Divine Father : Reawakening the Balanced Male Spirit & Sacred Mind of Humanity

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Learn how to awaken both types of energy within yourself in a healthy way. Examine your wounds surrounding the Masculine. As a male or female or non-binary , what has your experience been like with men?

Jordan Peterson's Spiritual Awakening

Have you had supportive male figures in your life e. Or have you experienced a little bit of both? Examining your wounds will help you to examine any unconscious beliefs, biases, or prejudice you have towards men.

9 Ways to Awaken the Divine Masculine Within You

These mental and emotional blockages are very revealing and will help you to develop and strengthen a healthy bond with your inner divine masculine. Look after yourself. Own your actions. Take responsibility for your happiness. Respect yourself, be mature, and reclaim your warrior energy. Contact your inner Father. We all possess many sides of our nature.

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One powerful way of awakening your divine masculine is to contact this inner Father and develop a relationship with it. Explore what he wants to share with you. Remember that your inner Father is kind and benevolent. In what ways can you father yourself better or be the father that you never really had?

We collectively and individually carry so much baggage when it comes to defining masculinity. Common forms of conditioning that many of us have received regarding men include, for example:. Can you think of any other forms of conditioning that I have left out? Once you have discovered what your culture has taught you about men, you will be more capable of consciously redefining what masculinity means to you. I lovingly command your kindness and ease and grace at this timing to bring me all that aligns me to my highest expression as one with love and truth.

Clear my path of all interferences and illusions. I surrender my need for control as I open to all processes and experiences in neutral witness and humility. It was just a few marvellous moments of deep, deep stillness.

9 Ways to Awaken the Divine Masculine Within You | Wake Up World

There was no ego-mind itching to analyze. We also acknowledge the seed of the masculine and the seed that she carries within her for 9 months before giving birth to both male and female bodies. We explore the perfect balance of both yin-yang, for in truth, without the other we are incomplete.

The divine Feminine is neither male nor female and is beyond form and duality. The divine essence has become a father figure elevated over a mother God where man is valued over woman. The time has come to balance the male and the female energies within ourselves and inside our belief systems by honouring the divine feminine.

Embodiment of sexuality and intimacy, understanding passion, lust, love. Awakening sexual energy in the body. Creating safe boundaries. Self Love, self Nurture and self honour.

Moving from sensitivity to sensuality. Healing old wounds, releasing pain, letting go of karmic patterns and limiting programs. Let go of shame and guilt and own your desire to fully express yourself.

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Sacred dance, and spirit dance. The power of the elements Fire, water, earth, air and etha. Exploration of light and dark goddesses. Healing Betrayal. The retreat is designed to allow women to step into their full power and explore themselves on many levels until they are able to embody the spirit of manifestation, this is what the divine feminine births on the planet and through her birthing creation, she becomes the temple of oneness.

We almost breath her mysterious passionate and raw heart back into life, we resuscitate the heart back in to breathing, resurrect the lover inside into feeling deeply and intimately, back into being in touch with the true and authentic essence of the woman, birthing the divine feminine through this process.

Many women are empath power houses but they do not understand how to use their gifts, so then it remains only as sensitivity, and sensitivity is very personal not collective. Each participant continues to transition, journey, grow and evolve during the retreat — the intensity is a part of the experience, shift work is deep, change is constant, the release and purge are very real throughout the emptying out … yet the safe and sacred space created will nurture every woman during this process which leads to feeling more empowered, connected, fulfilled, powerful and clear; It is only from this place that the woman can offer herself fully, contribute, hold, see, give, and feel absolutely whole from within — she no longer needs to look to fill herself up anymore through others, projects or in relationships.

She is now a conscious being who is the manifestation of divine and the co-creator of her life.

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We are awakening the goddess, who has been hytonitised into sleep space for a long time and gifting her back her mysteries, her sacred keys, entrusting her with the crown of responsibility, restoring the scales of balance and giving her permission to fully own and embrace her wild, wonderful and magical ways.

The eye I call the mind or the psyche, the body the temple, the heart the essence of divine and the womb the place that resides in every woman as the miracle of life. Other things we will explore at the goddess retreat is. How do you relate to other women. How do you relate to your sisters.

How do you relate to the divine feminie. Where do you meet and connect with women. I can virtually guarantee you that the whole room will put their hand up, because betrayal, jealousy, possession, addiction and attachment are the vices of the heart, are the vices of the feminine and unless we deal with the truth of the vice of the feminine, which is the darker aspects that you may deny but until you step into the place where you are using fire to illuminate past those illusions you will never understand her power because you are too busy denying her power, denying that you have the darker aspect, which is the jealousy, the envy, the attachment, possession.

These are parts of the divine feminine that are suppressed and they are so suppressed that even talking about it sometimes brings stuff up for women. We explore that, we look at that and we release that and we forgive ourselves and we move into it. What parts of you are hiding, lets bring them up to the surface and might be that those parts of you that are hiding you can move them from being in there shadow to being in there truth.

They then no longer become shadows. For example, Two women one of them completely embracing her sexuality, loving her connections with her parents an her family and her intimate connection with her partner and willing to explore her body, is able and open and ready to explore those things. If someone else wants those things but denies them. For example wants to have the intimate sexual relationships, wants to be open sexually, wants to explore different things in the bedroom, wants to explore different things with their friends and be more comfortable with the body, there body and wants that, then the hiding of that will be there shadow.

So if we can work through that and bring the shadow to the light, then it no longer becomes a shadow, because its known, the moment its known it becomes truth and truth is truth. Truth recognise truth, so there is no karma there, it just flow. We explore the shadows and every woman works at her own pace some want to absolutely engulf themselves and they move into every exercise and session and other hold back, there is no right or wrong. I work with every woman and I am basically your partner and your guide, your teacher, your lover, your mirror.

A lot of women really want to feel sexy and validated, that is why they may choose to come to the goddess retreat, they to connect a little deeper. Sure come to this retreat to feel sexy, to feel deeper, to shed but not to separate yourself from the masculine because the divine feminine cannot be the feminine without the embodiment of the seed that she carries, so we explore the part the masculine has to play in the balance of the Goddess.

Sacred ceremony.

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  6. Vegan food. Ancient sacred teachings, that come through about the body, death, rebirth, awakening, amazing ancient teachings that come through. There are bells, musical instruments, didgeridoo and we use a lot of them when we awaken, especially the womb, we awaken the womb by screaming, playing music, dancing, really moving into that, bringing that energy into us and then releasing whatever old energy needs to be released out of us so we can go through a rebirth.

    We use the elements fire, water, air, either, earth, spirit, source energy. We bring in the medicine of the people, we call in the guides, and we call in the ancient priestesses. Ritual with crystal and water so we can bring that vibration into our body, prepare some crystal grids — one that is place at the front of the temple before the retreat begins and then that grid takes us into the journey. Each woman is initiated into the magical rites of spell making, alchemy, intention, manifestation, prayer and devotion.

    Then towards the end of the retreat, an initiation occurs — something very special happens for some of us — we become initiated into the mysteries and we see ourselves as deity. I will leave out all the juicy bits, and allow for this part of your awakening to remain just that: a mystery.

    We take ourselves from wanting to worship the goddess outside of us to how do we begin to honour worship and celebrate and embody the goddess from within us. So we actually become her and she awaking with every single movement she then begins to awaken. We use a lot of movement, water ritual. Water ritual back in the time was very sacred, back in the ancient Egyptian times, the roman times, and the Greek times, with the sisters that would gather together in the waters with oils and anoint themselves and each other into the sacred mysteries.

    Some of these sessions go from starting at 6am and finish and 8pm at night, some sessions depending on how much we are shifting and the calibration and the collective of the room, we might finish at midnight or at 3 am in the morning. So that we can purge and release as much as we need to.

    Why Has the Divine Masculine Been Ignored?

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