Ghosts of San Francisco: The Haunted Locations of San Francisco, California

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The Most Haunted Places In California

So if you want to visit one of the most haunted places, not just in San Francisco, but in the world this Halloween — make sure you check out Alcatraz tours so you can explore one of the cruellest institutions of all time. If haunted houses and the supernatural interest you, then you probably already know about the legend of Winchester House. The world famous Winchester House has been the inspiration behind blockbuster films and a whole variety of horror-based books.

Mary Ellen Pleasant Memorial Park

The house was built by Sarah Winchester after she inherited a huge fortune from her father-in-law, Oliver Winchester, the designer and manufacturer of the historic Winchester rifle. The house in San Jose was built by Sarah Winchester as a way to elude ghosts of the people who fell victim to the Winchester rifle.

Winchester Mystery House

Essentially, it was designed to confuse, and confuse it did. The mansion is said to have included rooms, 10, windows, over 40 fireplaces and around 2, doors at its peak.

Five Haunted Spots Guaranteed to Give You the Chills

In addition to this, the house was littered with trap doors and spy holes as well as staircases leading to nowhere, small rooms were built within bigger rooms, balconies were built on the inside of the house rather than the outside, floors were built with skylights in and many, many more incredible features. This beautiful, historic building has been described as a piece of architectural genius. However, guests at the theater claim to have seen the ghost of a ticket-taker in mirrors and roaming the stage, the wings and the lobby of the building.

Incidentally, there are reports that a ticket-taker was murdered in the theater during the s.

Top 10 Haunted Places in San Francisco, CA

San Diego Change City. Follow Us. Check out what the ghosts are saying on TripAdvisor. Search for: Press enter to submit. San Francisco Alcatraz The famous maximum security prison located in the San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary earned a reputation as one of the most brutal and inhumane prisons in the country during its heyday.

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During its days of operation, prisoners were said to be tortured and paranormal investigators believe that many of the haunts are their spirits seeking revenge. So much so that Battery Point has been deemed the 7th most haunted lighthouse in the United States. Also, be on the lookout for the lady in white who makes numerous appearances when folks least expect it and the lingering spirit of a sailor who was killed in the engine room during a horrible accident. Traveling in the next 7 days?

3 TRUE San Francisco (Scary Stories)

The Bay Area is full of supposedly haunted locations. And it's no surprise that San Francisco, with its wild and tawdry history, has long been a hotbed of ghostly activity.

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  6. The book cites a California historian who says 1, homicides were committed in San Francisco from to the mids. By comparison, San Francisco had 59 homicides in , a number that is even more striking considering SF now has , residents. In , the city had a population of just 21, There's no shortage of restless souls in the city. If you're looking for an apparition of the celebrity variety, try the Westin St.

    USS Hornet Museum & Officer’s Club

    Francis, where entertainer Al Jolson is said to walk the halls. Want a classic lady in white?

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    The spirit of a despondent mother is said to wander the paths around Stow Lake.