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At one end, manufacturing is continuous. At the other end, it is highly intermittent. The other two environments are Continuous Process and Batch Process.

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Traditionally, more automation was added as one moved from Job Shop toward Repetitive. Engineers would design products to be made by equipment versus by people. The more volume, the less people. For 3D printing, assuming each printer is running full speed, one adds floor space for another printer, and so on. In some ways it harkens back to the pre-automation days of clothing and shoe manufacturers. If volume increased, one would add another person with a sewing machine to make the extra garments.

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This perspective is grounding. Back to the future? Maybe, but it creates many new and competing trade-off decisions when planning products and their various design and manufacturing alternatives. Radical Transformation of Design Methods: There are already numerous examples where dozens of parts in an assembly have been replaced by a handful of 3D-printed ones. The implications are enormous.

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Entire sectors of the supply chain will be affected, such as the fastener industry as assemblies consolidate into fewer parts. In factories, space requirements will change. Sections of the factory that produced intermediate stages of the product will decline, while families of additive equipment will occupy more space. Global portability of operations will increase. Capacity can be quickly located anywhere there is power and telecom. Lastly, industry segments where 3D printing directly turns out finished product will turn into service industries.

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This has big ramifications for the transportation industry. There is nary an engineer these days who doesn't prefer to iterate a design to success rather than plan a design to success. Iterative design values have become widespread in the past decade, driven by the necessary incrementalism of product design during the Great Recession and the continued maturation of software development and launch techniques. Main article: Imaging and Coating. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Four Primary Types of Manufacturing Processes

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