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Overall, The 27 Club was an interesting read for me and I enjoyed the ride. It took me longer than usual, it was a slow build and quite detailed. The premise is different and one I'm still thinking about and the writing of this author is so engaging, sexy and beautifully erotic. Thunder booms and lightning lights up the room, startling me. No, not lightning—a lamp. As the sound registers, I scream. I quickly sit up and scan my unfamiliar surroundings. My eyes immediately land on the silhouette of a man standing beside me, and I scream again, this time scrambling off the bed in terror.

In this moment, my heart stops beating, my lungs stop breathing, and my brain stops thinking. The man raises his palms up in surrender. I stare at him for a few long moments, both alarmed and trembling. He takes a cautious step back. Tangled sheets catch on my limbs as I climb back onto the bed and unsuccessfully try to pull the covers over my practically naked body. Before humiliation grabs complete hold of me, I give up and dive for my soaking wet shirt lying on the floor. Not great, but better. At least I can look at him with a little dignity. Finally, I glance up and my gaze catches his.

As soon as it does, he drops his eyes. Those shots were goofy poses with baseball caps turned backwards and funny faces. I blink and focus on the matter at hand. What are you doing here? I was just about to ask you the same question. His gaze lifts, and those eyes, those bewitching emerald green eyes, stare back at me. With a straight and confident stance, I clear my throat. After a few taps and scrolls he looks up at me. Here it is. Had I seen your message, I would have tried to rearrange my plans. I managed. He moves like a panther— slowly circling his prey, keeping his distance, not too close, but close enough to pounce if he feels the urge.

He settles back against the wall, just a little closer now. Why is he still talking about the airport? Tall, Dark, and Handsome intimidate me. I managed just fine. His body is long and lean. His hair is dark, the most unusual shade of brown, maybe like the color of expensive chocolate, but not exactly. His lips look full and soft. My mind is going haywire. A look of realization seems to cross his face as he stares at me.

With a smirk, he ignores my question. Instead of answering me, he opens the door beside him. He comes back into the bedroom with a pair of sweatpants and a T-shirt in his hand. How about you get changed and we sit down to talk? From his e-mails he seemed nice, but then again, you never can tell what lurks behind the words on a computer screen.

He stares and his small smirk really irritates me. Once the clothes are in my hands, his mouth spreads into a slow, easy grin. Annoyance grabs hold of me as I pivot on my bare feet and head toward the bathroom, making sure not to glance over my shoulder. When I hear heavy footsteps, I let my body fall back and shut everything out of my mind for a few short seconds. What is going on? Then I make the mistake of looking in the mirror. A wet dog would look better than I do right now.

In an effort to improve the image, I grab a towel and wipe the black mascara from under my eyes. Okay, better—but not great. Who cares anyway? View all 39 comments. This is definitely one of those instances but sadly this read wasn't what I expected it to be at all. Let me just put it out there that this isn't a PNR read despite what the blurb may seem to suggest. The 27 Club isn't your usual club, it's one that Zoey Flowers believed that her family is bestowed with a death curse that they all die at the unimaginable age of Her brother, Zach recently succumbed to this deadly fate and now she believes that death is knocking down on her door very soon.

Having to face the death of her brother, she flies to his place in Miami where she meets Zach's best friend, Nate and what she comes to learn about her brother's life isn't all it's made up to be. I'll hand it to the author that the premise is refreshing for me and was how it caught my attention in the first place.

The underlying message of living life to its fullest is something I appreciated but what absolutely didn't work for me is the execution of it all.

For starters, these characters are supposedly 27 but Zoey's lack of maturity was glaringly obvious that if it wasn't for the title of the book, I could have easily passed her off as a tween in her early twenties. I really struggled to connect with her especially when it kept harping on her constant fear of death and her continuous need to break into tears and running headfirst into Nate's arms.

27 Club: Stars Who Died at Age 27, From Jimi Hendrix to Amy Winehouse to Tyler Skaggs (Photos)

It was hard to shake off that Zoey came off needy of his protection and it started to look more like a brotherly connection than a sexual one at times. Nate's character was a little better for me but their instant connection came off a little manufactured like a typical case of right place, right timing. I can understand that their no-strings attached relationship is running on a 'carpe diem' setting but at times, their petty arguments and misunderstandings came off unnecessary and honestly, a little frustrating.

Again, this brings me back to my point of how I find these characters acting unlike their age. Now the plot itself really had some great potential. There was an introduction of pivotal characters that shed some light on Zach's life prior to his passing but I wished it could have been explored more on which could have gave the read that extra depth apart from the romance factor.

Those were the scenes that had me glued to the read but once it passed, I just wasn't as invested anymore. Overall The 27 Club had a great premise but the execution just absolutely missed the mark for me. I'll give it 1 star for the plot and another 1 for the rather steamy scenes but sadly, that's as far as I can give. I've heard praises for this author's other works, so I'm still holding out my judgement and will give her books another shot in the future.

Perhaps this one just wasn't my cuppa but it could very well worked for many others : The 27 Club is a standalone adult contemporary romance read. View all 73 comments. Mar 02, Beverly rated it really liked it. The 27 Club is about love, loss, destiny and living.

The story begins with us meeting Zach, he has just turned 27 and knows his time is near. He has a lot of evidence in his family to support his theory, but he decides to not let fear run his life and live life to the fullest. Unfortunately, Zach was right and he dies at the young age of I love when a story unfolds while reading and I am able to experience all the twists, turns and surprises.

I love when I can be surprised by things and Kim Karr definitely surprised me and left me guessing. I enjoyed all the characters. I loved how Zoey was able to channel her strength. I loved Nate, he was exactly what Zoey needed and I enjoyed his charming, refreshing personality. More than that was the message I took away from the story. Now the take away will be different for everyone, but for me it was about living life.

In this case it is fear of untimely death, but if we all look at our own lives we can see that we rarely LIVE everyday. While this book broke my heart at times in the end I enjoyed the message, I loved the romance aspect, and enjoyed how it just felt whole. ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. View all 32 comments. Feb 18, Katy Evans rated it it was amazing. I met Kim Karr by pure coincidence; Real and Connected debuted in around the same time, and we both casually picked up the other's books and enjoyed them and we've been friends ever since.

I just LOVE getting to read her books before release! This one is soooo well written, you guys. This is the story of a woman who thinks she's going to die and for the first time ever, wants to live her life. It focuses on her discovering the value in life and finding toe-curling love in the process. It's I met Kim Karr by pure coincidence; Real and Connected debuted in around the same time, and we both casually picked up the other's books and enjoyed them and we've been friends ever since.

It's sexy and super emotional, with honest characters who took me into a world that I've never been in before. I hope you all love this like I did! It's truly unique and it touched my heart. View all 3 comments. I was under the impression there was club involved and maybe some mystery, but it was completely different to what I thought it would be. I would describe this as a brothers best friend to lovers story. Quite sweet, and a bit depressing. ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review. View all 20 comments.

Amy 27 By Author Howard Sounes

Jan 09, Jacqueline's Reads rated it really liked it Shelves: arc. A lot of people in her family have died at the age of She lives her life very cautiously and questions everything she does. Especially now, as she just turned I get Zoey and I get her fears. A lot of people in her family have died and it would make me freak out too. She visits where her brother lives and tries to get some closure. I love Nate. I found him carefree, loyal and the kind of guy you want to be with and friends with. I thought the dynamic between Zoey and Nate, a little insta-lust for me, just at first.

I wanted a little more tension. What I enjoy most about the book is the whole mystery element to it. I wanted more of this. I wanted more of Zoey going from clue to clue and figuring out what the sketches meant and what really happened when he died. The beginning is a bit slow at first and the relationship between Zoey and Nate is sweet, but turns saucy real quickly. View all 11 comments. Oct 01, -C- rated it really liked it. This book was so beautiful and touching. I'm surprised how well can Kim Karr to convey grief and sadness in that respect.

You feel it yourself. Although this character Zach who has ded is not familiar to us. At the beginning of the book Zach description was minimal. They say the dead will never leave you. They say a lot of things about the dead. Nate has promised to Zach that he does not look at Zoey never more than friend's sister. But Zoey has other thoughts. So this attraction that they have, it's hard to look past. And in addition there is destiny.

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View all 6 comments. Oct 01, Michelle rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance , , arc , childhood-friends. Some believe in destiny, some believe in fate, but I believe in creating your own happiness and living life the way you want. We create our destiny and our fate. Life is worth living, exploring and appreciating the beauty that surrounds us. Boundaries will be pushed. Ideas will inspire. And love will tug all the emotions. And Kim Karr did not disappoint me. Like always, her writing was intoxicating and captivating. What I love about this book was that Ms.

As a reader, I love when an author can completely surprise in you in a good unexpected way. I honestly think this book is one of those books that you must read going in blind. Expect the unexpected because the writing and storytelling will have you emotionally invested with the characters.

Famous Rock Musicians Who Died at the Age of 27

Heartstrings and emotions will be pulled. Romance and steam will have you encaptured with the beautifully erotic writing but at the same time Ms. Karr will have you frustrated with several of the hot and cold parts of the book. The 27 Club was one of the books that delivered a powerful message of life, love, and living.

The beauty of this book is the message we create our own destiny, fate, or whatever you like to call it. Who is to stop us from living? Only you have the power to give up on life so if you truly want to be happy So if you are looking for a book that will inspire and has an engaging storyline then go read The 27 Club by Kim Karr.

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Rating: 3. Even though it's a path I don't want to be on, I'm not certain I can stray from it. It owns me - I don't own it. Lost, consumed with grief, and paralyzed by the fear of her own uncertain fate, Zoey is unable to move forward with her life and truly live her life to the fullest. There were so m Rating: 3. There were so many aspects of Zoey's character that I loved and could relate to. She's kind, intelligent, caring, and the type of person who will go out of her way to help those in need. Of the two children in her family, she's always been a good girl, living a safe life, staying in school and going to college, and staying out of trouble.

I've lost someone who was a vital part of my life, someone that I considered to be one of my best friends, and someone that I loved with all of my heart and I could easily relate to Zoey's loss on so many levels. I can definitely say that this aspect of the story touched me on a deep, emotional level. Some shine bright, some twinkle, some are faint specks you can barely see. The lives of stars vary, their vibrancy does too - but once they burn out they extinguish, and then they fall from the sky. Isn't that the way of life? I adored Nate's character so much! Nate is also very guarded and prefers casual flings to any sort of relationship.

Nate and Zoey have such different personalities that compliment one another perfectly. I loved watching the two of them grow close, push past their fears and insecurities, and find happiness in a way they neither of them expected. He's what I crave. He's what I want. He makes me feel alive. I will admit that I struggled a bit in the first half to get into this story but it really picked up in the second half and I couldn't put the book down. I was hooked by the angst, tangible sexual chemistry between Nate and Zoey, and the author threw in a few twists that I did not see coming.

The 27 Club by Kim Karr is a heart-wrenching story about moving forward after experiencing a tragic loss. It is a story about facing your fears and coming to terms with our own destiny. It is a story about finding unexpected love with someone who makes you feel truly alive for the first time. View all 12 comments. Jan 10, Carol StarAngel's Reviews Allen rated it really liked it Shelves: 4-or-more-stars , arc-reviewed , blog-tour. Oct 01, Nancy's Romance Reads rated it really liked it Shelves: arcs.

This standalone really surprised me.

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It is a romance story, a very hot one indeed, but it's not your typical fall-in-love-easy kind of romance. This story is mysterious and a little dark and it is that darkness that brings the characters together in some unconventional yet intriguing ways. After suddenly losing her loving brother, Zoe is truly devastated but also convinced that her family is cursed and that she will soon be next to follow her brother's path. Therefore, while grieving she tries to come to terms with her impending future but then circumstances bring her to meet her brother's spellbinding and irresistible best best friend, Nathaniel Hanson, and he immediately ignites something in her she thought it was long lost.

Her desire to live. Well, almost. The cloud of her presumed fate keeps overshadowing her but it's Nate's presence that makes all the difference to her. So much so that she starts to question her destiny and what it will mean to actually want to change it. That's when things start to get more emotionally complicated for Zoe because how can she changes her own fate?

And also how is it possible to fall in lust so fast? My body is filled with so many wants and needs, and all these new urges I've never felt before. And all I want is just for him to set me free. The intensity and passion are quite strong here that they mostly make the book feel like an fiery erotica novel. I really enjoyed that from the book, those hot scenes were so well written that they kept the story very enticing. Moreover, the core of the story is very realistic I thought, since the fear of dying or just the idea of death is something most of us can easily comprehend because it happens all the the time around us.

But what makes this book especial is how several opposite themes throughout the story are beautifully blended together, like: darkness and light, passion and fear, death and love, and grief and hope. Such combinations and the ultimate message at the end are really what makes this story unique and captivating for me. This is the kind of read that doesn't follow the norm of what's expected from a typical romance and that totally worked for me because I love to be surprised.

The unique story, the broken characters, the darkness, and the scorching passion all make it a very intriguing-hot read I sure would recommend. And again this is a romance story and it has a beautiful HEA. Oct 01, Chris- Bookaddict rated it it was amazing Shelves: paperback.

Full review to come when released. I will say this One click this Bad boy when it is released!!!!!! I am a huge fan of Kim and her writing. I have read every single one of her books to date. When I found out she was going to be doing a new standalone I was excited to see what she was going to give us. Every member of her family has died at the age of After the death of her brother Zach she heads to his house to pack up his things.

When she arrives she finds that things are not as they seem. Having accepted her own fate, Nate gets her to start to see another side of herself, a part that she has never explored before. As much as Nate has himself closed off he wants to explore this with Zoey. Can Nate convince her to think about a future or will Zoey continue to believe her fate is set? Will Zoey join the 27 Club or not? I loved how Kim built this story up.

Yes it was a little slow at the beginning but it was also intrigued and had me wanting to know more about what was really going on. We did not get to actually fall in love with Zach, but through Nate and Zoey we got to know a little bit more about him. I will say take a chance on this. I know some liked it and some did not. But things are always worth the chance right? ARC copy provided by Atria Books for an honest review. View all 5 comments. Oct 01, Aestas Book Blog marked it as to-read Shelves: not-yet-released.

This blurb is so intriguing!!! View all 4 comments. I love when authors take risks and gift their fans new and exciting stories. The 27 Club is a drama filled read with countless mysteries and several plot twists. It is a departure from her norm, but no less attention grabbin ARC received from author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review 4 Stars I am a HUGE Kim Karr fan and was thrilled when first hearing about her new suspense filled romance standalone.

It is a departure from her norm, but no less attention grabbing. Without giving too much away, this is a story about destiny and self-discovery. Zoey Flowers the heroine believes she is fated to die at the young age of These fears are not unfounded, since recently losing her brother Zach, as well as other family members, at that age. I liked Zoey, but found she lived a little too much inside her head, shrouding her existence in so much darkness.

It was sad to see her outlook on life was poisoned by the thoughts of a family curse. But when they finally succumb to the passion, these two sizzle. This couple had chemistry, and Nate was oh-so dominating and hot. I adored the way Nate took gentle care of Zoey in her time of need.

She began to blossom as the bonds of their relationship grew stronger. For me, this story reinforces an important message; enjoy the gifts life has to offer despite hardships.

Amy Winehouse Meets The 27 Club!

We may not have control over destiny, but like Zoey, open our hearts to love, joy and happiness. The 27 Club was a fascinating read and quite the rollercoaster ride. If you are a lover of suspense with a sexy twist, give this read a go because it had all the makings of an interesting novel…mystery, intrigue, tension, passion and an engaging cast of characters. For more reviews please visit - www. Feb 20, Bj rated it really liked it Shelves: arc , , 4-stars , blow-your-mind-twistyorunique-plots. Being a lover of unique and twisty suspense or mystery filled romances, I took one look at the blurb for The 27 Club, and I just knew I had to read it.

Interestingly, although different in some ways from what I was expecting, I still found it appealing in its own way, and ultimately thought provoking which is one of the characteristics that I look for in a good read. When her brother, Zach, becomes the latest victim of an alleged family curse which has caused a number of Zoey's relatives to die a tragic death at the young age of 27, Zoey is rendered immobilized.

Could The 27 Club be real? If so, having just turned 27 herself, how should she live the last year of her life? As if that wasn't bad enough, she knows she has to travel to Miami to go and collect Zach's personal effects, a task which she desperately wishes she could just forget. Once she finally does arrive in Miami, however, her life changes irrevocably. Not only does she meet Nate, Zach's best friend, but she also starts to uncover clues which lead her to question everything she thought she knew about her brother.

Nate and Zoey quickly also find out that they share a mutual attraction. As much as they want to give in to their desires, however, they are constantly confronted with the forbidden nature of that attraction. To that effect, Nate is notorious for being a love them and leave them type, and Zoey's temporary stay in Miami is supposed to be short lived. Then there is her late brother's wishes and the blasted 27 Club curse which looms dangerously near. Can their possibly be a HEA under the circumstances? While I do have to admit that I had expected a little more to the romance angle of this story, as I didn't immediately feel the connection beyond the physical attraction, the mystery surrounding the heroine's brother's true lifestyle, and the outcome of the family curse, kept me glued to my Kindle.

Every time I thought I had it figured out, a new tidbit was thrown into the story causing me to start question my conclusion. I love books that can keep me on my toes! All in all, if you're looking for something different, then The 27 Club may just be the next book you're looking for. This was my first read by Kim Karr, and it certainly has piqued my interest to explore more of her works.

Source: Review copy provided in exchange for an honest review. I was very excited when I saw the blurb for this book. The title alone captured me immediately. Knowing that the author had been inspired by the real life 27 Club, I naturally assumed that this book would be more of a mystery-suspense type of story.

The true 27 Club is a list of almost 50 musicians who all died coincidentally at the same age of Conspiracy theories have been bo I was very excited when I saw the blurb for this book. Conspiracy theories have been born from this and speculation grows as the names continue to be added. I was really looking forward to a fascinating read that I could really sink into, something that would be introspective and puzzling.

Although the story veered in a completely different direction, I would have been fine with that had it not been for the total lack of connection to either main character or their relationship. The heroine especially not only didn't grab my interest, put she was off putting to me in the worst way. Zoey was immature and to be blunt did nothing for me but annoy me. I tried to look past her whiny mentality, but it kept coming back to bite me in the ass. I understand that this woman lost her brother and was struggling with coming to terms with her own possible mortality.

Death is a morbid and difficult topic to approach, so kudos to the author for the attempt at tackling it. But in all honesty, this woman came off the pages as if she was weak and irrational and that is not the type of female character I care to read about no matter what the circumstances. The hero was a decent character, however I felt that he lacked development and I really did not understand at all his attraction and connection the the heroine. I felt confused over how he grew to feel this inexplicable need for her. And when the foundation of the couple's feelings isn't steady and strong, it leaves me feeling ambivalent to the story.

Although I didn't personally care for this book, I have read and enjoyed books from this author in the past. She's a very talented author with the skill to draw you into her words and characters lives. But respectfully, in this case that never ended up happening for me. I wasn't so sure about my stars Zoey just lost her brother Zachary - Z. He died at the young age of And he's not the first one in their family history to die at that exact age. Their mom, grandfather and a few other people, a few generations back, also died at the age of And now Zoey just can't handle her life anymore because she's so afraid to die.

She's afraid the family curse will kill her very soon I wasn't so sure about my stars She's afraid the family curse will kill her very soon. But then she goes to Florida, to take care of her brother's belongings and to find out if he was at least happy with his life there, knowing he might die soon Her brother's best friend.

Instant attraction on both sides. Could this hot guy finally be someone who makes her want to fight to survive this year? But Nate is not without his own problems And what kind of secret life was her brother hiding in Florida? Nothing really makes sense I wasn't really sure what to think of the book once I read the blurb Because both blurb and cover are totally weird First we meet poor Z - who obviously dies - which we already find out in the blurb Watch now. A singer-songwriter chasing fame and a journalism student researching his thesis are drawn into a sinister underworld as each attempts to discover the truth behind the curse of "The 27 Club".

I wasn't aware of the 27 Club and it's quite fascinating. By that I mean the real "27 Club" not this film. For those unaware it's a statistical anomaly where a bizarre number of famous musicians have died aged This independent horror bases itself on that which in my eyes is a great concept. But what they do with it, is certainly more of a miss than a hit. It tells the story of a young man doing a documentary on the 27 Club and how his paths cross with an upcoming musician who he begins to fall for. Cue lots of occult stuff and a very confusing plot and you have this movie. At time of writing the film has only 46 ratings and this will be its first review, its rating is very low as well and I was hoping I'd be able to counter that a tad with a decent rating.

Alas I cannot, it's not "That" bad but its certainly a mess of wasted potential. Great Idea? Solid So where did it go wrong? Well again the plot is a muddled confusing mess. And at the end of the film I was left scratching my head about how badly they managed to drop the ball.

For a movie about musicians as well I feel they missed a great opportunity to deliver a stellar soundtrack, to my knowledge there wasn't really one at all. The 27 Club isn't awful, it's just a demonstration that in the wrong hands even the best ideas turn to mush. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates.

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