The Power of the Vedas- The Spiritual Guide That Was 5500 Years In The Making.

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But today, India faces racial and religious problems, frequent fight between Muslims vs Hindus, Hindus vs Christians etc. We need to find out the reason behind all these communal riots which are not the product of any religion, because all religion teaches loving one another. A notable religious scholar, Cyril Veliath says that it is the work of individuals motivated by disgruntled politicians or phony religious leaders and where religion is concerned the typical Hindu is an exceptionally amicable and tolerant person.

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Hinduism as a religion could well be one of the most accommodating in the world. Rather than confront and destroy, it has a tendency to welcome and assimilate. The Goan Inquisition is considered a blot on the history of Roman Catholic Christianity in India both by Christians and non-Christians alike even though it was finally abolished by In the campaign of destroying temples in Bardez met with success.

At the end of it Hindu temples were destroyed. Enacting laws, prohibition was laid from December 4, on rituals of Hindu marriages, sacred thread wearing and cremation. In , an order was issued by the prohibition of Konkini language by compelling to speak Portuguese language and finally 16, persons were brought to trial by the Inquisition. Though it is an old story, we can find certain answers of the recent Christian persecution in India by the Hindus. How, as Conventual Franciscans to promote authentic nationalism and inclusivism, cooperation, mutual respect among all Indians who are walking hand in hand towards the Eternal Truth, God?

Agonies of India: Our country is changing politically, economically and socially, at a swift speed, her agonies are growing higher and higher too. A billion Indians and million injustices! The figures tell dark stories of injustice in India: More than 30 million cases are pending in the courts; the National Human Rights Commission receives more than 75, complaints a year; the National Crimes Bureau NCB registered 27, cases of violence against Dalits in ; the NCB also reported 32, murders, 19, rapes, 7, dowry deaths and 36, molestation cases.

Injustices and violence on women, children, old people, poverty and misery of certain parts, suicide of farmers, lack of civil protection and respect to the families, forceful family planning, alcoholism and drug transportation and importation, political crimes and corruption etc are the agonies of India today. How can we transform this India to its original spirituality and transform to a culture of Gospel? In the expression of S. As Jesus lives and loves, we ought to live and love, as he forgives, each Christian must forgive, as he lives in perfect accord with the will of God, we ought to live.

The interior conformation with Christ is therefore the content of the Christian life. The discipleship begins with an encounter, a desire or a motivation and a style of life on which the Master and disciple works together. Here, the disciple comes to know the desire and life of the Master and take them as his own. On the part of the disciple, the passionate love for Jesus Christ is the motivating force of his vocation and consecration. In other words, it is an imitation of Jesus himself, imitating what he was and how he was.

It is a call to be conformed to the life of Jesus who lived, died and resurrected. The religious consecration therefore, represents totius personae consecratio, where the person becomes Christi forme through the profession of Evangelical counsels. What gave and continues to give religious life its meaning, vitality and relevance is indeed an irresistible passion for Jesus and his mission.

The future of religious life depends on our ability to see Jesus Christ and be so captured by him and his mission that others are able to see and experience Jesus in us. The mission and lifestyle of Jesus were fully concentrated on the liberation of the person and humanity. The humanity has to be freed from the bondages of all kind, injustice, slavery, absence love. The whole humanity was transformed by the love of Jesus; it has lifted up to heaven once again!

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The humanity encountered the Divine Transformer! The same way, the transformative power of consecrated life comes from seeing Jesus, seeing others and the whole of creation in Jesus and responding with the heart and mind of Jesus. This divine relationship with Jesus Christ is a conscious and constant choice and a journey in faith.

Our real challenge is a radical return to Jesus with all our hearts, with all our being and to discover anew our identity in him and in His mission. Now the question arise: how does consecrated life rekindle its authentic character, reinstate its moral credibility, and how to form the consecrated to respond to the challenges of our time?

How to attain the life style of Jesus in a pluralistic country like India? Son who gives himself to the Father for humanity. The discipleship is none other than, the imitation of the Master himself, taking part of his thoughts, accepting his mentality and sharing his life style, most of all being at His side. The disciple meets his Master in the everyday events of his daily lives. The Formee and Formator should experience this continuous presence of the Lord.

Therefore, our formation process should resembles the Emmaus experience of walking in the presence of the Lord, sharing, discussing on life in the light of the Word of God, breaking the bread and opening their eyes to go back to Jerusalem. Here formator and Formee are the disciples and Jesus as Divine Formator! Throughout the formation process, the following aspects are included for the gradual conformation of the disciple to Jesus Christ.

The Gospels accounts that, Jesus spent hours in prayer with his Father in Heaven. Prayer becomes a communication between Son and Father. All his activities began with the prayer to his Father. In fact, prayer becomes the part of his personality. He encountered the Will of the Father in prayer. The irresistible attraction for doing the Will of the Father, lead him to be one with the Father.

Doing the Will of the Father became his daily nourishment. The spirituality of Jesus was born out of his contemplative relationship with the Father. Jesus want to transmit this same experience to his disciples, teaching his disciples to pray like him, being in always touch with the Divine without exhaustion. Francis, lived such an experience with Jesus, and exhorts his brothers to live the same relation where one can find meaning.

They should be formed to have this contemplative aspect of his relationship with the God, the Father and His only Son Jesus. Religious are called to rediscover and live the ecclesiality of the first Christian community. But when Jesus called them together, there was only a unique motive for all of them, listen the Master and walk with Him.

Formation programs should be focused on forming such a community among the religious. Though personally called but called to live together for a unique purpose. Community is to be seen in the context of a shared spirituality focused on a shared mission and a shared journey into the future. In a world of intolerance, exclusion, material possessions, conveniences and individualism our life lived in community and communion is a powerful witness to an alternative model of social life, rootedness in the Kingdom-values of Jesus.

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In the same way He sent out His disciples to preach good news to every people and to every corner of the world. They are also being promised that He would be with them as an advisor and accompanier in their mission. The mission of Jesus was liberating mission, a sign of hope for the oppressed. The same mission is continuing through the consecrated, by being a sacrament of hope among the people of God.

Participating in the liberating mission of Jesus requires a spirituality of radical Gospel living, a spirituality that is holistic, integral and transformative, a spirituality that is clearly in the service of life in all its forms. The formee must be formed through this radical choice of being a missionary like Jesus. He should be formed to the freedom of Jesus.

He was not attached to anything or anybody, not even to his own life, or the success of his mission. The consecrated should be formed to embrace the same form of life of Jesus, through which they live in values and attitudes of evangelical life EE The more he allows himself to be conformed to Christ, the more Christ is made present and active in the world for the salvation of all VC As we have seen from the first part of our study, India is always admired by the whole world about its spirituality and diversity of culture.

But this country is also highlighted for the presence of poverty, cast discrimination, injustice, corruption, political immoralities and economic imbalances. We believe that Franciscans can restore and transform at least a small part of this country by restoring and transforming ourselves. The urge of every human being is for perfect love, perfect union with another. But God is the only one we can possess in that way. This truth is innately present in Indian people, but needs a creative- Franciscan response from the part of a friar.

Francis than any other saints of the Catholic Church. In Sanskrit himsa is doing harm or causing injury and the word ahimsa is abstaining from causing hurt or harm. It is gentleness and non-injury, whether physical, mental or emotional. There is a spiritual urge in every soul for peace. Even if a person is violent now, he or she inwardly yearns for peace. Man is essentially an instinctive, intellectual and super-conscious, or soul, person. The instinctive nature is based on good and bad, up and down pairs of opposites. The soul nature is based on oneness, humility, peace, compassion, love, helpfulness.

The intellectual nature is based on trying to figure both of these two out. According to Bhakthi yoga, Way of Devotion 2, bhakthi or devotional love towards a personal God is the highest goal of every human being. In fact, the unbreakable love of St. Francis towards Creator and the creation was always influenced the Indian people. The prayer of Francis is exceptionally famous and most recited prayers among Hindus3. In short, Francis and a Hindu will be in accord with exploring non-injury as a way to achieve harmony with our environment, peace between peoples and compassion within ourselves.

What we can give to our fellow brethren Indians as Franciscan Conventuals? Specifically we can bring a certain Franciscan attitude although it already exists 2 One of the three ways of marga way of living , the divine life by the human being according to Purana, Holy text of Hinduism. Francis of Assisi provides for us a mold in which to cast our own life's conduct and character. It provides a blueprint upon which to pattern our living in our thoughts, speech and actions within our day to day relationships with our fellow beings and with all life around us.

Therefore, the prayer of St. Francis is a precious document for us, an indispensable, invaluable frame of reference by which to judge our own lives, and referring to which we can do the necessary to bring about the needed alterations and modifications for the upliftment and purification of our own daily life. Gurudeva Paramahansa Yogananda often extolled St. Francis of Assisi as one of the great lovers of Christ, an exemplar of what a follower of Christ should be.

Francis, and from that vision came the poem, "God! With this in mind, friars should be formed with a disposition that promotes human dignity, a dignity that ensures environmental justice. His whole life was conformed to that of Christ, becoming Alter Christus by carrying the same marks of love on his body. Our professionalism, our comfortable and secure middle class lifestyle can leave our people untouched by our life as they do not always see in us credible witnesses of Jesus and his radical commitment to the Reign of God.

The greatest challenge and opportunity before us Indian friars is to be mystics like Francis, who are impelled by a passion for Christ and his mission of compassion. Therefore, we need friars who are burned out of love for Jesus like Francis, by witnessing a God who is suffered, crucified, died and resurrected.

This is also the mission of our Province. The poor and downtrodden and the humble will come across in their lives the God who made himself poor, humble and defeated but became victorious! The same situation is for all the religious orders and congregation, especially for those who have foreign origin. This automatically emerges an alienation from the part of the religious and separation from the part of the people themselves. Every culture received its rightful autonomy.

And religious values formed the core of culture providing cohesion to all other aspects of life. The transformed life results in promotion of justice, openness to other cultures, and a richer religious experiences leading to communion of communities. Therefore, the greatest need of our Province is to be form friars who are ready to be the transforming presence among the multicultural situations of India.

The Power of the Vedas- The Spiritual Guide That Was 5500 Years In The Making.

Like a beautiful lotus in the river, though its roots are beneath the mud, on the brink of the river it gives fragrance and serenity to the people! As every country, the usages, traditions and cultures of the India should be purified. As Christians, through our works and services, we are doing this tough job since twenty five years of the foundation of our Province. The Asian Bishops have addressed the urgency of entering into a triple dialogue with Asia: dialogue with the poor, with the religions and with the cultures. They pointed out that integral liberation, interreligious dialogue and inculturation are priority concerns of the Church and religious life in Asia.

This is an area of tremendous prophetic opportunities for us Franciscans Conventuals in India, which obviously needs a necessary formation and competence. The dialogue deals with the mutual relation and respect of the other. The process of dialogue can be initiated by developing a curriculum and a teaching methodology that should be inclusive. The knowledge about different religions should be disseminated to the entire range of students irrespective of academic stream or level of education.

Secondly, the students must be formed to live the faith in its integrity and going depth, to the very centre and roots of life. There must be formative program, giving them chances to integrate with people of other religions, witnessing to the other concerning the values of our faith, and through the daily practice of brotherhood, helpfulness, open-heartedness and hospitality, showing themselves to be a God-fearing neighbor SBA.

Thirdly, forming the friars to cooperate with other people of different faith and religion, working together for social justice, welfare, and human rights, which are also the manifestations of dialogue of 4 NBCLC: National Biblical Catechetical and Liturgical Centre, Bangalore. Felix Machado, the Bishop of Nasik. This is what Rev. The question of pluralism is important for the church in India for understanding the nature of its fellowship and unity. The important point is to recognize the pluralistic character of the unity of our national community and therefore to work for a unity which will be strong enough to comprehend in Christ different cultural and social and religious ethos which will enrich the total life of the fellowship of the church.

The unity of the church and the unity of the national community in India are very much related to one another. We Franciscans have something to say in this field, but what it primarily has to offer is example and witness. Therefore, formation program should focus on establishing experiences not only in the level of technical understanding of other denominations of the Church, but also providing interaction between the persons of these Christian churches.

Conformation with Jesus is also a conformation with those whom Jesus lived for; the poor and oppressed of his time. Hence, conformation with Jesus is a conformation with the poor of our time. The anawim are the medium par excellence for a God-encounter. On the contrary, it is a firm and persevering determination to commit oneself to the common good; that is to say, to the good of all and of each individual, because we are all really responsible for all" No.

This can be realized only through our Evangelical counsels and a genuine adaptation of style of life according to that of the people whom we are called to be with. Adaptation of this way of life not excludes our moderate way of dressing, eating and living. Look at the rose. It too has a gospel to spread.

Vedas-With English Meanings

It does it silently, but effectively, and people come to it with joy. Imitate the rose". A presence that is holy and authentic is the key. We are encouraged by the many religious missionaries who lived and suffered and still lives in many remote parts of India who do imitate the rose and make a huge difference in our society and in the Church in spite of many challenges! In our multicultural context, what is need primarily is the prophetic and charismatic presence of each friar among the people. We need to take part in the liberating mission of Jesus; a mission or a social apostolate that respond the agonies of India.

The mission of Jesus not only limit the salvation of the human being but he salvation of this universe. Today, in India the nature is being exploited by all for selfish needs. The misuse of the nature, like deforestation, infertility of land due to the chemical manure, pollution of drinking water and rivers, creates damages in the ecosystem of India and changes the life of the people. We could be the most suitable persons for such a mission in India, since we follow a humble man who praised God for the wonderful creatures. Hence, a mission should be launched immediately in different part of India and of the world.

We need to liberate the creation from the oppressive and selfish hand, and save the earth for the future generation. Our students need to be formed in eco-spirituality. The other way is to announce the Word of God, when they see it pleases the Lord, in order that unbelievers may believe in God Francis clearly states that, love for God and love for brethren are the two important requisite for those who are going to the world as missionaries.

For centuries, we experiences constitutional differences and breaks between our three orders, which at times disorientate the people for the message that we give to them. Hence we need an inter-Franciscan ecumenical dialogue. After the Second Vatican Council, this new movement has slowly flourishing among the Franciscans.

It is the fruit of a new cultural and ecclesiastic sensitivity, which is more universal and ecumenical, and of a greater penetration into the writings of St. Francis and Saint Clare by all. The fundamental Franciscan values that we all share are those that allow us to have one vocation and one charism and to feel ourselves as being of one Family.

It is a movement of communion found on the lower levels - it is propagating among us a certain sense of Family, and also on the highest levels of responsibility among the different Franciscan groups. In the formational program, this must be given due importance by giving them opportunities to mingle with other Franciscans so that they come to the other realities of our Franciscan Order.

Growth towards Conforming with Christ: Activities of St. His spiritual presence was felt through all throughout these years in everything we have done and went through! From onwards, the Province owns 11 friaries in India south India and one mission in Srilanka. Dan Brown- award winning author of Da Vinci code in his newest volume "The lost symbol" credits the vedanta the collective term for the upanishads and the vedas as the source of the world's oldest mystic secrets.

This is amazing! I must s Disillusioned spiritual seekers are about to discover the quickest and surest path to God. The book, both evocative and instructive, will help readers of any age, gender, religion or nationality focus on what is truly meaningful in our outlooks about our existence and then how to use this breakthrough in ways that elevate the consciousness in practical as well as philosophical ways. In providing ample examples on how to effectively distill every sort of input, Both physical and mental, that plays a part in our daily activities, the author sets out a method to fully transform how we view, explore and engage in our activities, relationships, and every part of our lives.

Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Oct 06, carmen tavernia rated it it was amazing. Simple, "easier" to understand such profound information I have been reading books with similar topics for almost a year, recently I came across Sri Vishwanath's books, they r short, to the point but above all for a beginner like me, it's "easier" to understand and apply personally. He applies the information to real life examples that I could relate to without out feeling like he has an agenda to promote. Dick rated it it was ok Jan 24, Ibragin Soto rated it it was amazing Oct 30, Dona Johnson-cuff rated it really liked it Jan 05, Sorivi rated it liked it Apr 24, Gail Thompson rated it liked it Aug 21, Madhu HK Das rated it really liked it Sep 23, Jim rated it it was amazing Jul 20, Savita rated it really liked it Nov 20, Piyush Bhuva rated it it was amazing Jul 29, Darnise Chilo rated it it was amazing Mar 06, Ross Bennett rated it did not like it Jun 20, Wayne M Danis rated it really liked it Jan 23, Heath Muchena rated it it was ok Oct 25, admin