Transnationalisierungsstrategien europäischer Automobilhersteller (German Edition)

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New Features for Administrators. Niveau intermediaire. Konstruktionsgruppe 7. Pancerniki Kieszonkowe, cz. Exporters, edition Ultrasound and Sonochemistry in the Treatment of Contaminated Soils The ethics of doping and anti-doping redeeming the soul of sport? Competitive Intelligence 2. Series]- A. Dreyer, et.

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Erzieher zur Demokratie. So durchschauen Sie die Methoden der Drahtzieher! Forbush Das Schwarzbuch des Kommunismus 2. Ausschreibung - Vergabe - Abrechnung, 6. Zucker im Tank oder Die Hehlerbande. Ab 10 J. Department of Energy. Fundamentals Handbook. Repair Manual supplement for chassis body. Band 2. Stosunki poddancze w dawnej Galicji. Washington, DC: Mage. Building States to Build Peace.

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Fausto Scarinzi Edelstein, David M. Nicholas Marsh Figes, Orlando, London: Penguin. Montefiore, Simon Sebag, Young Stalin. Thacker, A Centripetal Theory of Democratic Governance. A Savage War of Peace: Algeria — Monica Hanssen Kool, V. The Psychology of Nonviolence and Aggression.

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Busemeyer Pension income replacement: permanent and transitory determinants Alexander Hicks; Kendralin Freeman The varieties of high-skilled immigration policies: coalitions and policy outputs in advanced industrial countries Oligarchization, formalization, adaptation? Five propositions on political time Klaus H. Goetz The temporal constitution of the European Commission: a timely investigation Luc Tholoniat Do elections set the pace?

Goetz Vol. The case of medicines licensing Boris Hauray; Philippe Urfalino The role of independent regulatory agencies in policy-making: a comparative analysis Martino Maggetti The role of ideas in policy transfer: the case of UK smoking bans since devolution Paul Cairney Vol. EMU's teenage challenge: what have we learned and can we predict from political science? Henrik Enderlein; Amy Verdun EMU and political union: what, if anything, have we learned from the euro's first decade? Dermot Hodson On consensus, constraint and choice: economic and monetary integration and Europe's welfare states H.

Banducci; Jeffrey A. Karp; Peter H. Loedel EMU: the last stand for the policy convergence hypothesis? David H. Jennifer Clapp Vol. Andrew D. Globalization and the State James H. Gills Vol. Gent Power or Plenty? Michael Greig, Patrick M. Bearce Judicialization Matters! Hellwig, Eve M. Ringsmuth, John R. Janik, Michael J. Butler, Scott W. Bartilow, D. Shannon Lindsey Blanton, Robert G. Blanton Why Do Soldiers Rape? Ann Tickner, Andrei P.

William A. The Case of China Valerie M. Mariya Y. Henry R. Peter J. Matthew J. Kal J. Thayer Consuming Concerns M. Andrei P. Brown International Peacekeeping Vol. Holt; Alix J. Gorm Rye Olsen Effective Multilateralism? Hans B. Rogers, Kazi F. Jalal and John A. Borras, Jr. Benedict J. Mittelman Vol. The dynamics of violent conflict and state weakness in Sudan Benjamin R. Maitre Realities of War: global development, growing destructiveness and the coming of a new Dark Age? Borer; Sean F. Everton; Moises M. Berger Vol. Weiss Choosing Words with Care?

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Ralph Lessmeister Why selling dreams brings power, but making dreams come true does not: governance, power and coordination in special tourism value chains Millennium Vol. Ferguson and Richard W.

Sharpe, , pp. Aditya K. Rondinelli and John M. Manish K. Klaus Happel London: Pluto Press, , pp. Aldrich Post-Hegemonic Climate Politics? Matthew Paterson Vol. Smith World Politics Vol. Scruggs and James P. Leiva, Jerry R. Crona Are We Getting There? Benders, Henri C. Moll, Jeroen P. LeClair Vol. Adams Jr. Martin Ravallion Broken Chain? Phelps, John C. Nagarajan Is Irrigation Water Free?

Barrett, David R. Michael T. Reza Arabsheibani, Francisco G. Bedi, Robert Sparrow 78 Vol. Jochen Hills Praktisch gedacht! Interview mit Sarah Diehl Politik mit Stellvertretern. Cass 82 The climate regime and domestic politics: the case of Russia Liliana B. The second image reversed in climate politics Oriol Costa Linking as leverage: emissions trading and the politics of climate change Richard Benwell Domestic politics and climate change: international public goods in two-level games Stephan Kroll; Jason F. Shogren Environmental security and climate change: analysing the discourse Maria Julia Trombetta Securitizing climate change: international legal implications and obstacles Shirley V Scott Inequality and the global climate regime: breaking the north-south impasse Bradley C.

Harris Vol. Allinson; Alexander Anievas The Atlantic as a vector of uneven and combined development Robbie Shilliam How to solve the many-state problem: a reply to the debate Alex Callinicos Basic problems in the theory of uneven and combined development: a reply to the CRIA forum Justin Rosenberg Autobiographical reflections on bridging the policy—academy divide Stephen D.

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Boykoff, Michael K. Spatial politics and cultural significance of high-resolution satellite imagery The creative and cultural economy and the recession Andy C. Marx in circulation Geoff Mann Vol. Damodaran What exactly is corporate responsibility towards nature? Kerry Turner, Paul Morling Identifying cost-effective hotspots for restoring natural capital and enhancing landscape multifunctionality Neville D.

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Petersen The shadow price of assimilative capacity in optimal flow pollution control Marc Leandri The economic impacts of drought on the economy of Iran: An integration of linear programming and macroeconometric modelling approaches Habibollah Salami, Naser Shahnooshi, Kenneth J.

August-Wilhelm Scheer: Deutschland ohne digitale Strategie

Thomson Pollution and life expectancy: How environmental policy can promote growth Xavier Pautrel The water footprint of energy from biomass: A quantitative assessment and consequences of an increasing share of bio-energy in energy supply P. Gerbens-Leenes, A. Hoekstra, Th. Dabrowski, K. Murray, P.

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Teague, U. Kreuter, W. Grant, H. Diaz-Solis, M. Kothmann Asymmetric information, signaling and environmental taxes in oligopoly Manel Antelo, Maria L. Novo, A. Garrido, C. Varela-Ortega Habitat preservation and restoration: Do homebuyers have preferences for quality habitat? Bark, D. Osgood, B. Colby, G. Katz, J. Stromberg Stability of international climate coalitions — A comparison of transfer schemes Miyuki Nagashima, Rob Dellink, Ekko van Ierland, Hans-Peter Weikard Buy local, pollute less: What drives households to join a community supported farm?

Coggins, Patrick L. Brezonik, Heinz G. Stefan Polycentricity, reciprocity, and farmer adoption of conservation practices under community-based governance Graham R. Marshall The dynamics of optimal abatement strategies for multiple pollutants—An illustration in the Greenhouse Ulf Moslener, Till Requate The total economic value of threatened, endangered and rare species: An updated meta-analysis Leslie Richardson, John Loomis Social capital in community level environmental governance: A critique Hiroe Ishihara, Unai Pascual 94 Vol.

Shahzeen Z. Attari, Mary Schoen, Cliff I. Davidson, Michael L. Amacher, Frank D. Merry, Maria S. Bowman Towards an integrated model of socioeconomic biodiversity drivers, pressures and impacts. Singh, Angheluta Vadineanu Upstream—downstream transactions and watershed externalities: Experimental evidence from Kenya B. Kelsey Jack Environmental justice and enforcement of the safe drinking water act: The Arizona arsenic experience Dennis C.

Cory, Tauhidur Rahman Environmental criteria in the public purchases above the EU threshold values by three Nordic countries: and A. Nissinen, K. Parikka-Alhola, H. Empirical evidence of diverging views in Switzerland and New Zealand Philipp Aerni Ambient-based pollution mechanisms: A comparison of homogeneous and heterogeneous groups of emitters Jordan F. Suter, Christian A. Vossler, Gregory L. What is the environmental performance index overlooking? Moran, Mathis C. Wackernagel, Justin A.

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Combes Motel The dispersion and development of consumer preferences for genetically modified food — A meta-analysis Astrid Dannenberg The neoclassical production function as a relic of anti-George politics: Implications for ecological economics Brian Czech Valuation in morally charged situations: The role of deontological stances and intuition for trade-off making Susanne Menzel, Arnim Wiek An institutional analysis of methods for environmental appraisal Arild Vatn An economic approach to environmental indices Moriah J. Bellenger, Alan T. Avila-Foucat, C. Perrings, D.

Raffaelli Environmental efficiency measurement with translog distance functions: A parametric approach Rafael A. Cuesta, C. Koo Willingness of homeowners to mitigate climate risk through insurance W. Botzen, J. Aerts, J. Thomassen, M. Dolman, K. Rees Understanding the use of non-compensatory decision rules in discrete choice experiments: The role of emotions Jorge E. Bullard Livestock depredation by wolves and the ranching economy in the Northwestern U. Tyler B. Muhly, Marco Musiani Evaluation and effectiveness of breeding and production services for dairy goat farmers in Kenya R.

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Germain Beware what you wish for: Lessons for international political economy from the transformation of economics Robert Wade Mid-Atlantic: Sitting on the knife's sharp edge Peter J. Katzenstein Striking a nerve Benjamin J. Cohen Vol. Brian Burgoon A comparative political economy of diversified business groups, or how states organize big business Ben Ross Schneider Mancur Olson and structural economic change: Vested interests and the industrial rise and fall of the great powers Espen Moe Migration as development strategy?

The new political economy of dispossession and inequality in the Americas Nicola Phillips Pollution export as state and corporate strategy: Japan in the s Derek Hall Asian Development Bank, policy conditionalities and the social democratic governance: Kerala Model under pressure?


The World Bank and international development lending in the twenty-first century Susan Park Review Essay: Whose globalization is it anyway? Carole Biau Historical Materialism Vol. Cho, Daniel K. Dollar as a Reserve Currency? What's Class Got to Do with It? Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press. John Brueggemann, and T. Ralph Peters Jr. Paul A. Milan: Jaca Books, Chicago: Haymarket Books, London: Profile Books, Carl Packman Vol.

Hobson Vol. John Bellamy Foster and Robert W. Michael A.

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Lebowitz Vol. Yates Z. Zeitschrift marxistische Erneuerung Heft 76, Dez. Wirkungsgeschichte des II. Zu den Bedingungen einer materialistischen Spekulation bzw. Losurdos Nietzsche-Rekonstruktion Nr. Phoebe Moore and Paul A. Global competitiveness and the politics of policies in Latin America Greig Charnock Trade unions, civil society organisations and health reforms Jane Lethbridge grundrisse Nr.

Behr mehr fragen. Zur Analyse von Geopolitik und Imperialismus. Neofaschismus und Antiziganismus in Ungarn G. Erneuerung oder Revisionismus in der kommunistischen Bewegung? Andrea Grisold The Making of Ideologies. Amerika, das Land der Medien? Thomas, Mathew Coleman After Geopolitics? Feldman, Georgia M. Weidong Liu Where is the bridge? Why it is wrong to apply the medical model of research governance to human geography Suzanne Reimer Geographies of production II: fashion, creativity and fragmented labour Joanne Sharp Geography and gender: what belongs to feminist geography?

Emotion, power and change Jeff Popke Geography and ethics: non-representational encounters, collective responsibility and economic difference Jeremy W. Crampton Cartography: maps 2. Stockholm: Stockholm University Press. Thomas Harvey Book review: Heffernan, M. Tourism and indigenous peoples.

Bristol: Intellect Books.