You and Your Money

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Live every Monday night at pm, Bryan and his panel of experts discuss a wide range of issues impacting on you, the viewer. This is your chance to ask that question specific to you and your money, or to bounce an idea off Bryan and his guests. Sign In Register.

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1. Create a Spending Plan & Budget

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Labour Law. Most Read Despite images of squabbling, parties tend to work together behind the scenes. Give Yourself a Limit for Unbudgeted Spending: A critical part of your budget is the net income or the amount of money left after you subtract your expenses from your income.

You and Your Money — Introduction - Kids

If you have any money left over, you can use it for fun and entertainment, but only up to a certain amount. Start tracking your spending to discover places where you may be unknowingly overspending.

Save your receipts and write your purchases in a spending journal, categorizing them so you can identify areas where you have a hard time keeping your spending in check. Look for discounts, coupons, and cheaper alternatives whenever you can. Save Up for Big Purchases: The ability to delay gratification will go along way in helping you be better with money. When you put off large purchases, rather than sacrificing more important essentials or putting the purchase on a credit card, you give yourself time to evaluate whether the purchase is necessary and even more time to compare prices.

By saving up rather than using credit, you avoid paying interest on the purchase. When you run out of cash, you simply turn to your credit cards without considering whether you can afford to pay the balance. How about you?

You and your money

How do you spend your money? The key to smart financial management is to take a closer look at how you actually spend your money. How much are you in debt? We hit the streets to talk with young people about debt - what it means, why it's a challenge, and how to control it. What is a credit score? See why your credit score is more than just a number - it's how you get loans, buy homes, and control your future.

How much do you save? See what some young people told us when we asked them about their money saving habits. Is health insurance important to you? When you're young, healthy, and strong - you feel indestructible. So, does health insurance deserves your attention? Are you saving for retirement?

7 Smartest Things You Can Do for Your Finances - Bright Ideas for Your Money

Listen to young people discuss their financial future and find out who's already saving for retirement. What are the most important things to remember about managing your money? It's your life, and it's your money - so make sure you keep track of all the helpful financial tips. It's how you put your future in your hands.