Once I Walked In The Sun

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Unendowed with wealth or pity, Little birds with scarlet legs, Sitting on their speckled eggs, Eye each flu-infected city.

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Altogether elsewhere, vast Herds of reindeer move across Miles and miles of golden moss, Silently and very fast. Though warm my welcome everywhere, I shift so frequently, so fast, I cannot now say where I was The evening before last, Unless some singular event Should intervene to save the place, A truly asinine remark, A soul-bewitching face, Or blessed encounter, full of joy, Unscheduled on the Giesen Plan, With, here, an addict of Tolkien, There, a Charles Williams fan.

Since Merit but a dunghill is, I mount the rostrum unafraid: Indeed, 'twere damnable to ask If I am overpaid.

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Spirit is willing to repeat Without a qualm the same old talk, But Flesh is homesick for our snug Apartment in New York. A sulky fifty-six, he finds A change of mealtime utter hell, Grown far too crotchety to like A luxury hotel. Nor bear with equanimity The radio in students' cars, Muzak at breakfast, or--dear God!

Then, worst of all, the anxious thought, Each time my plane begins to sink And the No Smoking sign comes on: What will there be to drink?

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  3. years ago, John Muir walked across California and became the patron saint of environmentalism.
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  7. Is this a milieu where I must How grahamgreeneish! How infra dig! Snatch from the bottle in my bag An analeptic swig?

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    Another morning comes: I see, Dwindling below me on the plane, The roofs of one more audience I shall not see again. God bless the lot of them, although I don't remember which was which: God bless the U. Lake on the Hill Often I walk the dog at night. Once around the block, maybe twice, And sometimes we head up to the reservoir. If it's snowing, I put a little coat on the dog, Booties if they've salted the street.

    Everything you need is up there. You can see for miles and you've got a lake, Not large, the water black and still. Emptiness where the city ends and farmland begins, Lights of the houses below, and if you're quiet— Sounds you couldn't actually hear.

    Jane Monheit - Once i walked in the sun lyrics

    Clock ticking on the wall, pipes, A nightstand with a lamp, a desk, pencils in a cup— Then it's time for the dog to go home, Have a biscuit, go to bed. Sometimes there's a kid with a skateboard, No cars, they close the gates at dusk. Not really a lake: it's lined with concrete, The opposite of an island But it beckons, as islands do. I like arriving or leaving. Thimble, Block, Brigantine— When I burned my journals some of it caught Immediately, a brown stain Spreading from the center of each page. Some was stubborn: gray scraps Rising like messages in the air.

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    Muir had been working in a carriage parts shop in Indianapolis when he suffered an eye injury. The experience jolted him. He resolved to dive into nature, starting with a 1,mile walk through the American South.

    angels that have walked the sun and slept on the moon

    Next up was California, where Muir arrived by steamship in San Francisco on the evening of March 27, He set off by foot right away. But Peter Thomas, who studied the journey for a guidebook , said the naturalist took every chance to immerse into the wilds and likely sought shelter in communities he encountered along the way.

    California was different then, before industrial farming and freeways.

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    In Yosemite Valley, Muir found both rapture and a cause. He was so moved by its grandeur that he resolved to stay, finding work as a sheepherder and a saw mill operator and living for years in a small cabin he built along Yosemite Creek. In passionately worded magazine articles , he argued for the sanctity of the Sierra:. Convinced that more conservation battles would arise, he and his supporters founded the Sierra Club a couple years later.