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Jayme Illien was found abandoned as an infant on a road side in the Indian town of Calcutta.

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He was later adopted by a single American woman — Anna Belle Illien who was also the founder of Illien Adoption International; an adoption agency based in Atlanta, GA and working to support, displaced, poor and refugee families and children. From an early age Jayme had hands on exposure to the issues like refugees, poverty and problems faced by the orphan children, as he roamed throughout the world with his mother. He professed the rights of children from a very early age and became vocal about them and the solutions.

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He felt a responsibility towards the deprived children who lose their families to poverty, war and other related factors. He considers himself to be one of them. Jayme Illien worked as a diplomat of Illien adoptions in the United States Department of State, working on issues like immigration, child trafficking, adoption and issues of human rights.

Jayme Illien was of the opinion that Equinox is a phenomenon felt by all of the humankind and is an event when Sun lies exactly above the earth. We all want to be happy and our every pursuit has happiness at its core. Whatever we do — study, work, play, make plans, and read etc, we do it all to ultimately achieve happiness.

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Today we have got access to best things in life from fancy gadgets to comfort accessories, but we are not that much happy and only few countries today reach the benchmark of Global Happiness Index. A day dedicated to happiness the United Nations seek to fetch the attention of International community on the fact that sustainable development will only be achieved if people are happy.

The UN also acknowledges the fact that social, environmental and economical well being is mandatory for global happiness. Various events are organized to encourage people to be happy and also to make them happy. Painting and laughing competitions are organized specially in schools and colleges. Events are organized to help people achieve the goals or do the things which make them happy.

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People, who get happy by involving into a specific activity, are given access to it. Many celebrities and public figures also celebrate the day with joy and festival fervor. Government and non government agencies work towards eradication of poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and various other factors that obstructs the happiness of a person or the Happiness Index of a nation.

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To meet the goals of Sustainable Development it is imperative to improve the Happiness Index of the world. Someone might be happy playing a football match while other might be happy by bicycling or visiting a nearby forest or a close friend.

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Decide what makes you happy and do it right away. Make others happy too.

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A simple gesture like a smile or a warm handshake might be enough to make a sad person happy. The essence of the day is to be happy and to spread happiness in whatever way you like and in whatever way it is possible.

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Extend your helping hand to those in need and show your concern. It is a very simple gesture but definitely will leave an impact on the other, making him happy. Organize event in your community to make people happy by addressing to their needs or just through plays, competitions, comedy shows etc. Connect with others in your community and make life happier where you are. Discover how your country is doing in the latest World Happiness Report. By choosing to join, I trust Action for Happiness to take care of my personal data and agree to the Privacy Policy.

Thousands of people all around the world are taking action to support the International Day of Happiness. Join the community. Be part of something bigger. International Day of Happiness.

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InternationalDayOfHappiness 20 March Get daily inspiration Discover new action ideas each day via a special app and monthly calendars.

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