Dario Argento (Contemporary Film Directors)

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Romero delivered a relatively straight modern update of The Facts in the Case of M. This was the most interesting and fun part of filming with Inferno. His films might be drenched in blood and gore, but Dario refuses to stick flesh on his dinner plate. People want to save the whales and dolphins, but nobody wants to save the insects. Despite being known for horror, Argento started out in the western genre.

A box office flop, it drove the director back to terror, leading into arguably the greatest period of his career.

Unsurprisingly, because Dario enjoys shoving as much crazy violence as possible into his movies, all of his best films have been given the dreaded X. Argento had the rights to re-edit the film for international distribution, and his cut is pretty fascinating.

Unsurprisingly, he added his pals Goblin to the soundtrack, and lost a full 20 minutes from the version Romero premiered in Cannes. Zombi has less exposition, and generally runs at a faster pace. As a result, some fans prefer it. Dazed media sites. Dario Argento Subscribe to the Dazed newsletter. But the gaze is displaced and weakened when we see home movies from his childhood.

He is not entirely responsible for these films; he is the subject of abuse justified by his own father as scientific research.


We begin to sympathize with Mark. As in Peeping Tom , Argento highlights the mechanics of a creative production. Michael Powell observes the making of a Romantic Comedy in his murder story. We are in place behind the camera in Peeping Tom. We know that Mark is the killer.

Dario Argento Is the Most Influential Horror Director Outside of Hitchcock

The real problem rests in our own complicity and reaction to his intrusive, murderous gaze. And the resolution of the story reveals there is a connection between them after all. Betty experiences the terror vicariously; witnessing the killings with her eyes taped open, seeing the violence as a spectator. She brings the killings to her.

A Guide to Horror Master Dario Argento, Director of the Original Suspiria

The final denouement emphasizes this point by likening her to her sadistic mother. Might we be seeing her interior mental landscape in the aforementioned point of view shots? Demented and dreamlike, the ending of Opera was controversial at the time. I see similarities with the dreamlike and beautiful climaxes of Peeping Tom , where Mark becomes the child again, whispering to his father from the black cinema screen of his nightmares; and the ending of Psycho , as Norman Bates finally transforms into the dead mother, and the fly wanders over his hand.

While contemporary horror and the numerous remakes of classic 70s and 80s horrors dwell on sadism, mutilation and death, there seems to be a wariness about probing into real mental illness for fear of being too disturbing. Yet re-watching the phantasmagorical Opera reminds us how dangerously detached these films are from the experience of real trauma and death. How much of Dario Argento's work have you seen? Known For. Deep Red Writer. The Bird with the Crystal Plumage Writer. Opera Writer. Phenomena Writer.

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