boys — around sexuality, loss, depression and family dynamics, Annabel has created an extraordinary narrator in Archie, a fabulous plotline and a cracking cast of characters as the story is propelled towards a remarkable final encounter.

As an ex-English teacher, I have seen first-hand how much these books mean to readers who long to access stories but are daunted by words. As a mum of two sons, it was interesting trying to get inside the head of a teenage boy. Beautiful full page illustrations by Alex T Smith send more shivers down the spine; one to read with all the lights on.

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Particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant and dyslexic teen readers. Barrington Stoke is the foremost publisher of dyslexia friendly books and those for reluctant readers. Cal is picked on at school by Anu, who humiliates him and hurts him for being smart and geeky. New boy Jacob is singled out by the other class bully for being scruffy, poor, an outsider. Cal thinks they could be friends — they share in interest in superheroes — but Jacob, who uses a foodbank, is super sensitive to pity. Eventually the two do become friends and, with the help of a girl called Freya, find a way to expose those who like to hurt the weak and less fortunate.

He wants a knife to protect him and when he finally gets his hands on one it makes him feel 10 feet tall. But how long can the knife keep him safe? A candid conversation with the real owner of the weapon makes Sam see things differently. Taut and tightly plotted this short novel provides readers with lots to think about. Congratulations therefore to Barrington Stoke for this new edition which is specifically designed to be accessible to all readers, including those with dyslexia.

It centres on the friendship of George small but clever and Lenny strong, but simple-minded , and their struggles in the rural California of the Great Depression. George is a young man struggling to make a life for himself while caring for his child-like cousin Lennie. The setting is now the south coast of England, where George gets by working as a DJ in pubs, and the bleak cash in hand, hand to mouth existence rings very true.

A spare, thought-provoking reworking of a classic. Of Mice and Men, the powerful story of tragedy and beauty, critically acclaimed across the world and studied in UK schools at GCSE level, will now be available in an accessible format for all readers. Interest Age Teen Reading Age 7 - In a Nutshell: love and laughs This witty comedy of modern manners will have young people snorting with laughter and quite possibly squirming with embarrassed recognition too. A new online school dating site offers hope however and his sister and her super-cool boyfriend have all sorts of advice for Joe on ways to make himself more eligible.

Acca lives in Laurentum, a small town on the Tiber, in the days before the founding of Rome. The arrival of migrants from Troy and the threat of war brings the two girls together. Tinged with myth as well as a real sense of the classical past this is truly gripping stuff, Katniss Everdeen look to your laurels! Life for poor young women in the century was extremely limited. Georgina is employed as housemaid to a wealthy family, but finds it as hard as life in the orphanage she recently left. A bright young woman, she runs away disguised as a boy, actions that open up new opportunities.

Tautly plotted, this gothic tale with its determined young heroines will fascinate teenage girls from the first page to the last. The human survivors of a devastating natural disaster live in isolated and strictly-governed communities. Caz and Will have already defied the odds escaping the ruins of a derelict city to reach the relative safety of a Settlement and Caz has never given up hope that her father too is still alive.

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When they reach the place he was last seen, the white darkness hides terrifying dangers. Cole and his brother Ruben live in East London, as much a part of the landscape as the sooty railway bridges and flat grey sky. A chance encounter in the Live and Let Live pub with a girl who resembles their dead sister, and a monkey, a sudden act of violence, and the four of them are in a car and heading to Scotland. At times chilling, with a palpable sense of foreboding, the book ends on a note of pure joy.

Sharp, funny, moving and written in rat-a-tat sentences that turn teen speak into a kind of poetry. All sweet-hearted Aman wanted was for her dad to stay a little longer, but he died before she had chance to read her special letter to him. The truth is revealed with poignant, page-turning urgency, leading to a shocking finale that sees Aman grasp a second vital chance to read her love-filled letter.

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I relished every word. Rosa and Benjamin meet, fall in love and marry but because they are slaves, their lives are not their own. Their escape is full of drama and tension, but what will shock young readers is the casual brutality and hateful self-justification of the white slave owners Rosa encounters.

Linda Newbery brings the suffragette movement to life through the eyes of one vividly drawn young woman, making us all aware of our continuing responsibility to stand up for what we believe, and to use our votes. Hudson, the teen narrator of her new novel, is well aware of his own tendency to misunderstand or misread what others are saying, so the moment when he and his dad suddenly connect with one another is particularly powerful. That it takes place in a car wash only makes it more convincing.

A tense novel about finding the special kind of courage needed to do the right thing in difficult circumstances. Blake is great footballer; playing football is all he wants to do but, with money worries at home, he knows he must do all he can to help his mum to pay the rent. Found trespassing, Blake is offered a way out of trouble by fixing a match.

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It could be easy money. Blake has to make hard and brave choices. Without exception dyslexia-friendly books published by Barrington Stoke get off to an exciting start and maintain the impetus throughout, with a cliffhanger at the end of every chapter. The plot is clear, the characters appealing and there are plenty of visual clues, as dyslexics like to run a story like a video in their heads. Dean, Zara, Ben and narrator Alix are very different people but the notes and photos contained in the time capsule they hid as 13 year olds and are digging up as 18 year olds depict the kind of friendship formed from difference, the kind, as Alix gratefully realises, that allows you to be exactly who you are.

About the Little Gems series : The Little Gems are in a gorgeous chunky format, with high-spec production including coloured endpapers and jacketed flaps with activities. These quality stories are also well suited to children aged , reading below this level, and to dyslexic or reluctant readers. Click here to download a free guide from Barrington Stoke to help you help your child to love reading. The term dyslexia literally means 'difficulty with words'.

In reality, it covers a whole spectrum of problems, not just with reading, writing and spelling, but also with comprehension, memory and organisational skills. It may take longer than their classmates but most of them get there in the end. These emergent readers will finally crack the code, often aged 9 or 10, but often they are not ready to tackle the longer more challenging books their contemporaries enjoy. admin