The Jewel Box - an historical erotic novella with lesbian themes

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Butler Invader Inheritor Precursor protagonist begins a relationship with his female and very alien bodyguard Defender Explorer Chanur series secondary species that has three sexes and whose members can, when put under stress, spontaneously change sex The Pride of Chanur starts the series Clarke, Arthur C.

“The Handmaiden” and the Freedom Women Find Only with One Another | The New Yorker

Set in alternate late medireview period; evil sorcerers who serve a tyrant and use magic pased on pain; good mages whose magic is based on pleasure. Strong emotional involvement between the two protagonists. Hermaphrodites accepted in more advanced culture nearby. All adolescents know how to please both sexes, since they have been both male and female. After a childhood and adolesence of switching sexes, the young adults of a future village must choose to be male, female, or both Hermaphrodite and driven from the community for the rest of their lives.

Slightly homophobic society. Also it is hinted at a future relationship between the hero and his best friend elf. I have small children, and the sexual predation is too disturbing to me. Not a very good read, even without the things that offended me. Lightwing SF aliens and human-mutants with alternative sexualities, eg. Heinlein, Robert A. Fantasy, homosexual and bisexual characters, reccomended. Despite that little flaw, however, I still highly recommend this series.

This holds true for both humans and an older race on the planet. Stirling The Sharpest Edge with Stirling lesbian was reprinted as Saber and Shadow, almost the same story but with some changes in the early chapters which were apparently made so that The Cage makes more sense. The Girls left long ago, to explore space. Stardance quite good Starseed Mindkiller bondage; bi female; asexual, etc. Portia Da Costa. A Rake for Christmas. Ann Lethbridge. Seducing Stephen.

Bonnie Dee.

The Jewel Box

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