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Let me see now, Obama is a Democrat, Democrats have ruined the State of California, where I live, in spite of the fact that we have among the highest taxes in the U. Now they are fighting Governor Schwarzenegger to tax the citizens more. Like the Republicans, they never seem to bother the rich. And yes. Increasing the tax rates discourages risk taking.

The question is, what rate is the break point? Now throw in that the government wants them to take the risk for job creation, income taxes on the jobs, increased economic activity, improvements in local economies, worker benefits provided etc. All in additon to the potential for Federal Revenues. For a venture capitalist, what profit do you need to make to risk your money?

Again, most ventures will fail. When does it become not worth it to risk your money? Or the stock market. Should we raise capital gains? The government has an interest in the stock market doing well, not just to capitalize companies and spur economic activity, but also as a backstop to Social Security.

That seniors will have income and resources available to make them less of a burden on the government. You need to take the reward off of how much you own, and how much money you have. Take pride that you have a chance to participate in better living for all of man kind, not just yourself and those dearest to you. Show some gratitude.

It will be easy for the Democrats to pull off. Step 1. Raise middle class taxes. Step 2. Blame the previous administration. Step 3. Sit back and bask in the applause. Think the voters will fall for it? Of course they will. After all, they fell for Obama. It is said that as much as 30 percent of all health-care spending in the U. Meet the objective of revenue-neutral. Quality and affordability. No intervention in decision-making. Accelerate the progress in medical science, in return, it saves more cash.

Settle the regional disparity. Public health insurance plans such as Medicare and Medicaid paid for more than 40 percent of U. Many experts say reducing these hospitalvisits would be an important way to lower the enormous, and growing, expense of U. S in turbulence.

To my knowledge, a dual system tends to deliver better results than a pure single payer system. Supposedly, to be or not to be might be up to the innovations like a pay for value program, otherwise, the forthcoming start-ups may fill the void with competitive deals. Thank You! Your article had made me to think twice or thrice to make comments.

Now, everybody,especially from educated class,economists,social thinkers and those who interests on day today happenings in the world have to accept probable taxes on middle class Americans. If any social economy to grow,all these form of taxes are painful necessities and to be accepted for nation upswing. YOUR taxes are going to go up to! Some of the biggest proponents of the health care reform are people who have been in congress for over 25 years and think they that know better than the rest of us.

People like Rangle, Waxman, Frank need to go and get some fresh blood into Congress. Until that happens, nothing is going to change same for the Republicans. The best thing for America at this time would be a presidential resignation. Pay to play. When a rising tide does not float all boats then a little intervention is needed. This is a social contract not socialism or liberalism. Yes we dems are tax and spend types unlike the spend all you can borrow leave the bill for tommorow repugs. Repugs posture, threats have been made here to start a class war. If you were a good king you would not have anything to worry about…but no you have to act like a 3 or 12 year old.

Money is like water in that the body can use only so much before it is returned to the system. I am so glad to see that America is changing. I wonder who wants to ruin this country…. This article is all speculation. Nice job scaring people James! Obam has no reason to tax the middle class and every reason to tax the wealthy.

Taxing the wealthy is much more likely! Laffer curve can work with this but look at this: There were a few billionares and quite a few millionares, and some who hit it rich in spite of a tax rate not meant to punnish success but to keep financial success from becoming a base for taking the power of the electorate for itself. Unbridled, raw capitalism tanks periodically.

Regulated by simple tax rates society is insulated from capitalists failures because enterprises stop accumulating wealth when it makes sense. Whew…problem solved. The poor looking for the government tit get the government zit while the rich looking for same have swiming pools filled with government milk. He lists 5 reasons why Obama will raise taxes on everyone: 1 Obama knows the budget math […]. It only has OUR money which it redistributes poorly, inefficiently, and to the politicians own advantage at a pay scale greatly exceeding their worth compared to the private sector. When the government starts spending on real needs, efficiently, with integrity, at a pay scale commensurate with the rest of us, then perhaps we can discuss tax increases.

Hopefully the children of the posters on this board will get it because clearly very few of you do. A little something called the Great Depression. Also a great model on why is it beneficial to raise taxes on the wealthy. I find it incredible that VAT is even mentioned as a possible Obama policy. VAT, or any type of sales tax, is a regressive policy a greater tax burden on the poor as a percentage of income. Obama has very clearly stated that he supports a progressive tax policy greater tax burdens on the rich.

Is it the increase in cigarette taxes that makes Mr. Pethokoukis believe Obama wants VAT? Okay, Mr. Pethokoukis, I guess you are right. Obama is going to raise taxes on all middle class Americans through massive cigarette taxes. I will come to your blog often for finding new great articles from your blog.

I am adding your rss feed in my reader Thank you…. The capitalist dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires required a Democrat to win the presidency in because it could not achieve its reactionary objectives with Bush and the Republicans who had very little credibility because of those very reactionary objectives. Obama was elected in order to ram down our throats the Fascist policies which Bush could not implement because Bush was opposed by all Democratic Party constituencies which form the bulk of the U.

See below. In addition, Obama is conditioning the U. Obama, usually hides behind a solid wall of denial and has continued and even accelerated virtually all the Bush programs and policies, many of which were rejected outright when first proposed by Bush including the elimination of the FUNCTION of Social Security! Part II will also include more material on Provocations and the escalating attack on all social programs and public education at the elementary school and college levelFrom the advent of imperialism, which correlates approximately from the beginning of the twentieth century every U.

This is due to the one-way dynamic of capitalism-imperialism which leads inexorably to Fascism, barbarism and the end of civilization The only exceptions were the administrations of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who designed the New Deal and the two New Dealers who followed him: Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower. The New Deal came about only under the pressure of a million-strong Communist movement in the United States, which later disintegrated primarily because of the false and sabotaging leadership of Joseph Stalin, who was not actually a Communist, See below and because the U.

Today The New Deal has been almost entirely demolished by the hardening capitalist dictatorship. Obama was elected in order to finish that demolition by first targeting Social Security where within days of taking office he immediately and permanently abolished the yearly Social Security Cost-Of-Living Allowance, while simultaneously giving away 4. The WorldviewToday we live in a world of nation states.

All nation states are dictatorships of one class over another class, either the capitalist class over the working class or vice versa. These are the only historically destined classes. This one-way dynamic, or dialectic is largely independent of the wills of the capitalists and politicians and leads to a constantly hardening capitalist dictatorship finally to Fascism, barbarism and the end of civilization.

Now, due to the beginning of the Runaway Greenhouse Effect, that means the end of all life on Earth! See Materialist Analysis of Biofuels and the Runaway Greenhouse Effect on the Internet Within the framework of the class dictatorship there can either be a hard or a soft dictatorship. The hard dictatorship of capitalism is known as Fascism, which has several historical variants. Today the United States is a military, bureaucratic police state, a form of capitalist dictatorship known as Rule by Decree a form of Bonapartism , which is hardening and growing more naked by the day!

Rule by Decree is a step short of Fascism. Actual Fascism requires the full and organized support of the petit-bourgeoisie the middle class , the organization of armed gangs with specifically targeted scapegoats. The U. Capitalism is fundamentally based on war, mass murder and crime to steal new resources and new markets in order to increase private profits and today is in its Final Stage of Permanent War and State Terrorism. Politicians like Obama, and all capitalist politicians, rise to the top based on the extent which they express and further the one-way dynamic of capitalism.

Communism is a stateless society, which has never been practiced and can never be practiced until capitalism is abolished worldwide beginning with a Socialist Revolution in its center—the United States. It is the country of the capitalist dictatorship of billionaires and millionaires. That means we must give no support to the U. We are having class warfare waged against us as the U. History proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt. That is why the capitalist class must be expropriated of all of its wealth, all of which has been stolen from the Working Class through various forms of exploitation, super-exploitation and other crime.

This is known as the expropriation of the expropriators and is possible only through a Socialist Revolution. The Socialist Revolution will extend globally almost simultaneously once it begins in the United States. Patient explanation and winning over the masses to support a new economic-political-social system involves a genuine grass roots organization.

Provocations on the other hand are invariably orchestrated and led by the capitalists themselves to both discredit the Working Class and lead it to take steps prematurely before there is the overwhelming popular support which is required to take state power. Patient explanation is necessary in order to achieve the popular support and organization necessary to end the dictatorship of billionaires and millionaires and establish a new system where everyone can actually live like a millionaire.

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There is more than sufficient wealth in the United States to achieve this! Only after class society is abolished through a Socialist Revolution can there be free speech and genuine democracy for the Working Class and everyone else. This analysis is intended as an aid to help progressive people consciously deprogram themselves from the capitalist brainwash which targets the masses every day from every direction and to provide a basis to help organize the Socialist Revolution in the United States.

Socialism will abolish the basis of all wars and set the stage for solving the entire complex of problems created by capitalism-imperialism. In the final analysis all wars are won and lost on morale and every movement begins with the call. This analysis is part of that call. And the stock market has experienced a bear market rally through stock market manipulation achieved through 1. See below and Part II, which will be posted next. The capitalists still intend to retain Social Security for appearances but to use it NOT for its original purpose to keep older people alive, but primarily to maintain it as a slush fund to pay for various U.

Meanwhile as mentioned the progressive tax structure in the United States, which would eliminate ALL the financial problems associated with the funding of social programs has been permanently abolished. The FDIC!!! But government claims of insuring individual accounts by the FDIC are all fiction in the first place. But so far the banks have not wanted to sell their toxic assets. If there were actual bank runs as in the s Great Depression there would be no money at all for most Americans! There would be a total collapse of the U.

Buying back toxic assets by the U. As a result, many banks could find themselves short of capital if the economy suffered another downturn and their losses on troubled loans soared. Based on the results of the so-called stress tests in April the report stated that 18 of the 19 biggest bank holding companies would probably have enough capital even if economic and financial conditions deteriorated more than they have already.

Parenthesis and emphasis added. There are 2 parts to the Big Lie: 1. The first part of the Big Lie is that the lie must be BIG, because most people only tell little lies and are entirely unprepared for a Big Lie. The second part of the Big Lie Technique is to repeat the lie over and over again from every media source even including textbooks and movies until it is accepted as truth or accepted at least as partly true, when it is most invariably entirely false.

In addition, lies may be lies of commission or lies of omission. They are equally unacceptable. The media is a privatized arm of the U. For real!! The banks have even steadfastly refused to sell their toxic assets to the U. The bank bailouts were also unwanted because those banks which accepted TARP money had to agree to conform to any new financial regulations or laws.

New York Times, June, As an indication that the large banks are fully in the loop and understand that the U. The enemy of my enemy is my friend and the friend of my enemy is my enemy. This is inductive reasoning, the reasoning of science. We should not forget that our greatest enemy is the capitalist dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires.

Obama Care has nothing to do with Socialized Medicine and is indeed an example of medical Fascism not Socialism. But so far unfortunately the present correlation of class forces, where the capitalist dictatorship is still much stronger than the unorganized forces of the Working Class and its allies, permits the U. Socialism is the Answer! Instead the plan by the capitalist dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires is to deliberately allow the economy to contract according to the dynamic of Globalism!

Officially it takes 6 negative quarters of GDP growth to define a depression. But the capitalists will falsify numbers as they already do in order to never permit that truth to appear. The economy will simply continue to contract. See further below. And the reason that Obama has delayed naming a new head for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is because the Obama Regime does NOT want ANY focus on Medicare and Medicaid or anyone speaking in support of those government programs, which Obama has now scheduled for huge cuts and eventual elimination.

In other words not everyone can be brought into confidence on the reversal of all the anti-Bush campaign promises. Obama is for all intents and purposes nothing but a technically Black Bush! The answer is Socialism! Even in some capitalist systems! In order to cover up this fact Obama promises that the insurance companies will not be allowed to deny coverage based on previous medical history or a pre-existing condition.

Anything in between, seniors are supposed to pay themselves but in practice many seniors are simply forced to stop taking their medications. They die quicker! See below! But capitalism cannot be genuinely reformed or turned back into New Deal liberalism because of the one-way dynamic of capitalism. That is why we need a Socialist Revolution in the Unite States. Obama and the U. That ignores the question that if the public plan and the private plans would really abide by the exact same rules, what is the point of a public plan in the first place?

Would the U. But healthcare cooperatives are a sham and are also run by the insurance companies! Government-Facilitated Provocation by in-the-loop Chucky. Any healthcare plan that emerges will be run by the parasite insurance companies and HMOs, just like the present state plans, which have also been disingenuously offered as an alternative to a public plan to try to keep people confused!

A confused person cannot act! The House also protects the millionaires and billionaires and is simply going through the motions! But capitalism can not be reformed and made better because of the one-way dynamic of capitalism described above! That is a Communist response although few would presently describe themselves as Communist. But it means that the majority of Americans would be receptive to Socialism right now!

The overwhelming majority of the American people want Socialized Medicine and when polled honestly they choose Socialism and recognize that capitalism has failed. The contradiction is that the U. Working Class is presently so deliberately misinformed, misled, divided, disorganized, demoralized, intimidated, infantalized and so brainwashed on every conceivable basis that they are prevented from engaging in any sort of organized effective action on the basis of their own class interest because of the present correlation of class forces, where the capitalists are still too strong.

New York Times, August 28, This is almost a flat tax! This is no exaggeration! Because of the fact that the VA is socialized medicine it was initially partially de-funded by the Bush Regime and more than 20 VA hospitals were threatened with closure! Just the opposite! The Obama regime is simply maneuvering to permit private health insurers to increase their parasitizing off the misery, illness and disease of the American people!

Incidentally, Veterans are already charged a privatized co-payment for non-war acquired medical conditions in order to help out the HMO parasites! Eric Shinseki to reverse his initial support for the Obama privatization plan! Previously the capitalists were able to deceive the masses domestically by throwing out a few crumbs and scraps, while the overwhelming bulk of their programs in the last several decades were deliberately designed to directly attack the lives and living standard of the majority of the American people. Veterans Administration VA , a form of socialized medicine, which is anathema to the capitalist dictatorship and their current puppet Obama.

This is one more reason why we need a Socialist Revolution in the United States! The progressive tax structure was completely and totally abolished starting with John Kennedy who was far to the right of the New Dealer Dwight Eisenhower. Ambassador to the UK at the Court of St. James, a total insult to the Irishman Kennedy, who was then later withdrawn in humiliation because of his multiple statements in support of Adolph Hitler!

But that was a state secret NOT for public consumption! It was later increased slightly to What a joke! The joke is on you and me! But today the capitalists have other fish to fry: population reduction in the United States and worldwide. The extermination of millions of people! See above. The reason we know for a fact that Obama never had any intention of changing anything is that politicians rise to the top based on their ability to express and further the one-way dynamic of capitalism, a dynamic which leads to Fascism, barbarism and finally the end of civilization. Obama understands that his role is to deceive the masses and he clearly enjoys that role!

Those nebulous slogans were carefully designed to say nothing! Obama has been chosen for his ability to deceive the masses regarding that actual dynamic, development sequence and direction of capitalism. Obama is a slicker, a con man, a demagogue out to bamboozle the unsuspecting victims: the Working Class and its allies primarily.

Only after he became a candidate did public curiosity increase sales enough among the duped masses to make Obama a millionaire. Progressive Taxation is Good for the Economy! Regressive Taxation is Bad for the Economy! This includes 1. The only taxes which remain today are regressive taxes meaning that they target the Working Class and Poor primarily. Examples include: 1. National sales tax, 2. National value-added tax, 3. Flat Tax, 4. Increases in the subway and bus fares and tolls and 4. Outright cuts in services even in the U. Post Office and 4. The system of fines, which the Bolsheviks abolished entirely in , is even being ridiculously increased.

Abolishing the progressive tax system and imposing only regressive taxes combined with the bank bailouts, supply-side economics and basic exploitation of labor mentioned above has allowed the capitalist dictatorship to steal virtually every last penny leaving nothing for social services or even infrastructure maintenance! This follows naturally from the one-way dynamic of capitalism, which is not based on human need but only on increasing private profits.

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This dialectical and historical analysis is the only explanation which fits the facts. Note that Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave no money whatsoever to the banks to lift the U. Creating Demand through enormous Federal Jobs Programs is equally important in the present Economic Crisis as it was during the Great Depression, despite the fact that origins of the 2 crises are somewhat different. See Part II Analysis. The reasons for this are twofold: 1. Demand is what drives the economy! Obama said nothing while the Democratically-controlled Senate, which is completely controlled by the big capitalists, blocked changing the bankruptcy law to permit reducing the amount that homeowners owed on a first mortgage stating that homeowners must instead enter the government foreclosure relief program, controlled by the banks, whose participation is entirely voluntary!

This is covert mass murder combined with maximum denial and is another demonstration of just how effective the Big Lie technique is when directed at an unorganized population which has been rendered anti-Communist. In addition, the massive loss of jobs makes even previously so-called creditworthy homeowners fall behind on mortgage payments and become homeless.

Videos on the Evening News document that tent cities now exist in many U. A government decreed complete moratorium on mortgage foreclosures is obviously required and should have been announced the day Obama took office if he had been serious, which he never was! The Obama Regime could still announce a moratorium on mortgage foreclosures but it will NEVER DO SO because Obama represents the capitalist dictatorship of billionaires and millionaires not the working class and their allies and because of the one-way dynamic of capitalism described above.

False emphasis on the federal deficit rather than on creating a massive federal jobs program to stimulate demand demonstrates the sophisticated and extensive manipulation of public opinion which is involved. Obama offers the No Deal and the Bad Deal of capitalism. Bahrami, 45, was arrested in December when Iran's opposition Green Movement took to the streets during the Shiite Muslim holiday of Ashura.

She was later accused of trafficking cocaine, a charge that her family asserts was fabricated. In response to her hanging, the Dutch government suspended diplomatic relations with Iran. According to Ghaemi, Iran executed almost as many people in January as it did in all of Since Ahmadinejad replaced Mohammad Khatami in August , the number of executions has risen steadily and now is the highest in the world per capita and second only to China in absolute terms. At least people were executed last year, Ghaemi said, with perhaps another put to death more quietly.

In the eastern city of Mashhad near the Afghan border, he said, about people are currently on death row. Iran also has the dubious distinction of holding the world's oldest known political prisoner: Ebrahim Yazdi, 80, a former foreign minister who has suffered from high blood pressure and prostate cancer and underwent open-heart surgery shortly before his arrest in October.

He is due to go on trial on unspecified charges in March. According to Ghaemi, another political detainees are awaiting action on their cases while about have been convicted and are serving sentences. Iranian opposition figures point out the regime's hypocrisy in criticizing Arab governments for firing on peaceful protesters while crushing freedom of expression in Iran.

Meanwhile, the official media waxes triumphant about the developments in the Arab Middle East. Comments last week by Hossein Shariatmadari, editor of the conservative Kayhan newspaper, were typical: "Look at the region. Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Algeria, Bahrain All the demands and slogans are in complete congruence with the teachings of the Islamic revolution.

Death to America; death to Israel; hail Islam; death to the seculars; Islam is my religion" translation by Mideastwire. In fact, the demonstrations so far have been largely secular, though well-organized groups such as Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood might become more influential as political transitions more forward -- and Tunisia's exiled Islamic leader, Rachid Ghannouchi, returned Jan.

Clearly, Iran has benefited from events that predate the current upheavals, especially the U. Watching Hosni Mubarak's nearly year presidency twist in the wind is also giving Iran "a great deal of schadenfreude," Freeman says, noting the Egyptian leader's long hostility toward Tehran and vice versa. At the same time, Freeman cautions against connecting what remain disparate dots, noting differences between Muslim countries and uncertainty about their future political trajectories.

While Iranian state media link the Arab revolts to the revolution, Iran's Green Movement asserts that they were in part inspired by the mass opposition to Iran's rigged elections. In a statement posted Jan. Mousavi noted that the "collapsing political regimes in the Arab world" have also resorted to shutting down the Internet, cell phones, and social networks in an attempt to squelch political change. This article was originally published on ForeignPolicy. Photo credit: Reuters Pictures. French President Charles DeGaulle cautioned the overly ambitious with the admonition that cemeteries are filled with the indispensable and irreplaceable.

Regarding Pakistan, the good general was wrong. Punjab's late governor, Salman Taseer, gunned down last week by a member of the provincial government's Elite Police security unit, was as close to being indispensable to assuring Pakistan's evolution to a democratic and secular state as anyone in that nation.

Taseer was, and his family remains, close friends. Labeled Pakistan's leading liberal voice, that description is akin to calling Beethoven and Mozart merely "musicians," Taseer was an intellect of huge proportion. A realist, pragmatist and humanist, he would have found appropriate company in America's leading intellectual founding fathers -- Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton. Two of his virtues I particularly admired were his irreverent sense of humor and courage. Regarding courage, I have seen little equal in politics or in my own experiences in war.

Dressed in his customary black sun glasses and attire, he had the charisma of a Hollywood star. His self-admitted killer, Mumtaz Qadri, acted on his radically distorted views of the Koran which the governor rejected publicly and often, calling Pakistan's blasphemy laws "black" and urging clemency for Aasia Bebe, a Christian Pakistani woman sentenced to death for violations of that law. Hundreds of black-bearded clergy and Pakistani lawyers called Qadri a hero and promised an acquittal at trial.

Even in a conspiracy-obsessed nation such as Pakistan, the political overtones of this assassination mandate a high level and immediate investigation as the security detail was approved and selected by the elected government and not by the presidentially appointed governor who were from opposing political parties.

But in our mourning over this immense loss, three overriding issues cannot be ignored. First, in the United States and the West, this killing magnifies the paranoia over radical Islam, al-Qaida and global terror. In truth, virtually all religions have an evil or, to use Taseer's phrase, "black" side: It was an ultra-orthodox Jew who assassinated Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin 15 years ago virtually ending any chance of peace in the region.

And today, ultra-right American Christians have bombed abortion clinics and killed physicians for killing the unborn and unprotected. Stamping out these extreme and unacceptable aspects of religion is the issue, not blaming and holding accountable only one for all evil. Second, as Taseer frequently reminded us, Pakistan has some 70 million million youth 18 and under with few prospects for jobs, education or the future. Bringing them the tools in terms of education, employment and a vision for a hopeful future was one of his highest priorities.

He could hear this time bomb ticking. It still is. Finally, the United States must get serious about Pakistan; what must and can be done; and then do it. The editorial pages of The New York Times and Washington Post notwithstanding and despite the hue and cry of complaints from Congress about Pakistani corruption and apathy to fighting the war on terror, does the United States and the West wish to succeed or not in bringing stability to the region?

If the answer is yes, then real action must be taken. Critics argue that since Sept. But money isn't the major issue although if emergency loans from the International Monetary Fund don't continue, the nation will go bankrupt and collapse financially. Crucial are, as Taseer argued, political, strategic, economic and psychological support. First is textile tariff relief that won't cost U. Second is agreeing to discussions on a nuclear treaty similar to the one signed with India. Third is using the United States and other major powers to encourage negotiations between India and Pakistan to reduce tensions and flash points whether over Kashmir or Mumbai-style threats.

Last, and the administration may be moving in this direction, the United States must decide how critical Pakistani military action in North Waziristan is to success in Afghanistan. I believe that supporters of free markets are faced with both extraordinary opportunities and great cause for con Last year, we interviewed him on our podcast on his previous book, Who Needs the Fed? During her recent campaign swing through California, Democratic socialist Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez visited the asparagus capital of America to meet with Mayor Michael Tubbs and explore ways to take a local universal basic income plan nationwide.

Pfizer CEO Ian Read recently told investors that he believes pharmaceuticals will soon be sold without rebates. While this change, if it comes to pass, is undoubtedly positive for patients, a question naturally arises: why? After all, rebates and dis Just after the New Year began, California lawmakers, sore that the Federal Communications Commission restored a stolen freedom and repealed the Obama-era net neutrality rule, introduced their own net neutrality bill.

The California Internet Consumer Enough time has passed since his tenure in the White House that many fair-minded observers, regardless of their political orientation, recognize These purchases cover a wide array of me Tim and I have a little shtick on the PRI podcast where on the last question we ask each of our guests for a favorite wine recommendation. Our headquarters in San Francisco is just down the road from Wine Country and most everyone loves wine In celebration of Dr.

Step one in any recovery program is to admit that the problem exists. Solving this debt crisis requires political courage to implement fundamental reforms, which is why Oh Canada, here I come! Well, not really. At least not permanently. Before leaving, I decided to check out how the U. Download the PDF When the Legislature declared a moratorium on cities enacting soda taxes, it felt like a win for freedom and a pushback of interventionism.

But the busybodies never give up and they plow a fertile field in California, which has no ri Nick Loris of the Heritage Foundation joins us from Vancouver to discuss why California gas prices are so much higher than the rest of the nation, and what reforms would make a real difference in giving drivers some relief at the pump When Andy Puzder was 10, he went with his father, a Ford salesman, to deliver a new car to a wealthy customer.

Puzder marveled at the treasure before him, the enormous house, the grand The fair share fee, Expenditures on prescription drugs grew These eye-popping data are not representative of the long-term expenditure trend, however. Not only did the growth in prescription drugs expenditures slow to 1. What is crony capitalism, you ask? We see it all the time. Think local elected officials throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Amazon to try and lure their se One of the most common themes in American politics is the emphasis on preserving or restoring our role as a land of opportunity.

Across the political spectrum, there is a general sense that the intergenerational promise of upward mobility is becoming Marlo Lewis of the Competitive Enterprise Institute joins us in Vancouver for a discussion on how the free-market is a more effective way to achieve a global, clean energy future than new clean energy laws or excess regulations But I thought what would be Unless tearing down a bridge just to rebuild it is somewhere.

Leave it to the Tax Foundation to come with this cool online calculator to figure out how much you will save in taxes from the Trump tax cuts. The calculator asks you to plug in your AGI, your filing status single or married , even details Last week, the Supreme Court issued a major decision in a case about online retailers collecting sales taxes, South Dakota v. This Act imposed steep tariffs on over 20, different goods that Americans imported from other countries. As of its time, it was one of the largest tax increases in history. It was also There are plenty of similarities between Italy and California.

Both are similar in size and have wonderful wine countries and picturesque coastlines. They also share high taxes, a challenging regulatory landscape, and a growing gap between their rich As director of the newly created PLF Center for the Separation of Powers, Todd is working on a long-term project to roll back the power of unelected government administrators No one should wonder why executives keep saying California is the worst state to do business in.

Too many politicians see businesses as nothing more than vessels available to be drained of their substance for the funding of foolish ideas. The most re Using this logic in reverse, perhaps the best way to thwart the misplaced attempts to manage global economic trade is to stop measu A Supreme Court case to be decided by the end of June could require California residents to pay taxes to a variety states, counties, cities and even mosquito abatement districts across the country.

South Dakota v. Public-sector employees who want to be freed of forced unionization are hoping that the Supreme Court will release them from their yoke when it issues its impending ruling in the case of a government worker who sued the union that claims to represent The U. What began as a small group of colonies clustered near the eastern seaboard of a mostly empty continent founded by po These innovations are essential for improving the quality of health care in the U.

However, innovation is not Starbucks remains under fire after the arrest of two black men after they refused to lea The Appropriation That sound you hear is the rush of California politicians and various moneyed interests racing to try and take advantage of a recent Supreme Court ruling paving the way for sports betting in every state. On May 14, the Court struck down a federal law Businesses in California could use some good news, but one wonders when — and sometimes if — any will ever come.

At the same time, there seems to be no end to the bad news, at least when government authorities are involved. The most recen Incentives drive all economic activity. Unfortunately, far too many of the incentives that underlie the U. Our current health insurance system exemplifies this problem. The disinc Cutting, styling, shampooing, and curling hair properly takes some practice. But how much before a person is skilled enough to obtain a license to perform those tasks in California? The state says at least 1, hours of training are needed.

Interest rate fears, trade wars, and California Policy Center head Will Swaim joins us to discuss the effort to increase worker freedom in California. We explore the Janus case pending before the Supreme Court, efforts to expand pension reform and government transparency, and the Less than 32 percent of California voters who went to the polls on Election Day in pulled the lever for Donald Trump.

Despite this growth, and in contrast to the perception that all is well in California because the economy looks so rob Health care is becoming less affordable every year. Over the past 10 years, national healthcare expenditures have grown 45 percent, but our economy has grown only 28 percent. By Gil Weinreich More than two decades ago, I actually held a government job for a period of three years. It was a good job — I learned a lot and got to do interesting work, for which I remain grateful to this day By Jill Sederstrom Patients would save both time and money if neighborhood pharmacies could administer more adult vaccines.

However, state-level regulations remain a significant barrier to achieving this goal. According to the study released by the P The ne If you want to handicap a man for the rest of his life, deny him an education. This is manifestly true in America, as the disadvantages associated with a poor education tend to multiply in a free society and a free economy. It is our It should be no surprise that the Trump tariffs are not having their intended effect. Consider the impact on California farmers as documented by Bloomberg.

Nevertheless, the Administration incorrectly touts that these tariffs will benefit the economy. Such claim New research indicates that coffee might help cut the risk of heart disease. Apparently, that was taken as good news everywhere — except California. Four days after that study was published, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge issued a prelimina Salim Furth and Emily Hamilton, research fellows with the free-market Mercatus Center at George Mason University, join us to discuss their new research brief on Senate Bill , one of this year's highest-profile housing bills, and other ways that th Goldman analyst David Tam Flippy is a burger-flipping robot designed to operate alongside human workers in commercial kit The legislation, which is one of the most significant tax overhauls passed in decades, provides pass-through businesses and corpora Uber and Lyft have generated billions in gross revenue in California.

At the same time, businesses that stay are too often reluctant to expand in-state while many Jared Meyer of the Foundation for Government Accountability joins us to discuss his book on how progressive cities like San Francisco are defending the status quo by fighting innovation and the sharing economy, and gives his thoughts on how policymak Striking the right regulatory balance for pharmaceuticals is no easy task. On the one hand, policy should promote drug affordability by encouraging robust competition.

On the other hand, policy should encourage future innovations by granting these dr But PRI is not alone. The California Policy Center has been coverin And what are those favored industries? California lawmakers have made it clear. Yet, despite introducing legislation offering tax cr The long-term consequences of irresponsible government spending — federal, state, and local — are quickly becoming near-term realities.

The good news is that the worst of these consequences can still be avoided if politicians and For centuries, America has worked because of free enterprise: Millions of individuals communicate their preferences and producers respond with changes in products, services and prices. Free enterprise operates silently, efficiently and effectively to When it comes to the U. What we The two red-letter days on labor union calendars are May Day and Labor Day. After today, though, February 26 might appear as a black-letter day, marking the downfall of once-mighty organized labor.

Supreme Court is hearing arguments today in Pat Leahy, D-VT, targeting health care costs did not make its way into the budget passed by Congress earlier this month. The exclusion of the Creating and Restoring Perhaps no area of the world better serves as a reminder of the importance of copyright protections as Southern California.

Movie studios, music companies and video game developers make Los Angeles a copyright company town. Such industries are built PRI's Senior Fellow in Business and Economics Wayne Winegarden joins us to discuss his new study on the barriers in state licensing laws that hinder the ability of natural disaster victims to get their claims processed quickly, and hurt consumers. Across the country, state and local pension systems have not amassed enough assets stocks, bonds, and other financial investments to cover the retirement benefits promised to current and retired state and local employees.

This gap is referred to as Ian Adams of the R Street Institute joins us to talk about the legislative response to California's recent devastating wildfires and the role the free market can play in helping people to rebuild their lives and avoid experiencing a future catastroph By Tracey Walker The B Drug Discount program, designed to give discounted prescription drugs to poor Americans, has not been effective in serving its targeted population, according to a new report.

Generous, taxpayer-funded subsidies for electric car purchases have become just another costly subsidy benefitting the rich, finds a new study released today by the California-based free-market think tank, the Pacific Research Institute. Click here t Watch our new animated video to learn how breaking down barriers in state insurance adjuster licensing could speed up response times for disaster claims and everyday claims, lower costs, and provide job opportunities.

Tech Crunch COO Ned Desmond joins us to discuss the rapid changes in the news business, the fight over so-called fake news, and the future that new online media sources will play in keeping the public informed Just six years after declaring bankruptcy due to a year spending binge, Stockton is now exploring creative new ways of spending again. People in a growing number of o Supply Side Economics works. According to a new study released today, victims of the recent natural disasters in the United States could face long rebuilding delays unless reforms removing insurance marketplace regulatory barriers are adopted to fix a broken system.

Political journalist and Washington Examiner columnist Tom Rogan gives his take on America's foreign policy challenges, what's going on in Trump's Washington, and his new role as moderator in the return of the iconic TV debate program, "The McLaughli Just last week, Democratic Assemblymen Once again, budget negotiators in Washington D. And, once again, as part of this last-minute scramble, Congress is considering ad-hoc budget gimmicks to pay for spend My fellow blogger Tim Anaya wrote a blog earlier this week on the latest scheme from Sacramento to game the new tax law.

Senate Bill would allow taxpayers to make charitable donations to the state and receive a tax credit for the full amount We are pleased to present his debut column An oft-cited survey from found that one out of every three respondents age 18 and 34 said they were more likely to see a UFO than receive a Social Security check. Fast forward 23 years later — last November, the U. The negative impacts of setting — and increasing — minimum wages should be beyond debate by now. The economic science is settled. Yet California policymakers continue to believe in unicorn economic fantasies.

For example, more than a doze He said that th By Danielle Paquette Employers nationwide are grappling with a problem that threatens to stall economic growth: vacancies — and lots of them. In Maine, where flurries can fall as late as April, the state transportation department is struggling to fin Back in January at the start of his administration, Mr. Trump signed an executive order requiring agencies to cut The bill has officially been passed by both the House of Representatives and the By Stephen Collinson In decades to come, people will talk about the Trump tax cuts as they now reminisce over the Reagan, Bush and Kennedy giveaways.

A new study released today by the Pacific Research Institute finds that a program to give discounted prescription drugs to poor Americans is riddled with abuse, has created a perverse incentive for providers to profit instead of effectively serve the Much like the old lady who swallowed a fly, the federal government has swallowed a fly over a well-meaning program designed to help the poor afford prescription drugs called B. Instead of ensuring the poor have low-cost drugs, B has created an The idea The most recent estimate says that California Public Employees Retirement System, the largest public employee pension fund in the nation with about 1.

Last week, I had the great pleasure of attending the annual California Hall of Fame ceremony. I bought my brother a robot for Christmas last year when he announced that he will be retiring from his job as a computer engineer after Over the weekend, I made the rounds of various bipartisan holiday parties filled with California politicos. The late-night vote on the Senate GOP tax plan was certainly the conversation du jour. My liberal friends decried the harried, last-minute na Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist Michael Ramirez joins us to discuss his approach to cartooning, some of his favorite and noteworthy cartoons from over the years, and the important role that political cartoons play in shaping publ While the two versions are very similar, there are 18 major differences that still need to be discussed between the two chambers in Unions have long had government-protected privileges that no other institution or organization has.

They hold monopolies as exclusive collective bargaining units; can collect dues before paychecks are even issued government is the only other institu On Friday, the Senate achieved the nearly-impossible and passed long-overdue tax reform legislation. While the legislation will surely be changed in the conference committee, whatever final legislation emerges will provide tax relief for many America Click here to listen to the interview We are often critical of the way Gov. Jerry Brown governs and the ideas that he proposes.

He too often leans on the progressive playbook. The governor is This week, the U. Senate is slated to vote on comprehensive tax reform. In the short term, these lawmakers are right to worry. Contrary to the analyses of some optimist Washington D. The ordinance regulates the labeling of — hold onto your seat — moist flusha Click here to download the brief Nerves are apparently raw in union halls across California. Labor leaders are waiting in dread over a coming Supreme Court ruling.

The decision could cost them members, and more importantly to the union bosses, money The media wonder if lawmakers should spend it or save it. Tax reform has taken center stage in Washington. If you picked up a newspaper in California, you would The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act aims to spur economic growth across the United States by adjusting tax structures for small businesses and corporations. Though the bill is still being debated, amended and adjusted, if it passes, it may have serious implica The most pro-growth aspects would change the U.

Corporate income taxes have become a large economic disincentive against The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the new legislation introduced by the House last week, would create nearly one million new jobs and increase gross domestic product by 3. The bill cuts The clock is ticking for trucking companies in the U. This week, Republicans are preparing to unveil the details of a tax reform proposal that would deliver tax relief to individuals and businesses, as well as simplify the tax filing process.

Everyone wants a piece of Amazon. Jerry Brown is making a pitch, too. Why not heap more destructive laws on the pile? San Jose Inside report Northern California is a hotbed of modern, global technological innovation, particularly internet innovation. Yet, increasingly Washington, D.

From California to Washington D. But as a Connecticut native, the headlines coming out of my home state are equally concerning, and offer a lesson for Golden State policymakers. Congress should remember this wisdo Alas, beneficial systemic reforms will not be implemented any time soon. There are still opportunities for Congress to Critics, almost reflexively, oppose the effort based on claims that tax reform will increase the deficit. A little perspective is in order, consequently.

The chart below presents data on total fede Columnist and longtime political observer Steven Greenhut of the R Street Institute gives his thoughts on the housing package, the cap-and-trade deal, bills that were overlooked, and the impact of Prop. One of the many flaws with our current health care system is that, too often, health insurance coverage fails people precisely when they need it the most. Recently, Gilbert Hyatt presented his side of a tax dispute case to the voter-elected Board of Equalization.

The state has been pursuing Mr. Hyatt for 26 years, alleging that he owes millions in back taxes and penalties from capital gains from a comp In contrast to almost every other market, he might begin by charging wholesale prices that are higher than retail prices. He would then make sure that the higher wholesale price Late last month, U. Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta challenged state legislators to abolish one of the most noxious barriers to work: occupational licensing. If Sacramento lawmakers followed through, hundreds of thousands of Californians would be It seems that Seattle is no longer evergreen for Amazon.

But even climate cha Effective health care reforms must reduce the excessive costs imposed by frivolous lawsuits. Studies have shown that medical tort reform could reduce total health care premiums between 1 and 3 percent. As estimated by the American Action Forum, this Recently, a friend of mine told me how much she and her husband enjoyed subscribing to a home meal prep delivery service. Instead of having to go to the grocery story, they deliver all the fresh ingredients you need to make a gourmet recipe right President Trump just rescinded an Obama administration policy aimed at closing the economic gap between men and women.

Boyd Hartman (Author of Steptoe)

The measure would have required companies to collect data on pay differences between genders and races. A California governor who went on to greater things was known to say that if government sees something move, it will tax it. Tax hikes, especially in the state known for its extraordinarily heavy tax burden, should not be easily enacted. Yet the California Supreme Court has made the job much easier. California law previously required a two-thirds majority for the passage o She had just heard Sally Pipes give a talk on health care.

She was also familiar with the work of Arthur Laffer. As an economics student, she thought For the 30 nations that comprise the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD , which promotes policies to improve the well-being of people around the world, pharmaceutical spending comprised, on average, This one has more than 61, members, all of them retired government employees, raking in pension benefits many in the private sector would There is little doubt that the U.

The right reform impl Californians harboring dystopian fears would have us believe that the state is sowing the seeds of its own destruction by leading in the development of artificial intelligence. Consider state legislation introduced this year that would fine companies The end of repeal California is called earthquake country for good reason.

There are nearly 2, known fault lines crisscrossing the state, and scientists continue to discover new fault lines all the time.

Developmental Politics in Transition

Nearly every Californian lives within 30 miles of an active f Disincentives plague the U. Improving health outcomes requires reforms that remove these disincentives. With respect to health insurers, this means returning payers to their pr Joe Quirk of the Seasteading Institute joins us in San Francisco to talk about the audacious vision of building floating cities, where everyone is creative, prosperous and free.

These famous flops exemplify that failures are a part of life — even for multi-billion-dollar companies. In the private sector, successful companies This tax wo Anyone worried about an earthquake plunging California into the sea should be more concerned about what is really sinking the state: the cost of public-employee pensions.

By some measures, the competition among the states to attract business and new residents has never been more robust. With easier and less expensive travel options, increasingly ubiquitous high-speed broadband and more flexible work conditions, compan If you believe the civil engineers, then on top of current planned expenditures, the U. Paying off this debt is an important financial goal. Obviously, this beneficial goal would be more difficult to meet if the Legislature imposed arbitrary restricti They were warned and they knew better but they did it nonetheless. Continually legislate, never bother to contemplate.

In , economists David Card and Alan B. Krueger published a National Bureau of Economic Research Cultures from biblical times to the ancient Chinese have all expressed some form of the wisdom that the best form of charity is to prevent poverty in the first place. This wisdom is lacking today, particularly with respect to the U.

Unemployment is skyrocketing, infrastructure is degrading, and the exodus away from the island is accelerating. Structural reforms that will stabilize the financial crisis in the shor Tweaks do not turn bad regulatory proposals into good ones. And, when people spend money this way, they tend to disregard both the costs and the outcomes. Simply put, people Three problems, exemplified by the crises afflicting the public pension systems in Houston and Dallas, plague state and local pension systems across the country. First, state and local governments have only contributed 88 percent of the required annu No state needs to reform the relationship that governments have with public-employee unions more than California.

Yet lawmakers keep going in the wrong direction. Contract negotiations between government and the labor unions who represent the public This means b Passing a Due to inefficiencies in the current regulatory framework, pharmacy benefit managers can add cost to the healthcare system and impose burdens on both consumers and market competition, according to a new study released by the Pacific Research Institut Governments tend to target innovative industries that are too new to be regulated and single them out for punitive taxes and nasty abuse.

An obscure institute that most people have never heard of threatens to impose unwarranted restrictions on medically-advised treatments for patients. It may also be discoveri California has a grim housing problem and nearly everyone in the state, whether they have tried to buy or rent a home or not, is aware of it. California is home to six of the 10 cities with the worst air pollution in the country. This seems inconceivable, given that the state has the strictest environmental rules in the nation. Clearly, policymakers have been making the wrong choices.

The growing problem of health care affordability requires prompt and effective policy solutions. However, just as the wrong medical diagnosis will not cure a patient, and may make the patient even sicker, the wrong policy solution will not address th A more realistic evaluation of U. The case was the appeal of The Scandinavian nation, howev In a flurry of activity during its waning hours, the Obama administration hastily approved far too many ill-conceived regulations that will affect the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

In this rush to regulate, the outgoing administr The most unaffordable city in the world in which to rent a home is not New York or Tokyo or Hong Kong. While rising interest rates are an indication that the economic outlook is improving, the slow climb back to normal rates is a s Companies relocate to states where they are welcomed rather than vilified and preyed upon. Capital is moved to more jobs-friendly states. California leads the nation in manufacturing jobs with nearly 1.

Job growth in the sector is miserable.

We rank 24th in growth out of the 32 states that have more than , Imagine if you never had to directly pay for your morning cup of coffee again. Instead, a coffee insurer guaranteed that, for a small co-pay, you could enjoy a cup of coffee every morning. Sounds good? The catch, and there is always a catch, is Since , Taxes have risen, spending has increased, and The echoes were to a president who was viewed with as much alarm by the official Washingto Last month, the Army Corps of Engineers, pursuant to political pressure, reversed its prior decision and denied the final permit needed to complete construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The pretext: that the pipeline company, after years of pla Shortages can be avoided, but that will require lawmakers to think in ways that few have engaged in in The imminent repeal of the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare is garnering most of the health care headlines, and rightly so. But, the focus on Obamacare should not overshadow other health care modifications that may be considered during the th C More and more Oklahomans today are living in energy poverty.

Energy poverty is defined as spending more than 10 percent of your income on electricity, natural gas, and other household energy costs. More than half of those surveyed in a poll said Cutting wasteful government spending would be much easier if it were properly labeled. But, wasteful expenditures are never properly categorized as duplicitous, unnecessary, or unwarranted spending.

Instead, wasteful government expenditures masquerad Critics may say the recent Carrier deal, which will save American jobs, is small potatoes, but Mr. Wayne Winegarden — released on November 1st. This important study confirms that big federal governmen Energy poverty is on the rise across Arizona today. If you spend more than 10 percent of your income on electricity, natural gas, and other household energy costs, then you are afflicted by energy poverty. It is a tragedy that forces some families to It is a tragedy that forces some families to choose between keeping the lights on, or putting fo If you spend more than 10 percent of your income on electricity, natural gas, and other household energy costs, then you are afflicted by energy pove Even with the Presidential campaign mercifully coming to an end, there is more drama to come.

While there will be many epicenters, perhaps none will impact the daily lives of more citizens than the impending drama in the health care industry. Traditionally, customers carried their items away in paper bags provided by the store through an unspoken, but well-established and always understood, contract between seller and buyer. But the As documented in a September 18, story in the L.

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California has a state pension problem that defies partisan politics. Past pension promises may exceed the potential for pension asset growth.

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