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It will be definitely be in my top 10 favorite books list. This book was by far the best book I've read this year. Jackie's writing is exquisite, but more than that her portrayal of our good God and His sustaining grace allowing us to overcome sin, was life changing. This is about SO much more than gayness, although it was fascinating to understand a bit more about someone who has come out of the gay lifestyle.

I was particularly convicted about Jackie's commitment to repeatedly battle temptation for the greater gift of communion with God. Sep 14, David Robertson rated it it was amazing Shelves: evangelism , sex-and-sexuality , jesus-christ. Yet another memoir on being a gay Christian. But I had heard this girl was good….. I was wrong…. This is the book that Vicky Beeching should have written! There is so much that is good about it. It is really well written…as a hip hop artist, poet and writer, you would expect Jackie to be good with words — and your expectations would be correct.

I actually found this book hard to put down. She manages to combine a beautiful way of writing with a great story — and the hardest thing of all — a story that ends up not being about the gay girl but the Good God. And the contrast is stark. The sad thing for me is that even mainstream Christian news outlets give far more publicity to Vicky Beeching than to Jackie Hill Perry. Gay Girl, Good God, is highly recommended. Get two copies soon - before it is banned by those who would argue it advocates conversion therapy - it doesn't - but they won't like the narrative.

My Christian book of the year so far…. Jan 08, Jeanie rated it it was amazing Shelves: netgalley. And he who was seated on the throne said, "Behold, I am making all things new" Also he said, Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true,". And he said to me, "It will be done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. To the thirsty I will give from the spring of the water of life without payment.

Revelation It should be an expectation of both newer and older believers coming out of the LGBT community that they will experience the temptation to identify as And he who was seated on the throne said, "Behold, I am making all things new" Also he said, Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true,". It should be an expectation of both newer and older believers coming out of the LGBT community that they will experience the temptation to identify as something other than what Scripture has declared as true.

Whether it is the identity of sin, the identity of the Church or the Identity of God, there is a real enemy that takes delight in our doubt. But the greatest weapon we have against him and even our own flesh is faith in God's word. By trusting it as having the final say, we will remain strong even when we are weak! Be Encouraged. Identify is the key word and Jackie Hill's testimony reflects how she came to identify with Christ. Christ became her identity.

That is key for all of us in walking with the Lord. What is your identity?

God/oh (my) God/good God (almighty)

What ever is taken from you, will you be able to go on? Will you find purpose? This is a question that we all must ask because the answer is life and death. Jackie's story starts with her childhood and the pain she had with her father. Please know that this is not a hate book but a testimony of love that was found. A love that our soul longs for and our hearts find rest.

Jackie Hill profession is a poet and so you know she is speaks profoundly. I have included a link to youtube with her and her husband sharing the word. Her story cuts to the heart. She is transparent and she speaks truth! I Highly recommend. Jan 03, Gracelyn Buckner rated it really liked it. I was raised with certain beliefs, but not too long ago, I was forced to reconsider those beliefs.

That's been confusing. When I saw this book, I was hesitant to read it. But then I saw that it was a former homosexual that wrote the book. So I started it. And I loved it. This isn't going to have a normal review, but I'll just talk about three points she made that really spoke to me. This is so important. The author talks a lot about the heterosexual gospel, and just how dangerous it is. Sexuality is not what defines you. Sin can be. But sexuality is only one part of a puzzle. Sexual sins should not be treated as worse than other sins.

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Judgment is way too rampant, especially, and unfortunately, in the church. This goes right along with the first one about the heterosexual gospel. Perry did an amazing job with this book. She preached Christ, with love and honesty. I look forward to any other works she might have. This is the sort of message that needs to be spread. View all 5 comments. Feb 25, Ashley Elliott rated it it was amazing. It gripped me, challenged me, and convicted me. Definitely recommended for anyone who has struggled with homosexual thoughts, has friends in that lifestyle, or anyone who thinks they know better than people in the previous two groups.

Apr 15, Essie-Marie W. Read this amazing little book in one sitting yesterday afternoon. What a breath of fresh air to my soul! From page one, you can immediately tell Jackie is a poet. Her writing style is beautiful and abstract, and capture such profound meaning.

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Her testimony is powerful, and you will leave this book praising God for his incredible goodness. The last section is also an incredibly helpful resource that I think everyone should read and apply. Jan 28, Daniel Ligon rated it it was amazing Shelves: christian-biography , net-galley. Gay Girl, Good God is simply incredible- one of the most powerful and transparent autobiographical books that I've ever read. It's a wonderful story, beautifully written and beautifully narrated by the author if you have the audiobook.

Jackie Hill Perry is so real in telling the story of her struggles in life, how and why they came, and how Jesus Christ transformed her life. It's messy, and often heart-wrenching, but it's a story that needs to be told and needs to be heard. Jackie talks about Gay Girl, Good God is simply incredible- one of the most powerful and transparent autobiographical books that I've ever read. Jackie talks about her struggles with sexuality and self-identity, her wrestling with singleness and marriage, and her long journey towards finding her identity in Christ.

Read this book; it will impact your life. I received a digital copy of this book for free from the publisher and was not required to write a positive review. JHP is an unashamed poet. She encouraged me spiritually and relationally through the power of words That had me crying at 2 a. Dec 01, Kathy rated it it was ok. And, the book will be idolized by many parents with gay children as a solution for their own children if they would just try harder, or submit more fully to God.

You can search my profile on Amazon and see that I have reviewed dozens of this sort of book over the years. Many memoir-style once-I-was-gay books have indeed become sacred weapons in the hands of straight Christians, parents, pastors, and leaders. What I am offering some historical background of same-sex behavior, our understanding, and how the Christian church has engaged LGBTQ people, in particular, those who identify as Christian. But homosexual desires exist because sin does. Though I do not agree with a young earth view of creation, I will honor it in the context of this review.

From whenever the beginning of humans was through about , the views and understanding of sex, sexual relationships, and the roles of men and women both sexually and socially have little resemblance to how we understand these topics today. His semen was believed to hold the entirety of a human. Hence, where he placed that semen was important.

Procreation was important. So masturbation and other forms of non-procreative sex were taboo, or, in biblical language, abominations. Almost unbelievably, it was not until that scientists discovered that women contributed an egg to the process of procreation. Women, or those abased and placed in the role of a woman lesser men, the conquered, male prostitutes, or boys were socially inferior, placed in a submissive role, and sexually penetrated. Penetration of a male always reduced him to the feminine submissive state. We see examples of rape, even in the Bible, used to humiliate and debase men the Sodom threatened rape of angels.

Then, beginning in the s, a few men observing and studying human sexuality offered an alternate way of viewing sexual relationships. They categorized people according to the partners they were attracted to: was that partner the same or opposite sex? We call this sexual orientation today. They did not even have that terminology and would not for another century. Obviously, Scripture passages, including those used to condemn same-sex relationships today, were written through the lens of the role you took in sex, not who you were attracted to.

You simply cannot impose our categories or understanding of human sexuality onto an ancient culture. Though it is likely clear, it must be stated again: any writings in ancient times, the Bible included, could have never envisioned people of the same sex engaging in emotional, romantic and sexual relationships that did not place one person in power and dominance while rendering the other powerless and submissive. Sex was not something you did with someone, it was something you did to someone.

It was a zero sum game; one person gained power, one person lost power. Throughout the next sixty years, sex experts primarily in Germany struggled to understand how people were attracted to the same sex, and what may have caused it. They were also trying to understand anyone who participated in sex for erotic pleasure without the intent to procreate, what we now call heterosexuals were included in that scrutiny.

So, even men and women, married or not, who had sex without intent to procreate there are lots of ways men and women have sex that are not procreative, right? By about the s, sex slowly became unhinged from procreation, and passion in sex moved from perversion to normal. Homosexuality, still a mystery to sex experts, became a topic of speculation as to what may have caused it. Was it incomplete childhood psychosexual development?

An immature heterosexuality? Did an overprotective mother and distant father create a gay child? By the s, it was generally settled on that homosexuality was a mental illness. It was a poor translation choice for the two Greek words, but in a culture where homosexuality was a mystery and contrary to procreative sex, the word was unfortunately used.

The translation to homosexual was culturally and ideologically based, not theologically rooted. Homosexuality was considered a mental illness. Virtually no church leaders used the Bible to condemn those who are homosexual during this time period. Homosexuality was not a moral issue. It was considered a mental illness, or a criminal issue. There was no theology around homosexuality. That would not be created until about 30 years after the RSV introduction of the word. Another hard to believe concept. For some, the beginning of the gay rights movement in the late s indicated a moral crisis in America.

Conveniently, it was used by some, mostly televangelists of the day, as both a donation tool, and a wedge issue motivating voters to side with conservative social and religious issues. Theology to support this stance was created for the first time. That may be tough to envision, but all historical records of books, journals, and denominational newsletters support this assertion.

Christian organizations promising to change homosexuals to heterosexuals envisioned transformation to be so effective that they could even successfully enter into heterosexual marriages.

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Subsequent translators after the RSV, for the most part, neglected to revisit those original assumptions and ignorance on the part of the translation team. LGBTQ Christians in church environments were told they were an abomination to God, and could change according to Scriptures, even those these very passages that had never been used in this way before the s. Contrary to the expert opinions of medical professionals, Christian organizations and reparative therapy counseling boom with the promise to change gay people into straight people. Gay Christians are given a few options: leave the faith altogether, find a new church that welcomes them, hide their orientation, submit to change therapy, marry heterosexually, or remain celibate for life.

As would be expected, to identify as a Christian, she has few options open to her. She chooses to leave the relationship with the woman she loves. Eventually they get married and have two children. Again, this is one of the acceptable options placed on gay Christians remaining in conservative faith environments. As medical experts better understood sexuality and orientation, conservative Christians took a step backwards to about the s and created a theology to substantiate that move.

As one would expect, to remain in a conservative faith environments, Perry views homosexuality as sin. I can partially agree with her reasoning, our identity is to be in Christ. But, consider this, my fellow heterosexual Christians, Christianity and the lens through which the Bible was written and interpreted, has revolved around us and a strict male with female only scenario based on roles for millenia. Historically, LGBTQ people have not even had the language to express their life experiences that existed outside the binary of men with women and women with men.

Now, they have the language and a way to express that their feelings and experiences. Is it really so difficult to allow people the space, language, and community to define their experience as unlike yours mine? It is quite common for people to form groups of shared experiences and label themselves as such. In the late s to s when Christian reparative therapy was introduced, the expectation was a change to heterosexuality, marrying heterosexually, or remaining celibate for life.

The blame for being gay gradually shifted from bad parenting to rebellion against God on the part of gay people themselves, and onto to the sinful result of The Fall. Perry invests about 30 pages telling her readers of the struggle to trust and fall in love with her husband, Preston.

Good God: The Theistic Foundations of Morality - Oxford Scholarship

Some can and do accomplish this with minimal tension. In most instances that do work, there is some degree of bisexuality, a natural attraction to both sexes. Deceptive and dishonestly, bisexuality is never written about as a real scenario in these sorts of books. Once out of a heterosexual marriage, these same LGBTQ folks go on to same-sex relationships and marriages and flourish emotionally and spiritually.

After the marriage, she leaves the readers almost flatly at the altar. I know that I was curious. How is that working? Are you both fulfilled, happy, joyous? I really would have wanted to read about the love and joy they experience as a married couple, but the reader is shut out of that insight. Credit to Perry where it is due.

Her telling of her journey to relationship with God is lovely and moving. Her language in many places is poetic, though in other places it feels forced and too ethereal for the point she is making, like a writing assignment where a student is told to use a maximum amount of word pictures. The writing throughout the book is unfocused. Really awkward. You can do this too, if you really try. Perry is a successful spoken word artist, as is her husband.

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The supposition that they have not tried hard enough, not read those secret verses in the Bible, not submitted to God enough, not practiced submission deeply enough, not sought after God as hard as Jackie is false. So, here is my suggestion. Skip the book-giving. Skip reading the book if you think you are going to get insights into the lives of those who identify as LGBTQ Christians. Rather, ask an LGBTQ Christian about their relationship with God, about the person they love, about their journey in life and with God has looked like for them. And then, listen some more.

It is the exclusionary conservative church that needs to revisit wrong assumptions and bad translations and get a good education in the history of human sexuality. Jan 24, Hannah rated it it was amazing. How can this be when the author and I are no where close to being the same? The Gospel, pure and simple. Jackie will tell you as the subtitle tells who she was, but more importantly who God always has been. And she does so with raw beauty. But by being honest and open, she allows you to see the complete and utter beauty and power of the transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ. We share the same Redeemer.

What Christ did for her, He also did for me, and He can do for any that come to him. Feb 10, risa marise rated it did not like it Shelves: hated-it. Went through this in like a day and a half and had to stop whatever I was currently reading since I was just borrowing my cousin's copy of this book and had to finish it before she left for the airport the next day. Well, this was It's the real life story of a 'formerly homosexual' woman struggling with her faith, and her eventual encounter with God that changed her life and As a person who grew up in a very Christian country, a country more Christian th Went through this in like a day and a half and had to stop whatever I was currently reading since I was just borrowing my cousin's copy of this book and had to finish it before she left for the airport the next day.

As a person who grew up in a very Christian country, a country more Christian than Italy or America hint: it's in Asia this kind of reasoning and 'logic' is something I see all too often. This book isn't any different from other 'true story' religious transformations out there, except it's a little less preachy. It's STILL preachy, don't get me wrong, but not so much that it made me want to burn the nearest bible. But in all other aspects, it's still the same: it lauds religion as the basis of morality, it encourages people to live their lives according to a bunch of ancient Scriptures that not only are extremely problematic but also have been translated and retranslated over and over and should NOT be taken seriously, much less LITERALLY.

It encourages people to get rid of common sense, to put more weight on fairy tales and superstition over critical thinking and logic. I have no way of knowing exactly what kind of person the author is, but I'll say this: there is a lot about her that she explicity states in this book that should be a Red Flag for any rational person reading this book.

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One, she is a Young Earth Creationist. She believes that the earth was only created years ago in only 6 days, by the Abrahamic god of Christianity. She takes the theory of creation stated in the bible literally, and that we all came from Adam and Eve. I don't think I even need to explain why this makes her logic Two, she says that 'desire was given to us by god' and homosexual desire only exists because sin exists.

She believes that the reason she felt guilty and scared of being a lesbian was because it is inherently evil. Idiocy is idiocy.

See a Problem?

This lady believes in a god? Then that's her personal choice, but that doesn't excuse all the ridiculous things she states in this book. Homosexuality is just as inherently bad as heterosexuality is inherently good.

Gay Girl, Good God: The Story of Who I Was, and Who God Has Always Been

This book lauds the kind of black and white morality that religious people often preach. Listening to your heart means you are listening to the devil because we are all inherently sinful and need to be saved by a magical man who isn't very good at his job. Oh, and all the truth in the world can be found in a book written hundreds of years before by men who didn't even know what the sun actually was. It was probably written as some kind of Lord of the Rings esque epic for all we know.

Recommended for: people who like non-fiction stories where the monsters win. Sep 24, NinaB rated it really liked it Shelves: read I had never heard of this author until this book. I was intrigued by the title and its being promoted by a few blogs I follow.

She states multiple times that we are more than our sexuality, so heterosexuality should not be the goal of the same-sex attracted SSA Christian, Christ is! She is quite clear in her book that SSA is wrong and the Christian who struggles with that has to fight to the death to kill that sin. For some like the author, it results in a heterosexual marriage.

For most, it may not. But the fight keeps on going for both groups. Ms Perry is clearly a poet. I usually do not like artsy wording e.

He came into my life with nothing, hung out at my house, lived off me, and made me do shit I didn't really wanna do. I was into new romantic music and he was a mod , and he'd tell me if I didn't dress like a mod he wouldn't be my friend anymore. Whenever I had plans to go on a date with a chick he'd sabotage it, because he didn't have a date or nothing. He was a gutless fucking nothing. I haven't talked to him for years. There is an official live video included on the enhanced version of Life Is Peachy , recorded at the Astoria Theater in London , England.

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