Antología poética 2002 (Spanish Edition)

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We could feel poppies burst open just behind the bricks, a sonorous revelation, a hymn, a curtain suddenly pulled back to transport us all at once from night to dawn, from gloom to rapture, from indifference to surprise. And the Metro transformed to a small golden square for the blind boy, to soft joyous bread for the old man who lives alone. I had gone down into the Metro with thoughts of winter — sonnets by Quevedo, gloomy ashes of Paul Klee — and between jolts I read each of them, frowning grimly, to forget time.

Antología Poética Benjamín Prado

And the Metro was dancing with happiness, as if it was listening to poems by Jorge Guillen set to music by Vivaldi; and the serious office worker closed his ABC, the young woman with glasses turned up her nose at the final pages of Agatha Christie, and — a miracle — the lovers stopped gazing at each other, and the children grew bored with Superman and went back to being kids: all filled with joy, speechless with happiness, we felt the planet again pour its light on us like a village woman spilling a whole jar of honey on her cakes.

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History of the conquest of Mexico and history of the conquest of Peru. In the hands of the Great Spirit : the 20,year history of American Indians. A country of vast designs : James K.

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It has a total area of 11, square meters, a library with of over 45, volumes, an art gallery with over original paintings a seater auditorium, classrooms and galleries, along with a widely landscaped area. There is a complete collection of manuscripts that makes up almost a totality of all his work.

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The library consists of 45, volumes, including all editions and translations of the work of CJC. The newspaper library includes 1, titles of magazines and newspapers with a total of 45, copies, among which includes the full journal file of Son Armadans.

Defensa personal : antología poética 1992-2006

The collection of his letters consists of more than 90, letters. Hundreds of titles, honors and awards, among which are the Nobel , Cervantes and the Prince of Asturias — as well as collections and objects that Camilo Jose Cela went compiling along his life and because of their richness and variety the collection surprises all visitors.

Camilo Jose Cela died in Madrid on January 17, , following his wishes, he was transferred to the Adina cemetery. He studied primary school in the Chenlo school. In he began Galician Philology in Compostela. As a result of these contacts, his poetical work was arising.

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In he published his first poems in the magazine Dorna. In he participated in the L. During this year and until his death in he participated in poetry readings in different Galician cities and villages. In he went to Lisboa as labour exchange; there he met the poet Antonio Ramos Rosa about who appreciated the possibility of developing his thesis. In A morte presentida was published, already posthumously, two years after his death.

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He began to write this collection of poems in his last trip to Lisbon. This award is one of the most popular trace cultural events that takes place in Galicia. Galicia Hoxe. December Enciclopedia Galega Universal , T.