Marinade for Murder: A Hemlock Falls Mystery (Hemlock Falls Mystery series Book 8)

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It's a good thing that inn owners Meg and Sarah Quilliam are experts at appraising motives for murder when one of them keels over on camera - because the suspects are piling up. Located in upstate New York, Hemlock Falls is a small town renowned for its scenic beauty - and scenes of crime. Who will stop the members of the Craft Guild from sabotaging their rivals, the Crafty Ladies? Hemlock Falls 18 books in series.

Marinade for Murder: A Hemlock Falls Mystery

A Taste for Murder Publisher's Summary. This is the first book in a delightful series featuring two sleuthing sisters. You're getting a free audiobook. Click to Try Audible Free. Cancel anytime. Book 1.

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Logged In As. Hemlock Falls mysteries Author:. Showing 1 - 18 of Claudia Bishop. Choose a Format. Available from another library. Quick Copy View. See Full Copy Details. Place Hold. Date Edition Publisher Phys Desc. Language Availability Berkley Prime Crime ed. It was early summer in Hemlock Falls. The fresh, green gold light of a rising spring sun washed slowly over Hemlock Gorge. The silver spray of the waterfall hung mist in the air like a gauzy blanket. Sunshine crept across the rocks, touched the newly mown lawn in front of the Inn, struck light off the metal pen surrounding the rose garden.

The dog sniffed at the three-bar gate.

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He was an ugly dog. His coat was a muddy mixture of grays, browns, and tan.

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His ears were floppy, and his head was too big for his clumsy body. But the disgracefully colored fur was clean and shiny. His eyes were a deep, alert brown. The expression on his doggy face was a happy one.

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He sported a leather collar with a large tag that clanked when he trotted briskly through the village on his morning constitutional. The tag read: My name is Max. When you find me, please call Sarah Quilliam at the Palate Restaurant and listed a phone number. Underneath in very small type was the message: Please don't call the dogcatcher. Max was a gypsy and an escape artist. Where he'd come from before he'd wriggled into Sarah Quilliam's life, the god of dogs only knew. And where he went on his early morning rambles was the despair of his owner.

Nothing seemed to keep Max inside when Max wanted to be outside. And he wanted to be outside on this astonishingly lovely morning. He sniffed thoroughly around the metal pen.

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None of his mark was on it. His mark was all over the little stone pond with the statue of Niobe, the brambly thicket of the Queen Elizabeth roses, the tidy length of brick pathway. If Max had been able to deduce, he'd have known that the pen was new. But he was just a dog, so he sprayed two of the metal posts, lifting his leg with an intent, faraway expression.

That finished, he trotted briskly down the path to Peterson Park. Breakfast was in order, and soon. There was a lot to distract him in the park. The trail leading to a woodchuck den.

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