Extraordinary Things Happen to Ordinary People

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I then went on to receive two Masters of Science degrees in both manufacturing systems and electrical engineering in New Jersey. I then worked as an engineer and then later as an associate professor in the state of Connecticut. I have recently finished the doctorate in chemical engineering in Columbia, South Carolina. I am also an ordained minister. For the past 10 years, my primary focus has been caring for two loving parents ages 83 and I believe that nothing I have learned or gained in life should be for self.

In the midst of caregiving, I have managed to continue the overall mission of my life and that is to minister to the intellectual, social and spiritual needs of all people.

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I get through each day by giving God thanks for all things each morning and through prayer. I compare the task of caregiving to an executive, mid-level, and entry-level management corporate career. The difference it hat it is a hour a day and 7 day a week job.

One works all three management styles in one day. Be proactive by suggesting things for people to do with the care recipient. Never wait until everything is perfect before you decide to enjoy your life. Set clear limits and communicate those limits to doctors, family members and other people who might be involved. Remind yourself that His strength gives you the grace to do it. Trust the process. Trust for today and tomorrow.

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Principles of Reiki. Simply Spiritual. Jacqueline Rogers. Everyday Angels. Annie Carr. Chilling Tales from Nottinghamshire. From Housewife to Psychic. So it's really a very eclectic mix that you find in this issue," Espinoza adds. People's content presents a broad mix "We mix real people and celebrities, people who have amazing stories to tell," she explains. We also want people who are likable and who readers can relate to. We're reminded of that every single week, that our original mission statement was ordinary people doing extraordinary things," Espinoza says.

Princess Diana made the cover some 50 times. The cover photo on every issue, she says, is of someone the magazine's readers are interested in knowing more about. That explains why the late princess Diana graced People's cover more than 50 times. Ordinary people have also appeared on the magazine cover.

10+ extraordinary situations that happened to ordinary people

Elizabeth Smart, for example, appears on the 35th anniversary issue cover. The survival of print magazines is uncertain For more than three decades, Espinoza says, People magazine has wrestled with a variety of challenges in order to survive and thrive in a changing media environment.

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They have so many alternatives. That's why we launched our website, people. But will the web version of the magazine ever replace the print? We have no way of knowing. I don't think sitting there then with your laptop is quite the same feeling," she says. Media proliferation spurs competition for stories Espinoza says the publishing industry has also become more competitive and open than ever. For publications to stay ahead in this market, they need journalists who are skillful not only in dealing with the digital technology, but also in ferreting out the most interesting stories.

Now, there is so much more competition for those stories. There are so many places to go to tell those stories.