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Now Johnny is technically in remission, but will continue treatment for another two years. His immune system is on the rebound, and in August he visited the U.

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FB Twitter ellipsis More. Image zoom. Coral Von Zumwalt. In Off Route , after Johnny steals a prison bus , he sometimes says, "Mom always told me I'd be a bus driver. Ironically, Michael is a soldier serving in Iraq , and a law-abiding citizen, and criticizes Johnny's biker lifestyle and criminal association with Billy.

According to Billy Grey, it was him who brought young Klebitz in the gang. Johnny's criminal record shows rigorous activity between and , when Johnny would have been between 17 and He was put in prison soon after, and had a parole violation in , meaning he did up to six years. Klebitz tells a friend of Thomas Stubbs that he has not had an annual salary since he "punched out license plates for a year in the joint.

I should use my good eye.

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Johnny, unlike Billy, actually cares about business, but is quick to shut down anyone who is wrong or disobeys him. Before Jim Fitzgerald was murdered, he seemed to care more about The Lost than many of his friends. Johnny is also much more headstrong and sensible than the other bikers. Johnny and Ashley Butler used to date, but he ended the relationship with her due to her affair with Billy Grey, as well as her drug addiction.

He still cares for her, but believes the drugs have completely taken over her life. He will still do anything to protect her, as shown when he receives a phone call from her and drops what he was doing to give her aid. Johnny also sympathizes with Roman Bellic , a stranger to him, later on in the mission " Roman's Holiday ," even asking the Russians to go easy on him, though Johnny had no choice in the kidnapping.

Johnny's Angel Light

This creates tension, not only between the two outlaw motorcycle clubs, but also between Billy and Johnny. This tension quickly escalated into a war between The Lost and the Angels of Death. Billy Grey threw several parties at The Lost clubhouse to celebrate his release from prison. While being visited by part-time lawyer, part-time biker, Dave Grossman , Klebitz had a sit-down with Billy and the two discussed the tension between them. When they began to start agreeing with each other's point of view, Billy was sent a text message from someone, informing of some members of The Lost being jumped by members of The Angels of Death.

After rescuing the attacked Lost members, Billy was informed of the death of Jason Michaels , who was killed by an Eastern European who was actually Niko Bellic. Billy manipulated the situation by blaming the Angels of Death in order to rally the gang to attack their clubhouse , even after he informed other members of The Lost that it was a "Pole" or "Serb" hitman. During the attack, Billy found two duffel bags full of heroin and stole them with the intention of selling them.


This created even more tension between Johnny and Billy. Billy later called Johnny and told him to speak with Elizabeta Torres , who had found a buyer for the stolen heroin. The deal, however, was an undercover LCPD sting operation. After some commotion, Johnny escaped with the heroin, while Niko and Playboy X escape empty-handed. Billy then called Johnny again and told him to meet up with Congressman Thomas Stubbs III to help him with some " dirty laundry " and other sensitive situations.

The Lost later found out that the heroin they stole from The Angels of Death originally belonged to the Triads.

Johnny Angel

Billy and Brian thought that they should keep the heroin, but Johnny and Jim convinced the gang to get rid of it, due to the LCPD being onto them. The four of them went to the deal, but only Johnny and Jim went in to speak to the Triads, who immediately attacked them and stole the heroin. As Johnny and Jim escaped to a rooftop, they saw Billy crash his bike. This eventually split The Lost into two factions, one led by Johnny and one by Brian.

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Johnny and Jim met up with Brian at the Alderney docks after hearing that he wanted a truce. Once again, Johnny spoke with Elizabeta Torres and she said that she needed a job done, pairing him with his new allies Malc and DeSean. Jim later introduced Johnny to Ray Boccino , a Capo of the Pegorino Family , who directed Johnny to Brian's hideout because Boccino believed the Lost civil war was bad for business , which resulted in a confrontation with Brian.

Ray then orders him to steal diamonds from Gay Tony at a ship. Ashley Butler pleaded for his help, saying that she was being held hostage for her debts to Dimitri Rascalov. As payment, Dimitri's men demanded that Johnny kidnap Roman Bellic for him. Johnny, however, took off with the money after Luis Lopez ambushed the deal.

Ray then kidnapped Jim in retaliation and tortured him in the basement of Drusilla's to try to get his money back, until Johnny showed up to rescue Jim. The two later escaped and Johnny called Ashley Butler to meet her at the clubhouse. Ashley told him that Boccino had her convince Johnny to work with him in the first place so Ray could use The Lost, while neglecting their pay. She also revealed that Jim Fitzgerald has been killed by one of Boccino's hitmen who was Niko Bellic once again.

Upon this loss, Thomas Stubbs III met with Johnny at the clubhouse, and informed him that Boccino and a lot of his associates would either be dead or in jail within a month or so , as well as of Billy Grey's plans to rat out Johnny and fellow member of The Lost , in order to be released from prison. After escaping the prison, Johnny and the remaining members of The Lost discovered that their clubhouse had been ransacked and destroyed by Ray's goons.

Some time in , Johnny went to confront Trevor again for having sex with Ashley. Afterwards, Johnny laid dead on the ground with his skull smashed open. Trevor then left the scene with Ron and Wade, leaving Ashley behind, who then mourned over Johnny's dead body. Trevor then delivered the news to the rest of The Lost MC, and killed many of them in the process, including Terry and Clay.

Johnny is relaxed and laid back most of the time. He wants to think all plans and actions through and doesn't want to make any risky decisions. He is very easily angered and will become aggressive and violent when provoked. He shows some hesitation about killing people whom he thinks deserve it. However, he also has his limit about killing.

He is reluctant to kill Brian Jeremy and Billy Grey because he considered them as his friends in the past. He also asks Elizabeta if killing so many people is really necessary. Overall, Johnny's attitude about murder seems to be that he is capable of doing so in cold blood but believes that the murder should be justified.

Johnny will always carry out orders given to him even if he disagrees with them, but will vent his frustration when doing so. Over the course of "Clean and Serene", Johnny claims that he has given up on faith and instead believes in religion. Johnny has an anti-war and anti-politics stance, claiming both exist to "make the fat cats fatter".