Worlds Divide: Prequel to Fallenwood

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Worlds Divide: Prequel to Fallenwood

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Shaintar_Legends Awaken_Rangers at Large

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The Coming of the Fellwraith. Ghosts of Kiranon. Edward K. The Realm of Fire. Dan Absalonson. Epilogue for a Lost Tale. Lazette Gifford. Birds of a Feather. Leslie Soule. Hybrid Space.

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Cute, but definitely not. You dig through the bag, double-checking the tag, wondering if it's a mistake. Sure enough, there's nothing else there, and the tag says your name in big, bold letters. No more gifts meet your criteria-- among the presents, there are a few large boxes for kids in the family, a heavy bag with tools for your father, and a tiny bag for Neito's mother, which he said contained a pair of earrings he purchased for her.

You wrap the gift back up, wondering if it's karma for sneaking through the presents. You'd rather that he hadn't bought that gift for you at all, to be honest. He'd always been very thoughtful what he gave you, taking note of what you want all year-- but this is a bit different. You just can't believe he would have spent so much money on you just to purchase Sighing, you re-wrap the gift and start preparing dinner. Hopefully, he'll at least enjoy your gift to him-- even if it means having to wear that strange sweater.

Author Interview with Leslie Soule / The Fallenwood Chronicles

It's Christmas day, though you don't exactly feel the joy you once did as a child, sprinting downstairs in the morning and grabbing at your stocking to look inside. You and Neito sit under the blanket on the couch, watching snow fall outside on this white Christmas. Why don't we start opening gifts?

He starts by opening yours-- a cooking set for French cuisine that you promise to try later, and a set of his favourite comic books. The material's so nice, and this cat is just so cute! Your eyes go wide, and you tilt your head. Did he? Reaching for the bag, you look at the tag-- To: Mother, Love: Neito. Your face goes red, slowly piecing together what he's done.

Maybe that happened because you had been looking through these presents before, causing you to instinctively grab that gift in particular? So he got you that pair of earrings? You crawl over to the tree to find out. It's a small box from the jewellers, as expected-- but upon opening it, you find something different inside. A silver-banded ring stares up at you, a diamond set in the middle and surrounded by gems in your favourite colour. Neito's on one knee now, gently grabbing the box from your hand and facing it toward you.

At first, you're still a bit riled up-- but when he pops the question with nothing but love in his eyes, you find yourself tearing up. But to his relief, you crack a smile, laughter spilling out of your mouth and tears of joy out of your eyes as you nod, "And for the rest of my life, I wouldn't have it any other way. Hopefully I can release all four fics today, but for sure at least three. Anyway, I don't know how many of you like this character, but he's such a little shit and I couldn't help but write for him after this idea came to mind.

And admittedly, I think this kind of relationship would be fun, since both reader and Monoma are so sneaky here hehehe. It's almost Christmas! Add a Comment:. Load All Images. I've for sure done that before, and have it happen to me xD It would be a really entertaining relationship to be with him. Honestly I always searched around for gifts as a kid And I know!! I definitely have such a soft spot for him!

Hehe, my mom used to put some of them in the cupboard above the closet where I couldn't reach. Aha omg, those do definitely look unsteady. We have similar ones that my parents never let me stand on! Yeah, even though he's so annoying sometimes I can't help but love him, ahaha!

I managed to flip on of them over all the time xD He's just to loveable. Prev Next. More from dinosauruses Trendsetter. Aizawa Shouta x Reader Aizawa groans as soon as he hears the unrelenting screams coming from the street-- he can never catch a break. On his day off, of all the times something can happen! He's irate, but still, his moral compass rouses him from his half-slumber as he hastily grabs his gear and whatever pair of shoes Hizashi last kicked off in front of the door.

Normally, he'd yell at the loud hero for leaving things out of place again, but hey-- at least it's convenient for him this time.

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Typical-- a large, burning house right down the street with the roof on the edge of collapse. He hopes there are no villains to neutralize, and rushes into the scene. It's thankfully quite close, and the onlookers part for him as he makes his way down. The fire's barely starting, but he's learned how quickly they can spread in such a short time.

He breaks through the front door, using his cloth appendages to clear debris and fallen wood in his way. He covers his mouth to avo. He takes a drawn-out whiff of your latest creations-- freshly baked sourdough and some sort of raspberry dessert lingering in the background. Would you like to try some of my gingerbread today? I can taste the real ginger, and there's something else there Thought I'd try adding some espresso in.

Any snow on the ground has been reduced to slush that you're more familiar with in February, and you've been getting rain occasionally over the past couple of weeks. But does that stop you from celebrating your holiday and getting into the spirit? Absolutely not. Don't forget the marshmallows! Ready to go? While it definitely isn't the type of weather for shorts outside, it's still winter. You figure you'll be out for quite a while, and pack a couple extra blankets. The two of you begin your walk to the beach to enjoy your nighttime Christmas picnic.

Under layers of blankets, warm clothes, and socks, you snu. Autumn Leaves. Featuring these three lovely characters! It's foggy and grey with clouds filling the sky, but it's far from dreary. A sense of calm paints the landscape before you, in contrast to the vibrance of the leaves scattered on your lawn. A chill hits your side as the blue-haired girl lifts the plush blanket to join you, but it's quickly covered by the feeling of her body pressed against yours.

She hands you a porcelain mug, her hair tickling your shoulder as she takes a seat. A Place to Stay Warm. Todoroki Shouto x Reader Modern! AU Spirit! AU Winter was the only season we could be together. The cold nips at your nose as snow continues to pile down all around you. You're on the outskirts of town, and all the shops have closed up.


Not a single car is in sight nearby, and a feeling of dread sets in the pit of your stomach. You curse yourself for not taking your friends up on their offer of splitting a cab just because they lived in the other direction and it would've cost more. Anything would be better than blindly wandering around in the dark, survival instincts on the edge of kicking in. As you trudge down the sidewalk, which slowly disappears under the fresh powder beneath your feet, the street lamps brighten in your wake as you approach them. You know you're about to lose feeling in. Third Wheel.

AU No one has quirks in this fic. I'm surprised to see you here! I didn't know you worked her. Maybe having them meet and go on a date? You're live in three You bounce onto the stage, thousands of fans filling the city square, standing and cheering all for you. You wave to the crowd, soaking it all in-- it's something you'll never get tired of. You inconspicuously shift the large band on your wrist, looking at the tattoo inscribed in your skin. Bus Rides. A voice next to you continues speaking, "Sorry, I always just see you get off at this stop, and I just wanted to make sure you didn't miss it.

I hope that's not creepy or anything--! You're still a bit out of it, but you let out a sigh of relief, as you've been known to miss your stop on more than one occasion before. I really appreciate that, uh You can just call me Denki, though. I'll see you around. Somewhere, in the back of your mind, Denki's name keeps repeating in your head. The pattern contin. Dedicated to my dear itbeajen , who has been feeling stressed out lately. Hope this makes you feel at least a little better, love! He sees your form tangled in pale cream sheets and smirks-- at least you're on your side of the bed this time.

He peels back layers of costume and clothing, exhausted from the job he just completed. Work has left him little time to sleep recently, as the mission his office is carrying out runs at night. The sheets rustle, and a smile creeps onto your face.