The RUBICON MIRE Terror of the Soul

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Martin told a whopper of a lie in claiming that he left the IRA in He most certainly did not leave the IRA at that time or at any time for many years thereafter.

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Martin felt able to lie and to distance himself from the armed struggle by his lie because IRA membership necessarily involves constant lies. Many republicans and Sinn Fein members condoned these lies and still do. Other IRA Army Council members have similarly chosen to distance themselves from the IRA armed struggle and its fighters by totally denying membership and leadership of the IRA, and in doing so they have sold out the many young men and women who did gory deeds for them and served very long prison sentences which they are not in a position to deny.

Why have these IRA leaders denied membership and control of the IRA when so many young men and women volunteers toed the IRA line of not recognising British and Irish courts and took their long prison sentences and served them and never denied IRA deeds and membership? Not alone have Army Council members denied IRA membership and activities, but also at local level suddenly a cast of IRA volunteers who formerly did not recognise the courts that sentenced them began legal cases in those courts to void their convictions and gain compensation from the British legal system.

Suddenly, a two-tier IRA was created — the IRA who denied ever shooting or bombing anybody or knowing anything about these actions and who could not conceive of ever serving long prison sentences, versus the rest — the IRA volunteers, young men and women who definitely did shoot and bomb and serve long prison sentences for the cause.

What an outcome to the great Armed Struggle! The leaders dumping any connection to it as they nestled in high places and the cannon fodder bottom-feeder volunteers saddled with prison sentences and convictions for the rest of their lives. Nobody knew who planted the Claudy bombs or why.

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Nobody knew who shot Jean McConville or Jeffrey Agate of Du Pont in Derry, or who shot any female census collector, alleged informers or lied to their mothers or who chained Pasty Gillespie to a bomb on the Buncrana Road in Derry and pressed a button to blow him and five soldiers to smithereens. At the von Leppe castle, Eric floods the crypt as Ilsa's ghost attempts to kill him and Stefan struggles to stop her. By the time Andre gains access to the crypt, it is already starting to cave in and he is only able to save Helene.

The two share a moment outside the castle before Helene turns into a rotting corpse.


Corman decided to make the film to take advantage of sets left over from The Raven. Corman had the sketchiest outline of a story. I read it and begged him not to do it. He said "That's alright Boris, I know what I'm going to do. I want you for two days on this. Sometimes I was just walking through and then I would change my jacket and walk back. He nearly killed me on the last day. He had me in a tank of cold water for about two hours. After he got me in the can he suspended operations and went off and directed two or three operations to get the money, I suppose As they were being pulled down around our ears, Roger was dashing around with me and a camera, two steps ahead of the wreckers.

RUBICON MIRE - Terror of the Soul

It was very funny. Corman says he had "a previous deal" with Nicholson, Miller and Knight to work two days on the film. Karloff's scenes were shot in two days by Corman, who later said, "I didn't have the money to shoot the rest of the picture union, which meant I couldn't direct myself because I was personally signed with the unions. So I would say that at one time half the young filmmakers in Hollywood did pieces on The Terror.

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  6. Corman says that when he cut together Karloff's footage, he realized that "it didn't make sense" so he filmed a scene between Dick Miller and Jack Nicholson in close-up because the sets had been taken down and got them to explain the plot. He ended up staying 11 days. Corman says, "Jack Nicholson finally directed himself when we ran out of directors; and I think a couple of other guys worked in there.

    Leftover sets from other AIP films were used when shooting the film, notably those from The Haunted Palace , a Vincent Price horror film made earlier the same year.

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    The film was released on a double feature with Dementia The Los Angeles Times thought it was "spooky" with a "slow, lazy plot" and "Excellent photography and settings Today, the film is in the public domain since there is no copyright notice in the credits for the film. In the early s, actor Dick Miller , who plays Karloff's major domo , was hired to shoot new scenes to use as a framing sequence for an overseas version of The Terror. Change the name to protect the guilty. Change the name to divert people's attention.

    Oh, no, you misunderstand: it's the violent extremists we're struggling against. Even though George Orwell is not around today to comment on that linguistic legerdemain, his words from are strikingly relevant:. In our time, political speech and writing are largely the defense of the indefensible. Things like the continuance of British rule in India, the Russian purges and deportations, the dropping of the atom bombs on Japan, can indeed be defended, but only by arguments which are too brutal for most people to face, and which do not square with the professed aims of the political parties.

    Thus political language has to consist largely of euphemism, question-begging and sheer cloudy vagueness. Defenseless villages are bombarded from the air, the inhabitants driven out into the countryside, the cattle machine-gunned, the huts set on fire with incendiary bullets: this is called pacification. Millions of peasants are robbed of their farms and sent trudging along the roads with no more than they can carry: this is called transfer of population or rectification of frontiers.

    People are imprisoned for years without trial, or shot in the back of the neck or sent to die of scurvy in Arctic lumber camps: this is called elimination of unreliable elements. The details and the euphemisms have changed somewhat over the years, but the words chosen are still largely in defense of the indefensible.

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    8. Now when villages are bombarded from the air, it is called bringing freedom and democracy. When people are imprisoned for years without trial, it is called interrogation of terrorists. And when most Americans are fooled into accepting these atrocities and the war-lengthening policies behind them, it is called the global struggle against violent extremism. The treadmill is moving faster and faster.