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My name is Eileen Sheedy, and I feel so blessed and excited to be serving Read more. Login Email :. Password :. Create Account. Skip to main content Skip to main menu. Why Choose OLS? Jun 7. Last Day of School Preschool- 7th grade early dismissal. Time: AM - AM.

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May Time: PM - PM. Memorial Day No School. Ribbon Mass. May 5. Confirmation 3pm. Many of you have met me throughout the summer at Masses, our Parish Carnival, or through visiting the school. I believe that learning is sacred work, and learning provides opportunities for a bright future. It is my duty as your principal to be sure that all students are receiving the best education and opportunities. We have a dedicated staff full of teachers who are motivated to assure student success! My motto is very simple: work hard, play hard.

I believe that students who do their very best and work hard in and outside of the classroom deserve recognition and incentives. As your principal, I will be your cheerleader to push you towards reaching your goals! Not only do I believe in working hard academically, but also I believe in working hard to be a disciple of Christ.

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I will work closely with Fr. Stan and your teachers to be your faith-filled guide through the school year. God in all things We are children of God, and we treat each other as children of God. God calls us by name to be disciples of Christ for others We help others and stick up for one another; we are called to be people of service and mercy. We are a family in Christ We relate to each other as a family. We speak with respect, and we love one another.

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Learning is sacred work We arrive to school on time, prepared to work to our fullest potential. Love drives learning All students can learn and will learn when known, cared for, and loved.

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Education is a means for creating a better world With the collaborative efforts of teachers, students, and families, this mission will be successful. Louis de Montfort, claim that this act of joining our souls to the heart of Mary is a certain and simple road to sanctification.

As our mediatrix, Mary is the bridge between us and Heaven. If we are intimidated by approaching our heavenly Father, perhaps due to the comparison between God and our earthly father, Mary is the one we can encounter without fear. She acts on our behalf to accomplish spiritual feats and to reach God more readily than we do of our own accord. John Vianney knew this to be true, since he was spiritually attacked more than once. Satan comes to us in all forms, especially in the cunning psychological and emotional attacks that so often lead us to sin: despondency, discouragement, anger, jealousy, ambition, greed, lust, etc.

Temptations begin cognitively, so we can conquer them immediately when they invade our thoughts. Be assured that you will overcome it with her assistance. Most of us become distressed throughout the day, because life has taken on an entirely new level of busyness in our modern epoch. Stress comes to us in many forms, such as insomnia, heartburn, anxiety, fear, nervous habits, etc.

At the moment you acknowledge your source of stress, pray to Mary. Do this, and she will not fail you. This is a brazen proclamation, albeit a true one. Mary is the gateway to Jesus. Recall that she was the First Tabernacle, safely carrying the Word Incarnate in her womb.

Therefore, she is the means by which we return to Jesus, as well. We cannot fully know Jesus without His mother. Along with the previous quote, St. Anselm tells us that devotion to our Lady is the only way we can obtain perfect salvation. Consider all of the worldly perils you encounter on a regular basis, and compound them with the spiritual sufferings that assail you. Could you possibly overcome them all? Beseech her intercession often, and you will draw nearer to Heaven.

To entirely ignore her presence and her role in salvation is a grave mistake.

If we love Jesus, we will naturally love His mother, especially since we are certain He loved her more than we ever could. I love the devotion to the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary, because it shows how beautifully intertwined are the love of mother and Son. Once you develop a devotion to Mary, you cannot fathom your interior life without her presence, guidance, and gentle mercy. What a beautiful metaphor! It would feel trapped, as if something in its life were tragically missing.

The same is true for us as sons and daughters of Mary. We stifle so much potential growth in our interior lives without her.

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We long for the heights of Heaven, yet we fall short without her, because we do not have our wings to fly there. Mothers are intuitive and are able to determine nuances of their children that others may overlook. She meets us where we are with the kindness of an earthly mother: a kiss, an embrace, rest, and refreshment. One of my favorite titles of Mary is Mother of Mercy. In this Year of Mercy, we can be assured of her love for us when we approach her with humility.

Many saints have received visions of Purgatory, and when our Lady visits the suffering souls in Purgatory, she becomes their oasis in the desert, providing refreshment and hope for an end to their suffering. When we believe we are lost and all is impossible, we must turn to Mary, Mother of Mercy. She is sure to touch our wounds with the healing balm of her love.