An den Ufern des Araxes: Ein deutscher Roman aus Persien (German Edition)

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Schileykula batumensis Retowski, Ecology. Species lives in variable biotopes, mainly in litter Plate II, fig. Pupa Orcula doliolum var. Subgenus Crystallifera Schileyko, Distribution.

Meaning of "Stiefelputzerin" in the German dictionary

Possible in Adzharia a single doubtless finding in Boettger, o. Species inhabit open landscapes in rockslides Pagodulina C. Boettger, and under stones. Boettger, a: , Pl. Pupa Orcula kaznakovi Rosen, , Pl. II, fig. Elburs Ridge, Talysh mountains type Greke, 4, Pl. Known only from type locality: Ardanuch, Ecology. Species inhabits mountain broad-leaved forests, near Artvin N Turkey, Artvin vilayet. Possibly also where dwells in thick litter layer and in wet rotten wood. Same biotopes as for preceding species. Leiostyla nemethi Hausdorf, b: , fig. Species lives in thick layer of leaf litter, sometimes 4, Pl.

Euxinolauria subgen. Actually known from three localites in NW Euxinolauria C. Known from type locality in Georgia: Subgenus Euxinolauria s. Type specimens found in spruce-oak forest, Lauria pulchra var. Boettger, ; Pupa Lauria under stones and in litter, at altitude about m a. Schileyko, Distribution. Species lives in litter on broad-leaved forests Distribution. Known only from type locality in Georgia: and on humid open mountain slopes or small forest mountain pass Beshumi on Arsiyan Ridge, Adzharia, meadows and cutting areas with dense grass vegetation.

Possibly, very rare species, lives in litter of moist deciduous forest. Holotype found in litter of silver spruce Euxinolauria E. III, Lindholm, fig. Known only from two populations in the Lauria paulinae Lindholm, 62; Egorov, Greke, 4, Pl. Caucasus, upstream of Taleri village Georgia. Holotype found on humid mountain slope under Distribution. Maritime regions of Adzharia Georgia , stone. Euxinolauria E. Known from two localites in S Russia: W Distribution. Species found in bamboo thickets in litter and on Ecology.

Alive molluscs were collected on wet calcareous trunks. Euxinolauria C. Boettger, ; Euxinolauria C. Pfeiffer, Pupa Charadrobia superstructa var. Boettger, Plate II, fig. Boettger, Pupa Pupilla superstructa Mousson, a: , Pl. Pfeiffer, 88; Egorov, Greke, 4, Pl. Egorov, Greke, 4, Pl. Caucasipupa caucasica. Known only from few findings in type Ecology.

Snails live mainly in litter of deciduous forests locality: Caucasian State Nature Reserve, vicinities of and under stones on open mountain slopes. Snails collected in litter of broad-leaved forest and thickets of rhododendron. Species found in three localities of SW s. Herrmannsen, Species lives in thick layer of leaf litter. Pfeiffer, ; Pupa Plate II, fig. Pfeiffer, ; Pupa dohrni L. Boettger, ; Egorov, Greke, 3, Pl.

II, 4, Pl. Caucasipupa zonifera. Ukraine: mountain-forest part of Crimean Distribution. This species is not specially connected with any Dwelling in litter, at excessive humidity ascends to trunks kind of geological formations. Snails inhabit broad-leaved of trees and bushes. Subfamily Argninae Hudec, Euxinolauria M. Schileyko, c: , figs. Molluscs found in very humid habitats, in narrow 43, 49, Map 21 Argna bielzi. Mountain and foothill areas of Ukrainian forested Carpathians, general distribution: Carpathians.

Species lives in litter of broad-leaved forests, Schileyko, , nom. Euxinolauria N. Species lives in litter of mixed and coniferous Plate II, fig. Greke, 4, Pl. Genus Planogyra Morse, Ecology. Planogyra cf. Genus Vallonia Risso, Distribution. Also almost entire Europe, except extremely N regions, Distribution. Armenia; mountain regions of Central Asia and N Africa. Species mainly lives in deciduous and mixed Ecology. Poorly known; probably, snails living in Alpine zone.

Molluscs dwell in humid, often hidden places, in thick Vallonia chinensis Suzuki, layer on leaf litter, sometimes on mushrooms. Genus Spermodea Westerlund, Suzuki, , Pl. Russia: Kaliningrad Region. Introduced to Australia and Tasmania. Species lives in litter of deciduous and mixed forests. Species lives in a variety of biotopes with sufficient humidity. Found both in forests and open places, Genus Zoogenetes Morse, on plains, in mountains; absent in tundra. Vallonia enniensis Gredler, Zoogenetes harpa Say, Pl.

Latvia; Ukraine: Transcarpathia, Distribution. Circumboreal-alpine species. Species mainly lives on meadows, well illuminated in Great Caucasus near Teberda, at altitude of m a. Reinhardt, 43; Gerber, , Abb. Sterki in Pilsbry, , Pl. Except two records in Amur valley, species Distribution. Species widely but locally distributed over Holarctic found also in forests of Primorskij Kraj and on many islands territory; presence in Siberia requires confirmation.

Recently was in Peter the Great Bay. S Kurile Ids. Often Vallonia pulchella var. Vallonia cyclophorella kamtschatica Likharev, 70, fig. Species known from type locality and from Vallonia peteri Schileyko, vicinities of Ayan Kamchatka, Okhotsk Sea coast. Also, Pl. Vallonia Vallonia tenuilabris peteri Schileyko, , fig. In Kamchatka species found in forest with Distribution. Russian Far East, species found on following domination of white birch and poplar; near Ayan — in islands of the Peter the Great Bay: Kozlov, Dva Brata, litter in rock crevices, on steep sea shore.

Verkhovsky, Pakhtusov, Vera. Species lives in forest litter. Vallonia ladacensis Nevill, Pl. Species known from altitude of m a. Boettger, vicinities of Copenhagen. Known from European part of Pl. Helix Vallonia adela var. Boettger, , Ecology. Species lives in humid biotopes in nearly all Taf. N Iran; Tadjikistan: Fanskiye mts. Species was collect at altitude about m a. Vallonia pulchellula tenerrima Gerber, under stones. Vallonia mionecton schamhalensis Rosen, Distribution. Alpine species. Far East; Kazakhstan, Tadjikistan.

Also known from Pleistocene deposits of Ukraine. Type locality: Deutschland, Vallonia p. Found in rock crevices and on mossy stones. Russian Far East: Sakhalin Id. Berezhok, ]; Moneron Id. Species lives in forests and meadows, in litter and in locality ; Kyrghyz-Ala-Too mountain ridge, Karabalty village. Probably, species lives in same places as V. One specimen empty Cochlicopa heptapotamica Starobogatov, shell was found on meadow, in grass.

IV, fig. Superfamily Cochlicopoidea Pilsbry, Distribution. Westerlund, Cochlicopa izzatullaevi Starobogatov, Pl. Mountain regions of Central Asia from S Pl. Cochlicopa lubrica var. Species lives under stones and in thickets of Distribution. Russia: Moscow, Leningrad and Irkutsk grass [Starobogatov, ]. Species lives in litter of leaf- and mixed forests.

Starobogatov, , fig. IV, figs. Species lives in leaf litter in forests. Russia: Moscow, Izmailovo [orig. Russian Far East: Kamchatka, type locality: Ecology. Cochlicopa dushanbensis Starobogatov, Cochlicopa kurilensis Starobogatov, Pl. Mountain regions of Central Asia from S Distribution. Russian Far East: Kurile Ids. Shikotan Id. Species was collect in type locality in leaf litter Ecology.

Species lives in wet forests and meadows in litter, under vine and mulberry tree [Starobogatov, ]. Cochlicopa hachijoensis Pilsbry, Cochlicopa likharevi Starobogatov, Pl. Shell short and wide, Distribution. Length 6, diam. Hachijo-jima, Izu. Types no. In Durnovo Id. Russia: SE part of Smolensk Region [orig.

Species was collect under old logs in forest [orig. Shikotan, Paramushir, Atlasova Ids. Bulimus lubricus var. Sakhalin Id. Species lives in rather wet leaf-bearing forests, Ecology. In European part of Russia species lives in litter in litter, rotten stumps and in moss. Also, in wet rocky of border of rather dry mixed forests with prevail of deposits in mountain regions [orig. Regions; Ukraine: Ternopol Region. Species lives in swampy places of mixed forests, Achatina lubricoides Potiez, Michaud, ; Starobogatov, often in moss. Russia, endemic of S Altai: valley of Malaya Starobogatov, , fig.

Hudec, , fig. Species lives in wet leaf litter [orig. Gibbulinopsis P. Pupa signata var. S part of Moneron Id. Subgenus Gibbulinopsis s. Pupilla F. Specimens from Verkhovskogo Id. Species was collect in humid litter and in rotten woods; also, form mass accumulations in crevices of rocks [Schileyko, ]. Gibbulinopsis G. Bulimus Pupilla interrupta Reinhardt in Martens, ; Schileyko, , fig. Pupilla P. Plate IV, fig.

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Known from type locality: Tadjikistan, Rossmaessler, 27, Taf. Also, probably, vicinities of Samarkand [Schileyko, Distribution. W Europe; W Ukraine and vicinity of Nikolaev ]. Izzatullaev, Ecology. Species lives on open or stepped slopes with Plate IV, fig. Chatkalski Ridge was found in alder grove. Mountain systems of SE Kazakhstan and var. Boettger, ; Pupa triplicata var. Boettger, probably, Kungey-Ala-Too Ridges. Glischrus Pupa triplicata Studer, 89; Schileyko, , figs. One finding known from shore of Plate IV, fig.

Almuhambetova, 30, fig. Plate V, fig. Species was collect on stones in ravine of Kara- Pupa cupa var. Boettger, , Pl. Boettger, Ecology. Species lives on mountain slopes. Pupa triplicata var. Genus Pupoides L. E Ciscaucasia and Transcaucasia. Pfeiffer, s. Kobelt, Holarctic species. Superfamily Vertiginoidea Fitzinger, Ecology. Species lives in various moderately wet biotopes, Family Gastrocoptidae Pilsbry, from stepped slopes and rock taluses to litter of forests. Genus Gastrocopta Wollaston, Pupilla P.

Tadjikistan: species found in debris of Ecology. Species lives often in wet rock taluses, often Kafirnigan River near Dushanbe at many times, probably, along rivers, usually in vegetable rest. Rarely on dry slopes molluscs live in valley between Gissarski and Karateginski in taluses and under stones. Mesophilous calcifilic species, often lives in figs. Locally distributed species: populations and in tufts of vegetable. Species lives on calcific soils, often on slopes in Distribution. Species lives in litter of deciduous forests. Family Vertiginidae Fitzinger, Vertigo I.

Subgenus Isthmia Gray, Distribution. Species lives mainly on edge of forests and in Vertigo I. Vertigo I. Russian Far East: Kunashir Id. Russian Far East: Shikotan Id. Species lives in litter of mixed forests. Plate V, figs. Russian Far East: Bering Id. Commodor Ids. Russian Far East, Kurile Ids. Kurile Ids. Kantor, Sysoev, ], Moneron Id. Pfeiffer, Pupa Vertigo arctica var. Subarctic and tundra zones, humid valleys with Distribution. Not in wide tundra regions America ; also Sakhalin Id.

Species lives in various biotopes, in forest litter, in moss, in rotten stumps, on fungi usually edible mushrooms , also on Vertigo I. Often found among plant Plate V, fig. In mountain regions lives on Vertigo genesii geyeri Lindholm, ; Pokryszko, calcareous substrates at altitude up to m a. Greke, pers. I Vertigo I. Latvia: has been collected in three localities — one Lozek, , Pl. Species was collect in litter at altitude about Heynemann, ; Pupa lilljeborgi Westerlund, ; Pupa kuesteriana Westerlund, m a.

Pupa moulinsiana Dupuy, [3], No. Vertigo V. Lelikovskij Id. Species lives in litter of mixed and broad-leaves Distribution. Snails Kazakhstan, Altai. Species lives in rather humid broad-leaved and Glyceria, Carex and Phragmites leaves at height of mixed forests, often in litter or on mossy trees.

Rarely cm. Snails hibernate in plant litter where they can be found snails lives in open meadows in turf and under stones. Snails feed upon fungi covering plants growing in wet habitats [Pokryszko, ]. Also, snails Vertigo V. Boettger, were collect in Sphagnum and in moss. Boettger, ; Pupa Vertigo I.

Boettger, ; Vertigo sieversi var. Boettger, b: , Pl. Pupa pygmaea Draparnaud, 57; Schileyko, , Distribution. Species widely but localy distributed in figs. Species lives in litter of deciduous and mixed Ecology. Species lives in forest litter, under bush and, mountain forests, sometimes under bark of old stumps. In rarely, in high-grassed meadows in turf. Alpine zone inhabits of taluses and bricks under rocks. Subgenus Vertigo s. Boettger, Plate V, fig. Pupa antivertigo Draparnaud, 57; Schileyko, , Distribution. Species lives in wet meadows with high grass, Ecology. Species lives mainly in litter of aspen forests, also in most wet forest biotopes, often in litter, in moss, also, in litter of wet mixed forests, in bushes, in turf of on trees.

In wet weather often raised on stems of grass high-grass meadows. Pupa Vertigo hydrophila Reinhardt, b: , Pl. Iturup, Vertilla angustior Jeffreys, Kunashir Ids. Species lives in litter of bamboo thickets. Species lives in litter, on trees, in rotten mossy Truncatellina callicratis Scacchi, stumbs in broad-leaved or, rarely, mixed forests. Plate VI, fig. I Columella acicularis. Ukraine: Transcarpathians, Crimea; Armenia. Truncatellina costulata Nilsson, Plate VI, fig.

Columella aspera. Species lives in litter of wet mixed forests. Truncatellina cylindrica J. Martens, Plate VI, fig. Martens, ; Schileyko, , var. Lindholm, Distribution. Ukraine: Crimean mountains; Transcaucasia; Vertigo cylindrica J. Species lives in various moderately wet biotopes. Boettger, association with Vertigo pygmaea Draparnaud, Pupa edentula Draparnaud, , Pl. Superfamily Chondrinoidea Steenberg, Distribution. Species lives in wet places, in marshed forests Genus Chondrina Reichenbach, and water-meadows with high herbage. Reichenbach, Columella intermedia Schileyko et Subgenus Chondrina s.

Almuchambetova in Schileyko, Chondrina Ch. Known from type locality: Kyrghyzstan, Distribution. Chondrina Ch. Beck, ; Helix spinula Villa, ; Helix rupestris var. Helix rupestris Draparnaud, ; Schileyko, Species was collect on calcareous rocks in mixed forest. Species lives in all mountain forest biotopes, often Plate VI, fig.

Ehrmann, 19, Pl. Mountain Crimea in Ukraine; Caucasus. Superfamily Enoidea Woodward, Ecology. Subpecies was collect on wet calcareous rocks Family Enidae Woodward, at altitude about m a. Akramovskiella andronakii Lindholm, Chondrina G. Pupa granum Draparnaud, 59; Schileyko, , figs. Georgia: Adzharia; Turkey: Artvin. Plate VI, figs. Species lives in rock talus. Buliminus Ena schuschaensis Kobelt, , Pl. II , Chondrina G. Ukraine: mountain area of Crimea, mainly Akramovskiella umbrosa Mousson, on S slopes.

Boettger, ; Buliminus obscurus and under rocks in forest litter. Hermannsen, W Ukraine: Carpathians, Transcarpathians. Schileyko, , figs. Species was collect on calcareous rocks in mixed Distribution. Geminula continens Rosen, Plate VI, fig. Pfeiffer, ; Buliminus acampsica Lindholm, didymodus O. Boettger, ; Buliminus callilabris O. Boettger, Chondrus sieversi Mousson, , Pl. Buliminus isselianus Bourguignat in Issel, , Pl. Species lives under stones mainly on river plains. Ljudmilena tricollis Mousson, Plate VI, fig. Buliminus tricollis var. V, fig. Kura River.

Bundesamt für Naturschutz

Boettger, ; Buliminus Petraeus walteri Ecology. Same as previous species O. Boettger, ; Buliminus kuschakewitzi var. Mastoides albocostatus Westerlund, Plate VI, fig. Sysoev, Laevozebrinus guttula. Uzbekistan, Ferghanski Ridge: vicinity of Distribution. Species found under stones on rocks [Muratov, Mastoides obeliscus Schileyko, 42]. Laevozebrinus lenis Schileyko, Mastoides orloffensis Schileyko, part. Schileyko, , fig. S Kazakhstan, Karatau Ridge. Laevozebrinus ufjalvianus Ancey, Ecology. Holotype and 6 paratypes were collected under Plate VI, fig.

Buliminus Mastoides albocostatus orloffensis Kobelt, 19, fig. Mastoides orloffensis. S Kazakhstan, valley of Talass River; type Buliminus? Uzbekistan, Samarkand Region, Urgut. Suramski Ridge, Kazbek Mt. Ottorosenia varenzovi Rosen, Plate VI, fig. Lindholm, Species was found under stones on dry slopes Subgenus Aridenus Schileyko, at altitude about m a.

Plate VII, figs. Boettger, Schileyko, , figs. Kyrghyzstan: a few findings in basin of Buliminus lederi O. Sporadically in Great Caucasus except its E [Khokhutkin et al. Pseudonapaeus P. In , Max Lilja left the group to join Hevein, leaving Apocalyptica as a trio. Overall the disc was more experimental. When this selftitled effort appeared in In contrary to the Bowie cover with the vocalist from Rammstein very moody and the piece with our favourite Lacuna Coil member! Overall, however, a good, but mid range album.

Arne does everything composition, all instruments and vocals, production and even the great art-work by himself on his Apogee-CDs. Arne started playing in jazz-rock bands and between and in new wave band Vague Venture sounding not unlike Ultravox. When this band split up, several members after a while continued as Versus X the name of the band was taken from a chemistry book. The first CD was recorded between and Musically, Apogee brings complex neo prog with mainly long songs, clocking in at over 10 minutes.

Together with the drummer of Versus X Arne made an album that is as strong as the albums he made with his band. You would expect a more guitarorientated record but that is not the case. The keyboards play an important role in the whole picture. We hear a lot of synths, Mellotron samples and Hammond organs, all played by Arne himself.

All the songs together make a concept, which express a clever personal meditation about the human race, conscience and perception. Apogee recorded one demo in Under this name they started gigging locally and their sound shifted from progressive rock into a more progressive metal oriented direction.

New drummer Dario Hofstetter joined them in and after playing live for a year the band changed their name once more to Apokatastasia. In they entered the studio to record a demo with their mainly instrumental and technical music. With him the band recorded its first full length album "Shedding". The group was formed in by three musicians who had formerly been in Topmost Saksala, guitarist Eero Lupari, and bassist Heimo Holopainen with drummer Vesala who came from Soulset.

Shortly after the release the band split up. Their LP is very rare and the single with a non-LP b-side is even harder to find. The music on this single was in the style of Osanna with Italian vocals. In the mellow pieces you hear a lot of strings, piano and flute, this often gives the music strong classical overtones.

The more up-tempo interludes contain a strong harmony between the keyboards and guitar, the solo work is also very worth listening, the guitar has some psychedelic hints. This album has many beautiful moments, thanks to the subtle and inventive approach of these good musicians. Originally they named the group No Thanx, playing covers.

When two members of the first line-up left, Omar Cuna and Marc Petralito were enlisted and the band changed names to Appearance Of Nothing and began writing original material while looking for a singer. This search proved to be fruitless and Pat Gerber took responsibility for the lead vocals. After a demo release in they added another member to the line-up, lead guitarist Peter Berger and then recorded their debut album.

Until then the band has mainly been a trio of Benetin, Fila and Offermann. In they were joined by Jaslovsky and the next year the band, after eleven years finally released their first full length album. Their debut was a concept story dealing with a theme about a search for truth. They released a four-track cassette in the early s, which showed influences from early Genesis and Tull. They came together in April of originally called Leon and being active under this name until , recording three demos during that time: "The Devil," "Leviathan" and "Silva".

In July of the band changed their name to April Ethereal and recorded their debut album "Advent" in October of that year to be released in May The band disbanded on 30 December The brothers Rajkow-Krzywicki went on to form a new band called Thesis. And while the instrumental part vintage keys, organ, typical guitars is very much like their Swedish counterparts, there is a much greater stress on the vocals.

This can be rather demanding, because you have both busy complex music and pretty dominant singing. But for people into vintage prog this is a sure recommendation to check out! The LP from which the line-up mentioned above was taken was recorded in Switzerland in the Sunrise studios at Kirchberg where also Art Bears recorded on whose debut Hollander appeared, by the way. The music on this second LP seems to be comparable to that of Henry Cow.

Fantastic sounding. The CD brought a collection of songs that was written over a ten year and therefore it contains contributions of previous and current members of Fragile period. The guitar playing on Aquaplanage reaches a very high level and proves that the musicians have a fine ear for melody as well. The song represents the origin of the band. It is a great Christmas tune finishing this wonderful album created by very talented musicians. The live album featured Sharon Ryan instead of Courtemanche on lead vocals. The album contains seven pieces, most of which are in the four to six minutes range, only the three part title track that opens side two clocks in at approximately eight minutes.

Bestselling Series

There is a dominant presence of violin and on one track of the flute on the album. One of the most outstanding features in the sound was the use of electric harpsichord, coupled with wild guitar playing. After this, they switched labels. The band toured the country a lot, meanwhile releasing two more good albums - the last one rather symphonic with much emphasis on the keyboards.

Then they announced that they were moving to Spain to seek new frontiers both literally and as a matter of speak…. Guitarist and singer Denyer came from Blonde On Blonde. Instead the music ventures between progressive folk-rock, Celtic folk and even some new age. At first Daniel was to study catering as his father wanted , but while on a course somewhen in he met with Alan Stivell who invited him to join his group. Influenced by the Celtic heritage that they explored in the group also featuring future Malicorne leader Gabriel Yacoub Dan changed his name to show that he belonged more to Breton culture than to French.

In he formed shortlived group Mor and then went properly solo, recording an album filled with traditional jigs and reels. In he moved to England and briefly joined Fairport Convention with which he toured for about a year but did never recorded any albums with them. The experience renewed the confidence he had lost after his flopped solo debut. So he returned to Brittany and recorded a couple of solo albums in quick succession, inspired by Celtic music successfully this time, even selling well in the United States.

In Dan was aked by the organization of the Festival de Cornouaille in Quimper asked him to create a live show that combined traditional music with modern styles for the festival. The accompanying album sold way over The folk influences are there, alright, but mainly as influences and not as the dominant concept from the start.

A fine album, I especially like the instrumentals which are a lot folkier, by the way. Keltia Musique CD, ? Green Linnet CD, ? Red RD CD, ? Their recordings from to remained unreleased, until Shroom put them on CD in Barend and Marc came from heavy metal band Invictus. After about two months of rehearsal, they entered - and won the Soulex Open Podium, a regional contest. At that time, the band still had a vocalist, Floor Lips ex-Jailbreak , but six months later they parted ways with him, since their musical ideas were too complex and Floor was significantly older than the other members almost 20 years.

They decided to continue as an entirely instrumental band. Stylistic their music could be described as instrumental hard rock not unlike Steve Vai or Joe Satriani with strong influences from jazzrock and progressive rock. In April of , Arabesque recorded its first demo without any overdubs! The demo was received very well and got them some successful gigs.

The instrumentations are very varied, progressive and well-played. It s a shame that only a few Dutch bands play such a style. This could be heard on the second tape, recorded in two days time in February with producer Oscar Holleman ex-Vengeance, Bodine. Through the demo, the band got a contract with German label Shark Records and they received several other offers as well! After signing the deal with Shark, Arabesque did a support for American guitarist Jennifer Batten well-known from Michael Jackson s live band. In summer , their debut-CD was released.

The band apparently took these suggestions seriously, since Background Magazine reported the addition of a keyboardist short after the release of the CD. This turned out to be untrue, but they had started looking for a vocalist. Like many bands before it proved to be difficult. At first ex-Zinatra vocalist Roland Oldenburg joined, but he wasn t motivated enough in their opinion.

Roland later appeared in DaManual. By the end of , they found Nicole de Seriere Du Bizournet. The release of this album was scheduled for the end of , unfortunately it first had to be released as a demo. In , the band also entered the Metal Bash contest in which they became third. This was reason for him to leave Arabesque in late things became a bit too busy. The CD shows a group that has ideas! Very vague traces of King Crimson are combined with Threshold-like staccato guitars and desolate sounding keyboards.

Unfortunately, the vocals sound a little too dry and a bit overdone here and there. The better part of this, I attribute to the keyboardistr who laconically wanders through thick hacking guitars with a droll piano-jingle or puts on a tiny piece of jazz when everybody else is playing metal. Indeed, very original music. Lead vocalist Marc Meryl, however, left shortly before the studio recordings because of some personal differences. Lack of proper support and commercial success led to the end of the band same old story. Musea reissued the LP on vinyl and later also on CD with a couple of bonus tracks three live cuts and one different mix.

Poloyannis was born on Egypt from Greek parents, but emigrated to Australia at a very tender age. Twelve years old, he started to play the guitar with his main interests in progressive rock, folk, jazz and blues. While taking guitar lessons, John met with Tom. He got piano lessons at a young age - which he disliked very much. He picked up the classical guitar and took some lessons as well, where het - as said - met John. Together they played in a cover band at wedding-parties and in pubs, but as they wanted to play their own music, the two decided to start looking for musicians to form a new band.

In late Aragon recorded their debut mini-LP, which was received very well and therefore soon saw an European British release as well. From that moment on, it was. At This Version Picture Page. Aragon worked on this for many years, partly because an ambitious concept like this turned out to be much more complicated and involving than the band had imagined beforehand.

Also they had trouble getting the studiotime they needed. This CD brought a change in direction into a more mainstream sound. The Australian release had a blue inlay with white writing, while the UK release had a white inlay with blue writing. One of the reasons for this is the absence of a real drummer. Because of this we hear too little aggression in the music and the breaks sound too mechanical. On the other hand it gives the music a more modern approach.

We also hear a lot of sound fragments, like the sound of a typewriter or human voices. It reminded me a lot of the stuff that Roger Waters did in the past. The more I played the album the more I liked it. But I prefer the first album because it has more roots of the old Genesis. But those of you who are ready for something modern try this one. Angel" it is not difficult to release an album that is better. After six long years almost 45 minutes of new music can now be enjoyed.

What we hear is not extremely good but also not really bad. The music certainly reminds me of what we can find on "Mouse" and "The Meeting". The album has it fine moments but does not reach the heights of other bands. To me this is just an average album, but those who enjoy the two previous mentioned albums will like "The Angels Tear". Golutvin: guitars, banjo Hard prog band from Russia - Moscow to be more precise.

The first three LPs were recorded in the same line-up with Alexey Romanov added as seventh member on the last. The second and third album were soundtracks, by the way. There are possibly more LPs from this band to be found, but information about that is lacking. He also did a solo-LP in Aranis kicks butt. Not that they rock in any way. No, not one bit. The music is after all mainly located in an area somewhere between minimal music and modern chamber music. Good references are Philip Glass the repetitive character of many pieces and Univers Zero the rest of the music, although Aranis is maybe not quite as dark.

His entire back catalogue was reissued through the Brazilian prog label PRW. The band began in November with former members of the project Insert Coin. Most of the members had received classical music education in the past. In early they started giving the first live gigs in small clubs. They made a name and gradually went to play in larger venues. In November they started to record their first album. This appeared on 15 May and they embarked on a series of concert to promote the CD.

At first the band was called Retrospectiva and played covers from progressive rock acts like Camel, King Crimson, Yes and Genesis. In they started to play their own material as well and they were joined by a female singer by the name of Sheila. After a while, however, Shiela and Samuel left. The remaining trio changed their name to Arbatel, based on Cornelius Agripa s book. In , also Chino left while Omar and Raul came to complete the quartet.

With this line-up, they recorded their debut in with guests Cristina Peralta vocals , Paolo Bruno vocals and Jose L. The group was founded in Uppsala in and initially they concentrated on collective improvisations with influences from jazz, rock, folk and psychedelic music not all too strange of course.

A part of their repertoire was self-penned, but a large part of the repertoire existed of traditional folk tunes that were interpreted by the musicians in their very own way. The first two LPs were recorded in the same line-up while the third presented a collaboration with Kustbandet who had one side of the LP. The band was enhanced with Bosse Skoglund drums , and for the first time Tord Bengtsson violin, bass. The core of the band would become Ove Karlsson present on all LPs and Tord Bengtsson who both proved to be multiinstrumentalists, displaying their talents on vocals, guitars, keyboards, violin, drums, accordion and cello.

Gartz, Abelli, Bengtsson and Karlsson remained together. Jazz saxophonist Ulf Artan Wallander known to the younger prog-audience from The Flower Kings appeared as an important and significant guest. Besides Karlsson wrote music for theatre. Thomas Mera Gartz recorded several solo LPs and became a renowned player in the Swedish rock underground. It kind of nags directionless along for most of its 19 minutes with Indian influences until all bursts out in chaotic mayhem. Fernando Arbex passed away ion 12 July LP Belgian Philippe Gandibleu musician was the guitar player in various rock bands.

But after he bought himself an eight-track digital recorder in he started creating music, some of which is in the space rock genre. The album definitely features some good ideas, so perhaps some guidance and assistance will make the next album an award winner! Arc did one LP in the early s, which is said to resemble countrymen Gracious or Wishbone Ash at times. After the LP the group was joined by Graham Bell again and they made one more LP together which became another commercial failure.

The band was founded by ex-Jasper Wrath members Jeff Cannata the musical head, who later did several soloabums and singer Jimi Christian. On the debut album Jeff Cannata lead and backing vocals, drums, guitars, bass was helped out by Christian on backing vocals and a load of guest musicians, like Michael Soldan keyboards, synths and backing vocals , David Wolff synths , Jay Johnson guitars , Kevin Nugent keyboards , Chuck Burgi bass , Jeff Bova keyboards , David Coe guitars and more.

The album has been reissued on CD. The album brought a mixture of old work re-recorded and seven new songs with ethnic influences! The new songs featured Robert Gianotti on guitars and flute. A jewel in the genre. At least there are doubles with other albums. The band has been playing and recording together for several years, before settling in the above mentioned line-up. Besides recording several CDs and music videos, they have also written, recorded and produced music and videos for corporate training videos, seminars and meetings as well as tunes for websites, animations and multimedia projects.

The original LP is extremely rare. Nothing essential but a nice one for those into prog from its formative years. The project was based on the ideas that had been haunting him for a very long time, about creating medieval inspired music. As he realized that a female voice was needed, he contacted Ida Bengtsson, who liked the idea and thus Arcana was a fact. The response to this was very good and Arcana got a deal for two full length albums - initially, they made more after!

Also Stefan Eriksson joined the group. That year they also wrote intstrumental pieces for a new album of Swedish metal act Centinex that was to be titled "Decadence Prophecies Of Cosmic Chaos". Great music, very well done. Also here we find the typical darkish symphonic sounds.

Excellent for dark winter nights. The music is very much in the dreamy, classical and ethnic Dead Can Dance-style with many oriental influences. Ronny also played in Lack Of Faith. Founded in they recorded a four tracks demo tape the year after. In the late Yula left and Loli Ortiz, a female vocalist and violin player joined instead. The band entered the studio again in with the aim to record their first CD.

Alas the recording didn t work out and nothing has been heard since. Well, it was said not to be entirely retro, since the band was said to have started as early as the beginning of the s around the deceased mastermind Max von Richter of whom a CD with unreleased material was put out. The band picture in the CD showed musicians that could have been twins of Tangerine Dream, obviously their inspirators. The latter proved to be kind of true, when the whole history of the band was.

In the early s, Zancanaro and Baretta were replaced by Sandro Marinoni sax, flute, keys and Gianni Opezzo electric and acoustic guitars. This album entirely written by Baltaro meant a departure from their previous sound. After this CD nothing was heard from the band anymore. For an hour you can enjoy alternating symphonic rock in the vein of IQ with lots of breaks, changing of moods and great solo work guitar, organ and saxophone with strong echoes from Pink Floyd.

After many years of absence, he made a comeback to the scene in Indeed, high-class progmetal, which is presented on two splendid and very long tacks. Lots of variation, complex patterns, dazzling musicianship and great vocals. And - its just a mini-album, so you will not get numb by too much firework over too long a time! Welcome back, my friend.

The LP is mostly instrumental and original copies are very rare. A CD-reissue taken from mastertapes exists. The LP sold very poorly and most sales were made by the band themselves after their concerts. They kept making tapes for a while and gathered enough material for a second LP, but in the early s singer Pierrick Le Bras sold the tapes on a flea market and they simply decided to disband.

None of the other members kept any copies of the tape, so it is probably lost forever. For his solo debut Gabriele invited known singers Damian Wilson, Zachary Stevens of Savatage between and and Ted Leonard Enchant along a wide range of guest musicians, including his friends of Ubi Maior and several ex-members of The Watch. The 12 songs on The Akallabeth are very tastefully arranged with strong vocal contributions, splendid harder-edged guitarwork and wonderful work on a wide.

These elements remind me of the sound Ayreon but less bombastic and less focussed on guitar. An album to discover if you like heavy prog and keyboard-oriented melodic rock, I am sure that especially the fans of Ayreon and Uriah Heep will be pleased with the sound of Archangel, this music deserves more attention! Their debut was still an instrumental CD, but for the second effort, vocalist Chyle Vagner joined.

Although not widely known, Archimedes Badkar may be credited for being among the pioneers of world music or the fusing of Western rock music with ethnic influences from all over the world. The late jazz trumpeter Don Cherry was living in Sweden at the time and proved to be an important influence on Archimedes Badkar.

Former drummer Kjell Andersson is listed on the LP as a guest musician, along with percussionists Bengt Berger and Peter Ragnarsson, tambura player Anita Livstrand from the folk band Vargavinter and multi-instrumentalist Kjell Westling from the avant-garde ethno jazz band Spjarnsvallet. The music took on a more and more ethnic direction, which was also reflected in the cover art with its charcoal drawing of African and Asian musicians and dancers. Instead two former guest musicians joined the band full-time: percussionist Bengt Berger and multi-instrumentalist Peter Ragnarsson.

Another new comer was Christer Bothen sax and other instrumentas , who had been a member of the Spjarnsvallet. Cherry also later joined Berger s band Bitter Funeral Beer. The fourth, and final, Archimedes Badkar album was a collaboration with three Tanzanian musicians from the group Afro 70, being Patrick Pama Balisidya guitars, vocals , Dick Unga and Sophie Nzuki-Balisidya both percussion and vocals.

The collaboration came together because Archimedes Badkar had toured as a big band with Afro 70 in the summer of A very fine debut and certainly recommended! Their only as far as we know album was recorded between May and September in London and is housed in a pretty unspectacular cover. All in all a bit middle of the road maybe, but very pleasant if you like the mentioned artists. With a proper production and good promotion they could have appealed to a much larger audience, instead of becoming an obscurity. Their name is often abbreviated to Arc Met and they were formed in by Paul Eggleston.

In female drummer and singer Deb Young and Greg Kozlowski joined. Deb Young played his last gig with the band at the Strange Daze Festival and was replaced by the former drummer of rather known alternative bands The Lemmonheands and Dinosaur Jr. Producer Ricardo Kleinman wanted to sign them after hearing a three track demo, but requested them to sing in Spanish and change their name. This resulted in their first two singles. Some months after, they met with former model Danais Wynnycka a. The album was very much in a folk style.

After the LP, Cascino left because he felt uncomfortable with living in this community. Only when the reissue was printed, someone made the mistake of chosing the wrong mastertapes and the English version was pressed, housed in the Spanish cover! This particular version is extremely rare nowadays. This album was a more symphonic effort with more stress on the keyboards and extended instrumental passages. To promote the album, Arco Iris joined forces with choreographer Oscar Araiz and did some exceptional shows accompanied by ballet.

Some time later, they moved with Dana! If any. They emerged from the Norwegian black metal scene, being formed by members of infamous bands like Ulver, Mayhem and Ved Buens Ende. Then it took a few years before a new album finally appeared. Be prepared to spend a couple sessions before grasping this piece of work. Oddly side 1 of the LP clock in just slightly over ten minutes, while side 2 is about double the time.

Ardley was active since the s, working much in the jazz-rock direction, having many collaborations with Nucleus-leader Ian Carr, founding the New Jazz Orchestra with Carr and Jon Hiseman and many other known people from the British jazz and progressive rock scene and writing music for Ivor Cutler, Norma Winstone, John Martyn, Stan Tracey and others.

The LP was a concept about the sound that rings throughout the heavens, according to the ancient Greeks BC. The art direction of the cover was in hands of Storm Thorgeson. Later work of Ardley moved increasingly in an electronic direction, because his interest was drawn towards synthseizers during the late s. Neil Ardley died on 23 February , aged As a result of this, he bailed out and went to Sweden where he studied for two years.

All eight pieces were self-penned, but Marcel Schaar had helped with one of the lyrics. One thing that is very peculiar about the band is the sense of humor they displayed, from the cover art to the six seconds short piece called "Oh, Sorry" on the second side. This one sounds just like the LP is scratched by the needle of the record player and may have alarmed quite a few uninitiated listeners! And the instrumental work is just fine. An album for people with a love for jazzy prog from the early s.

Area was founded in by ex-Ribelli singer Demetrio Stratos, who was of Greek origin. Also the lyrics contained strong social messages, but apparently this helped to attract the audience. Area released also a single to underline their political engagement: the socialist international hymn in a rock version! Of the remaining members, only Capiozzo stayed in music. First, he made another album under the name of Area with a trio. Then in , he formed the jazz group Area 2. In the s, rumors of a reunion rose with three of the original members touring together again and working on a pure jazz oriented album.

This eventually grew into the new band Area And all of this within barely 2 minutes… Phew! Later we also get dissonant avant-garde meeting powerful jazz-rock. In one word: fantastic music for adventurous minds. You can enjoy an original, very captivating blend of jazz, rock and ethnic with wonderful Mellotron work and varied climates, topped by the inspired singer Demitrio Stratos. Regrettably some of this gets lost on disc because the theatricals work only with visual contact I believe while they are rather annoying when you only hear them.

As a whole difficult to judge. Start with the Lissabon concert. Not bad, but definitely nothing special. Giulio Capiozzo used to be a member of that band too. Besides their own jazz-rock oriented music, Area also played Area covers.

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By time of writing these lines, there were no plans to record a CD yet. As one may expect Epifani is the head of the band, writing all the music and lyrics. The trio delivers six long tracks of outstanding quality with much room for instrumental interplay, ever changing moods from melodic and uplifting to dark, complex and menacing and loads of vintage sounds. In general the compositions are based upon creating symphonic landscapes with analogue keyboards like the Hammond and Farfisa organ, Mellotron and Fender Rhodes electric piano.

The electric guitar work is sensitive and in combination with the lush organ sound a very compelling element.

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Although at some moments my attention fades away, the music from Areknames contains lots of strong breaks and captivating accelarations and changing climates. This is not a very memorable or inventive CD but if you like to dream away on compelling, keyboard-oriented prog, this one is a pleasant surprise. The similarity in much of the lead vocals to Peter Hammill is almost unbelievable.


And the strong heavy progressive and pretty complex sound further enhances this. If you like your prog in the VDGG you should certainly check this out! As good as the real thing! Don t expect elaborate music but let you carry away by Areknames their compelling vintage sound, loaded with mindblowing work on the Hammond organ! The band was conceived around May of and since that date various rumors about the band went through the prog scene: the band was to be named Avalon, several Marillion members would be participating, etc.

Mick was introduced to Clive Nolan - a meeting that worked out fine and the two made plans for a musical collaboration. As a vocalist, John Carson during the late s a member of British band Nexus was drafted. As mentioned above, the band was first. Aera 1 - Crac! The debut proved to be a rather successful first album dozens of thousands of copies sold of which well over After the successful debut, the band went through a minor crisis: John Carson left the band in August and the band started looking for a new singer which later became a pretty common habit for the band.

At first ex-Toyah guitarist Tony Kelly was thought to be a possibility, but his busy scheme prevented this. Paul Wrightson left in due to several internal problems reputedly partly between him and John Jowitt and was replaced quickly by Rob Sowden who had worked with John Mitchell before. With Rob a fanclub-only live-CD was recorded. We question whether he has succeeded or not. The question mark sums up the point of the album.

It was the next interesting subject to write about. How corrupt he might be. These are changes that had to happen for the band to evolve in the way it has done. This CD brought anot her step into a heavier direction. I had written a short story, which simply fitted the moods and atmospheres that we wanted from this album.

There are many other layers above that!


Fun for fans, not that interesting for others. The tape is a real must for all Arena fans but also for those of you who enjoy fine neo prog.

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Two hours of live music done by a band in good shape. Definitely miles away from their early Marillion-drenched sound and having evolved to a style of their own. Probably a bit heavier than before, sometimes even recalling Threshold! They again made a very strong CD. They have again released a great album! New sound? Good thorough neo-progressive rock. There is a little more room for the quieter parts this time bringing a good balance to the album. The vocals are surprisingly good, though do not differ that much from the previous vocalist.

Main attraction is the outstanding guitar and keyboard-work. No big surprise here. This is the way it should be! This nearly 50 minutes long CD is worth listening to, because it features rather rare recordings, all of them in pretty good quality and very enjoyable. This means we have a better look at Mick Pointer behind his drum kit.

There is a stereo sound on the tape, but not as good as on a real live album. A must for all fans. The music that we hear is very strong and certainly something extra for all Arena fans and therefore worth buying. The computer extras are… just extras - nothing more, nothing less. They played a collection of songs from their back catalogue and songs from "Contagion". The latter was not official released yet and therefore the acoustic versions of this album were very new to almost everybody who went to the gig. New and old songs were stripped naked to the bone but still sounded fantastic.

This cannot be said about the interview that is featured as bonus material. You can hardly understand the Polish interviewer and the questions that he asked were hardly interesting. In-between the questions we see some rehearsals footage and a pieces of a live performance of "Witch hunt". The whole package is a nice piece and very enjoyable to watch. Which one is the name of the last Arena album? An den Ufern des Araxes. Oh Ali. How to write a great review. The review must be at least 50 characters long. The title should be at least 4 characters long.

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