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Contestants go head-to-head against an ex-lover, defending their side of the story from the real life disaster relationship. In a mock courtroom setting, they are provided witty council, News and comedy collide in this satirical Northern Ireland chat show, where members of the public get to ask a panel of comedians their burning questions of the week. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

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Ending the blame game: The case for a new approach to public health and prevention

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Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Episodes Seasons. Learn more More Like This. Blame Game. Accept your fallibility as a route toward self-improvement. Try to make things better, but rest content that you live in an imperfect world.

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Embrace this imperfect universe and the fallible beings in it, yourself and others —and stop blaming people for it. This blog entry is dedicated to my friend and teacher, Dr.

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Albert Ellis, on the week of the fifth anniversary of his death. It commemorates and celebrates his revolutionary contributions to the field of psychotherapy , including key ideas contained herein. I feel that the way you group your Blame Categories is too general.

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And you make it sound like the person this is addressed to should be feeling guilty and like he is to blame for all. So lets say if a child is abused by parents as a kid and develops emotional problems, is that just blaming other and overreacting? Yes, blaming is a critical thinking mistake at times. In a work situation where the objective actions of one might have impacted the other, it is probably more appropriate to aim for rigourous thinking. But when emotions run high, must we not look past litteral discourse and consider what lies underneath the "blame game"?

Sometimes, especially in family situations, there is a deep well there.

The Blame Game (British TV programme) - Wikipedia

Blame is not always for the immediate slight. Dinner tardiness or whatever else. It's sometimes loaded with a prior, complex history. What if, a "blamer" just wants validation What if he wants validation for past claims lurking underneath this one When asked to do so, they often accuse the "accuser" of playing the blame game Is this refusal not really, at times, a way of putting the often correct "blamer" in their place?

A way to avoid responsibility? A way of bullying? An indirect insult? Yet, they are simply disguising their defensiveness. Critical thinkers, they are not. I find this to be a complex issue and not a simple function of litteral, critical thinking. Not to mention, in healthy environments where there is no need for defensiveness, I humbly find that people are happy to take responsibility, as a show of dignity.

Blamers can be bullies. Blamers can be unknown victims asking for acknowledgment. Blamers can have a point but be denied to low credibility. Blame "deniers" can also be bullies who evade responsibilities. Blame "deniers" can also be genuinely correct.

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Blame "deniers" can also be genuinely correct but accused of bullying due to past history. Blaming and blame-denying is sometimes a language of emotion, where all parties are bruised and where critical litteral thinking cannot apply Because most people could probably see the objective "truth" if they could. It tells people what to do, what to think and what to focus on Regardless of their indivual needs. It reads like a humanistic "get over yourself". What if this very message of "be bigger than this", already loops in these people's minds? What if blamers just needed to assert themselves, to the best of their abilities, before than can even hope to move on to greater goals?

When someone is "blameworthy", "mistake" is certainly not the only context this exists in. Sure, it can and does. Especially when the would be "blamer" witnesses a pattern of the same reasoning that clearly led to each and every blameworthy state of the other. To then see the ethical "flaws" that in most cases are INNATE, and then be relatively forced to decide, "am I going to continue to participate with this?

You either volunteer for torture arrogantly as a martyr , or just say "no", which is ignoring, self preservation or dismissing or whatever you want to call it. As much as "forgiveness" has been promoted righteously, it's a fairly dysfunctional act, again heavily marinated in arrogance and martyrdom. Most often it's a permission slip to do exactly the same again, as there were no consequences. Nature shows us differently. The problem is solved. They both forget about it instantly, baby bear now more than "understands", and will think twice about the same act next time.

When will most of the world wake up to Israel and too many Jews playing this game? Especially when worse atrocities have been done especially by Stalin. I have been disabled for the past 8 years and now mom is blaming me for things our dog does such as peeing in the house. She blames me due to my health problems and severe allergies and has to use my "expensive soap" to wash her throw blanket which the dog peed on when in reality she simply could have used her normal laundry detergent since I don't use that blanket.

She blames me for her decision to retire with my father and move us out to another state where dad wanted to live his whole life. She blames me for my my problems causing her so much grief and that she can't see her old friends since they live in her home state.

The Blame Game

I don't know how to respond to her rantings and I refuse to allow her to cause me to become depressed and possibly suicidal. This article did not say how to confront someone who is playing the blame game. I need some advice on how to redirect her anger back onto herself but I am at a loss. May i suggest popping on over to reddit. See Its Always Someone Fault. Well the only thing I came across was some people told on some dude then said he was the one telling but it was them telling on him.

I used to think this was called Dyslexia but I am not sure what this is called "now a days". Anyone have the name of the mental retardation that causes this? Taking responsibility for your mistakes is a healthy way to avoid making those same mistakes in the future. Blaming yourself for something that wasn't your fault doesn't accomplish anything productive and only serves to avoid addressing the real source of the problem.

It seems that there is an eagerness on the part of many therapists to shut down the blamers simply on principal without bothering to weigh the validity of their claims. This guy blames me for being honest with him and it feels like he's being picky. He wanted me to be honest and when i am he gets all pissy. Then he blames me for not knowing him when we only spoke for 3 weeks. Also, when the conversation doesnt go his way he gets upset and generalizes black women and latinas, calling them "naive and stupid" bringing up race just makes it worse because my race has nothing to do with his faults.

Brianna, get this guy out of your life. Even as a friend as he will make your life miserable trying to understand why you are to blame. Don't waste anymore time on him because he will only get worse. Best to you. Well for many of us men that really wanted to get married and have a family which it is the kind of women out there nowadays that have certainly Ruined it for many of us good men unfortunately since they have really Changed for the worst of all.

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