The Right Track

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Everything about Ticket to Ride was familiar and made sense: a map of the USA, real world cities, train cars, routes. The goal of Ticket to Ride is to earn the most victory points by connecting different cities on the map with your train pieces. Each player starts with a hand of Train cards and 45 little plastic trains in their player color.

The Right Track

They are also given a few Destination tickets that act as challenges to complete over the course of the game. The Train cards come in 8 different colors plus a wild suit , and these are the main resources used in the game. The colors of the cards correspond to different routes on the map. If you wished to claim this route, you must play 3 orange Train cards from your hand.

This would allow you to cover the spaces of the route with your plastic trains and you would earn some victory points in the process.

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The longer the route you claim more spaces , the more points you will earn. While claiming routes for points is good, the best way to win at Ticket to Ride is to score the big points on Destination tickets. Each Destination ticket is unique, and it will show two cities on the map and a victory point value. To score the points, you must connect the two cities on the Destination card by claiming a chain of multiple routes.

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This can cause players to create complex spider webs of routes on the map. Destination tickets are extra important in Ticket to Ride not only because they award big points when completed, but because their point values are subtracted at the end of the game if left incomplete. It was conducted by the Harvard Business School Kraft Precision Medicine Accelerator, a multidisciplinary initiative focused on four integrated workstreams to advance precision medicine. The study included patients with pancreatic patients , multiple myeloma 86 patients , metastatic breast 86 patients , lung 56 patients and prostate 50 patients cancers.

They were all residents of the United States, aged 25 years or older and recruited through email or social media invitation.

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Patients reported being somewhat knowledgeable of their disease and having some input in treatment decisions. They were asked to complete an online survey to demonstrate awareness of and barriers to making important medical care decisions. Questions pertained to information such as how they found their physician, or if they were familiar with the term precision medicine and if they had done tissue banking.

Upon examining the patient-reported survey, the authors determined that the majority 61 to 76 percent of patients were referred to their treating physician rather than choosing one themselves. Only 24 to 29 percent of patients among the five tumor types selected their physician. The authors also discovered that only 36 to 52 percent of patients have ever heard of precision medicine. Genomic testing was not widely known either, with 3 to 38 percent of patients reporting they were very familiar with it. The rate of genomic testing was highest in the lung cancer group and lowest in the prostate cancer group.

In addition to genomic testing, tissue banking has also become increasingly important in the research area of cancer.

The Right Track

It can be used to help develop new drug targets and discover new biomarkers. However, only 22 to 28 percent of patients had banked tissue samples. The majority doing so prior to starting therapy.

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The survey results also showed that there is a lack of physician recommendation for clinical trials. Talk about this article with other patients, caregivers, and advocates in the Anal cancer CURE discussion group.

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You can likely find the online tools and information about other financial wellness programs in the same portal you use to manage your retirement account. You might also consider consolidating multiple accounts, making them easier for you to manage and less likely to be forgotten or lost.

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