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Girls make their way to school in Niger. Our research shows that adolescent girls are one of the groups most at risk when disasters strike. Disasters overwhelmingly affect the countries that can least afford to deal with them — 9 out of 10 take place in the developing world.

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Get our newsletter to learn about our work with girls Risks faced by children and their communities, both natural and human induced shocks and stresses, are escalating. Adolescent girls are especially vulnerable to disasters as they begin to assume adult responsibilities and roles without the key skills and networks adults have.

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Moreover, adolescent girls are often overlooked and excluded from protection responses, which fail to address their unique vulnerabilities. The Sendai Framework outlines the 7 global targets to reduce disaster risk and build resilience. By Maya Salam. By Victor Mather. Women Crash the Pool Party The swimming pool scene, a symbol of summer and male desire, gets an infusion of female fantasy.

By Amanda Hess. Katz vs. By Azi Paybarah. By Richard C. Paddock and Muktita Suhartono.

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By Margaret Lyons. By Tariq Panja.

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