What you really need to know about buying and selling diamonds

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That makes it hard for the jeweler to perform a thorough evaluation of the piece. It sounds obvious, but jewelry sellers specialize in selling jewelry, not buying it. Certified buyers appraise diamonds every day.

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There are safer options out there. Photo: Ethan Lofton on Flickr. A good diamond buyer will welcome your questions and answer them honestly and thoroughly. You can save yourself a lot of time and worry by doing your research.

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Before you make an appointment with a diamond buyer, try to answer the following questions about them:. Are they accredited? Check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure a business is accredited and see its rating. Do they have reviews? You can also try looking for the company on Yelp or even Facebook to see other reviews. What is their website like? Does it look professional? Is the information clear? Do they tell you what a meeting with them will look like? Are they experts? Check to see if they have certified jewelers and gemologists on staff, and see how long they have been in business by looking at their About page.

A good diamond buyer will want you to feel comfortable and completely confident in their offer. We never pressure anyone to sell — ever.

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  • 8 things you need to know about buying diamonds in Antwerp.
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Making sure you have a good experience is our number one priority. You deserve a fair offer. We only offer private appointments at our office — a safe and secure environment where we teach you about the value of your jewelry before making an offer. Give us a call today to make an appointment to sell your diamond jewelry. On the first one, all the information is displayed clearly, i.

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That should immediately ring alarm bells. Then you push them and find out that the second diamond hasn't even been certified.


DR: If you can buy directly from the source at trade level, then yes diamond is a good investment. But buying an engagement ring is the same as buying a good-quality car. DR: If it looks too good to be true, it is. KP: You can make cluster rings, which is something I do quite often. Going for a different shape will bring the price down. You can also get cheaper diamonds by taking one with inclusions [tiny imperfections inside the diamond]. Diamonds with fewer inclusions are more expensive, but a lot of the time you can only see inclusions under a microscope.

How much are you going to be looking at your jewellery under a microscope? A stone with a few inclusions can still look amazing. Also, be sure to work with someone who will cater to your needs and create a ring to suit your budget. DR: Diamonds are priced in brackets: Each time you hit a whole carat the price jumps up. Imagine two diamonds next to each other, with the exact same colour and clarity grades.

One of them weighs just under a carat, the other weighs exactly or just over a carat. Those two diamonds will look identical to the naked eye, but the latter will be priced significantly higher than the other, just because of the prestige that comes with it being one whole carat, rather than 0. DR: Cubic zirconia or moissanite are the two most popular diamond substitutes, and some of them are pretty good to be honest.

Moissanite is very durable and looks great. But cubic zirconia gets dirty really easily and can get scratched. You can get such beautiful stones for a fraction of the cost. EO: Sapphire is almost as hard as diamond. Soft stones like pearls are not suitable diamond replacements as they're prone to scratch easily.

7 Reasons Why Diamonds Are a Waste of Your Money

DR: In terms of engagement rings you have the big four: diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald. Those are the four highest-priced gemstones. The next rung down from that you have stones like tanzanite and aquamarine, which are still pretty expensive but not in the same price group as the big four. Colour is a major thing — you need to decide what colour looks good with your wardrobe and suits your skin tone.

KP: Shopping at a big brand means you can try so much on before coming up with a decision, which I think is so important. They have so many varieties. And more and more the bigger brands are becoming more ethical with their practices. EO: With lower-end, big-scale manufacturers, their jewellery will most likely be factory bought from China and badly made. If it seems very cheap, it will fall apart in a few months and the cost you will have replacing claws and re-plating it will add up to the price of a bespoke piece.

Whereas if you go to, say, Hatton Garden, you see the same stuff in every window. EO: Make sure the piece is not too cracked. Also, make sure the claws and setting are all intact. DR: Look at the quality of the craftsmanship: Do the stones look neatly set by someone who knew what they were doing?

Does it look a little messy or rough round the edges? Reputation is a big deal in that area. But pretty much all jewellery will be hallmarked, so you can check the gold carat. EO: Smaller jewellers usually take great care in sourcing the highest-quality materials, and you get a far greater choice. Plus, a smaller-scale jeweller will work personally with you on your ring, and you can get something bespoke if you want. DR: We get to know our clients pretty well and develop relationships. So avoid blunt force trauma.

Platinum is by far the weightiest and densest metal that will stand the test of time. White gold is cheaper, though.

Then you have the bezel setting, which goes all the way around the diamond and looks very pretty. Then with tiny diamonds you see a lot of pave settings. KP: Hairspray, nail polish, bleach, chlorine You can also clean the stone with warm soapy water and very soft toothbrush occasionally to keep the areas around the setting clean. Or send your jewellery to your jeweller for a better clean with an ultrasonic cleaner. KP: Only do this with diamonds though. Anything you do to the metal can be fixed pretty cheaply and quickly.

EO: Cry, and then bring it back to your local jewellery store for repair. Unless it is the actual diamond, it can be repaired easily enough for a fee. With chips you can also design around it, i. Share On facebook Share On facebook Share. Share On vk Share On vk Share. Share On lineapp Share On lineapp.