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There were a LOT of elements I had forgotten view spoiler [ for example, I had completely forgotten that Annika was actually about to marry a different man at the beginning of the story. I'd also forgotten that Baby Buttons was actually Buck's niece, not his daughter and that his sister Patsy was stone-cold crazy! Very enjoyable again. Mar 05, Ing rated it really liked it. Classic re-read for me. Still love it. Mar 19, Diane K. Peterson rated it really liked it Shelves: rita-winner , ebooks , historical-romance , rita-finalist.

Jul 19, Wild Rose rated it did not like it. Could not finish - the two leads does not match - no future for an aristo with a buffalo hunter. Oct 16, Coco rated it it was amazing. Loved the characters. Loved plot. Oct 19, Cherise rated it liked it Shelves: western. I like the H and h for parts of it and wanted to strangle them for others.

The H's name also bugged me a bit. I know he is supposedly to have a simple country name but still I cannot reconcile his name to his image for some reason and must say I just cringe sometimes when his name is mentions, name snob that I am I hated the h at the beginning. She is spoilt callous and effacious, but she grew throughout the book into a confident and self sufficient young woman t Hmm She is spoilt callous and effacious, but she grew throughout the book into a confident and self sufficient young woman that is not afriad to go for what she wants and own up to her actions.

The H has to be the most contrasting male lead I have known. He is big fierce looking with a tender heart and gentle hands, he also has a basic decency that any intimacies they had were mostly at the h's instigation. I found his shock at her advances so deliciously cute, as well as his shy blushes.

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This H also is very emotional and probably is one that shed tears the most, which is endearing. The main issue I have is the fact that the story seems to drag on a bit with the same problems being brooded on page after page. The pace is pretty slow which I understand considering the two needed to spend time together to fall in love. What got me impatient is the separation, which I expect, but then again there is the drag of going through the same problem they face again and again, which I am temped myself to say to them yea just forget about it already.

Not even sure about the separation again as if he couldn't figure out during the first time what he wants, why all of a sudden will the second shorter one even make a difference. The ending, with all the draggy problem being reinforced again and again, seem a bit rushed in contrast and not too satisfactory. The same problem is still there, just that one finally mold into something else to make it happen. I find it worrying, and guess if the author didn't inprint time and again what differences they have not only in status, wealth but also a preferred way of life, I would have felt better.

Come The Spring

I am not of the believe that one can change it's preference in life. Apr 15, J Jares rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-romance , read-in This book completes the series by telling the story of Annika, daughter of Caleb and Analisa Storm. Annika decides to cancel her Boston wedding at the last minute. On her way west to stay with her brother Kase and his wife, she is kidnapped from the train by a man swearing she is his mail-order bride. By the time Buck Scott realizes his mistake, Buck, his young niece and Annika are snow-bound in his humble cabin.

Annika is a product of her pampered Boston life and is shocked by what it takes to stay alive in such difficult circumstances as Buck exists. He is a mountain man who earns his living trapping animals for their food and fur.

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Buck and Annika grow individually by knowing each other; they are both compelling characters. Kase, his wife Rose and Zack Elliot return in this story. This story is a beautiful summation of the trilogy. Flowers 1. Wildflower 3. Rose 4. Crap book -- maybe it's abridged. I certainly hope so.

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They grow to like each other as they wait for the thaw. Have sex, girl gets pregnant, goes back to brother's house and waits for man to come get her. Yeah, I should have known better, but it was a long trip and I needed something to distract me for the drive. Mar 07, Kristen rated it it was amazing. I loved this book!!!! I'm not sure if it was because the topic was something different than what I have been reading lately Early America instead of England or if it was the fact that I connected with Buck and Annika. What a touching love story about a man who deserved to find love after years of heartbreak and sorrow and a woman who needed to learn to be independent.

Nov 23, Lorka rated it really liked it. I really, really liked this book.

Come Spring

It was a mistaken identity, mail-order bride story. I loved the characters, their personalities were all likeable, the drama and conflict were believable, and it kept you returning to read the next chapter. I have never read a story from this author, but I will definitely check out some of her other books :. Aug 09, Keeper Shelf rated it really liked it. I haven't re-read the book in its' entirety in years, and I'm not sure it would hold up to my current standards.

However, if you're new to romance and don't mind a clueless Eastern heroine struggling out West, go for this one. May 08, Magdalena Theodore rated it it was amazing. I don't know what it is about Buck and Annika but they did get to me. Come Spring is one of my favorite all time historical romance novels. Once you start reading it, you won't be able to put it down. Dec 28, Pam rated it really liked it Shelves: romance.

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I really enjoyed this romance. Buck and Annika were a great hero and heroine. I'm always drawn to romances where two people from different worlds are thrown together and fall in love. Their love story was really sweet, and the narrative moved along at nice pace.

Come Spring

Feb 15, ReneeW rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-american , western , read. May 17, Ayelet rated it really liked it. Totally corny romance novel with an unbelievable premise but you can't put it down once you've started. Dec 15, Natalija rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-america , mail-order-bride. This was such a touching love story, it brought tears to my eyes.

Aug 04, Annika rated it it was amazing. I actually only read this book because the main character shared my name. However, I fell in love with the book and the author and continued to read every book she ever wrote. Connie Astry rated it liked it Apr 04, Elizabeth rated it really liked it Nov 23, Regina rated it liked it Jul 03, Coral rated it liked it Dec 24, Katya rated it really liked it Aug 17, Shelby Bagby rated it it was amazing Jul 31, Terri rated it it was ok Apr 24, Radia rated it liked it Mar 30, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Readers also enjoyed. About Jill Marie Landis. Jill Marie Landis. All of her Historical Romances are available in eBook format. Toes in the sand and head in the clouds, she is living the dream in Hawaii with her husband, Steve. The story covers generations of early families, concluding with the birth of a baby to continue the tale. The author likens the touch times of pioneering and settling as if it were a candle. Mima, now elderly, says, "I think sometimes getting old is like a candle burning down. A young one grows up and the first thing he knows he's in love and marrying; and you can see something new in his eyes, deep and strong.

That's like a candle when you first light it, standing up so straight and white and slim and fine; and the flame's real pretty to look at. Maybe it melts crooked, but the flame stays just the same shape and brightness. Maybe if the wind blows, the flame flutters some; but when the wind stops, the flame's just the same again.

The candle keeps a-burning, and the tallow runs down the sides of it, and it gets all lumpy and out of shape like a woman after she's had babies for twenty years, or a man that likes his victuals. The candle gets shorter and stumpier till there ain't hardly anything left of it; but the flame's still there, burning bright, clear and brave and fine, right down to the very end. But history continues, generation after generation, and today there is the town of Union where Route 17, , and intersect.

When we drive through the town and nearby countryside, we note the ponds, the river, the farms, the historic Robbins farm, the new houses. But, like all of us, it started small and grew. Come Spring tells all that and tells it well. It's like you were there when it all began.

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Box , Union, Maine o or find it at www. The website itself is fascinating to read, containing information about upcoming events and the fact that the Union Historical Society Headquarters is at the Robbins House on the Union Common. Scroll down to "For Sale" to find this and other historical books.

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