CHASING THE CASH LIFE Vengeful Psychological Thriller (1/3)

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But I got a confession to make, I absolutely love Tyler Burnham. Tyler was swoon-worthy!!!! Yes, I was swooning for him and as I read one chapter after another, Tyler completely stole my heart with his passion, heart, and his protectiveness. Okay, If you must know, my kindle is filled with so many highlights Mackenzie is a woman who needs control in her life after a previous relationship deeply affected her from getting close.

Well her need of control is rocked when Tyler Burnham and his green eyes invades and consumes her thoughts. Tyler somehow manage to knock her need for control when she submits to him. But what Tyler didn't expect was that he too is also consumed with Mackenzie. What turned out to be an assignment to get close to her to find out information regarding her father, Tyler soon realizes that his heart is on the line when his feelings for her is much more.

So in this thrilling romantic suspense, when the lies and deception are exposed, can Mackenzie's heart trust Tyler? Or will she regret giving up control? Chasing the Dragon is a story filled with complex characters and many layers of suspense and passion.

One word to describe this book would be gripping. This book was such an intense suspense filled ride that you wouldn't want to put this book down. What I love about this book is that T. Leigh has a way with words to keep you amazed and awe with the way she can make a book of deception into something beautiful. The writing was just perfection and I can't wait for the Slaying the Dragon. View 1 comment. I could not put down this fast-paced story of love, suspense, foul play, romance, and sexiness and I was crying when I reached the final page because I just did not want this story to end!

It seemed as though I waited forever for Chasing The Dragon to finally be in my hands and I can't help but liken the wait to the intense foreplay experienced by the main characters in this story: Tyler and Mackenzie! Leigh's writing only gets bette Stunning! Leigh's writing only gets better and better As a proofreader with serious O. It's beautiful, clean, precise, and flawless.

Her characters are strong, passionate, and full of personality. Chasing The Dragon took me on a roller coaster ride of all of my emotions. I found myself laughing out loud at times, wiping a tear at others, but overall I just could't get the pages to turn fast enough. When the words on my Kindle become a movie playing before my eyes, I know the author has done a fantastic job and T. Leigh only continues to set the bar higher and higher. She leaves me with a book hangover with every read and Chasing The Dragon was simply bookgasmic to me!

After reading her stories, I have the hardest time finding another book to satisfy me the way she does. Do I love that? Bravo, T. I wish I could give you ten stars for this one! Have You Heard? Book Blog Visit T.

Chasing The Cash Life Vengeful Psychological Thriller (1/3)

I think the team of goodreads needs to come up with specail rating for TK Leigh because 5 stars - does not do her justice!!! I was the very lucky bastard that won an ARC of this amazing book last friday on TK's facebook page and let me tell you one thing - a million dollar in cash would not made me happier! Although my heart will always belong to Alexander, Tyler is defenitely has his brother's blood In a story full of emotions, exciting events and breathtaking sus I think the team of goodreads needs to come up with specail rating for TK Leigh because 5 stars - does not do her justice!!!

In a story full of emotions, exciting events and breathtaking suspense - TK Leigh does it again with all her glory! Prepare yourself for a bumpy ride y'all and a very steamy one!!! How will I wait for the second part??? I have no idea!!!! TK Leigh is a big name around Indie book land and with good reason obviously judging by Chasing the Dragon.

Mackenzie without realising it has constructed a self-imposed wall of isolation after having been betrayed in the past, she is slow to trust but very quick to like as a character. Tyler is complex and multi-faceted but his entanglement with Mackenzie has its own special variety of problems and complications and right from the start you just want the best for these two diverse and intelligent characters. My heart was a traitor. It had shut itself in for years, not feeling anything. Not compassion. Not admiration. Certainly not love. But now it was beating again.

Worse, it was feeling again. With one kiss Mackenzie had restarted it, had blasted through the fortress I had built around it. You care about the characters, they have superb depth and heart even the supporting characters add more than expected to the overall enjoyment. It was hot and steamy when it needed to be and tender and serious when it was warranted, everything was perfectly balanced in my eyes, I just had to knock off a half star for that horrendous cliffhanger because now my impatient bum has to wait for the next book to see what happens next.

Not cool TK Leigh, not cool at all. Just when I think T. K Leigh can't top her last book, she comes back and surprises me. This one is amazing. From the first page until the last, it'll have you on the edge of your seat. The love, loss, heartache All of it culminates at the end. This book just goes to show you that sometimes a job is more than a job. Everything she has known was left in the dark, a T. Everything she has known was left in the dark, all she has been told is that her father, a high-ranking army officer, is in trouble and they must leave for now.

Mackenzie lives her life with a plan and schedule. As a super achiever, Mackenzie really has not time for men in her life at this time — it is not on the schedule for a few years. She has only had one long-term boyfriend in college named Charlie, an army analyst, who broke her heart. Makenzie has two best friends she meet in college and the only friends she truly trusts — Jenna and Brayden. They all live in South Padre Island and Jenna is helping Mackenzie open restaurant when they decide to meet at the bar for Friday drinks. While Mackenzie is waiting at the bar to meet Jenna, she meets Tyler Burnham.

I stopped trusting everyone, even myself, because I never know when my own instincts will falter again. Tyler has a job to do and is determined to break down Mackenzie's defenses, but she is determined to keep her wall up or can she? He was confident and sure, unmoved by my tried-and-true diversion techniques to get a guy to leave me alone. Then I would be able to possess her, body, and soul, making her forget her reasons for not wanting to date, making her trust me with her deepest and darkest secrets.

It was the only way to succeed in this mission. I was lost in the sensation of Tyler's body looming over mine. You won't be able to stand Her ex-boyfriend comes back after he has been gone for quite some time. TRUST has always been difficult for Mackenzie, but as she and Tyler start to shed their walls — will they be able to trust each other?

It was real. She was real. A real person with real feelings. I began to question whether I could follow through with my task of earning and then betraying her trust. Whether I'd be able to walk away from the woman whose smile, eyes, and laugh had crept their way into my dreams at night. Leigh will not have us to waiting too long to find out what happens. Chasing the Dragon. Trying to recreate the feeling of that first high every time. Chasing the dragon to find Tyler Burn is something I would gladly do over and over again.

He is absolutely delicious and I can see why even though he warned Mackenzie to stay away, she couldn't help but fall in love with him. Passionate is only one of the words to describe Tyler Burnham. He is utter perfection.

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Physically he is beyond beautiful. Dark messy hair, lighter on the e Chasing the Dragon. Dark messy hair, lighter on the ends from being out in the sun, deep green eyes that you can stare into for days and a body that is fit and muscled in all the right places. He looks better than any man should be allowed to look. Chasing the Dragon begins when young Serafina Galloway is ten years old. She and her mother are on the run. Serafina's father, a highly ranked army officer is in trouble. He's in enough trouble that Serafina and her mother have to leave their home, change their identities and forget everything they've ever known.

Fast forward sixteen years. Serafina is now Mackenzie Delano. She is a super over achiever, type A personality. She runs her life in a very regimented manner. Makenzie has no time for men and hasn't really had any special in her life since her college boyfriend Charlie, an army analyst broke her heart. Mackenzie has two amazing friends in her life. Brayden and Jenna are the two people closest to Mackenzie, they met in college and have been close ever since. They've knew her before she turned into the schedule making woman she is today.

She and Jenna are opening up a restaurant in South Padre Island where they all live. But the opening of her restaurant isn't the only risky business Mackenzie has going on in her life. Recently, she's been getting some very scary phone calls. Phone calls where she receives a frightening message and then hears the clicks of a gun. Add to that an amazingly hot stranger trying to get to know her and you have a book with everything.

Chasing the Dragon is sexy, romantic and suspenseful. Tyler Burnham may even have his brother beat in the book boyfriend department. I especially loved when you think you know exactly what's happening, T. Leigh throws you a curve ball and holy plot twist, you're going in a totally different direction. You'll find out quickly, Tyler isn't exactly being honest with Mackenzie. Sure she's gorgeous and incredibly desirable, but Tyler's motives for seducing Mackenzie are less than honorable. When he thinks to himself about how he's going to break her heart, you clearly know everything is not what it seems.

At first the ever aloof Mackenzie tries to ignore Tyler, but of course he gets under her skin and she lets him in. He totally pours that Burnham charm on. Telling her how good they would be together, trying to convince her he's all in and she needs to be too. Mackenzie can't deny their intense physical attraction and the sexual tension between them.

Tyler finally gets her to promise him one night. One night and then either they go their separate ways, or they're all in. Well what do you think happens? The build up until their one night is ridiculously hot and steamy. What happens between them has Mackenzie begging Tyler not to wait until Friday night the agreed upon night for their encounter.

I mean literally begging. Don't forget, in addition to their love story, Mackenzie is in danger.

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The threatening phone calls are only part of the problem. Someone keeps breaking into her condo and even Tyler a security expert can't figure out who keeps getting in. Did I forget to mention, the ex-boyfriend Charlie comes back into the picture? Good Lord his story just gets you deeper into the deception that has been Mackenzie's whole life.

That being said Chasing the Dragon is an amazing read. Tyler Burnham is uber yummy and there's enough mystery and suspense to keep you turning pages into the wee hours of the morning. Oh, one more thing. Chasing the Dragon ends in a cliff hanger and it's gigantic.

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I am super stoked for part two of this series. Leigh did not disappoint with this book. A five lip smack review for Chasing the Dragon and for that sexy specimen of a man Tyler Burnham. What a ride! Leigh brings so much passion and intensity into her stories. Her words have a way of hypnotizing me, holding me captive until the very end. Every single time I finish a novel from this author, I am left speechless, at a loss for words, with my emotions all over the place, completely, utterly, and wonderfully spent.

As a huge fan of Ms. It has got to be so hard when starting WOW! It has got to be so hard when starting a new series after such a successful one. You have such high expectations to live up to. Once you get a taste of Tyler Burnham, there is no going back. Step aside Alexander Burnham. It is Tyler Burnham's time to shine. You name it and I'll give it to you. It's about a man who will do what it takes to knock her off her axis and give up that control. She was supposed to be an assignment, nothing more. Jeff Dejent: Livres, Biographie, écrits, livres audio, Kindle

But when she ends up surrendering to him, giving up her control, and carefully placing it in his hands, the lines begin to blur, and walls start to crumble. How far will Tyler go to get the answers he needs from the woman who is digging her way into his heart and soul? Lies and deception can break a human being, especially one as vulnerable as Mackenzie Delano. Someone already broke her heart a long time ago. Will she be able to survive another blow? Both of the main characters were amazing. Leigh is a master at creating these beautiful, complex, and strong heroes and heroines, and Mackenzie and Tyler are no exception.

Mackenzie is a strong, independent, woman who is living her dream. Even with all of the heartache of the past, she is not looking to break anytime soon. Tyler Burnham is a gorgeous, successful, charming man. Tyler pushes Mackenzie, takes her out of her element, makes her stable life a little less stable. The control that Mackenzie covets is easily taken away by the man with the hypnotizing green eyes. He has her going off schedule and she no longer had the sudden urge to follow routine. She finally felt free.

It has the power to destroy everything, and for Tyler Burnham, it has the ability to take away his lightning strike. Oh, all the feels, the suspense, the passion! It's overwhelming. It's intense.

It's beautiful. I believe T. Leigh has another Bestseller on her hands. It's an incredibly engaging story that is sure to leave you breathless. WTF did I just read? They have been asked to find someone. Easiest way? Seduce the one who knows where he is and get her to spill his location. Mackenzie has a secret. She knows where he is, but trusts no one. When Tyler sweeps into her life, she feels a connection to him she has never felt with anyone before. I loved the characters. And I am still not sure who the bad guy is, so I am anxiously awaiting book two. Seriously, she did!

She knew she was messing with us, and she liked it. Leigh was complex, mysterious and sexy. Mackenzie Delano is a twenty-something on the brink of reaching her dream of opening her own restaurant when Tyler Burnham walks into her life. From this point forward her world is forever changed. True to form, her book has mystery, intrigue, romance, hot sex and complex characters.

The supporting characters are well developed, funny and loving. There is a new and fabulous Mr. B in town! Not sure, as it physically hurt to click a mere 5 stars because it was 5 stars for just the beginning! MacKenzie Delano is a total control freak due to a traumatic event in her freshman year in college.

She lives her adult life by micro managing every minute of every day and there's no room on her calendar for love. Tyler Burnham is going th There is a new and fabulous Mr. Tyler Burnham is going through life guarding his heart. He plans to never feel helpless about a woman again. It starts to change when a case falls in his lap that has him dealing with a feisty, closed off woman. The day that Tyler and Mack meet is like the finale of a fireworks display. So addicting, a tornado on the ground near me couldn't have made me put it down.

I have loved every book T.

Crime Series

K Leigh has ever written, would rate her grocery list 5 stars, but she has outdone herself in Chasing the Dragon. I lost my heart to Tyler Burnham utterly and completely, and not sure if anyone will ever replace him! The book hangover I was left with makes me tear up every time I think about the fact that I finished the last page.

Book 2 can not come soon enough! I will end with this I tried but there was one phrase said by the hero, almost at the end, that made me stop and quit reading. And i WILL tell you what he said in a little bit. I have soo much to say about this book that i dont even know where to start so i decided that im just gonna make a list.

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