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Keap is ideal for growing, service-based businesses in home, professional, and personal services that are actively:. Try Keap free or work with one of our Partners and coaches who can recommend and implement effective strategies to get you started. CRM Client management.

Marketing Automation. Our new product, Keap, is pioneering smart client management , just as Infusionsoft did for sales and marketing automation 18 years ago. Why Keap? All your client info, organized on all your devices. Add contacts to your CRM from your iPhone, spreadsheet, website, even a business card. Keap syncs with your Outlook and Gmail to manage all your emails in one place. Consistently close more leads Create a repeatable sales process for your team by making it easy to set-up appointments, track leads, and send quotes all from your CRM.

Automate your repetitive marketing tasks Use our built-in landing pages and powerful Campaign Builder to automatically get more leads and nurture them to paying clients. Free guide 25 tips to automate your sales and marketing Download now. HubSpot CRM. Recently recommended times.

NetSuite CRM. Zendesk Sell formerly Base. Recently recommended 93 times. FreeAgent CRM.

About Infusionsoft

Recently recommended 92 times. Infusionsoft by Keap appears in the following software guides:. Sort by: Most Helpful Most Recent. Showing of reviews. Do you use this product? Write a review. Andron from Telstar Events, Inc. Company Size: employees. Review Source: GetApp. Powerful and flexible engine for a tech-savvy business. Infusionsoft by Keap AKA the "classic Infusionsoft" has been on top of the small business automation marketplace for years, and for good reason.

Its strengths are best-in-class, and it is refreshingly light on gimmick features that claim to fulfill a business need without offering real capability. That said, there are some noteworthy holes in functionality. Campaign builder has many quirks, there are multiple ways to accomplish any result, and the number of settings is astonishing. Fortunately, its history means there are many good Certified Partners and tons of free blogs, videos, and other resources to guide your implementation.

What is Customer Relationship Management Software?

I recommend having at least one person on your team who can take on the role of Infusionsoft expert and take responsibility for configuring, organizing, and maintaining the app. For a solopreneur whose time is better spent doing the business, or a small organization that's just beginning to figure out its digital processes, IS is likely to be too overpowered and cumbersome.

We've grown into it and are now very happy, but the first couple years were frustrating. The campaign builder is an unmatched canvas for automating almost any business process imaginable. It doesn't restrict you to a single workflow paradigm, so you have the freedom to design systems to match your business AND organize them how you want. Plus, all of this feeds a reporting system that can track any aspect of a business's growth and health with some configuration. The new responsive email builder is extremely user-friendly, and has a nice assortment of premade templates, as well as letting you build a library of your own custom templates.

Lastly, the Infusionsoft community is deep and extremely knowledgeable. Practically any question you have, you can find an answer to. Infusionsoft's own support is solid and generally satisfactory, but the breadth of experience available from other users is an incredible resource. Over the past year, a lot of development resources were directed toward the creation of the new, entry-level Keap product, so Infusionsoft has gotten a bit dusty. Reportedly this has changed now that Keap is launched, and Infusionsoft development is once again getting its fair share of attention.

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This means, however, that there are a number of modern marketing functions that IS cannot handle natively. Examples are Facebook custom audience syncing, SMS messaging, website event tracking unlike Drip, for instance, there is no JavaScript API that can be used to trigger automations inside IS as a result of a contact's activity on a webpage. Web forms and order forms are dated. Tracking online orders made through 3rd party shopping carts is complicated and frustrating. Stripe is not natively supported as a payment processor. At some point, it becomes essential to start using "satellite" helper tools, like PlusThis or MyFusionHelper, to address some of Infusionsoft's shortcomings, manage data more effectively, build graphic reports, or create custom automations.

This adds to the baseline cost. Review Source: Capterra. It was worth all the time and effort it took to set up. I've generated over a million dollars as a stay at home mom of seven children thanks to Infusionsoft and the power of automation. Now I make good money while I tend to my family. I set my own hours. I love what I do. With my campaigns in place, I can build an email, send a broadcast, and watch the system do the rest while I go enjoy my life.

Thank you! There are so many ways to engage my subscribers.

A Candid Marketing Automation Tools Comparison Guide

I use what works for me. I know I'm not using all the features, but it's nice to know there is no limit to all the ways I can increase my revenue. I've just made it a practice to try a feature, fine tune it, and then integrate another feature Super powerful! And because Infusionsoft has established itself so well in the marketplace, there are so many partner apps available across so many different kinds of platforms, which help me understand, reach, and serve my audience even better.

I am not a fan of the new landing pages. I think they're supposed to be a friendlier interface but instead they feel more limiting. I am also disappointed in the quality of tech support, especially chat. I can't fault the employees - I've spent thousands of hours in the software over the last 10 years, so most of the time it feels like I have to wait for them to catch up to what I know before I can finally get an answer to my question. Phone support is usually better. I also wish I could go into my Email Builder Previously Sent and more quickly find an old email from which to build a new one.

It takes too long to load the visual thumbnails, and the search option never works. It appears to only search previous emails whose thumbnails have already loaded. All the others seem to be ignored. My biggest peeve is with chat support. It's maddening how long it takes for the rep to get underway. I hope you're doing well today. I wait for a reply, but then they greet me again. If I'm feeling patient I'll greet them back. If not, I'll ask the question again.

10 Best Email Marketing Software & Tools For Small Businesses of

I wait for a reply, and they tell me something like they'll do their best to assist me. I wait for an answer, and then they repeat my question and ask if that's right. If I'm being brief, be brief. If I'm chatty, be chatty. Matt from Diverge Performance Therapy. Company Size: 1 employee. The biggest problems Infusionsoft has solved for me has been easily tracking and managing all new leads coming into my business, as well as giving me an easy way to stay in touch with and market to everyone on my email list. It's also allowed me to build out nurture systems to automatically send out emails and communications to new leads who haven't quite made the decision to book with me.

Infusionsoft has been invaluable for the growth of my business. As a one man show currently running a cash based physical therapy practice, the biggest struggle I had prior to Infusionsoft was organizing and tracking all of my new leads, and implementing an easily trackable and repeated follow-up system. With Infusionsoft, I'm now able to tag and track every single lead that inquires about my services from the initial touch point all the way up to becoming a paying client.

What is the best email marketing software?

It's taken the stress out of managing new leads and follow-ups and has given me the freedom to focus on my clients. Not only that, but I've also been able to create campaigns that target patients after they're done working with me in addition to easily sending out broadcast emails weekly, which allows me to easily stay in touch with all the people that I've worked with. This helps me to stay top of mind so that when something does pop-up, or a friend of theirs has a need, I'm the first person they think of. In short. Infusionsoft has been invaluable for the growth of my business and I'd highly recommend it to any small business who is serious about growing.

The only con to speak of would be the learning curve. Luckily, I had some professional training to start my Infusionsoft experience, otherwise learning the ins and outs of the system would have been a little overwhelming. That said, it's completely worth investing the time to learn because once you've learned the system, it makes the day to day operations of running your business SO much easier. Hi Matt, Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to write us a detailed review on Capterra!

We appreciate your input and the high marks! Cheers, Sarah, Advocacy Manager at Infusionsoft. Nathan from Skills Academy. The overall experience has been quite enlightening on how process flows are vital to making your business function correctly. My application is primarily used as a lead management system and not all our employees use InfusionSoft, which meant I had to integrate InfusionSoft with Google Sheets which makes it easier for my sales team to acquire data to leads as they come in.

Most of my time is spent in campaign builder and I am currently overhauling our current lead process and I keep learning new things everyday on how to program logic to suit our business needs.

All your client info, organized on all your devices

What I like most about InfusionSoft is the functionality and its endless possibilities. The Campaign Builder has an easy to use interface with limitless possibilities that can be constructed to suit your unique business needs. With a great email builder as well to create those beautiful calls to action that will surely ignite your leads' desire to buy whatever you are selling. I specifically manage the database of leads and users and find it to be quite user friendly, InfusionSoft will warn you about an increase in bad email addresses, allowing you enough time to clean it up before it affects your business badly.

Another great aspect is the help provided by agents via the Chat facility, you can chat live with an InfusionSoft assistant to help you with any problems you might have. I find it extremely helpful in times when I am unsure of what to do. While I do have high praise for the campaign builder and its limitless possibilities, this can also be a problem as when I first started using the software; I didn't know what was what.

There is basic training available, but I don't feel it adequately explains the possibilities of what can be done. To fully unlock the potential of InfusionSoft, some additional training will be required. Hi Nathan, Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a thoughtful review. We truly appreciate your input - especially hearing from what I would call a "power user" : Cheers, Sarah, Advocacy Manager at Infusionsoft. Vincent Po from Ethan Hathaway. We were a loyal IS customer for 10 years until Product is fine, but management, support and client service leaves a lot to be desired.

The product itself is very useful and good. While there are no "perfect" automation apps on the market that fulfill all our requirements, IS did a relatively good job of it. They've been pushing lots of regular updates which is good, but doesn't make up for what I'll describe in the Cons section. Many other automation apps have built-in features that are very useful, but Infusionsoft requires a LOT of 3rd party apps which adds on a lot of costs for a small business to do a lot of things other apps have out of the box. The worst part of Infusionsoft is not the product itself the product is relatively good but it's the entire management and customer support that is problematic.

Often times, it's the we the customers who know more than they do. Apparently the new management didn't really care, despite many of thus believed we were grand-fathered into our original plans.

Marketing Automation the Power of Infusionsoft - Musselwhite Consulting

All in all, many of us felt it was poorly handled by management and that's why we left them after ten years, despite the pain of migrating to a new platform. They are trying to expand globally but IS is still not really setup to work internationally. We were probably one of the first companies in Asia to use them and they completely ignored our feedback or even show any interest us when we attended a live seminar with them. Chase from Dansie Orthodontics. Providing consistency over the year period our customers work with us. Better handling of leads, turning them in to better conversions Automating mundane tasks like letters, cards, packages, etc.

Generating referrals in a consistent trackable manner. Warming leads more effectively Combining online and offline interactions Notifications of important milestones in the sales and fulfillment process. Customizability is my favorite part of Infusionsoft. It is very powerful to be able to have it do exactly what you have dreamed up. It seems pretty simplistic at first, but when you get into it, you start to realize that the possibilities are endless of what you can accomplish and do with it.

For me the CRM and Campaign builder are doing automated tasks for me that would take our team hours to accomplish, and catching our sales and fulfillment process at critical time points to make sure our patient experience is the best it can be. I really love and use campaign builder. You can make campaigns do whatever you want AND make them start to perform based on the interaction that your customers have with the campaigns. That is very powerful and one of the big differentiators IS has from other software I have found.

I've used IS for about 4 years now and I'm building new things every week to help reduce the tasks I do and my employees do. I also love the community. Going to ICON the conference that infusionsoft puts on was one of the best experiences I have had as a business owner. It was amazing to see thousands of small business owners making things happen and helping each other.

Infusionsoft really does live by its tag line "We help Small Businesses Succeed. There is work involved. I'm not really trying to be facetious. So many times we want a silver bullet that makes everything as easy as wasting 6 hours on your friends facebook feeds. In life in general, it's not easy to customize anything, but when it is finally tailored right to what your business needs, it is very powerful. Infusionsoft isn't a few clicks here and there and over with, but if it were, it wouldn't be the powerful machine it is.

So you have to be willing to invest in harnessing it to your wagon and making it work for you. As long as you go into it knowing that there is tremendous benefit from both of these investments, your business will be influenced for the better. Infusionsoft has a lot of things that are cookie cutter easy, but I think of it more like a cookie cutter maker than some software that does one or two things well and leaves businesses lacking in functionality or customizability.

Learning the skills I have gained in Infusionsoft have totally transformed the way I think about marketing to my patients and everyone around me. Liam from FirstMed. Review Source. Although most email marketing systems are built to scale with you at a cost, of course! Once your email list numbers start growing, there are certain advantages to platforms like Infusionsoft by Keap and Ontraport, that don't increase as steeply.

For example, we have the , subscriber plan from Infusionsoft and we pay half the rate we might with some of the other platforms. So plan for your business growth, and sign up for the platform you can grow into. Beyond the monthly or yearly pricing of marketing software for small businesses, there may be other costs to consider. While some companies might be able to work with a single login that everyone uses, others might be a little more attentive to making sure each person has a separate login… which can affect the price.

If you email often which will likely help you sell more, keep existing customers longer, and recoup your CRM investments! Are you going to use your platform only for the once-a-week newsletter… or will you use it for sales emails, login notifications, opt-in confirmations, and customer follow-up? The amount of emails you send will affect which package you sign up for, and is a separate consideration from the number of contacts you need. In short: there isn't a static price for each tag-based CRM. Take the time to see what package or price point would fit you now — and where you'd be if your contact list were to double or triple in the next months.

Finally, the other hidden costs of a marketing automation system to compare are the integrations. Same goes for SMS and texting customers or prospects. Granted, if you're using AccessAlly, you have a built-in affiliate system at your fingertips to use with every platform compared here, as well.

Because no one celebrates when an email gets delivered properly we just expect that. But boy do we ever make a fuss when an email fails to deliver. The reality is that each of these automation marketing companies has had email deliverability hiccups, one way or another.

So in a sense, they all suck… so the question becomes, which one sucks less? Some business owners like Jessica Nazarali report that ActiveCampaign has very good email deliverability when doing side by side comparisons with Infusionsoft. Steve Chou found that Drip had better deliverability than ConvertKit. You can also send through third parties like SendGrid if you send a lot of emails.

This makes them a very strong candidate for larger email lists or businesses when it comes to deliverability. Pat Flynn talks about his Infusionsoft email deliverability woes , and why he switched to ConvertKit. As for myself, we have found our email deliverability with Infusionsoft to be very good for campaign emails, and great for smaller broadcasts.

CRM Software

Each of these marketing automation platforms is aggressively building in new features and functionality…. And some have advantages in size: smaller companies like Drip and ConvertKit are more agile. ActiveCampaign is growing fast and adding new team members at lightning speed. Infusionsoft by Keap is probably the most mature in this space, and they have spread themselves thin over the years with building out a lot of different offerings, including their newest system, Keap.

Since the core of automated email marketing software is sending emails, it makes sense to look at the email builder functionality of each of these platforms. ConvertKit has a beautiful and simple interface, where you can choose from 4 clean templates. Inserting an image and previewing an email is easy, but the templates are not super visual.

Drip originally had a very similar plain text email focus, and they have since released more templated email designs to choose from. ActiveCampaign has about 35 different visual email templates to choose from which are mobile friendly. This is great if you want something other than a plain text email. On the other hand, for those who want simple plain text, like Andre Chaperon, who writes about how he finds the ActiveCampaign email editor to be clunky , and the main reason he moved off of the platform….

Ontraport has ONTRAMail which offers a lot of visual templates to choose from, so if you want to have something to start with and customize this is a great option. You can also do plain text emails. Infusionsoft also offers visual templates to start with, and you can customize these to suit your branding. To do plain text emails you do need to revert to using HTML, which is what we tend to do because the email builder is not set up for that. Simple email marketing systems rely on lists to organize the contacts in your system… but for tag-based CRMs and automation marketing systems, your options are far more powerful.

Using unique tags to identify and sort your contacts allows you to be more granular and targeted in the marketing and sales materials you send out. These tags have many uses, from triggering automations and self-segmentation to providing more opportunities for upselling and cross-selling your products.

A simple automation might be a welcome email that sends the moment anyone subscribes to your email list.

More advanced automations might be to deliver dripped course content, follow-up with students who haven't been active, or follow-up on credit cards that expired to collect payments. Using automations to power everything behind the scenes in your business means you need the ability to use from timer delays, user action triggers, and API integrations with other software tools. Drip offers a very granular and flexible approach to lead scoring. On the other hand, lead scoring is something that ActiveCampaign does very well. It offers in-depth strategy and lets you award points as you see fit.

Spencer Bean talks about how he really missed the lead scoring functionality he had before he switched to ConvertKit. The most powerful tool in the world is one that you can use. Software tends to be developed feature-first, with user-friendliness built in over time. Even just a few months ago, this section would have been totally different… but like I mentioned, each of these companies has been pushing out new releases often.

This makes these platforms a better fit for e-commerce shops, or those who want to tie their automations into their sales workflows. Keap does allow you to send invoices to each client for services, but it's not designed to work as a shopping cart with order forms at the moment.