Whispers of Gods Love: Touching the Lives of Loved Ones After Death

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And families need each other. Secondly, is suicide unforgiveable? The church had little to say about it in the early centuries, but Augustine, in the fourth century, asserted that suicide was a sin. I am sad to say that the church, for most part, has often continued to hold this course. However, this position is not really borne out in scripture.

In Matthew 10;28 Jesus says that: A person can destroy the body, but not the spirit. The Bible is clear that we go either to heaven or hell based solely on our relationship with Jesus Christ.

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For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith — and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God. Jesus did it all. We believe, as Scripture so firmly assures us, that all who have trusted Jesus Christ can never be separated from his eternal love. Romans in The Message says:. There is no way! Not trouble, not hard times, not hatred, not hunger, not homelessness, not bullying threats, not backstabbing, not even the worst sins listed in the Scripture … None of this fazes us because Jesus loves us.

We must trust in the mercy and justice of our loving heavenly Father. Thirdly, is it unshakeable? As Greg Bowman so rightly put it in our service of lament, I believe that God was the first to shed tears for Bob. I believe this wholeheartedly. In the midst of our questions and heartache, we turn our hearts to the supreme truth: We have a Savior who, in troubling times, is unshakable!

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This is the time — when we walk through this windstorms of life — that we find our footing by looking to Jesus. I do not give to you as the world gives. One day at a time is hard enough. We are emotional wrecks. Just making it through the day without breaking down is hard enough. Jesus in his death and resurrection broke the power of sin and death, and blew away the boundaries that separated us from our loving Heavenly Father once and for all time.

This gives us abundant hope. We can rest on His amazing grace.

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Knowing that He has us safely in his arms. And that He is not going anywhere. Slow way down. Is suicide explainable? Pause Yes. Pause Is suicide pardonable? Pause Absolutely, Yes! In the words of John Newton: Through many dangers, toils and snares, I have already come, Tis grace has brought me safe thus far, And grace will lead me home. If you would, please turn with me in the Green Hymnal to page Many times have I been rejected, taunted, put in prison, and crucified, and many times shall be again,. All the world have I given up for my dear brothers' and sisters' sake, for the soul's sake,.

Wending my way through the homes of men, rich or poor, with the kiss of affection,. For I am affection, I am the cheer-bringing God, with hope and all-enclosing charity,. With indulgent words as to children, with fresh and sane words, mine only,. Young and strong I pass knowing well I am destin'd myself to an early death;. But my charity has no death—my wisdom dies not, neither early nor late,. With sudra face and worn brow, black, but in the depths of my heart, proud as any,. Lifted now and always against whoever scorning assumes to rule me,. Morose, full of guile, full of reminiscences, brooding, with many wiles,.

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Though it was thought I was baffled and dispel'd, and my wiles done, but that will never be,. Defiant, I, Satan, still live, still utter words, in new lands duly appearing, and old ones also,. Permanent here from my side, warlike, equal with any, real as any,. Including all life on earth, touching, including God, including Saviour and Satan,.

Ethereal, pervading all, for without me what were all? Essence of forms, life of the real identities, permanent, positive, namely the unseen,. Life of the great round world, the sun and stars, and of man, I, the general soul,.

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O F him I love day and night I dream'd I heard he was dead,. And I dream'd I went where they had buried him I love, but he was not in that place,. And I dream'd I wander'd searching among burial-places to find him,. The houses full of life were equally full of death, this house is now,.

The streets, the shipping, the places of amusement, the Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, the Mannahatta, were as full of the dead as of the living,. And what I dream'd I will henceforth tell to every person and age,. And now I am willing to disregard burial-places and dispense with them,. And if the memorials of the dead were put up indifferently every- where, even in the room where I eat or sleep, I should be satisfied,. And if the corpse of any one I love, or if my own corpse, be duly render'd to powder and pour'd in the sea, I shall be satisfied,.

Y ET , yet, ye downcast hours, I know ye also,. Earth to a chamber of mourning turns—I hear the o'erweening, mocking voice,. Matter is conqueror—matter, triumphant only, continues onward.

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Come tell me where I am speeding, tell me my destination. I approach, hear, behold, the sad mouth, the look out of the eyes, your mute inquiry,. Old age, alarm'd, uncertain—a young woman's voice, appealing to me for comfort;. But the one I thought was with me as now I walk by the shore, the one I loved that caress'd me,. As I lean and look through the glimmering light, that one has utterly disappear'd,. I do not doubt that from under the feet and beside the hands and face I am cognizant of, are now looking faces I am not cognizant of, calm and actual faces,.

I do not doubt but the majesty and beauty of the world are latent in any iota of the world,. I do not doubt I am limitless, and that the universes are limitless, in vain I try to think how limitless,. I do not doubt that the orbs and the systems of orbs play their swift sports through the air on purpose, and that I shall one day be eligible to do as much as they, and more than they,.


I do not doubt that temporary affairs keep on and on millions of years,. I do not doubt interiors have their interiors, and exteriors have their exteriors, and that the eyesight has another eyesight, and the hearing another hearing, and the voice another voice,. I do not doubt that the passionately-wept deaths of young men are provided for, and that the deaths of young women and the deaths of little children are provided for,. Did you think Life was so well provided for, and Death, the pur- port of all Life, is not well provided for?

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I do not doubt that wrecks at sea, no matter what the horrors of them, no matter whose wife, child, husband, father, lover, has gone down, are provided for, to the minutest points,. I do not doubt that whatever can possibly happen anywhere at any time, is provided for in the inherences of things,. Your schemes, politics, fail, lines give way, substances mock and elude me,.

Only the theme I sing, the great and strong-possess'd soul, eludes not,. One's-self must never give way—that is the final substance— that out of all is sure,. Out of politics, triumphs, battles, life, what at last finally remains? T HAT music always round me, unceasing, unbeginning, yet long untaught I did not hear,. A tenor, strong, ascending with power and health, with glad notes of daybreak I hear,. A soprano at intervals sailing buoyantly over the tops of immense waves,. A transparent base shuddering lusciously under and through the universe,. The triumphant tutti, the funeral wailings with sweet flutes and violins, all these I fill myself with,.