How to Make Big Money in the Flea Market Business

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This is what everyone wants but few ever find. In short, you will receive a complete business!

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See you at the flea market! Are you ready to put some real money in your pocket? This isn't some wimpy ebook. I will even tell you how I make money reading the newspaper.

How long have you been flipping for?

I know what to look for and how to take advantage of it. After reading your course twice wifey is reading it now I'd have to say it's chalk full of simple easy to implement must have information. My wife is already preparing to enter the Flea, Swap Meet business and she found some fantastic tips from you that are already making a difference in her eBay biz. Allen has a knack of making it easy to read and yet full of information.

His down to earth style is a welcome relief from some other reports. Bob Downs Mesa, AZ. That's fair, isn't it? How can you know if you don't actually try it for yourself? But as I said, if it doesn't work for you just let me know and I'll return your money. Here's my email address: allenlfarlow yahoo. Nothing for you to return.

My uncle had given it to me as a gift, and my brothers and I played it all the time. Being an animal lover, I loved the different colored rabbit characters they had as player tokens. This reminder of days gone by is what helps vintage toys and games sell at flea markets. No missing pieces on games or broken parts on toys. Some wear is okay as long as the item is usable. Vintage or highly discounted clothing can sell well at flea markets, too. Again, people love being reminded of their youth.

Plus, clothing styles cycle around. As for up-to-date clothing, people just want a great deal. Jewelry and accessory items such as scarves tend to go over well at flea markets. Again, pricing is key.

How to Start a Flea Market Business

The main thing flea market shoppers want is a great deal. The jewelry and accessories you sell can be current style or vintage. My dad always had lots of luck selling these items at flea markets. The same goes with home decor items.

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  4. Some people love decorating their homes with fun and different flea market finds. Or, decorating with pieces that match their style or interests. For instance, my dad bought a great picture at a flea market of a girl leading her horse through a small creek. He got it for my oldest daughter for her birthday because she loves horses. And, grandpa got the beautifully framed picture for a song. If you can find a great deal on cool vintage or other furniture, consider getting it to sell at your flea market booth.

    The vintage thing is big at flea markets.

    Selling Seasonal Items

    People want stuff that no one else has. But know that transporting furniture to flea markets can be cumbersome. Again, people like buying something that no one else has. Use discretion of course. Luckily, there are lots of places you can get items to sell at your flea market booth. Here are some ideas. Go through your closets, drawers and storage areas.

    Look for jewelry, clothing, furniture, toys and games, collectibles, etc. I remember my dad would sell everything from unwanted tools to home decor. A lot of times you can find stuff at local thrift stores that you may be able to resell for more at a flea market. The key to succeeding at this, however, is to find thrift store items that are a super good deal.

    People buying from flea markets want great deals. You may be able to find things to flip at your flea market booth via local garage sales. Some people price garage sale items extremely low. They just want the stuff gone. I once held a garage sale with a friend.

    What Are Good Products to Sell at Trade Days or Flea Markets? |

    Scour garage sales, especially citywide sales with lots of people selling in one area. Look for those unbelievable deals and grab them quickly. In the area where I live, people often leave stuff at the curb for free. If you find a resellable item on a curb, grab it! Another place you might be able to find items to sell at your flea market booth is on wholesale websites.

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    These are sites that sell large quantities of items for super cheap. Buy carefully, however. It should populate a list of sale items near you. Note that some Facebook yard sale items are great deals, others are not. You need to be able to find a deal on an item you can resell for more at your booth. Sam Ashe-Edmunds has been writing and lecturing for decades. He has worked in the corporate and nonprofit arenas as a C-Suite executive, serving on several nonprofit boards.

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