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One of the best pound-for-pound fighters, Georges St.

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Pierre has men living vicariously through everything, from his choke hold to his six pack. A bloody showdown in a cage is male bonding that rivals a group of women at a baby shower.

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Apparently, GSP also has his own figurine available at Walmart. This three-way man crush was on display at a recent Dolphins-Patriots game.

The trio appeared to be genuinely enjoying their bromantic night out. This couple has a serious mutual crush, bringing them together in business, at clubs and even at home. The pair say they share a common drive to succeed and regularly ping each other words of encouragement for key matches. Both have had sponsorships with Gillette, are represented by the same agency and are known to celebrate together with champagne after a big win.

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Can you hear the "man cheers" after the Minka-Jeter break-up? Men and boys everywhere are falling hard for Mr.

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  • He's a legend with a suspected spray-tan, who has inspired a generation. Hockey fans' youngest man crush plays for Pittsburgh.

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    Crosby is the only player in North American professional sports history to win a scoring title as a teenager. Sorry guys, Mario Lemieux has dibs on caring for Sid the Kid. Let's hope Sidney makes a full recovery from his concussion, so men everywhere can stop moping and go back to cheering for him on the ice.

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    What I live by It allows me to show my respect and my gratitude for someone! Fun Fact Stephen Brindle. A woman should be found and let a man pursue and initiate. However, if the woman is feeling the guy I'm fine with her reaching out regularly or even initiating contact more frequently than the man.

    What Exactly Is a Man Crush?

    In a nutshell, make it easy for the man to pursue you and don't play games, if the interest is mutual. A woman who knows how to show proper respect to her man is a biggie! Men need to feel respected, as a woman needs to feel loved. admin