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Treasure | Definition of Treasure by Merriam-Webster

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Create or log in to your Bible Gateway account. Only the player holding the map can see the X on the ground, so it won't appear on any other players' screens and is not even visible to those in your squad.


If you drop the map, it disappears. Once you've reached the location where X marks the spot, you then need to hit the ground at this point multiple times with your pickaxe. It will take at least four hits, so keep swinging until you unearth the Fortnite buried treasure chest. Technically you don't need the Fortnite buried treasure map to get the loot, as other players can also dig up the chest by hitting the X marks the spot area.

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However, they won't be able to see the X or hear the chest until the first hit, so unless you get incredibly lucky it's very unlikely anyone will find the loot without the guidance of someone carrying the map. Once you've dug up the Fortnite buried treasure chest with your pickaxe, you can then open it like a normal chest to collect the loot inside. The contents is random, but we've generally found three or four legendary weapons inside, plus a guaranteed Chug Jug.

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That's a pretty decent haul and well worth the time and effort to track it down. Even if the X is outside the circle, which is possible, it could still make sense to run out and grab it as the Chug Jug will get you back up to full when you return. If buried treasure wasn't enough for you, then check out where you can find a Fortnite gold chest as well.

Watch our Fortnite buried treasure guide video below:.