Transitional Justice in Rwanda: Accountability for Atrocity

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Alongside other transitional justice mechanisms, prosecutions give recognition to the suffering of the victims and their families and contribute to the restoration of some of the dignity or integrity that they lost or was severely damaged. Knowing what happened in the past, who was responsible and why it happened, paves the way to preventing a recurrence of violence, to putting in place early warning mechanisms and in general, to developing strategies for prevention.

In this regard, the work developed in the pursuit of justice by national jurisdiction as well as international jurisdictions such as the International Criminal Court, the ad hoc international tribunals and the hybrid courts, has been instrumental in creating a culture of accountability throughout the world and in educating societies and influencing future generations on the importance of the respect for human rights norms and principles, as well as on the lessons we can learn from past crimes.

Welcome to the United Nations. Atrocity Crimes. Accountability A woman testifies in the trial of former Guatemalan military dictator.

Transitional Justice in Rwanda: Accountability for Atrocity - Genocide Research Hub

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Transitional Justice: Seeking Truth and Accountability for Systematic Human Rights Violations

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Transitional justice in Rwanda : accountability for atrocity, Gerald Gahima

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1. Introduction: The Definition and Historical Evolution of Transitional Justice

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