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Sherwood v. Walker , 33 N. Again, in the cow case, had the seller been required to go through with the deal, he would have given up a great deal more than he anticipated, and the buyer would have received an unagreed-to windfall. Assume a weekend browser sees a painting sitting on the floor of an antique shop. The contract is valid. A mistake may be unilateral, in which case no relief will be granted unless the other side knows of the mistake and takes advantage of it.

A mistake may be mutual, in which case relief may be granted if it is about a basic assumption on which the contract was made, if the mistake has a material effect on the agreed-to exchange, and if the person adversely affected did not bear the risk of the mistake. Previous Section. Table of Contents. Next Section. Recognize when a mutual mistake will be grounds for relief, and the types of mutual mistakes. Mistake by One Party Unilateral Mistake Where one party makes a mistake, it is a unilateral mistake A mistake made by one party to a contract; relief is not usually granted.

Exceptions If one side knows or should know that the other has made a mistake, he or she may not take advantage of it. Mutual Mistake In the case of mutual mistake Erroneous belief shared and relied on by both parties to a contract for which a court often grants relief. Key Takeaway A mistake may be unilateral, in which case no relief will be granted unless the other side knows of the mistake and takes advantage of it.

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But, nothing. Grace is only Her parents were not old. What are the chances that both parents would be dead of natural causes? And the threatened closure of the library where Rose worked Up until the end, it was all pretty predictable. Now, let's get to the good stuff - the end was superb. There is no doubt that Slater is a very clever writer. I have read all four of her books.

Safe With Me and Liar were 5-star reads. Blink, 3-star. The Mistake 3. One more little niggle- authors, publishers, whoever is responsible, STOP putting things on the cover like 'an unputdownable psychological thriller with a brilliant twist'. I don't want to be looking for the twist. I want it to jump up and slap me in the face and go 'There! You weren't expecting that, were you! Slater for review. All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own. Please refer to my Goodreads.

This review and others are also published on my blog sandysbookaday. View all 12 comments. Sep 24, Pauline rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley. Rose's young brother was murdered sixteen years and now Rose has uncovered something that makes her think that the wrong person is in prison for the crime. An excellent psychological thriller that had me hooked from the first page. I really enjoyed this book and read it in one day as I did not want to put it down.

I would like to thank NetGalley and Bookouture for my e-copy in exchange for an honest review. View 2 comments. Feb 24, Sarah Joint rated it really liked it. The Mistake is a very chilling, unsettling story that will keep you guessing until the very end. As damaged as the main character is, you find yourself hoping that somehow she will be able to pick up the pieces and make a new life for herself. One where she can walk out of the house at night, or leave a window open to enjoy a cool breeze. She's paranoid about her own safety, but she has plenty of reasons When Rose was 18, her little brother vanished while they were out enjoying a windy day.

Sh The Mistake is a very chilling, unsettling story that will keep you guessing until the very end. She'd been spending most of her time with her new boyfriend and neglecting her little brother, and she was determined to make it up to him. Last time she saw him, he was going to retrieve his kite, insisting that he could go on his own.

She regrets letting him go on his own for the rest of her life. Days later, his body is found.

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Her little brother is gone. Sixteen years later, Rose has never resumed a normal life. Her visits to her elderly neighbor Ronnie are the extent of her social life. Ronnie has always been there, and after he loses his dear wife, she helps him out every once in awhile. When he falls ill and is taken to the hospital, she feels guilty as if she may not have been helping him enough.

His house could use a thorough cleaning. What she finds as she tidies up will change her life and throw everything she thought she knew into doubt: did Ronnie have something to do with the death of her little brother? This was a very gripping book, and K. Slater's descriptions of Rosie's relationship with her manipulative boyfriend were chilling and came across as very realistic. It always starts off as something small, just a bit of control It was a book I found hard to put down and finished in only two sittings. I'm really looking forward to reading even more of the author's work!

I received a copy of this book from Net Galley and Bookouture, thank you! My review is honest and unbiased. View all 26 comments. Sep 08, Lou rated it it was amazing Shelves: reading-challenge , arcs , mystery , mystery-thriller , psychological-thriller , suspense , fiction , thriller , crime-fiction , from-publisher. Yet another fabulous title to add to my Bookouture beauties! I have recently come to associate Bookouture with a love of books and probably the most consistent crime thriller collection out there today. Clear the calendar Here comes K. Both of these a Yet another fabulous title to add to my Bookouture beauties!

The pacing was fast and the twists and turns kept me guessing right the way through. Now the only thing she knows is that she is in danger The characters are very believable which is what makes the story so terrifying, Slater seems to achieve this in all of her books. The chapters are alternating - going back and forth between the past and present, revealing to the reader the background that Rose comes from. Some of the issues the book addresses are hard to read at times but are well handled.

Also, the relatively short length of the chapters mean it is very easy to go through page after page without even realising it! Next time you look you've been up half the night and you're nearly finished. A tense mystery thriller that had me completely engrossed. An unputdownable and compulsive read and a must for crime fans. Slater sure knows what she's doing when writing a psychological thriller. I'm sure whatever she comes up with next will be just as good and I will definitely be grabbing a copy.

Highly recommended. I wouldn't normally write about a publisher during a book review but this is how I feel and wanted to express it. I knew from then that they were going to be a massive part of my NetGalley journey as quite frankly they just have so many fantastic books. I have read that Bookouture only choose a small selection of great books for a reason - so they can focus all their attention on helping those select few succeed.

So, as you can see, I have quite the thing for Bookouture! I can see that this will be a publisher I will be reading hopefully and reviewing a lot through NetGalley. View all 13 comments. Sep 07, Linda Strong rated it it was amazing Shelves: netgalley , read-in Sixteen years ago, Rose made a mistake. She fell in love with a man who really wasn't the best choice for any woman, especially a young virginal teenager. Things seemed to happen to the people around her Her friend was assaulted one night by a masked man She eventually committed suicide without ever having spoken to Rose again.

Her then 8-year-old brother went missing Sixteen years ago, Rose made a mistake. Her then 8-year-old brother went missing. He was grabbed in the bushes and smothered to death. Rose has always felt guilty about his death But Rose has found something Slater is such a tremendous author. This isn't my first book by her and it certainly won't be the last.

She writes psychological thrillers with a sure hand, deftly defined characters that you won't forget easily, and a story premise second to none. Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own. Nov 16, Barbara rated it liked it Shelves: women-of-mystery Rose Tinsley, who's lived in Newstead all her life, is the librarian at the Newstead Library - one of the smallest in Nottinghamshire County. When budget woes dictate that the library might close, Rose becomes very concerned about her job. Employment opportunities have been scarce in Newstead since the coal pits closed decades ago, and Rose - who has HUGE anxiety issues - CAN'T move away from the security of her home and her 'safety routines.

At that time Rose met a man - thirtyish Gareth Farnham - who was in Newstead to manage a construction project. Rose was flattered by the attentions of the handsome 'older man', and would sneak around to meet him behind her parents' backs. Step by step Gareth manipulated Rose into isolating herself from her family and friends. He also convinced her to accede to his increasingly intrusive demands. Gareth wanted to control every aspect of Rose's life - from the movies she saw, to the flavor of ice cream she ate, to her college plans.

When Rose resisted Gareth's 'requests', he became furious and made ominous threats. In time, Rose tried to break away from Gareth At about this time, another tragedy occurred in Rose's life. One sunny afternoon Rose took her 8-year-old brother Billy to Newstead Abbey - to fly his kite - and the little boy disappeared. His body was found two days later. Rose and her parents were devastated by the loss and never fully recovered. Though a culprit was tried and convicted for Billy's murder, Rose became neurotically fearful.

She developed compulsive behaviors like bulimia and hyper-awareness of her surroundings. From that time on Rose has been constantly looking over her shoulder for stranger-danger; has hardly ever left town; has been afraid to go out after dark; has been unable to leave her windows open; has been compulsively locking her doors; and so on. To add to her woes, Rose lost both her parents a few years after Billy died. Now, sixteen years after Billy's death, Rose is living a quiet, mundane, not-so-happy life.

She has little fun and no friends - except for her elderly, next-door-neighbor Ronnie. Ronnie has always been extremely solicitous of Rose's family, and Rose reciprocates by looking in on her housebound neighbor and doing his grocery shopping. One day Ronnie is hospitalized with the flu and Rose decides to tidy his house - to thank him for being such a fine person. While Rose is in Ronnie's attic, she finds something that casts doubt on the identity of Billy's killer.

In fact, it's possible the wrong person has been imprisoned for the crime. The book alternates back and forth between years-ago and the present. In the past, Ruth interacts with her parents; plays with Billy; goes to school; hangs out with her best friend Cassie; volunteers at the library; dates Gareth; and so on. In the present, Rose goes to work; chats with the library patrons; shops at the local co-op; binges and purges; locks herself in the house; etc.

Most importantly, Ruth follows up on the discovery she made in Ronnie's attic, despite getting an ominous note that says 'Let Sleeping Dogs Lie. First, most of the story is told from Rose's point of view, in a 'step-by-step' format. I have a problem with this kind of narrative, which tends to be circumscribed and slow-moving. Second, I have an issue with Rose as a character. Though I understand a teenage girl being infatuated with a dashing older man, Rose seems overly foolish. She constantly makes excuses for Gareth's terrible behavior; believes whatever he says; and gives in to him against her better judgement.

Even as an adult, Rose has trouble dealing with the manipulative creep. I just don't like to see a character being such a doormat and a little whiny to boot. I do like the book's ending, and for that I give Rose three cheers Though I have some criticisms, I'd recommend the book to fans of psychological thrillers. Thanks to Netgalley, the author K. Slater , and the publisher Bookouture for a copy of the book. View all 4 comments. Nov 01, Carolyn rated it it was amazing Shelves: , psychological-thriller , netgalley.

Rose regrets the day she met Gareth Farnham sixteen years ago. Her first boyfriend, he weasled his way into her life gradually controlling every aspect of her life. She had no idea that he would totally destroy her hopes and dreams, her family and best friend, leaving her a fearful, lonely woman.

She has always blamed herself for all that happened, but now sixteen years later she discovers something that totally changes everything she believed happened all those years ago. This was such a good sl Rose regrets the day she met Gareth Farnham sixteen years ago. This was such a good slow burning psychological thriller with great characters.

Ms Slater has created a monster in Gareth Farnham and a nervous browbeaten woman in Rose. I loved the ending of the book where Rose gets the chance to take back control of her life. With thanks to Netgalley and the publisher Bookouture for a copy of this book to read and review View all 10 comments.

Oct 04, Amy rated it it was amazing Shelves: netgalley. Her little brother Billy, was murder 4. Her little brother Billy, was murdered and her life was forever and irrevocably changed. Rose in only eighteen in the flashbacks and she begins dating an older man named Gareth and is totally besotted.

I felt so much sympathy for this sweet young woman, and though she has healed in some ways, sixteen years on and she still has many issues. The plot is strong and very well developed and the ending was a surprise, she sure knows how to end things on a killer twist. Oct 01, Erin Clemence rated it it was amazing Shelves: first-reads , kindle. Thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for a free electronic ARC of this novel, received in exchange for an honest review. When Rose was eighteen, her eight year old brother was abducted and killed, and to this day she lives with the guilt.

Now, sixteen years later, Rose is riddled with anxiety, ill and living as a shut-in. Could that monster possibly be innocent? Rose must overcome her internal guilt and fears and confront Gareth one final time to get to the bottom of what happened to her brother. I was introduced to K. The novel is gripping and filled with suspense, alternating storylines between present day and sixteen years ago, all told from the perspective of Rose. Rose is a fabulous character, full of flaws and eccentricities that have resulted from the loss of her brother and the responsibility she feels.

A non-stop plot, this story was next to impossible to put down. It pulled me in from the start, and I was immediately cheering for Rose, praying that Gareth would get his just desserts, and hoping for justice for young Billy. Even the ending was unpredictable- just when I thought I had it figured out, another twist would blow my assumption out of the water.

Mistake by One Party

It ended so fabulously, I practically cheered. There is nothing bad to say about this novel- creative, addictive writing, suspense-fueled plot, passionate and honest characters both good and evil alike. I was delighted to get the chance to read this story and cannot wait to experience her other works. View all 22 comments. Oct 09, Jill McGill rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley , fiction , mystery-thriller. Big fan of K. This is a fast-paced psychological thriller that hooks you in from the start. A whole lot of twists and tension in this emotional novel, with a little creep factor added in for some really great reading.

How could she have failed to protect Billy? Ba Big fan of K. Back during the investigation, all signs pointed to one man as Billy's murderer, Gareth, Rose's boyfriend. Gareth has spent the last sixteen years behind bars for her brother's death. But now Rose has found something in her next door neighbor's attic Rose thought she knew the truth about Billy, but now the only thing she knows is that someone is watching her and she is in danger! I really enjoyed this psychological thriller from beginning to end. It definitely keeps you guessing and wanting more! Sep 07, Lisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: psychological-thrillers.

I finished reading K. So many emotions were going through my head I found myself screaming for Rose to get out you deserve better as for all characters as I said there wasn't one I didn't like, I have already put The Visitor on wish list its not released till March next year in Australia. View all 25 comments. Sep 12, Angela Marsons rated it it was amazing. Well, I absolutely flew through this book. Once I began to follow Rose's journey between the events of her brother's death and her current issues I just had to find out what happened sixteen years earlier that reduced her to the meek, fretful and anxious shell she'd become.

Rose's character was so expertly drawn that I wanted to both slap and hug her all at the same time. I actually felt like I knew her personally and could alter the sequence of events by shouting loudly at my kindle. The portra Well, I absolutely flew through this book. The portrayal of a controlling, abusive relationship was handled skilfully. The suspense built and weaved towards an ending that I didn't see coming and left me open mouthed.

I found the ending tense, suspenseful and incredibly satisfying. I have gobbled up every book by this author but in my opinion this is definitely her best yet. View 1 comment. Oct 31, sue rated it it was amazing Shelves: psychological-thrillers , family-drama-based , net-galley. The Mistake A thought provoking title I thought when I started reading this and I soon discovered a thought provoking story inside too.

Just what do you know about men when you are younger? Which ones do you trust, all of them? None of them or some of them? So how do you know that any potential boyfriend is going to turn out to be good or bad.

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  5. Its a danger we all can fall i The Mistake A thought provoking title I thought when I started reading this and I soon discovered a thought provoking story inside too. Its a danger we all can fall into. Gooey eyed Rose. Rose learns the hard way that he is not to be trusted, but its taken her some time and some loses along the way, including her best friendship with Cassie. Casssie warns her to stay away, she can see that hes manipulative and controlling, but Rose loves him, she can't see it. Rose is bereft of her parents, she lost her brother who went missing whilst she had taken him out to fly his kite, she blames herself.

    We have the chance where the author takes us readers back in time so that we can pick up the pieces of what not only happened to Rose in her life but the events that her boyfriend Gareth evolved with her little brother and how scared and worried he became. I wondered if Gareth was part of the reason that Billy went missing, then there was terrible thing that happened to her friend Cassie. The author takes us back and forth in alternating chapters leaving us gasping for more.

    I became eager for the answers to my questions, desperate to know more about Gareth, angry at Rose to wake up and see what was happening around her. But Rose was used to leading a quiet life. With her cat, working in a library and has some issues of her own. Rose visits her elderly neighbour on a regular basis, but one time she discovers her brothers red blanket in his house unexpectedly.

    When I thought I had it nailed, it then turned another corner with a revelation of her neighbours secrets. Boy oh boy.

    The Mistake Smart People Make: Being In Motion vs. Taking Action

    So many suspects. So many loose ends. K L Slater is one of my top 10 writers that I eagerly await her next book. I love her style, I admire the way her mind works and I love how to can make 'ordinary' into 'extraordinary'. My sincere thanks to this author for keeping me up at night whilst I just read 'one more chapter' and to Bookoutour on Net Galley for my copy. Oct 05, Holly rated it really liked it Shelves: , netgalley. Sixteen years ago Rose's little brother was killed, after that her life changed forever. Now she's a librarian who spends her days looking over her shoulder.

    She doesn't have much of a life. She's either at the library, her home--a place that keeps herself prisoner, or looking after her elderly neighbor. When her neighbor has to be hospitalized for a few days, she decides to clean his place up.

    See a Problem?

    While doing so she comes across something that will put her life into a spin. She starts looking at th Sixteen years ago Rose's little brother was killed, after that her life changed forever. She starts looking at things a little differently. The story is told in past and present. The past that happened 16 years ago. A lot happened back then that stayed with her for all these years. I liked getting a glimpse into what happened with Rose and her brother. None of it good. The book was well-written and the whole time I was curious to know all that had happened. I didn't feel that sense of suspense I normally would get while reading a mystery but it was still a good story.

    I enjoyed how it was told and I find that I would definitely read more by this author. Sep 19, Gary rated it really liked it. I have read the 3 previous novel by KL Slater and find her novels very enjoyable and of a consistently high standard. This is a fast paced psychological thriller that gets the reader hooked and wanting to learn more.

    I was certainly hooked and just had to learn the truth causing me to stay up into the early hours to finish it. Sixteen years ago, Rose made a mistake when she fell in love with a man who was bad news. Things started to happen to her friends and family and when her 8-year-old brother I have read the 3 previous novel by KL Slater and find her novels very enjoyable and of a consistently high standard. Things started to happen to her friends and family and when her 8-year-old brother went missing, he was found smothered to death.

    Rose had always felt guilty about his death and years later she is still coming to terms with the past when she discovers new evidence that may reopen the case. Doubt over her boyfriends conviction is uncovered leaving Rose unsure of the truth. I really enjoyed this novel, it is always a privilege to read this authors work.

    I would like to thank Bookouture and Net Galley for supplying a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. May 11, Malia rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery-suspense. Slater and though I did not like it as much as The Liar, it was still a well written, entertaining mystery. I did guess who the culprit was before the ending, which took a little of the suspense out of the story for me, but overall, it was a solid book and I will continue to read his author's work.

    They seem fascinated by terrifying tales or awful deeds that could quite feasibly happen to them in their own ordinary lives. She is now a sad, flawed, broken woman, never getting over the loss of little Billy, guilt ridden as she blames herself for introducing the controlling, abusive monster, Gareth, the man convicted and currently serving time for Billy's murder, into the family. Rose's life is now one of routinely going through the motions of life, day after day.

    Jorge Masvidal's most EXPLOSIVE interview yet - "I want to correct the mistake that is Ben Askren"

    But the past has not lost its grip on her, tirelessly affecting the ins and outs of every day. When her elderly neighbour who is practically family falls ill and is taken to hospital, Rose thoughtfully gives his house a good clean. It is here that she unwittingly discovers a crucial piece of evidence relating to her brother's death all those years ago, turning all certainty Rose thought she knew about Billy's death on its head.

    She is deeply plagued with the possibility of whether her beloved neighbour could in actual fact be responsible for Billy's murder, translating into the possibility of Gareth's innocence. This story led me in a different direction and is far deeper than I was led to believe by the somewhat misleading blurb. It extensively covers the effects of being at the receiving end of a controlling relationship and it's long lasting effects on a person, long after the relationship has ended.

    I grew to intensely loathe Gareth the more I read of him It also covers the destructive coping mechanisms in which people try to control their lives after having control taken away from them, such as sticking to a strict routine, too afraid to do anything out of the ordinary, sadly, limiting life experiences and also the control over food via eating disorders. I truly felt great sympathy for Rose.

    Her life was irrevocably turned upside down after naively falling head over heels for a manipulative and dictating man, causing a domino effect of all the tragedy that followed. With each page turned as I drew closer to the end of this story, I found that I was rooting for Rose; that Billy get the justice he deserved and that Gareth get his just desserts and stay behind bars for the rest of his miserable life. I smugly thought I knew which direction the author was going with this one, yet I was thrilled to discover I was dead wrong, surprised that K.

    Slater had a far better, much more satisfying ending than I could've conjured up in my imagination. So why not 5 stars? We were not given many details as to what happened to her during that time before she was found. The same applies to Rose 's breakdown and the emotional turmoil she must have gone through after the tragedies befalling her loved ones.

    This unfortunately had me feeling somewhat of a disconnect to Rose, and therefore to the story. Apart from that, and although this was a somewhat depressing and at times an uncomfortable read, I enjoyed getting to the end knowing there was a light at the end of this very dark tunnel. Many thanks to Netgalley, Bookouture and the author for an ARC in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion of this book. View all 8 comments. Sep 28, Eva rated it really liked it. After all this time, Rose still blames herself for his death and her failure to protect him.

    I had an inkling about what had happened to Billy sixteen years ago but when things were finally revealed, they still felt like a royal punch to the stomach. I felt for Rose immensely. One mistake at a young age had such devastating consequences. She desperately tries to cope and deal with loss, grief and guilt in any way she can in a world that has made her so unbelievably scared. Even if it means facing her worst nightmare. Chapters switch between the present and the past, giving the reader an excellent and quite heartbreaking background story on why Rose is who she is as the author explores the effects of a controlling relationship.

    The Mistake House

    While I felt The Mistake started off a tad slowly at first, the relatively short chapters made me flip the pages so quickly, I soon found myself utterly engrossed and the level of suspense made it unable for me to put this book down. Just like in her previous books, the author sure knows how to hook a reader from the very first page and keep them gripped as the tension and the pace builds up. Slater has been on my list of must-read authors since Safe With Me and firmly remains there as she once again delivers an excellent psychological thriller with complicated characters and a compelling plot.

    I look forward to whatever she comes up with next. Sep 14, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction. What I love about this authors books is that she draws you into the story within the first few pages and holds you there, right up until the very last page and word. Rose is someone who has been dealt a bad hand in life. From events when she was younger surrounding the death of her brother Billy, she basically just exists from day to day. As a book lover, working in a library would be a wonderful job. I thought it was very sad that someone would not be able to let go of the past and basically be a prisoner in their own home and head.

    The story flicks between present day and back to Rose as a teenager building up to her brothers death. You just know when you meet them that all is not quite right. There is quite a big age gap between Billy and Rose but I loved the brotherly and sisterly love between the both. The Mistake is shrouded with suspense that took a direction that I did not see coming. Yet another great read from one of my must read authors. My thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for an advanced readers copy of this book.

    All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway. Sep 29, Judy Collins rated it really liked it Shelves: books-read-in , netgalley-arc , thriller , releases , k-l-slater , psychological-thriller , psychological-suspense. Happy Pub Day! Gareth and Paul have a lot in common. Payback is a bitch. Rose is a librarian who lives alone with a cat. Anxiety filled, with an eating disorder when under stress , she pretty much stays to hers Happy Pub Day!