Let The Tide Come In (My Two Billionaires, Part One)

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We exited Apple last week for a nice gain. Today I want to talk about how billionaire's deal with market declines, and the opportunity to buy stocks on sale. We have a government shutdown as of last night. Will that disrupt this emerging economic boom and the rising stock market? Let's talk about that, and the developments in Apple this week So far, we're off to a very hot start for the year. We're off to another very exciting year for stocks, the economy and our Forbes Billionaire's Portfolio I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and best wishes for !

Our Forbes Billionaire's Portfolio will finish near the highs of the year. And next year should be even better, as we should have an economic backdrop as good as we've seen in a very long time We have some exciting news in our portfolio to talk about this week, along with some views on what may have in store for us. Today I want to talk about a couple of high profile "deal" stocks in our portfolio -- and then talk a bit about bitcoin.

We are nearing the end of what has been a very good year for stocks. And with success now mounting on the fiscal stimulus front, we are setting up for what should be another very good year in Today I want to talk a bit about the big picture, and how things are setting up for a big Thanks for joining my live portfolio review call last week. Today I want to talk about some big news stocks in our Forbes Billionaire's Portfolio I will be hosting a live, members-only Portfolio Review session on Thursday morning at 11 AM EST, where I'll talk about the bigger picture market landscape, walk through every stock in the portfolio, and take your questions.

We have a move to make in our Forbes Billionaire's Portfolio today. We'll be exiting a campaign for another nice winner Last week, we stepped through half of our Forbes Billionaire's Portfolio and revisited the catalysts at work in each stock. Today, we'll step through the rest - and revisit the big, building bullish theme in commodities. Today I have more exciting news in the portfolio to talk about. And it's all driven by a major event that we've been anticipating - one that I expect will turn a huge winner in our portfolio, into a homerun for us.

Today I have a few updates on our portfolio. And I want to talk about why the natural disasters could turn out to be a very important moment for the U. And why there may be a fortune to be made in commodities in the coming years. Today I want to talk about the impact of the two major hurricanes on the economy and our portfolio Today I want to talk a bit more about the bigger picture influences on stocks and our portfolio.

I'm back in the saddle after a week away. And we have a lot to discuss today, so let's get right to it We stepped through some big earnings reports in our portfolio last week. I will be hosting a live, members-only Portfolio Review session on Friday morning at 11 AM EST, where I'll talk about the bigger picture market landscape, walk through every stock in the portfolio, and take your questions.

Today I want to talk about the opportunity for commodities to make a big run, which would provide a huge performance kicker for our portfolio to pull away from the performance of the broader stock market.

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  • Today I want to talk about the recent moves by central banks that may have cemented the end of the "easy money era" - and why it's important. This week, there is a lot transpiring on the bigger picture front. And our portfolio activity is perking up too.

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    So we have a lot to cover today, with a rather long note. We have an exciting move to make in our Forbes Billionaire's Portfolio today. I have a couple of updates to talk about in our portfolio today. Plus, why I think the table is now set for a huge pop in economic growth.

    Billionaire Boss's Secret Baby

    We have great news to discuss on our Arconic campaign today, plus some bigger picture discussion on where stocks are headed. We have several more earnings to discuss today. I expected earnings to be a catalyst for another leg higher in stocks. And adding to the momentum, we have progress being made in Washington on the policy front. Let's talk about more earnings in our portfolio and how the healthcare bill plays in We have big news in this stock! I want to talk a bit about the bigger picture today, and then talk about a fresh new development in one of the highest potential stocks in our portfolio.

    We end the first quarter today and it was a strong one for stocks. I want to walk through a few updates and talk a bit about the bigger picture as we enter the second quarter of I want to focus today on Arconic, and our billionaire investor that has launched a proxy war to shake up the board, replace the CEO and unlock value in our shares. Today I want to talk about a couple of stocks in our portfolio, with some recent news, that are squarely in the crosshairs of policymaking by the new Trump administration.

    I will talk about the bigger picture market landscape, walk through every stock in the portfolio, and take your questions. Our Forbes Billionaire's Portfolio has continued to benefit from the rising tide of broader stocks. Today I have a few updates, and then next week I'll walk through the entire portfolio on our quarterly call. We have had some new information to digest this week. And, as a result, we'll be making a move in our portfolio today -- an exit, and a new addition.

    I've expected this year to be even better than last year, for our Forbes Billionaire's Portfolio. So far, we're on target. Today I want to talk more about earnings season and then step through some developments, on that front, in our portfolio. Today we have some more earnings in the portfolio to discuss, as well as a discussion on the importance of getting the macro and political view right, in order to win on individual stocks.

    The Dow broke 20, this week. Today I want to talk about why it matters, and then get to some updates on the portfolio. Today I want to talk about the influence of the new U. President on the Forbes Billionaire's Portfolio -- and then step through the stock-specific catalysts at work in the rest of our portfolio. As I said last week, there are a lot of reasons to be excited about the tailwinds these policies create for our Forbes Billionaire's Portfolio, on the macro level. For today, I want to talk about more "bottom-up" tailwinds -- the stock-specific catalysts at work in our portfolio.

    We're off to what, I think, will be a very exciting year for stocks and the economy. To be sure, there will be profound differences in the world this year, with the inauguration of a new, pro-growth U. President, at a time where the world desperately needs growth. Still, as I've said, there's a lot of gas in the tank. We have a portfolio of stocks set up to be among the best performers in Today, I want to revisit some of that backdrop as we look forward to Today I want to talk in more detail a little more technical about the incredible tailwind that has moved behind Japanese stocks.

    But we're only in the early stages of closing the valuation gaps in most of the stocks in our portfolio. The markets are already beginning to reflect a growth-positive government that will be led by a big infrastructure spend fiscal stimulus. This has huge implications for our portfolio and broader stocks.

    Masked Nights: Seduced by my Billionaire Stepbrother by Kenzie Haven

    In our call, we discussed the recent spinoffs of two of our portfolio stocks, Alcoa and Yum. Today I want to talk about those events in more detail. Today we have a lot of earnings and news on our stocks to discuss, which have been, like last quarter, broadly very positive. We continue to have a market set up to benefit from positive surprises: from both economic data and earnings. Most of our portfolio will report in the next two weeks, today I'll talk about Bank of New York.

    I have a few important updates today. Today I want to talk about broader stocks, and why our Forbes Billionaire's Portfolio continues to look very strong. Read: Why the right loves to hate George Soros. The alliance received roughly half its funding for the measure campaign from out of state, but Tipping said the group has 32, local members and thousands of small-dollar donors. The measures have drawn little organized opposition, other than an unsuccessful effort in Michigan to persuade the courts to remove the initiative from the ballot.

    Open Society Foundations, which Soros funds, and the Ford Foundation were previously donors to the center. More details on our funders.

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    And this year, the California billionaire Henry Nicholas is continuing his quest to have every state pass crime-victim-rights laws named after his murdered sister, Marsy. The proposal is also on the ballot in North Carolina , but the campaign there has not yet recorded any contributions. His efforts in past years have already led to laws in five states.

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    The ACLU, which is opposing the measure in various states, has said that its provisions can undermine the presumption of innocence for defendants. N ot all billionaires gave to states far afield. Before his death on Monday, the Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen had pitched in to help the campaign for a gun-control measure in his home state of Washington that would limit certain gun purchases to buyers who are at least 21 years old and who undergo additional background checks, waiting periods, and safety training.

    Most of the billionaires gave to left-leaning causes, such as boosting renewable energy in Arizona or protecting salmon in Alaska. In South Dakota, outsider money in ballot measures has so angered Speaker of the House Mark Mickelson that he penned his own initiative.

    The Republican is leading a campaign to ban out-of-state contributions to ballot-measure efforts in his state, where politicians are still debating a measure backed by a national group that sought to tighten lobbying and campaign-finance rules. Published 2 weeks ago on June 24, By Forbes.

    Published 2 weeks ago on June 21, Cover photographs: Getty Images Dr.

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    Published 1 month ago on June 3, We checked our numbers with a roster of outside experts to ensure these estimates were fair and conservative. Turns out, Jay-Z really is a business, man. Roc Nation represents some of the top stars in the entertainment through its sports agency Kevin Durant, Todd Gurley as well as its record label and artist-management arms Rihanna, J.

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