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Journey into the woods where you will discover a cabin surrounded by snow, filled with secrets…. Don't wait for the snow to melt before you uncover these stories of love, loss, and self-discovery. All the stories in this volume are excellent, well-written, and in some cases, deeply thought provoking. At no time did I feel compelled to skip forward.

Several stories, however, stood out above the others, in my opinion. The first that struck a chord in me was Red Snow , by Debra Goelz. This is a true fairy tale, harsh, violent, magical, and mysterious. Children are disappearing in the forest, for reasons both frightening and sinister. I wanted to know more about Daphne, and why she was tied to the forest as she was.

Goelz presents the situation, doling out information in just the right bits so that when the final denouement comes, it is both in keeping with the tone of the tale and satisfying. The second story that resonated and left me thinking was Faun , by Gavin Hetherington. Faun is another fairy tale, this one featuring a boy of sixteen, who is on a Christmas vacation in a cabin the woods with his family.

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Freddie is at odds with them over something that fundamental to him but which deeply offends his father and has been ostracized. After a quarrel at dinner, he runs away into a blizzard, finding his way to a nearby village. What he finds in the village is both moving and heartwarming. The third story that I want to talk about is by one of my favorite authors, Shaun Allan. The fact that his work was featured in this anthology was why I purchased it in the first place.

Wings is a journey into despair and the need to be loved. This is the least busy the parks will be all day, so it is the best time to visit the most popular rides. If you are staying on-site at one of Universal's hotels , take advantage of Early Park Admission to the parks, especially Volcano Bay. We have several park plans for Universal that were created with families in mind. You can see them here or via our app you can also tailor one of our preset plans to your own needs using the app. We've covered a lot of ground here.

Have questions about Universal Express Pass that we haven't answered? Share them in comments below! Hi, I'm looking at coming with my family early to mid November - would it be possible to see both parks in a day with an express pass or would we be better doing both parks in two days with no express pass? If I order my hotel stay through you guys and tickets through you guys and stay at portofino could I still get the Unlimited Express Pass for free??? Or do I need to buy direct from Universal? More of a question: We are staying at the Royal Pacific for one night.

A few things to keep in mind: You would need to check in first because your hotel key serves as proof for Early Park Admission. Your room may not be ready, but you could leave any bags at Luggage Services to hold for you. Give yourself plenty of time to check in and arrive at the parks, but otherwise, we suspect you should be able to enter that morning of! Looking to go on Dec 16th of this year to 1 day - park to park.

Am I able to buy both discount tickets and fast passes through undercover tourist? We are looking to go the week of August 17th for 5 days do we need an express pass. Is the crowd calendar still accurate with the new Harry Potter ride? Will the new ride use express pass? It won't be absolutely necessary at this time, but they are always great if you do :. The new ride is using a virtual queue system separate from Universal Express as of now. It will be busy!

Check out our Crowd Calendar. I will be there with my two teenage Sons, one day universal, one day Islands of Adventure. We will be at the parks July 16th and 17th. Should we get the express pass? Hello we are looking at going the last week of Janaury , getting in Monday checking out Saturday. Do you think we would need the express pass, I like the idea of a family suite at the cheaper hotel but if the express pass is a must I could do one of the top tier hotels as the pass cost per day makes up for the cost of the room difference.

Thank you. There will be two adults and three children. You'll have access to Express Pass on both check-in and check out days, and they're ready to get things rolling for you early! Your room may not be ready just yet, but they can hold your bags and get you your Express Passes. Since it's the week of Easter, crowds may be increased, so we'd recommend springing for Express Pass if you're able.

Have a frogtastic trip! We are going to Universal for the first time October and staying on property at the Cabana, for that time of year do we need the express pass? So what does avg crowd mean? How long should we expect the lines to be? We are planning a Feb trip. Wait times can vary per ride and park hours can be shorter in February, meaning you may have less time to do it all in. Expect a line for each ride. Even if lines were on average 25 to 45 minutes, an Express Pass makes it easy to do each ride by eliminating the wait time. Keep in mind that some of the ride experiences are quite long like the 1-hour Studio Tour or the lengthy process of going on The Simpsons even with the Express Pass, so being able to shave off time where you can will come in handy, especially if you want to see some shows.

So we are planning on a 3 day pass, 3 park to park.

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We want to go one day on a Thursday than explore Florida on Friday and go back to Universal on Saturday and Sunday to complete our 3 day pass. Would that be ok to do? Or do we have to use the 3 days in a row like Friday to Sunday? Generally speaking, the tickets tend to be valid for 3 days within any 7 calendar days, so they do not need to be used consecutively. However, be sure to check out the fine print on your ticket to be certain you can also find this information on your e-ticket. We want to stay on the lowes hotel and benefit from the unlimitted pass. Can they be shared?

Does the pass have your picture on it? If you're staying at a premium Universal hotel Portofino, Hard Rock or Royal Pacific , each guest in the room is eligible for the Unlimited Express pass, so you'd be all set! If you are not staying at a premium Universal hotel that offers this included benefit, the passes are non-transferrable and do have your photo on them. Hi, we are a family of four going to WDW next year on spring break high crowds. Would it be cheaper to get a one night hotel reservation at one of the three participating than buying four separate passes? We will be staying on property at Disney.

I am considering booking a night at one of the Universal Hotels that includes universal fast passes. What time, on the first check- in day are the fast passes ready to use? That may certainly be worth looking into! I thought there was one hotel that offered fast passes that was not one of the 3 on site hotels.

Maybe a Hilton or Embassy Suites??? Anyone know? To our knowledge, it's only select Universal hotels that offer this benefit - but others in the Frog Pond may have some insight! As you don't specify the exact date for the express pass when you purchse it, is there a chnace that I could turn up on the day and find out the park has run out of express passes for that particular day?

Or does purchasing the express pass on this site guarantee you can get expres on any day within the valid ticket dates ie non-peak during April. Good morning! Would I be able to buy the park tickets through undercover tourist and still work with the express passes? Is there still any strategy with the rides with a universal express pass?

Eg which rides should be taken first. There sure is! You can find our park planning guides here. Hop back if you have any questions! This is a great question! You could try it, but I think it defeats the "spirit" of how single rider line is supposed to work.

We will be at universal first week of June and have already bought general admission tickets. Can I buy just express passes on line. Will it be more buying them separate or is that how it works? For Universal Orlando, you're able to purchase your Express Pass online ahead of time here. Of course, if there's extra time I'm sure we'd take part in other rides as well. The Wizarding World is a popular area, so it really just depends on your threshold for waiting in line. We love the extra time to relax and drink a butterbeer AND the ability to ride multiple times if we get Unlimited!

If your party includes tadpoles, we'd definitely spring for the Express Pass. We will be at universal june 9th and 10th, will we be ok if we dont get express passes or will the lines be crazy? Those days are slated at an 8 and 7 according to the Crowd Calendar , so if you can spring for it, we recommend Express Passes. Hi there, Ive bought my tickets for universal and trying to figure out the most cost effective way of buying express passes.

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If I book 1 night at the Hard Rock Hotel, do we get the unlimited express passes for both full days either side of the night we are staying?? This seems to good to be true!! That's correct - your Express Pass is valid for both check-in and departure days when staying at a Premier hotel such as the Hard Rock. We are going to Universal for Spring Break. I am wondering if you have heard of the VIP and how it works in camparison to the express pass. The VIP tour in comparison to Express passes includes additional perks like priority front-of-the-line access, behind-the-scenes experiences, complimentary valet parking and meals the amount depends on private VIP or group VIP , whereas either Express Unlimited or Express only get you to skip the regular line to a certain point.

I am heading to Universal next week. Express Passes do NOT work during Early Park Admission though in theory, lines should be short enough that you shouldn't need them at that time and can instead save the passes for a busier time in the day :.

A Forbidden Love

Is there an option to pick up if you stay at an on-property resort? Otherwise, you can save time by purchasing the Express Pass ahead of time online to be scanned when you enter the park, or you can purchase these directly from a ticket booth prior to entering the park, or select gift shops and kiosks once you enter the park. I have purchased 2 parks, park to park 2 days plus 2 days tickets. Does it sounds like a good plan to you? Or will you suggest me to buy express pass on the other day in order to achieve better price-performance ratio?

If I stay at one of the Premier Hotels, will the tickets purchased from this website be able to get the included Express pass that comes with staying at the hotel? I have a question regarding the hotel express pass, are they personalized to each family member? Will we need to ensure each member has the correct room key card or as long as they have any key card it will be scanned and is fine?

Thank you! Are you staying at one of the hotels offering Unlimited Express? If so, you would be able to use it on your date of check-in through your date of check-out. If you are only planning to visit the parks for one day, you would be able to use Unlimited Express for that day provided that was during your hotel stay. If you are not staying at a hotel offering Unlimited Express, you could purchase the Express Pass for the date you plan to visit the park.

We are coming for the Canada Spring Break March and are staying at Cabana Bay for the time and we are thinking of getting the 3 park pass and I'm wondering if or how they track entrance. We have a friend coming for 2 days and staying with us and I'm wondering if they used one of our passes could they go into the waterpark.

They didn't really want to spend a day there but simply check it out so were trying to save the cost of a full day ticket. The parks use fingerprint technology to match the ticket to the ticket holder as they enter, so everyone will need their own ticket. That day looks pretty low in terms of crowds according to the Crowd Calendar yay! If you're looking to tackle a lot in one day, or even get to the parks and find things aren't moving as quickly as you anticipated, you can try to upgrade on-site.

We are coming June 9 - 13, We are planning on staying off-site and purchasing 2 park 3 day unlimited express pass. And when I pick my dates for some reason June 12 is not available. I am new to Universal Studios. Any help or advice would be appreciated. I am not sure why June 12 is not available, but yes, if you purchase the Unlimited Express for both parks during your entire visit, you would be able to use the Express entrance for every ride. This does not mean you won't have a wait, but it will be a significantly reduced wait as you skip the majority of the regular line.

Hi, if you take advantage of the hotels for the express pass what time can you collect them on day 1 please? Great question! While your room may not be ready first thing in the morning, you are able to pre-register for check in and collect your Express Passes as early as you'd like, leave your luggage and head to rope drop at the parks.

We are visiting Mar this year.

See a Problem?

Planning to stay at Hard Rock. Can we check in at 9 in the morning to get fast passes to use at the park? Do you think we need express passes during that time or we can stay at different hotel? March does look fairly busy based on our Crowd Calendar , so we think your plan of staying at the Hard Rock and taking advantage of Universal Express is a great one!

I am planning on visiting Universal on Feb. I have 1 day to visit Universal and the Express passes are too much for me. Do I have any shot at getting on rides at both parks or am I better off focusing on just one. This really depends on a few factors, most importantly, what your must-do rides are.

It's pretty easy to hop between parks since they're so close, but you would still cover more ground staying in just one. If it were up to us, we'd hop, but it's up to you!

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I am trying to plan a trip for me and my 6 children but the only month that we can go is in July. Do you know how long the wait time would be for the rides? Wait times vary, but you can toadally make the most of it even during the busiest times. Here are our best tips for saving time at theme parks.

The crowd calendar shows low crowds for our entire stay. Never having been before, we have 4 days to roam the parks and I am wondering if we even need the Express Passes. I'd love to save money if I can and stay at a lower cost hotel if you don't think we'll need them. I don't think you will need them during this time, especially given your length of stay.

That said, you could always add them on when when you're in the parks if you decide you do! This is a great question, and we're so hoppy to help! The decision to use a park plan is a personal one and based largely on what I like to think of as "vacation" style. Some people wouldn't dream of following a plan on vacation, even if it was a crazy busy time. Lucky for you both, you're visiting during one of the best times of the year as far as crowds go, you're spending three days in the parks, and you have Universal Express Unlimited. Based on those reasons, I don't think you need to stick to a strict plan, although you could certainly start with the plan and then see how far you are getting that first day and adjust.

Having a general game plan and hitting the most popular rides first is always a good idea you can use our general park maps to see these , but having Unlimited Express is going to be a massive game changer, especially this time of year. Hi and Happy New Year! I have been following your posts and did look at the crowd predictor for our time at Universal the last week of July.

We have 4 teenagers and are debating staying in Cabana Bay 2 bedroom suite vs staying at the Portofino to have the Express Pass. Can you tell me an average of how much time the Express Pass saves on rides such as Harry Potter? The Unlimited Express, which is what you get staying at select hotels, can be used an unlimited amount of times.

While we can't give you an actual number, we'd say you could likely double the number of rides you are able to go on per day with it. And to have it the whole time is a nice perk, especially with teenagrs! You didn't mention what rooms you are looking at with Portofino, but two standard rooms at Portofino will be larger than the 2-bedroom suites at Cabana.

If it were up to us, we'd go with Portofino, but you could also price out Cabana and add on the cost of Express passes and see how it compares to Portofino with Express included. Keep in mind there are a limited number of two-bedroom suites at Cabana, so if you're going to do this, you need to book ASAP! Will we be able to get in all the rides with an unlimited express pass even though it may be very crowded with Presidents' Week?

Yes, you will have access to Unlimited Universal Express during your visit, and you will be glad to have them during this busy time! We only have one free day on a trip to Orlando in January. If we get there at opening, can we do all the major rides at both Universal and Islands of Adventure in one day with Express Pass? I've read that if the line isn't too bad at Kong, it would be better to go in the regular queue because of the queue experience - is that true? Any other rides like that? We initially thought we'd just do one day but my daughter is a huge Harry Potter fan so I'm wondering if I should do 2 days to cover all the HP attractions with small children 8yo and 4yo.

I understand that if I stay in a Universal premier hotel for one night, I'll get the Express pass for both day of check-in and day of check-out.

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But do I need to purchase a 2 day park-to-park pass then? Staying on-site at a hotel that offers Unlimited Express is a great idea! You will still need to purchase park admission for everyone, and a park-to-park ticket is required to ride the Hogwarts Express. You should definitely be able to do it all late Jan.

How can I get the express pass before 4pm? You should be receiving your first email soon! Thanks for being a part of the family. In order to save your favorite items, you'll need to create an account. Already have one? Sign in. Enter for a chance to win a 3-night hotel stay and theme park tickets to Universal Orlando Resort! Contact us 7 days a week! Sign Up Log in 0. Why Book With Us? We offer the best rates available. We've already researched the details most important to families.

Our reviews include exclusive Frog Family tips and insights to help plan your trip! We have expert Customer Service agents to help with any questions.

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Check-In Required. Check-Out Required. Children Accessible Rooms. Search Hotels Add Multiple Rooms. Pick-up Location Required. Return Location Required. Pick-up Date Required. Return Date Required. Search Car Deals. Visit Blog Home. How Much Is Universal Express? Anytime it's free. When the parks are expected to be super busy. If you only have a day and want to see as much as possible. Is Universal Express Worth It? Buy your tickets in advance. Arrive at the parks ahead of official opening.

Follow a park plan. Use the Single Rider lines. As mentioned above, the Single Rider line is often even faster than Universal Express. Comments Leave a Comment. Jul 2, at a. Marcelo Says Can you please tell me how much is the express pass?? No I am not staying at any of the hotels that offer it as part of their package Reply. Jul 2, at p. FrogBlog Says Hi Marcelo! Keep hopping! Leap Reply. Jun 25, at p. Sam Says Jun 24, at p.

Heather Novotney Says Hi Heather, Yes, you will get Universal Express if you purchase your hotel room through us! Jun 19, at p. Trace Nyhagen Says Hi Trace, A few things to keep in mind: You would need to check in first because your hotel key serves as proof for Early Park Admission.

Jun 17, at a. Jonathan Says Jun 18, at p. Hi Jonathan, You can purchase discount tickets from us, but we don't offer Express Pass at this time! Jun 14, at p. Mary Avin Says HI, We are looking to go the week of August 17th for 5 days do we need an express pass. Thank you Reply. Hi Mary, It won't be absolutely necessary at this time, but they are always great if you do :. Jun 14, at a. Amber Says My husband and 3 teenage kiddos will be there July do you recommend the universal pass?

Hi Amber, Yes, those would be great days to get it! Jun 13, at p. Cosmo Says Hello, How busy will it be from july Reply. Hi Cosmo, It will be busy! Jun 9, at p. Robin R Stull Says Jun 10, at a. Hi Robin! May 31, at p. Hi Jennifer! May 31, at a. Dana Bonham Says Hi Dana! May 30, at p.