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10 Reasons Why Your One-Night Stand Was Actually a Great Thing

Or should I put myself out there? You already put yourself out there.

Ask Steve: Finding “the one" -- STEVE HARVEY

Yet you do have mutual acquaintances who could be your best help, at just one attempt to reach him. Any further pursuit will affect your self-esteem, which is shaky from this. Consider it, lesson learned.

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And why would he email pictures of himself naked to these addresses? Also, is it weird that we haven't had intercourse in years? He says he prefers oral sex. I, on the other hand, enjoy that thought in fantasy only, as I believe the real thing could become a problem. He has an addictive personality. Having sex with a guy and never having to meet his buddies from his recreational kickball league who are all named Tyler?

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You got laaaaaid. Like, with another person! Are you aware of how tremendously kickass that is?! Relish in this. Savor it. Unless it was bad sex, in which case, I'm sorry.

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  8. You either got apartment decorating inspiration or realized that your place is really not that bad by comparison. You might think your room is crappy but at least you don't have a sheet where a wall should be, am I right?

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    You stole something of his before you left, so now you have that. I'm not advocating stealing, nor would I ever, but I do know friends who have taken home borrowed hoodies and T-shirts fully knowing he wouldn't ask for them back and now they have dope sexual souvenirs. Thank you, sex!

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    Happy sex hormones reduce stress and make you live longer. Ever have a really good one-night stand? You know the kind. The kind that makes you believe in human connection and the power of soul mates? The kind that makes you feel alive and invigorated? I'm talking about the kind of closeness that can only come from real connection. I'm talking about something more intimate than sex.

    6 Reasons Meaningful One-Night Stands Are Better Than Empty Relationships

    I'm talking about those beautiful moments in the early dawn that make you feel complete. Maybe you had sex, maybe you just spent the night talking, maybe you did both. For anyone who has ever had the pleasure of experiencing a meaningful one-night stand, you know that while they may be rare, they are always worth it.

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