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New Book. Delivered from our UK warehouse in 4 to 14 business days. Established seller since Seller Inventory IQ More information about this seller Contact this seller. Dar Alberg illustrator. Language: English. Brand new Book. Cursed by her own words, she is unable to distinguish truth from lies-even her own.

It's his duty to determine if Rosalind is a Nephilim and perhaps destroy her. When Sariel comes for Alyssa's ward, more than the girl's fate hangs in the balance. The Daughters of Man are forbidden Sariel. Seller Inventory APC Shipped from US within 10 to 14 business days. Paperback or Softback. Echoes and Embers: Rebel Angels. Seller Inventory BBS Book Description Anything-but-Ordinary Publishing, Seller Inventory M Book Description Anything-but-Ordinary Publishi, His objective was specific, but far from simple.

The outcome of his decision would determine her fate. He must be certain before he passed judgment. Complex and convoluted, the specifics of her nature eluded him. Most humans were simple to interpret, transparent despite their hypocrisy. He sensed something more within this girl. But what accounted for the complexity? Was she aware of the duality within her being? Could she control the opposing forces or were they controlling her? Testing the accuracy of his instincts, he tried to picture her.

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Her head would come no higher than his chin, but he was uncommonly tall. Dark hair, sable brown—not black—with no curl or wave to distract from its gleam. He heard her take a step away and opened his eyes. This opportunity must not slip away.

Echoes and Embers: Rebel Angels (Volume 2)

I was not praying. He halted her retreat with a smile.

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I was committing the murals to memory. She was just as he had pictured, petite, dark-haired, pretty. Sky blue eyes dominated her delicate features. Where is Father Myron? Taking a step back, Sariel hoped to ease the sudden tension in her tone. The priest went to arrange lodgings for me. The girl smiled, a deep blush coloring the crest of her cheeks. I am Lady Rosalind Monthamn.

He made a gallant bow and broadened his smile. How fortuitous that our paths should cross. Despite her hesitation, she assessed him far too boldly.

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  6. A less honorable man might indulge her curiosity, but his interest in Rosalind Monthamn had nothing to do with pleasures of the flesh. The original designs were painted by Naomi of Monthamn around A restoration took place about a hundred years later, and the murals, which preserved the original scenes, were done by my grandmother just before Sariel studied her expression.

    Please, accept my apology. Again her voice belied the pain visible in her gaze. He nodded, turning to the largest of the six scenes.

    See a Problem?

    Three angels fought back to back, their flaming swords poised to strike the attacking demons. These angels seem rather fierce, far more warriors than messengers of God. She swept her hand toward the far end of the wall. That one is my favorite. She continued to paint, but no one managed to convince her to undertake the ceiling. Sariel smiled as his attention focused on the final scene. A lovely woman stood surrounded by five children, three male, two female. Behind her stood a dark-haired angel with piercing golden eyes.

    His hands rested on the shoulders of the woman and his wings spread wide, sheltering the entire brood. A door banged open, causing Rosalind to start. Cursing the interruption, Sariel turned as a furious young woman advanced across the church. A cloud of bright red curls bounced and bobbed with her purposeful stride. Her hands clenched and bright flags of color stained her high cheekbones.

    He ignored the urge to clutch his chest and abdomen. What was wrong with him? He had battled long and hard to banish these yearnings. Why would they reawaken now? Her tone was tight, but her lips trembled. Clearly, Rosalind had given this woman quite a scare. Rosalind angled her hands, gesturing toward herself. The redhead stood her ground.

    You will address me with respect or this will end our conversation. Then you will find a guard stationed outside your bedchamber door, ensuring that you remain within the curtain wall for the next sennight.

    Reward Yourself

    Sariel watched the battle of wills, far more intrigued than he cared to admit. What was the relationship between these two females? Violence was the response of many to such rebellion. Silver, gray and blue, her eyes combined the colors into a shade both pale and intense. The beast within him yawned and stretched. Picturing himself with his face buried in her soft, fragrant curls, he swallowed awkwardly. Turning back to Rosalind, she asked, What is expected of you when you leave the castle compound? Rosalind was performing for him. He recognized the cunning gleam in her eyes.

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    (Rebel Angels #2)

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    Echoes and Embers: Rebel Angels, Book Two

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