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Those Jews in his family and his administration are a blot to the name of Jewry everywhere. Those are NOT our values.

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That makes me sick. That's not who I am or who my Israeli family are. And yet I was just as appalled at the moving of the embassy to Jerusalem as the Arabs were. There was no need for that at this time. Why provoke more hostility from Arabs? To prove a point? To show how much of a bully and how strong you are? The embassy could very well have stayed in Tel Aviv until the appropriate time to move it to Jerusalem I'm so glad you had the chance to visit Israel to see the beauty of that country and not just the dark side that is broadcast here in the US with every news report.

A cantonal court had somebody fined recently for denying the Holocaust on his homepage.

Sadly, no. However my government is operating on total lies so why shouldn't everybody else? I've never heard of a white supremacist who didn't hate the Jewish people. Hello Paul! Lovely photos of Suki and of Switzerland. We loved Mt Pilatus too when we went up it. And I am pleased to hear that oyu have some good memories of Switzerland. A play. Sascha is a woman pretending to be a man, a pirate, travelling with captain Tristana, also a woman.

They are stuck in the Caribbean and finally are able to hijack the vessel of the princess Lastadie The play is about dependencies and interaction of personalities None of the characters has any reality, or consistency, or 'loveability'. Zschokke did produce some plays and movies, he even won a literary prize. Two novellas by this Swiss author. Gabrielens Spitzen: Gabriele is a poor but diligent woman.

She was a brilliant lace maker. And one day a young rich man came around and asked for a special lace for his household Later he returns and asks the shop owner about the philosophic manuscript he found in it pocket, a treatise about God and his existence. The old owner then tells him that he himself was a brilliant student, thinking that he needs no god. But then gets typhus and loses all his academic abilities.

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So finds himself a god whom he can trust and surrender to his will, for can not do anymore what he wants to do. A philosophical tale about the questions of suffering and will. Some serious thoughts. Two quite contrasting stories. Grethe Auer — Hi Paul! I haven't visited in a while but, as always, take pleasure in the pictures you share and the discussions here. Always pleased to see you here, Karen. I hope to share some more pictures here. Gabriel Bagradian is a rich Armenian who served in the Ottoman army, later he went to France and married Juliette there.

With his family he goes to back to the village of his ancestors in Turkey. But then Turkish started to persecute and cast out the Armenians. Thousands died. Gabriel developed a plan to secure a mountain top the Musa Dagh, the Moses Mountain near the coast and moved up there with all the remaining Armenians over people. The first attack of the Turkish army became a disaster for the Turkish army How long are they going to stay alive against the whole Ottoman empire?

How long is the food lasting? How strong are there own nerves in such a close community? Werfel has written a very powerful and moving novel set during the genocide on the Armenians and their struggle to survive. First published I am taking part at the 'Lunch Table' for seniors of our church : Well, I am old enough.

The wife of the pastor who had invited me recently makes some potatoes gratin. During reading Werfel's novel I started to look for more background about the genocide on the Armenians. There are plenty, here just a few, I have consulted. I didn't read everything, because it became so daunting and depressing. The report of the German missionary, published , but because of censorship the report was nowhere cited in newspapers.

The deportation of Armenians started already in the 19th Century as the Swiss doctor from Basel reported then. And our family Thanksgiving was never complete without one of the boy cousins demanding more "Old rotten potatoes My daughter and her husband ate the rest when they came in the evening. I catalogued some more book marks: -- a Korean fan, metallic a nice quote 'I'm just sitting here holding your place Tomorrow is the first anniversary of Suki's death.

As a family we go up to Mt Pilatus. I didn't know that I have the book mark above of Mt Pilatus, so that was a nice surprise when I found it today. Mt Pilatus looking South. We were above the fog enjoying a sunny day, and had some memories of Suki. Stunning view from Mt. Rest in peace, Suki. Your family still loves you very much. It was a very beautiful day.

I am pleased to see you here. But I am not quite sure to which creative writing of me you refer to. But I am pleased you like what you read here. Our cat had an operation today. They found some tumor on the left back side. So it is now wearing a ruff? Will be a restless night, tonight. I love cats! I hope the surgery was successful and that she he? Keep us posted. What's your cat's name? My feral cat who is 16 years old is Uglifruit.

The surgery was okay. But the wound looks ugly. He spent the last two nights in my son's room, so he got all the moaning and restlessness. He doesn't like the meds. I wonder why the medication smells fruity. They should either make it with the smell of meat or so, but not like a children's treat. Cats are pretty fussy about what they eat. I agree with your assessment of how Calvin's medication should be disguised!

All good wishes to Calvin and his humans.

He realized that he can push the food out of the plate and then the liquid was staying on the cloth underneath. Clever but he doesn't know that that were some drops of his painkiller. He often sits around the corner to the kitchen and just looks at us, kind of 'look at me, what you done to me' attitude.

My feral cat Uglifruit will not let me touch her at all. However, she doesn't neglect to come to my back window multiple times a day to tap on the window to beg for food. I can't hear the tap, but I can see her paw rapping away at the window. I hope he's feeling better and on the mend.


Bless his little heart! Look at his dilated pupils!! My son commented that pictures when I sent it on the family chat: "Silly human refuses to pet me. My vengeance shall be furious! The little girl Samantha lives close to the sea and loves to be on the beach and live the things and animals there. One day a school of dolphins appear. One of them, Delphi, talks to her, and takes her out to the sea so that she learns what friendship is.

A lovely little book about friends sharing the little things of life with each other. Samantha and Delphi, Illustration by Michele Gold. Rheinfelden is an old city at the Rhine, founded through a near by Roman camp around 44 BC. There is the oldest bridge over the Rhine between Strasbourg and Konstanz. The buildings near the bridgehead were built in the Middle Ages, changed later and renovated some years ago. The old wooden bridge burnt down in the 19th century.

Part of the complex is the Hotel Schiff ship. This domentation shows the old plans and the history of these buildings. The same company bought the Hotel Schiff and the surrounding buildings in order to enlarge their concept of 'Clinic in a hotel' where there patients and tourists in the same hotel. Suki and I had coffee and cake in the Restaurant Schiff. This sounds very welcoming. The little starfish comes too late to Noah's Arc and so is left behind. It holds on to the arc but loses its partner. So it has now way to multiply after the Flood, therefore God takes it up to the sky and so multiplies to the stars of heaven Also the mule which carries Mary is barren but also gets its special treatment.

I don't like that story by Bambaren. Samantha was much better and had made sense to me, but this, no. There, but for the grace of God go I. Anyone can be struck by illness at any time. Everyone should be entitled to have hope and happiness. Two days later another guest commented quite severely that he does not want to be reminded of old age and illness when on holidays That's the summer 'everything happens all over again and again'. She writes from hindsight and describes the summer bit by bit, always referring to death and not wanting to die at the end of a story as in Wender's movie 'The State of Things' I couldn't follow the author's constant insistence on 'emptiness', loneliness', the talk about what is 'beginning' what is 'end' what is 'farewell' and the connection with death.

I read it because my name appears in the title One day that vacationer will be old, though not necessarily disabled or ill. Some people are so ungrateful for their blessings. It pains me to see such reactions. No wonder the world is the way it is. If you haven't read it, Paul, you are in for a fun treat, even better if you can read it with a young one I will have a look for it when visiting the public library again. A short treatment of the question about suffering for the missionary. Suffering is part of the Christian calling - as Christ being prepared to give his own life if needed.

Written in and published in a Germany where suffering for one's faith was daily life. The author concentrated on the Christian symbols. There are differences between burials and cremations: there are less symbols on the latter, and but there is an increasing amount of Christian symbols, indicating that Christians, too, used this form of funerals.

Animals are often engraved doves for peace, lambs for patience and benevolence, fish for Christ Ychthus standing Jesus Christ God Son Savior , bees for diligence, pelicans for care for their offspring, lions for power and strength, butterflies for rebirth the Greek word for butterfyl is psyche, like soul , asses for helpfulness etc. If all these symbols do really have a Christian background is open. There was no time to question all the relatives of the gravestone 'owners' about their motives.

An interesting investigation. A poem about the intrigues of a man to be nominated as judge in a illegal way. As in the Princeton catalog is noted: 'Kara Mustapha Bashaw is a pseudonym. A satire on 'Mr P: Ha-n', i. Patrick Haldane, M. I just recently read a book about the images on Jewish gravestones! The author also has a book entitled Forever Dixie which is more about Southern cemeteries. It includes some of the symbols in it, but it is broader in scope than symbolism. He has some other books about cemeteries in specific locations such as Paris and Los Angeles and one book that deals with the sculptures and other "architectural" things as he calls them.

I tried to find it here in Switzerland, but to no avail. Let's see what it brings.

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I am definitely interested in looking at it. There are not many publications in German, almost all of them concentrate either on a special cemetery or an artist. Or they are booklets by cemetery authorities or churches giving more councelling hints about creating a memorial for the dead. It's also very portable for taking with you to the cemetery!

I will make pix of gravestones and then compare them at home with the book s and other pix. Well, that's my intention but I am still not sure, how much time and effort I really want to put in that. I just had a good first sentence in one of books I checked: 'Wissen wir eigentlich, was wir tun? Maris is a fisherman's daughter on a far away water based world.

Flying messengers are the only fast and safe communication among the world's islands. Maris is adopted by a 'flyer' and learns to use his wings, but when he gets a son, the wings belong to him according to tradition. Maris starts out to change that tradition with far reaching consequences for the whole world of Windhaven My son used that novel for of his school works. Ali, a police inspector is sent to investigate together with the British police because the main suspect is the princess' bodyguard, a member of the Moroccan secret service.

The inspectors behaves as a typical macho Arab - but solves the mystery The story is not bad but the writing is too sloppy and far-fetched. What is it about Oxford and Cambridge as settings for murder mysteries!!!!????? I missed my LT day. I started with LT on the 21st of October ! Well, I've seen the tenner medal from Tim but didn't get the message : Great to be part of this. We joined almost exactly a year later, on October 11, A whole school has to move to an old castle in Scotland because their own premises had to be renovated. The six Jays Jacqueline, Joyce, Janice, Janet, Jean, and Joan are always on the lookout for adventures and are thrilled when they hear about the headless ghost who should be wandering around in the castle.

There is also a new student, Morag from Norway who apparently is of Scottish descent School life in the s - being surprised by rain on a picnic was an adventure then - modern kids would basically complain about such an outing and would call emergencies and twitter all around.

A nice easy happy read. He made large travels into the inner parts of Africa and was the first white to report the sighting of Mt Kilimanjaro. He learned three African languages and published dictionaries for Suaheli, Kinika, and Kinjassa. He helped also to open houses for freed slaves who came back from other countries. An interesting short biography of this missionary who spent 29 years in East Africa. Hi Paul. Let me add my belated congratulations on your tenth Thingaversary. A belated congratulation from me, too, Paul I still have a while until the 10th Thingaversary, but I enjoy the time here from the beginning.

Here are such wonderful people - and reading recommendations. I enjoy LT very much - the 'bookish' stuff like cataloguing and CK and also the community aspects as personal threads, challenges etc. Alma and Judith start to clean up their mother's flat after her death their father died some years earlier. They find old letters written by a certain Paul addressed only to her mother from Nicaragua. They mention a lie which they share.

The sisters didn't know much about their parents stay in Nicaragua, even less about a lie in their mother's life. A novel about the search of the children for the understanding of their parents motives to chose such a life and learn about the political disinformation the West believed. The persons are fictive but the historical background is not.

The story is told in an intertwined way in the view of the mother and then of the oldest daughter. Regula Portillo is a young Swiss author who took part in the Sofalesungen couch readings , events that took place in private homes. I joined again in SantaThing Last years SantaThing didn't work - the books never showed up. But Loranne gave me a gift entry so I can join this year's SantaThing and will - hopefully - receive some books this year. I am looking forward to it. I know I had trouble getting books to my Santee in the Christmas Swap last year. They finally reached her, but I think I purchased them a second time before they finally credited me for the loss.

Amazon seems to be a bit chaotic. Cliff, a nature photographer, is found dead in the mountains, in a fictive mining town, - the upper part his body missing, eaten by a grizzly, the local authorities believed. But his brother Steve found disturbing hints towards something bigger - in size and scope. Is there still a prehistoric monster alive, a dragon or so? Longish, but very readable. A practical study of the books of Ezra, Haggai, and Zechariah. Gives some historical background and connections to the New Testament.

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An error occurred, please try again later. Loading, please wait Sort by: Position. Position Name Price sizes. Paperback, pages. By Jules Verne. Sag mir, was du siehst Sag mir, was du siehst - German advanced reader by Zoran Drvenkar. Every Christmas Eve, Alissa visits the grave of her father. But this year, she finds a plant that changes her perspective and her life. Nominierung dt. Jugendliteraturpreis Samantha is a special girl. Interesting presentation of different and fascinating artists of our time. Sonst ist es aus mit dir! German reader by -ky. Ten year old Ture is up to his neck in trouble.

Then he meets up with Robert and his problems increase. An exciting adventure. Julian enters a magical glass labyrinth, as did his father before him. Lukas has not seen his father for 7 years and gets the crazy idea to see him one week-end. Prinz tells the story of the life of Hermann Hesse. An autobiography of a 90 year old woman. You may create a new collection. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, APA Fulk, K. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Chicago Fulk, Kirkland Alexander. Last Modified March 22, Creator Fulk, Kirkland Alexander Affiliation: College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures Abstract The dominant narrative surrounding West German literature of the seventies maintains that following the collapse of the student movement around , the collective utopian aspirations of this generation gave way to the loss thereof in the new emphasis on private, political subjectivity in the following decade. Literature as Utopia challenges such commonplace accounts by examining spatial alterity in postcolonial and science fiction literature of the s written by Nicolas Born, Hubert Fichte, Alexander Kluge, and the anonymous cult writer P.


In addition, my dissertation traffics in the larger intellectual history surrounding the s by bringing my primary texts into dialogue with theorists outside of Germany such as Edward Said, Homi Bhabha, Susan Sontag, Clifford Geertz, Henri Lefebvre, and others in order to assess the ways in which the literature of this period begins to respond to theory.

In this dissertation, I argue that this post-revolutionary literature was particularly adept at opening textual spaces in which the idea of utopia could regain a foothold as a socio-critical force after its demise just a few years earlier.