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Some of the production trickery like the jittering electronica and washes of sampled, what sounds like movies or TV programmes, makes the album sound like your tuning into some broadcast from another planet. When it moves away from this budget-space-opera production, it gets much more interesting.

Harvest Of Dreams is a whole leap forward stylistically and artistically. This album is full of acoustic guitars and harmonica. That high, crystal clear voice is still very prominent but the production is still murky and slightly muddied. Trimble seems to be exploring the far reaches of acoustic melodies and the border with other musical influences. Harvest Of Dreams is definitely where is all starts coming together. Apparently Thurston Moore is a bit of a Trimble fan. Singing his praises at every opportunity he can get.

This gentle sonic exploration and quiet psychedelia is something that Moore has turned his hand to recently, both as the calmer Sonic Youth and his aforementioned solo work. Though, his list of influences were all great English acts such as Pink Floyd, Bowie and the Beatles and whilst he never copied these guys, their hold over him is plain to see.

His own, peculiar brand, of twisted folk, gentle psychedelia and meandering pop is worth seeking out, without a doubt. She made no mention as to whether they are beautiful, terrifying, or ugly. I'd like to know if the way she sees them is the same as how Ash perceives his kind at the beginning of the book. Usually if a book doesn't answer my questions I look to see if it's part of a series. Sometimes questions are answered in sequels. I checked both the author's website and various book sellers and there is no mention of this being the first book in a series.

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It appears to be a stand alone book. If a book is a first in series I tend to be more lenient in my rating and it probably would have swayed me towards giving it a 3 star rating. Unfortunately, because it doesn't appear to be the first in a series I've decided to give it 2 out of 5 stars. The reason for only 2 stars is all the holes that seem to need filling. View 2 comments. But as Maddie finds inspiration in her old haunts in the woods, she also starts to find that some of her most horrific and fantastic dreams as a child might actually be memories.

Confusing point-of-view changes The premise behind the book sounds promising, right? To make matters worse, Ash, the main male lead also a mysterious monster — hint: chupacabra , suffered some sort of tragedy and curse long ago that is never made entirely clear. But the details? A forced romance Few urban fantasies go on for long without some sort of romantic tension or interest being introduced.

Feast is no exception. The difference, though, is that the romance between Ash and Maddie is completely unconvincing: Ash is still hung up over his long lost love, while Maddie is in the middle of a divorce and, until the last third of the book, shows absolutely no interest in her mysterious monster friend.

Darklings or chupacabras — huh? You heard me. Darkling sounds cute and fuzzy. Ash and his often murderous friends are anything but unless they choose to shapeshift into bunnies, I suppose. These Darklings are hardly chupacabras and do not remotely resemble anything else.

Why should you read this book? Feast is a confusing, mediocre urban fantasy with a romance that falls flat at the last minute. Jun 17, Brenda rated it really liked it. I'd love to see inside Merrie Destefano's head. I imagine it would be brimming with fairies, dark creatures, brave loyal dogs, beautiful flowers, luscious forests, and all of the characters from her books. Feast is dark, yet hopeful. It's about loss, but also about love and acceptance. There are moments of intense courage and moments of profound danger. Reader's will love the imagery, the characters and the author's beautiful style of writing.

Apr 12, Mrs. Badass rated it it was ok Shelves: maybe-reads , netgalley , kindle , urban-fantasy , june Rating : C - or about 2. The writing style was nice, I liked how Merrie Destefano writes. Her words are poetic, and lyrical. She paints a vivid picture. I thought that the idea of this novel is cool, but it needs more polishing to really shine. Sounds good right? It should be better, and I hope some more editing before the release will h Rating : C - or about 2. It should be better, and I hope some more editing before the release will help.

I had a very hard time with this novel. It was all so confusing. How did they come to be, where do they come from, and what the freaking heck are they!! That is not good. This novel needs tighter editing, more information available for the reader, and to plug the major plot holes that are pretty glaring. The details were sketchy at best. We really need more information. Good for him. What does this mean? What is his job, why is he there, what does he do?

With no concept of what the Darklings even are, how can we fathom what a Legend Keeper is? That would have answered SO many questions for the reader!! How do the Darklings harvest dreams? This is not explained and the readers have to try and extrapolate the information between the lines, and it is difficult with so much conflicting information. OK, so these darklings—do they use their fangs to drink the blood, and with the blood they also get dreams, hopes and aspirations from their victims?

The blood is incidental? If so, it would be nice to know that. There was too much telling, and absolutely no showing of how this works. From every character in the novel. At all. This aspect of the story needs work. The interest needs to be throughout the novel.

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View all 3 comments. Jun 21, Amy L. Campbell rated it did not like it Shelves: netgalley , reviewed , , ebook , blogged , advanced-copy. Note: Free review copy received via NetGalley. Destefano has created some wonderful new mythical creatures and legends with the Darklings in her new novel, Feast. She writes about them with the care and passion of someone who truly loves her creation. However, it feels like she isn't quite ready to let them go.

Destefano isn't ready to stop working with this novel yet and it shows. Rather than relaying a cohesive story, Destefano focuses more on relaying each and every plot point, allowing each of Note: Free review copy received via NetGalley. Rather than relaying a cohesive story, Destefano focuses more on relaying each and every plot point, allowing each of her characters a chance to speak. Every few pages we are dropped into a different character's narrative, making for a jarring reading experience.

Rather than building a sense of mystery about the Darklings, humanoid creatures that live off of human dreams and nightmares, we are fed bits and pieces of information about them throughout the narrative at such a regular pace that by the end of the story I was less than intrigued and more annoyed that I knew almost too much by the end and not quite enough at the beginning to make this an enjoyable discovery.

The "romance" between two of the many main characters felt more or less unnecessary and it might have actually been more interesting just to build Ash as simply a protector of story tellers rather than needing to fall in love with Maggie. Like almost everything else, it just felt tacked on, and part of this is due to the every changing narrative, in addition, there are actually three budding romances that take place in this very short novel and I was really only mildly impressed by one.

Destefano does try very hard to capture the magical feeling of creatures that are capable of weaving spells through song and incantation through her use of language. This includes a lot of purple prose and some very creative sentence structures, unfortunately it came off as gimmicky but might have been more effective if she had chosen to use this method only when writing from the point of view of the Darklings and if she had gone all out with it.

Lastly, by the end of the book, all of the townspeople all of a sudden seem to know everything about Darklings whereas before they were presented as being blissfully unaware of them with a few exceptions. There is no explanation for this sudden burst of knowledge, unless they were all playing patsy, in which case there are even more questions to be answered. Overall, this is worth reading a few pages of just to see these new creatures, but the characters and storyline weren't really worth the investment of time.

If the author is only willing to invest two pages to a character it is awfully difficult to invest my own time to read about every single viewpoint and keep the facts of the narrative straight at the same time. The balance of character development and world building excellence that was impossible to put down. With a dreamy quality that I associate with Charles de Lint or Nina Kirki Hoffman, and with a touch of her own urban fantasy style thrown in, Destefano transforms a piece of our every day world into something dark and magical. The mythology of the Darklings unfolds slowly and organically, mixed in with the sad personal history of our hero, the ancient and damaged Ash.

While those moments of contact never came without a frisson of danger, there were also hints of long term symbiotic relationships, of love and passion that crossed realms. While I had a hard time imagining what a happily ever after would look like between Ash and Maddie themselves never mind their blended families , I loved the level of detail and uncertainty Destefano lavished on her characters. Ash has lived numerous lives before, and Destefano deftly writes glimpses of his past even as she writes his present.

Ash himself has doubts about a place for Maddie in his life, and his internal struggles leave the ending in question until the last pages, a delicious delay that never felt contrived. All throughout FEAST , that artful uncertainty, when Maddie was vulnerable to other Darklings and the entire town of Ticonderoga Falls is at risk for nightmares and heartbreak and death, I was cringing in anticipation and yelling at the pages. Sexual Content : Kissing, mention of sex, references to magically coerced sex and pregnancy. Jul 11, Jen Davis rated it it was ok Shelves: urban-fantasy , arcs.

Maddie is a writer, recovering from a painful divorce and a bad case of writer's block. She returns to a small town where she vacationed as a child, hoping to find her muse. When she arrives, with her son and the family dog in tow, her imagination begins firing again almost right away. Ash is thrilled that Maddie has returned. He encountered her when she was a child and recognized her vast creativity. He didn't claim her then, but hopes to correct that now Others of his kind are coming to join him, and he finds his heavy spirit lightning a bit, despite the heavy curse he has carried since the death of his wife.

But one of his visitor has nefarious plans If I managed to translate the story in any way that makes sense, I feel like I've earned some kind of reviewer merit badge. I spent almost the entire book at least half-way lost. I'm sure the author was trying to let the details come forth as the story unfolded, but I'm a bit partial to having more than a vague idea as to what is going on in the book I'm reading.

For at least half of the book, I didn't even know if Ash was the hero or villain; whether he was a love interest for Maddie or a threat to her. I had no idea what the hell he was supposed to be. And frankly, when I found out, I was The book wasn't horrible The cover is all wrong here. The lead character is a 32 year-old mom Jul 03, Heather Book Savvy Babe rated it liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy , netgalley , review-on-blog.

The town is unknowingly protected and watched over by Ash, a Darkling holding onto a curse. When Maddie comes to town looking for respite and inspiration for a new book, she finds not only inspiration, but also supernatural creatures and legends. Ash must face his curse to save the town, and Maddie, but some things are easier said than done. On the whole, I enjoyed reading Feast. It took me awhile to get into it, and to understand the characters and the Darklings. The Darklings seem to be a combination of vampire, shape-shifter, and fallen angel.

They eat the dreams of humans to survive and thrive. The point of view changed on a regular basis, but all in first person. I did like several main aspects of Feast. The characters were very creative and interesting. The artistic feel to Feast was well done, and I appreciated it. The language was very beautiful and expressive at times, but not over done.

Also, the concept was so unique and new, it was a very interesting read. I did enjoy reading Feast, it is not part of a series, and it was a fairly quick read. I will read more by Merrie Destefano in the future and I am looking forward to meeting more new, creative characters.

Oct 13, Renee rated it it was amazing Shelves: kindle-book. The elements that make an awesome story, interesting characters, fascinating, fast-paced plot and tons of action tinted with just a hint of romance were all present in spades! Feast: Harvest of Dreams reminded me of a scary fairy tale. At times it left me bre 4. At times it left me breathless. Merrie definitely writes the best canine characters into her stories.

Samwise, Madeline and her son Tucker's loyal German Shepard steals the show more than once and often shows up in the nick of time. I couldn't quite decide whether or not he was a "good guy". He always seemed to be walking the fine line between good and evil, so if you like your characters to be somewhat tortured and complex he definitely fits the bill. I loved every second of this story and I'm hoping a sequel is in the works. There's some violence and mild language but not enough to make it graphic so I think this is perfect for both older teens and adults.

If you're looking for an interesting fantasy read I definitely recommend Feast! On the surface, Feast has every element which fans of paranormal romance fiction would enjoy. It has otherworldly creatures with a mysterious past, a strong central female character, a gorgeous backdrop, mystery, tension, danger. Unfortunately, the elements are combined in such a fashion that makes Feast extremely confusing and just plain forgettable. In any paranormal storyline, the most important thing an author should do is to fully describe the supernatural creature.

Unfortunately, Ms. Destef On the surface, Feast has every element which fans of paranormal romance fiction would enjoy. Destefano fails to adequately describe the Darklings so that the reader is left not knowing who they are and why they are dangerous. With fangs, bat-like wings, and an ability to glamour, they appear to be similar to vampires, but they are not. With names like Ash, feeding on dreams, and an entire court system, they also have elements of the Fae, but they are not. Exactly what they are is never explained.

The reader is left to put together a puzzle that is missing half of its pieces. This incomplete picture of the main dangerous element of the novel makes for lackluster tension. It is difficult to feel concern for the heroine when one cannot discern what the danger actually is.

The entire novel feels undeveloped. Maddie's past is only briefly described, especially her fame and previous relationship which she is fleeing at the start of the novel. The curse that binds Ash is never explained at all. Neither is The Harvest, Maddie's powers, or an entire slew of essential elements of the story. While the premise is fascinating, there are simply too many holes or unexplained sections that make it difficult for a reader to follow the action and care about the characters.

Where Ms. Destefano does shine is in her descriptions of Ticonderoga Falls. The outdoor scenes are some of the most fully described in the entire novel.

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As such, the reader gets a clear mental picture of the spookiness of the woods and the natural beauty of the area. These scenes are some of the strongest in the novel, even if the reader does not fully understand what is happening. My disappointment in Feast is only enhanced by the fact that the premise of it is so intriguing. Done properly, it truly could have been an excellent novel that stood out among its peers for involving a new supernatural creature.

Unfortunately, the lack of execution only leaves the reader frustrated with the potential for greatness the story has. Thank you to NetGalley for my e-galley! Jun 01, Sharon rated it really liked it. Merrie Destefano has done it again. It is a dark Fairy Tale, a Fantasy. A story of dreams and nightmares, where the spoken word has a power of its own. Her descriptive prose builds a magical atmosphere. I had no problem entering the dream-like world Merrie created. Darklings are magical creatures that live around humans and feed off of their dreams at night.

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They call this Harvesting and there are rules they must follow. Darklings have territories and protect the humans in them from rogues who kill the humans they feed from. In return for this protection, the town will give the Darkling permission to feed from them. They are terrifying to look at in their true form and can shape shift to appear as an animal or human. Ash, is a Darkling tied to the mountain town of Ticonderoga Falls. His story broke my heart. Once a powerful Darkling, he is now lonely and sad from the loss of his mate years ago.

Harvest Of Dreams (feat. Mic The Microphone and ChiChi) (Thomas H. Remix)

He sees him self as cursed and feels he deserves to live in the shadows. When author Maddie MacFadden and her son come to vacation in his town, at the time of the ritual Harvest, he is drawn to her dreams like an insect to a flame. Let yourself be suspended in this dream like world Merrie has created. Like in all good fairy tales, love is the strongest magic and the happily ever after is worth fighting the darkness for.

Feast was a really nice break from the usual urban fantasy fare. Madeline MacFaddin travels back to Ticonderoga Falls with her young son, Tucker, and their dog, Samwise, to hopefully decompress from what was a painful divorce, not to mention the idea of her ex-husband marrying her ex-best friend. Ash is the caretaker of the inn and the land and holds sway over the magic that cloaks the woods like a shroud. Unknown to her, a war is brewing between two clans of a race of beings called Darklings,that feed on the dreams of humans. Darklings are rather like vampires, except they feed on dreams instead of blood.

Feast reads like a dark faerie tale and is told in first person POVs from various characters. It was different, switching back and forth, but I really enjoyed getting to know each character intimately, even the not-so-nice ones. This seems like it would be hard to do, but the author manages it really nicely. Set against a backdrop of Halloween, magic, and the power of dreams, Feast is a very entertaining combination of fantasy and faerie tale.

May 09, Kelly at rated it really liked it. Well the answer is here in Feast: Harvest of Dreams. Oh Merrie has done it again. She has my mind spinning. Feast was a very interesting story. Interesting in a very Wonderland meets Paranormal kind of way. Merrie does a great job of setting up this world for us, a world of good and evil.

There is a romance in this book, in fact there are two. For those who want to know. No, there is no sex in this book. Although I only realized that after I finished the book and sat down to write this review. I did find the struggles that character go through wonderful. I did speak with Merrie and there is a good chance that this story line will continue. And I sure hope so there are so many questions I want answered, characters I want to revisit, and I want to know more about Ash. If you are looking for a book a little out of the normal paranormal or fantasy genres I would highly recommend you join the Feast…….

Jun 21, A Book Vacation rated it really liked it. This was a beautifully written novel and I was captivated the entire way through. One of my favorite aspects of the novel is the multiple points of view, which is turn creates very short chapters. There are many characters within the novel, both good and evil, and having their perspective of events is such a great aide to the s 4.

There are many characters within the novel, both good and evil, and having their perspective of events is such a great aide to the story, allowing the reader to see deep inside their souls as events unfold around them. I really enjoyed the way this novel was written and I was enamored the entire way through Aug 01, Tanya rated it really liked it. I read half the book in one evening because I was so into what was happening and what was going to happen.

This book is written in each characters POV so you hop back and forth between them, which I thought was pretty cool. You get to see and feel how they do. I thought the story was great and very unique. I'm sure Merrie's Afterlife series has it's own uniqueness so I will probably give that one a read also. Good paranormal read. Jun 13, Jackie Uhrmacher rated it it was amazing. Every scene in this novel was beautiful and enticing. Feast was like a dark fairy tale come to life, full of monsters and heroes and things that go bump in the night that feed on your dreams.

Part Urban Fantasy, part Horror, I fell in love with this world. Jul 01, Julia rated it really liked it Shelves: reason-atuf , genre-fantasy , not-reshelved , genre-urban-fantasy , personal-dropbox. Maddie soon had me wrapped around their little finger, just as she won the heart of ancient, damaged Ash and reckless, amoral Thane. FEAST had me cringing in anticipation and yelling at the book when characters were in danger, Destefano completely swept me away into her dark dream. Full review at All Things Urban Fantasy. May 19, Amanda rated it it was ok.

However I felt the story was not cohesive and I was left lacking any connection to the characters in the end. Apr 08, Pam rated it it was ok. This book really frustrated me. The story was OK but it left me with more questions than it answered! I felt like I came into it with the story already in progress and with no one to answer some simple and key questions View 1 comment.

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  • Apr 20, Leah Dibner rated it it was amazing. I thought this story was amazing. I loved the new creatures, the Darklings, and I really hope that this is the first book in a series. The ending made me think that it probably is. Jun 11, Jane rated it it was amazing. May 27, Patricia Lynne rated it liked it. I really liked the story idea, but there were a few too many things that kept me from loving this book. The characters were interesting, but we kept popping into perspectives that made the plot drag. Like, every time things started getting good, we'd switch to some random person and it would slow down.

    I never really figured out what the legend or curse was. It kept being alluded to, but was never actually told. Also, the legend apparently was flying around. That made no sense to me. The romance I really liked the story idea, but there were a few too many things that kept me from loving this book. The romance between Ash and Maddie seemed tacked on at the end. They really didn't interact enough for me to feel like they were falling for each other.

    Plus with them and at least one other character I felt there was too much confusion. They kept talking about harvesting them, but they liked-liked them too? I really couldn't figure out if harvesting was a predatory thing that was bad for humans or not. It was well written. Heavy on the prose, but given the darklings myth, it made sense. I just wish some of the POV chapters had been cut and the romance actually fleshed out so it didn't feel like they added at the end it because 'readers expect boy and girl to hook up and have a happily ever after'.

    Dec 11, Kater Cheek rated it it was ok. This novel takes the sexy supernatural trope and adds enough of a spin that people who like this subgenre will likely find this refreshing and new. Alas, FEAST does not put enough of a spin on it to catapult it out of the ordinary for people like me, who are a little jaded and weary of the sexy supernatural. Mad Mac is reeling from a divorce, and she takes her young sun Tucker to Ticonderonaga Falls, a resort town she'd visited as a child.

    She hopes that there she'll be able to overcome her write This novel takes the sexy supernatural trope and adds enough of a spin that people who like this subgenre will likely find this refreshing and new. She hopes that there she'll be able to overcome her writer's block and create another award winning comic that will put her back on the path to success.

    More Books by Debra Holland

    This used up my first piece of goodwill. I dislike reading books about authors, and a comic book author is close enough. Authors in novels get awards and six-figure advances as often as ordinary people get parking tickets, and while I'm as much a fan of wish-fulfillment fantasy as the next gal, it just hit me wrong.

    Still, she's not just a writer, she's also a single mother with a wounded heart and a nine-year-old son to care for, so she's got something other than her hordes of adoring fans. The second main character is Ash, who is the lord of the desmesne, so to speak. He's also some kind of supernatural creature. I actually liked that Destefano didn't say waht kind they were. They fly, but they can shapeshift as well.

    They can turn into smoke, they can carry people off into the air. Basically, they're pretty creepy. They feed off people's dreams, and so Mad Mac is an enticing tidbit to them, since she's a walking dream-factory. Ash also likes her because she's pretty.

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    • There are other characters in this novel as well. Apparently, that's when they go whole hog and hunt people down, putting them to sleep and drinking from their dreams for their sustenence. Ash goes on about how they're not supposed to kill people, just sup from them a little bit, but that goes wrong pretty early on when his cousins accidentally kill someone.

      Later on they kill people un-accidentally. My main complaint with this novel is that the prose was florid and overblown. Many times I rolled my eyes and said "blah blah blah" which is what I do when a book takes itself too seriously. It had oo many adjetives, and way too many overblown metaphors for my taste. Random example: "I could smell it, layers of shadow, the heady fragrance of hte forest at dusk. The scent hung in the air like droplets of water, sparkling, spinning. She had to walk through the mist to get her card adn her eyelids blinked like she was fighting a dream.

      When she actually encounters magic, it gets even thicker. Second complain was that there are so many characters that none of them are fully fleshed out. Except for Elspeth who is "standard teen," the non-Ash darklings are pretty much interchangeable to me. Some of them are bad, but they are mostly bad because they want to take over Ash's territory and he's the "good" guy.

      They are also bad because they kill people. Ash doesn't kill people, but he imprisons them, so he's not exactly a pillar of morality either. Basically, they're all parasites for whom the best they can do is not kill their human host. I kind of sided with the humans who took shotguns to them. So much of the magic I felt was just thrown at me without any rules. There's a "Legend" that gets sung over the town, but is it all the time, or just on Halloween?

      Harvest of Dreams (Gods' Dream Trilogy, book 3) by Debra Holland

      Can ordinary people hear it? What the hell is a "Legend keeper" and why does it matter? I got that Ash kind of felt bad about having imprisoned an entire family for generations, but why did him releasing that family mean that he lost control of the town? And there's this character named "Hunter" who may or may not be a darkling, who pulls out some major magic later on, but his motives make no sense.

      Mad Mac could have been a lot better fleshed out. Maybe this is her second book or something. She's got these comic book characters, who are supposed to be so cool, but I don't know anything about them so I have to take it on faith from the tertiary characters who stand around to talk about how cool she is.

      And I could have empathized that she's got a wounded heart and wants love again, but Ash is no prize. He's a bad father, he drove one of his wives to suicide, and he carried his grief for his first wife to unreasonable extremes. Yes, it's awful to have someone you love die, but after a hundred years or so, you should just suck it up and drive on. I wanted to tell Madeline that Ash is the last thing she needs in her life. Didn't she just run away from an asshole whose beauty was only skin deep?

      Does she really want to mess up her life like that again? There were some aspects of this that I thought super cool. The way Ash's first wife died was hilarious, in a black and morbid sort of way. I also liked that dogs can become werebeasts by biting darklings. It's etymologically incorrect, but still kind of cool. This would make a great movie, if you like the kind of movie that has lots of action scenes and hot actors in tight leather outfits but doesn't actually make sense when you try to describe the plot to your friend after the fact.

      If you just want a romance with a supernatural hottie and a woman kind of like you but Eisner-winning this may satisfy. If you want cohesive, comprehensible worldbuilding and characters that are fully fleshed out, this may disappoint you. Elspeth has a human mother and a darkling father Ash. She doesn't have all the abilities of a darkling, but she has many of them. She is half darkling, half human. At one point, Ash's cousin is twirling his mustache and outlining all the nefarious deeds he's planning, and he says he wants to keep Mad Mac as a slave and take Elspeth as a bride, and make more half-human darklings.

      Basic biology: if two creatures can create fertile offspring, they are, by definition, the same species. If they are not the same species, Elspeth is a mule. Jun 18, Rebecca rated it liked it Shelves: paranormal-romance , reviewed. Feast is a fantasy novel with some romance elements, and it takes place in the small town of Ticonderoga Falls. The town clearly has secrets, and there is a sense of foreboding and menace as Halloween approaches. Artists are frequently drawn to the town, but the reasons for the creative draw are less than innocent.

      DeStefano does an amazing job of creating an ominous and sinister feel to the novel. As the novel progresses, we learn more about the Darklings and their powers, providing much of the uncertainty over whether or not Ash is a hero. Unfortunately, this is not always successful. At times, I felt the information gained from the secondary characters was unnecessary. All three characters play roles in how the action develops, but instead of presenting their points of view, the author could have limited them to interaction with the main characters.

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