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My argument is this:. A startup summit is taking place at your local co-working space, and you attended one of the talks. There is a Excuse me while I gag.

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Very few innovations are truly disruptive. The fact is, that a truly powerful way to talk about a new product or business is in Plain English. People and companies like that ruin the potential of what entrepreneurship could be and turn it into one superficial shit-ball of a mess. Entrepreneurship and all that it entails has many founding concepts that encourage abstract thinking and dream-like if not almost blind ambition. There tends to be a move away from concrete and clearly conceptualized ideas and the love for the abstract form of thinking has brought us ever so close to an abstract way of communication.

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These things take practice, like swimming. Learning anything well takes practice, understanding, and time.

How often do you pause to think about what these terms mean, and whether your definitions align with the definitions of the people around you? Being precise about language matters. Using terms that do not connect to concrete, widely-understood concepts is dangerous. But the fuzziness of our language also makes it easier for us to have fuzzy thoughts.

This matters because our goals as entrepreneurs should not be fuzzy: we have concrete things we want to accomplish.

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Our startups, businesses, and products are a means to an end. There are things we observe about reality lack of clean drinking water, air pollution, unemployment , and we want to change them. Q: In a recent survey, this is the thing bosses say bugs them most when employees do it. Q: A survey of recent male high school graduates revealed that this was their greatest fear.

Things We Should Never Wear Again

Q: You probably use one of these every day, and you got it for free. Q: A California University asked people "What are you most afraid of? Q: After 70 years of declining sales, the sales of pencils skyrocketed in the first part of this century. Q: 6, people in the U. Q: In a recent survey, American men said swimming with sharks was the scariest thing Q: In a recent survey "What's the most stressful thing you've ever done?

Q: The top three things found in junk drawers are: 3 Old keys 2 Rubberbands Now almost every home has one. What is it?

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