The Husband Book: A Guys Guide to Marriage

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Would you settle for nice life with a nice guy? Why or why not? Do you settle or compromise in other areas of your life? Do you believe in a soul mate? Do you think women often confuse what they actually want with what a modern woman is supposed to want?

1. A Smile Goes A Long Way

Of the qualities you desire from question 1, why are these important to you? Do you think women have more expectations in relationships than men? If yes, how? If so, why?

Are you a maximizer in dating? In other areas of your life?

The Best Marriage Books to Read With Your Partner for a Healthy Relationship

Have you ever dismissed a guy after a first date that was fine, but had no sparks? Do you think you worry too much about instant chemistry or common interests instead of about common goals and values? Why do you think it is so difficult to let go of the ideal guy and be less picky in practice? What not-so-appealing aspects would a guy have to put up with to spend his life with you? Be honest!

If you and your spouse have an amazing sex life, kudos to you!

11 Best Books About Marriage Couples Can Read Together

Each chapter consists of a fun conversation, an idea for a date on which to have the conversation , and an exercise for couples to prepare for the conversation. With more than over easy-to-follow how-tos and some spiritual wisdom, acclaimed sex educator Barbara Carrellas updates the the ancient art of tantra for modern couples. If intimacy is what your marriage is missing, consider this read. Type keyword s to search. Getty Images. Shop Now. Wired for Love by Stan Tatkin. The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Toxic In-Laws by Susan Forward.

Shoulda by Jennifer Hurvitz. On the flip side, a wife saves men from about an hour of housework a week. Keep her happy by helping out with the daily chores. When she goes to grab the dishrag after dinner, give her a hand. Or hire a real maid to do the dirty work. Day 3.

If your wife has trouble dozing off tonight, tomorrow could be a nightmare for both of you. A recent study showed that the longer it takes for your wife to fall asleep at night, the more negative your interactions will be the following day. On the other hand, how well a man slept had no affect on his relationship. Tonight, encourage her to escape to the bedroom early while you get the kids ready for bed or finish up the chores.

Day 4. While occasional communication about the issues that bother you is important, Coleman recommends frequently communicating what you think is great about her, rather than constantly trying to smooth out the tics that annoy you. Tell her, for instance, that she did a great job painting the living room instead of saying, "That turned out well.

For the latest, most practical studies, sex advice, fitness tips, and more, visit Men's Health News every day. Day 5.


In fact, wives are 42 percent more likely to quit their jobs when their significant others spend plus hours a week at the office. Do you have to worry about your career suffering if your wife works longer hours? Day 6. Want to be more romantic?

A University of Virginia study found that wives care most about how affectionate and understanding their husbands are. Spending quality time together and discussing things she likes creates a bond your wife equates with romance. Day 7. In a study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family , researchers reviewed cell phone usage of more than 1, couples for 2 years and found that relationship and family happiness both decreases as cell phone usage increases.

Power down tonight, and listen up.

Day 8. Stress, in turn, has been linked to a higher risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, and many other health problems. Unhappy spouses also showed higher diastolic blood plessure. On the other hand, a supportive partner decreased stress. Drop her a brief note or make a quick phone call during the workday to see how things are going. Sign up for the Belly Off!

Selected Teachings

Newsletter for even more fat-blasting tips delivered directly to your Inbox every week. Day 9. Day But here's the key: Do it in public. Learn even more new ways to pad your checking account this year. Visit Men's Health News. A study in Family Relations found that grandparents use get-togethers as opportunities to mentor, pass on traditions, and teach family values to their grandchildren.