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Brigitte Djie. Many people work more, have less time, get exhausted and overwhelmed, then things start to slip. You might notice that your relationships begin to suffer or you keep skipping the gym. There are ways to create harmony and balance in your life while still growing your business. Many of the men were said to assume more serene dispositions but also claimed to have developed depression. Interestingly, there are no legitimate scientific studies that demonstrate the behavioral effects of castration on dogs. A lot is assumed. Intact dogs are said to roam and mark and be more aggressive.

While some statistics show that 80 percent of all dogs found on the side of highways are intact males presuming they've roamed from home , new research shows that aggression --which has always been the strongest selling point for testicular removal--may actually be worse after the procedure, which has been shown to increase anxiety levels.

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While male-to-male dog aggression is more pronounced in intact dogs, it's unclear if training and early socialization would help reduce those tendencies. All this, and to muddy the water even more, female dogs also mark, roam and show aggression, so go figure. On the other hand, there are health risks involved with neutering, especially when this surgery is performed on dogs who haven't reached physical maturity years of age.

The AVMA American Veterinary Medical Association informs that this procedure "can result in increased risk of health problems such as incontinence and some types of cancer.

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Other health risks that have been linked to studies targeting certain breeds where premature castration --and the consequent elimination of the vital hormone, testosterone - include:. If castrating a dog has this many adverse side effects why is it still happening? Most importantly, why are our country's leading rescue organizations sterilizing their puppies as young as seven weeks of age, risking sedation and removing organs that produce a major growth hormone testosterone -- especially now that there is a viable alternative? While one can understand the urgency to stave off the sad overpopulation issue, don't we owe our beloved pets a little more?

These are not farm pigs we're talking about--these are our dogs who, in most households, are revered like children. Jeff Werber, who regularly practices both traditional and alternative sterilization procedures, i. The key differences are that neutering requires anesthetizing, "the most dangerous part of any procedure," whereas Zeuterin , an in-office procedure, is fast, does not require full sedation and is thus less expensive.

Give Your Man Back His Testicles

He finds the new practice of pre-mature neutering in our shelter system puzzling. You sterilize the puppy using a non-invasive, safe procedure that will not handicap their physical growth! Down the road, if the dog develops behavior problems related to increased testosterone - like marking, roaming, or aggressive tendencies - you can neuter then. Again the question: Why wouldn't everyone--from the AVMA to our country's leading humane organizations - jump at effective, organ-sparing, hormone-salvaging options for population control? Douglas G Aspros, a former president and spokesperson for the AVMA, says they're reluctant to adopt non-surgical neutering procedures, such as Zeuterin, as their primary method of sterilization until more research has been completed on its long-term effects.

He, on behalf of the AVMA, suggests dog lovers speak to their veterinarian regarding the best option for their pet. After mindfully considering my options and speaking to my veterinarian, I chose the FDA-approved Zinc Gluconate sterilization, known as Zeuterin, for my own dog.

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Upon arriving at the clinic, I was able to observe the procedure and speak with representatives from Ark Sciences, who both distributes and certifies doctors to administer the serum, as well as the attending veterinarians Dr. Carr, Greenwich Animal Hospital. Handing Gadzooks' leash to the technician, I watched the procedure as both a fascinated journalist and a compassionate dog mommy.

After inducing light sedation, Dr. Ben Kagen, the preforming veterinarian from Adopt-a-Dog, measured each testicle to determine the dosage, then tenderly injected the sterilizing serum into the center of each globe. It took no longer than a traditional vaccination. Zinc is normally needed for maturation of sperm, but in the concentration used in the serum, it destroys the seminiferous tubules.

Husband : His values involve ensuring his family is well catered for and does so through his job and bringing home a good pay cheque. Wife : One of her high listed values is looking fabulous for her husband. Scenario : Wife is getting pissed at the husband for working late. WTF is wrong with this guy?

Is he having an affair? Maybe he doesn't love me anymore? Does he know I sometimes get lonely when he's working so long and late? Wanna meet me for coffee at 6 over at CoffeeLovers? Husband recognizes wife's wants and needs and they both reach a mutual compromise which can also be great for a healthy relationship. Forget about busting his nuts and diagnose why YOU yourself feel the need to dominate what should be a respectful and mutually rewarding relationship. Better understand each others value system and highest values and apply broad brush compromises so everyone is reasonably happy and content.

Life as well as relationships are founded on finding the balance point from which to mov forward from.

Give Him Back His Balls by Brigitte Sumner (Paperback, 2007)

Everything can be magical in the eyes of those who weave their own destinies. Enjoying newly found freedoms, Martin is a down to earth, honest, quirky humor, compassionate and upfront kinda guy. Easy going and love to laugh. Into good food, wine and great company. Drop me a message and let's start there, OK?

Martin — who has written posts on GeekandJock. Wife's birthday and our long time anniversary are two days apart. Bought her flowers and nice card for anniversary. Took her to romantic dinner that evening. Two days later took her to Manhattan and spent evening in swanky hotel. Had nice lunch, another romantic dinner and then a nice brunch the following morning.

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