The Story of the Fuehrer: Adolf Hitler

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Please refresh the page and retry. F or 70 years, historians studying the life of Adolf Hitler have worked on the basis that Mein Kampf was his only attempt at an autobiography.

Written partly in his cell at Landsberg prison in Bavaria, his two-volume memoir is the prime source for understanding the roots of his warped ideology. Published in , two years before Mein Kampf , the book was purportedly authored by German serviceman Baron Adolf-Viktor von Koerber, and appeared to be no more than a hagiography by a loyal follower.

Hitler at home: how the Nazi PR machine remade the F├╝hrer's domestic image and duped the world

V on Koerber later turned against the Nazis and spied for Britain, spending part of the war in a concentration camp. He said: "Taken together, the pieces of evidence build a compelling picture that this was indeed an autobiography written to boost Hitler's profile as the 'German saviour' and that even at this early stage of his career he was an astute and manipulative political operator.

There were still many Germans who were skeptical of Hitler when he became chancellor in The adulation helped make the Third Reich catastrophe possible. Hitler had total power in Germany, unrestricted by any constitutional constraints.

A radical makeover

The headline implied even more, however, than the major change in the constellation of power. It suggested an identity of Hitler and the country he ruled, signifying a complete bond between the German people and Hitler.

Hitler becomes fuhrer

The referendum that followed on 19 August , to legitimize the power-political change that had occurred, aimed at demonstrating this identity. As the result showed, however, reality lagged behind propaganda. According to the official figures, over a sixth of voters defied the intense pressure to conform and did not vote "yes. Even so, there were one or two tantalizing hints that Hitler's personal appeal outstripped that of the Nazi regime itself, and even more so of the Party.

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Adolf Hitler's first biography written by the Fuhrer himself, according to new evidence

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Who Was Adolf Hitler?

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